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Hi Everyone,

Il Volo is in Los Angeles and making the rounds!! TV and live appearances are happening!! We watch carefully for dates and times, so stay tuned  for the news!! Events will be listed on the right hand side of the home page and we’ll be listing them here in this feature, as we get them.

Il Volo made an appearance on Good Day LA this morning. Here is a link to the performance. Enjoy!                                                                 news


Twitters, Tweets and keeks:

Gianluca, yesterday “keep your head up, live life like you want, don’t care what others think.” “kiss me like you miss me” Earlier today “I’m a lip biter”

Piero, “Having fun in LA” with pictures of him with an Astin Martin and a Rolls Royce. We all know how fond Piero is of CARS, he loves them!! Piero then tweeted “Cristmas is close..family is close #happiness.”

Ignazio, “hey hey how’s it going ilvolovers?” He also tweeted that he was about to see the new motion picture “Thor“. Today he  tweeted, “Hey don’t miss GDLA, see ya in a few”

The first showing of Home and Family Christmas Special is Nov 25 at 8 pm on the Hallmark Channel. Check your local listings for any reruns.

The Boys announced this morning on GDLA that they were going home on December 10th, they looked very excited about that!!  We’re glad they will finally get to see their families and friends and be home for Christmas!

Again see all appearances listed on right hand side of the Home page. We will list anything new as soon as we get it.

Enjoy your time in LA, Guys. You seem more relaxed the past few days!!

Linda                                                                                bon natale



Hi Everyone,

WELCOME BACK TO NORTH AMERICA!!, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca! All your North American fans are delighted to have you back.
We are looking forward to your 2013 “We Are love” tour.

1) Twitters and Tweets..
I know most of you have, but if not, check Gianluca’s tweet and picture from last night, titled “sleepy.” It has given more than 1 Gianluca fan heart palpatations!!!!!
Gianluca tweeted this morning at 9:26AM from Vancouver ” a beautiful, sunny day”

Piero tweeted “we’re here” with a picture of himself in the cockpit of a plane! Don’t fly away yet, Piero!

Ignazio tweets, “excited guys”

The Il Volo Band tweeted that they have arrived.

2) Mundial welcomes Il Volo back to America on their facebook page.

3) In looking at my Twitter feed, Il Volo Flight Crew is trending, we’re very excited!

One more reminder to catch Il Volo tomorrow, Friday the 23rd at 12 noon on the Hallmark channel.

We all wish Il Volo luck and success on their tour. They are opening August 25th in Vancouver.




Hi Everyone.

1) The time is near, the first concert of 2013 is August 25th in Vancouver! Rumor has it that Il Volo will be arriving in North America on 8/21/13, we all hope so!


Piero sends us a picture of his very colorful shoes, have you all seen them on Instagram?
He also sent a picture of himself on a Vespa, he tweeted “I’m Italian”.

Gianluca was the most prolific on Twitter this weekend. He tweeted “I love chocolate cookies” “I ate too much” “listening to JTimberlake” He asked his fans what suit he should wear at the first concert, his black suit is his favorite. he tweeted to his fans that he had 50,000 followers and is very grateful.. He said last night “It is time to go to sleep, you always fill my heart with joy everyday, I love you all” You fill our hearts with joy too, Gianluca!
Today he tweets “off to the beach”

Ignazio tweeted a picture of himself and said “sleepy”. He did indeed look as if he needed a nap. He also tweeted that he is excited for the new tour to begin!

3) Il Volo Mundial and Team Il Volo had announcements on the upcoming Christmas Special, “Buon Natale” It will be on PBS stations at the end of November. CDs and DVDs will be available at that time through PBS, in stores at a later date.

4) A reminder to watch “Home and Family” on 8/23/13 for the re-run of Il Volo’s appearance. Hallmark Channel @ 12 noon.

5) Thanks everyone for sending us your choices of your favorite songs. Many found it very difficult to choose just one!