Piero says, “…doing what we LOVE!”

Around 10 PM Eastern Time on Thursday, August 22, 2013 Piero Tweeted:

“Piero Barone Il Volo”                      

“Relaxing doing what we LOVE!! #music #realmusic  http://www.keek.com/!jvFZcab

You have to see this keek!  Piero playing piano, Ignazio singing!  Awesome!

Thanks guys!


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  1. Michelle, I decided to take one last look at Mundial before going to bed. WOW! am I ever glad I did! I practically melted into a pool of goo listening to just that small portion of the song. Can you imagine him singing the whole song? Or all 3 of the guys singing it together? Oh, I can’t stand it. I will have to watch it again. Marie & Loretta, y’all better be sitting down & have your Kleenex ready when you watch it.
    I just loved watching Piero play the piano. He’s got beautiful hands, among other beautiful parts of him.

    1. Lynn, you’re absolutely right! I felt the same way when I heard it the first time. (I’ve already heard it again, more than once!) I wonder if that song will be one of their new offerings in the concert… WOW indeed,
      even without any other accompaniment…Piero plays the piano very well – did you notice he had no written music?

  2. A Flight crew member, Jose Franco, had written that she didn’t know what to make of Piero’s attitude and that he was an enigma. Now this is NOT Piero bashing. I just saw the keek and the piano playing was beautiful and the song also so beautiful. But I feel Jose has something there. You don’t quite know what to make of Piero he’s a bit standoffish, am I right? On the PBS detroit DVD, the conductor said he found them to be precocious, fun to work with, but had 3 different personalities. He said he felt that with one “boy” (his words, they were only 17 then, if that), one boy he had to push a little (I got out of that Nazio), one boy he had to cajole (Gianluca) and one boy he had to “be nice” to, that’s Piero, definately! But who do you guys think he meant by “had to be nice to” Again, not bashing Piero, I love him, he’s an int
    egral part of Il VOLO’s success.

  3. Ok Ladies enjoy your concerts when you see the boys, Ignazio & I are setting up house & he is going to be singing Unchained melody or any other song he wants to. to me for the rest of our lives. My heart didn’t just melt, I haven’t been able to tear myself away from the small video. Further down on Mundial there is another 10 minute video of what is going on behind the scenes. I am going to make myself invisible & glue myself to their party, there is so much fun there.

  4. I too Loretta have watched it at least 6 times. We can only dream that they will it record soon (like tomorrow). Piero’s piano playing is so great too, only think missing was Gianluca!

  5. Yes Chris I agree that no other person can replace either of the boys because their voices & attitudes towards each other compliment each other. I can’t imagine if one was gone no one would be able to replace that particular voice.
    Ignazio plays well also & Gianluca plays the piano although I haven’t seen him do that as much. He is into getting pictures of himself i every pose he can think of.

  6. Loretta, I had forgotten how beautiful that son it is beause it’s an oldie (but a goodie). Ignazio has the best taste in song choices. As far as Gianluca posing in pictures, there can never be too many photos. None of the boys ever take a bad picture ( except for unhappy Piero on the plane ride the other day)!!!

  7. Yes I was wondering what was up with that, travelling by himself, he must have been on a vacation & left from there. Or maybe not maybe his home is further from the other boys. See how younger looking & handsome Ignazio is without his beard he looks about 16 again My heart, pitter, patter, pitter, patter.

    1. I thought in this keek he did have a goat-tee? Am I blind? I think he looks good with facial hair! (without is okay too). His mgr. Barb, as Myron said, doesn’t like him to have any scruff. I’d think that Piero & Ignazio live close by in Sicily. So what are the chances they will record this beautiful song? Can we fans start a petition and mail it to Universal Music and demand it?

    1. Geez now I feel so inconsequential and unimportant. We are all spending money and make profit for these companies. We’ll just have to wait and see if they do record it. Plus I was only saying to begin a petition in jest.

  8. I was at a meet & greet 2010 or 2011 in Toronto I think that twas pretty much the first meet & greet for them as well. I was clueless as to what to do so didn’t ask for an autograph, got a picture with Ignazio with a stupid expression on my face but he is beautiful. Was asked a couple of times if I wanted to be in a group picture with them & did but clueless me I didn’t even turn around & thank them or shake their hand.
    This time will be different I WANT A SINCERE HUG from Ignazio longer than 2 seconds,a pictures & autograph & I want to be able to talk to them for 5 minutes or so. I want to tell about this blog & get them to look in once in a while & participate.
    And later I was standing against the wall waiting for my son & Ignazio passed me & all I said was thank you & didn’t say anything else.
    This time is different so one better stop me I intend to do what I want to do. I’ve kicking myself for 4 or 5 years for not being more aware.

  9. I am not adding up right the years sorry Christie I didn’t know the Il Volo boys 5 years ago. I should have said I am kicking myself for the last 3 years.

    I must say in response to the remark about Piero being standoffish. I feel he is very caring of his fans & wants to please them by letting them know he cares for them. Also Ignazio being pushed to do anythnig I don’t think there is a more happy to please anyone person around. And a conductor saying Gianluca having to cajole HIM? I can’t see that either he is a perfectionist & wants to get things right the first time. When they do accoppello (probably spelled wrong) Gianluca is the one who leads them. I’ll bet he was the one who added the ending to The Star Spangled Banner which was out of sight in my opinion. Way better than ANYONE ever sang it before..
    All people have their quirks each day is different for us all, maybe we got up on the wrong side of the bed or not feeling up to par at a particular moment.
    In my opinion I think these boys want to do their singing right the first time & maybe there is pressure there for a minute.but if you think about what they have to learn the words of a song as well as the melody & emphasis in the right places. Also if they are singing in another language & having to learn the language as well because they have to speak to the audience at the concert in that language, well there is pressure. We all handle pressure in a different way & I have noticed even in an interview they try to help each other in expressing themselves & if they make a mistake the others support them so they are supporting each other all the time that is why they are so close, they respect each other & you can see that on the stage.
    Wow I didn’t mean to spiel off so much but these boys are my precious so I can’t help looking at problems from a different angle than anyone else.

    1. Well said, Loretta.They all have their own distinct personalities and that’s as it should be. I think it’s beautiful the way they are so supportive of each other and I think it was Humberto who said on the DVD that they don’t have any jealousy about who is singing the different parts of the arrangements. I love when they look at each other and smile during the song.

    2. Loretta, once again you proof that you have great wisdom. Well said. Bravo!!!

  10. Loretta… Your post was so insightful….I couldn’t agree with you more. The Boys must have tremendous pressure when you stop to think that not only do they have loads of words and music to learn….then they have long recording sessions. In the meantime, there are vocal exercises, sound checks, concerts, M&Gs, interviews, workouts at the gym, learning foreign languages (I remember Ignazio saying he is learning French) and last year, school studies for Gian and Nazio. It’s a killer schedule, and the only thing that saves them is that they are young and healthy.

    Each of Our Boys has his own strengths and foibles….Piero’s daring and craziness (racing cars and running around you-know-how), Ignazio’s funny, cute humor and comedic timing, which is fantastic, Gianluca’s stylishness and perfectionism (good traits, in my opinion).
    All so different, yet all with the same goal and a willingness to work tirelessly for it; such remarkable self-discipline for such young ages…..meanwhile, showing patience, kindness, humbleness, and enthusiasm for their fans
    Words cannot express how much I admire each one of them. They live in a special place in my heart.

  11. The “4th for Bridge” name is Helen Bridgforth. This may become my permanent name.

  12. How cute the guys looked at the interview they did in Vancouver this morning “CTV”. which is found on IL VOLO’s blogspot. The interview made them sing acapella which of course they oblidged. I noticed that Gianluca still has his cold, you can hear it in his voice. I hope he’s all better by Sunday!

  13. I worry (Marie, Loretta, Mary, Michele) …that I may wear out my welcome by my incessant posting about Gianluca, please forgive me, but there is a you tube video of one of those tributes, its done by Mundial and it plays Unchained Melody in the background, the song from Piero and Ignazio’s keek but it’s a tribute to Gianluca. The video is found under “Unchained Melody, Gianluca Ginoble..” I presume. The photos they put up are unbelievable. Just extrordianary how handsome the guy is. It’s not just the looks, it’s the whole package, the voice like Bocelli, the respectfullness (is that a word) of the people around him that he always shows, the sweetness. I love to see him laugh, to bite that lip of his, and sometimes he’s got these real serious looks when being interviewed. Come on Gianluca fans, please tell that you agree!

    1. Thanks, Christine, for the Unchained Melody info. The pictures of Gian are beautiful…he does have the face of an angel. Have watched the Keek of Piero and Nacho so many times and never tire of it. Piero puts the same feeling into the piano that he does with his voice. Yes, they must add this to the repertoire.

  14. Christine, I don’t think you will wear out your welcome gushing over Gianluca. But watch out for Kelly-she might say “Gianluca is MINE, MINE” (to use Loretta’s favorite expression-LOL). But seriously, you’ve given the perfect description of Gian-“Just extrordianary how handsome the guy is. It’s not just the looks, it’s the whole package, the voice like Bocelli, the respectfullness (is that a word) of the people around him that he always shows, the sweetness.” And he is only 18! The best is yet to come.

    1. I am sorry but I am being sincere. They are ALL 3 so beautiful, truly. They make me cry and I am no where near being a teenager. I know I am NOT crazy, it’s just that their music is so earlty shatteringly good. The voices that blend and you feel like you are listening to what It would be like in heaven!

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