Hi Everyone,

WELCOME BACK TO NORTH AMERICA!!, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca! All your North American fans are delighted to have you back.
We are looking forward to your 2013 “We Are love” tour.

1) Twitters and Tweets..
I know most of you have, but if not, check Gianluca’s tweet and picture from last night, titled “sleepy.” It has given more than 1 Gianluca fan heart palpatations!!!!!
Gianluca tweeted this morning at 9:26AM from Vancouver ” a beautiful, sunny day”

Piero tweeted “we’re here” with a picture of himself in the cockpit of a plane! Don’t fly away yet, Piero!

Ignazio tweets, “excited guys”

The Il Volo Band tweeted that they have arrived.

2) Mundial welcomes Il Volo back to America on their facebook page.

3) In looking at my Twitter feed, Il Volo Flight Crew is trending, we’re very excited!

One more reminder to catch Il Volo tomorrow, Friday the 23rd at 12 noon on the Hallmark channel.

We all wish Il Volo luck and success on their tour. They are opening August 25th in Vancouver.


4 thoughts on “IN CASE YOU MISSED IT…..”

  1. Kelly, I hope you didn’t miss those pictures of Gianluca. He has got to be the most photogenic teenager in Italy. It’s so generous of him to share those great photos with all his fans. I hope you didn’t pass out when you saw the “sleepy” picture, Kelly! I almost did.

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