Ignazio on InstaMessage

On Thursday, August 22, 2013, around 11 PM Eastern Ignazio Tweeted:

“ignazio boschetto ”    ‏

“I’m on @InstaMessage. Go get @InstaMessage and chat with me now. #instamessage http://instagram.com/p/dVuPtAsRGD/


Of course, I had to get InstaMessage first and then reset my password.  I managed to say,

“Hey Ignazio, how do you like Vancouver?”   No reply yet,  I am still waiting!  I’m guessing a lot of fans are waiting to chat with him too!     mfa

5 thoughts on “Ignazio on InstaMessage”

    1. Kelly,

      I thought the same thing when I saw that he said that he had just gotten Instant Message and to go and get Instant Message and chat with him. I agree with you, he has no idea what he invited. He will find out though, I am sure. The whole world loves il Volo and keeps tabs on them. lol

  1. Excuse me Linda if there is going to be a commotion it is Marie who is going to be making the leap across the tables to HIM. I will be behaving like a perfect lady. & will be out the door with Mary if Marie is taken away.. Then I can go back in have HIM to myself & get maybe more than one hug & calm his nerves. After her trying to leap on his shoulders he will need his head stroked. I will be reporting to you Linda what went on.

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