Dear Flight Crew;

I am writing to you about the upcoming concerts. I won’t attend mine until September 5th. Please do not write anything here about yours! Don’t spoil my concert by telling me all the details. I do not need to know how cute Gianluca was or how nice Piero looked in a tie. I’ll find those things out for myself. Please, no videos on Team Il Volo. I won’t even look there until September 6th. Please don’t share! I won’t read it if you do!

You may, however, let me know two or three of the songs you liked and also which aisle Ignazio walks down. I wouldn’t mind knowing what time the Meet & Greet started. You may tell me what the orchestra was like. You could maybe just tell me who smiled the most or sang the loudest. I’ll probably need to know if Piero came off stage. Did you get to hear Gienluca’s speaking voice?

OK! You know I can’t wait! You MUST tell me EVERYTHING! I NEED to know ALL, the night you attend or the next morning, if you have to wait that long! I NEED to know what they sang and how they moved! What did Ignazio wear? Did he shave? Did Gianluca have any curls? I will scour all concert videos on Mundial and Team Il Volo just to get a peek of a smile or a move I’ve never seen or one I have seen and wait for – a bounce, a point of the toe, glasses pushed back on that handsome nose.
Please share! Did Ignazio ask for me? Did Piero hug anyone? Did he hug you?

Please keep the rest to yourself.


62 thoughts on “SHHHHH!”

  1. Marie, you nailed it! We have to know EVERYTHING! Remember after your concert I need a blow by blow, especially how Loretta behaved. Remember the bail offer. I can’t wait.

      1. lol, Loretta and Marie, did you two hear that. I am not sure if Mary can help all by herself in the M&G. lol

  2. OK, but I may not get it to you until later. Depends on how much time we get. I’m thinking I’ll get out before Christmas. Loretta? Unsure! Mary and Jeanie will have run out the back door at the M&G while there was a commotion.

    1. Yes, eager to get reports, especially about the Meet and Greet. Hope someones will tell us how it was conducted….did they get to talk to the boys more than just hello, good-by, could they take pictures, was there mingling or just sitting in chairs waiting to have the Live Nation lady take their pictures????I thought Jeanie said that she didn’t get M&G…right, Jeanie? After we get some reports about the M&G we can plan our strategy, Marie….try to avoid the commotion, be sure to get our hugs. Please people going before we do….fill us in. We want to do it right!

      1. You are right Mary, I did not get the M&G tickets. (sigh) As of right now I am stuck on the far right side and I was online and on the phone with Ticket Master the moment they opened up the sales to the General Public. Not happy about that. I tried to get ticket master to exchange my tickets to seats that were closer that they had opened up somehow?? about 2 weeks ago and they would not do it. Not happy with them. For us, $300 x 2 on top of the hotel and other expenses was a bit much to swallow.

    2. Oh, Detroit police will let you two out, they won’t know how to deal with you two. Oh my, please do not get arrested in Detroit. You will not like it. Not good, not good at all. I will have to go and pry open the trunks of all the abandoned cars looking for you and have the Detroit River searched, looking for you. lol

      Detroit scares me!


  3. Sheridan, Thanks! You are too kind (lol). I’ll text while running!

    Mary, we are the commotion! After the hugs, of course. So, The Boys sold out Chicago and Detroit. No surprise. There really are a lot of smart people out there who know what sounds good. More are figuring it out everyday.

    Jeanie, do we look like two women who are afraid of Detroit? Besides, I’m from L.A. Grew up brave and careful.

    Loretta, we’re working on some page stuff. One baby-step at a time. Our first step was to get you talking. GOD know’s we did that!

  4. Jeannie, don’t worry about them in Detroit, they’re too crafty to be caught by the police, anyone that comes near them will have to deal with Loretta and her ice scrapper. When all else fails, I have the bail money ready to go at a moment’s notice!!

  5. Marie, you are asking the impossible ! Ha ! True Il Volo fans cannot (its just mother nature ) hold back on spilling all the details about these concerts. Team Il Volo has a moral obligation to tell the universe – I think it is an agreement with God or something. The rest of us depend on that. Once you guys get the legal things worked I hope that you do video. In the meantime I hope that Team Il Volo will keep an archive of videos from each concert in chronological order or at least keep them -. We want to look back on all concerts of this tour. Figure out the very special moments. Sometimes on tour a song goes different that one night than any other night on the tour and is spell-binding. Those once-in-a-blue-moon events that are so exciting. They happened last year on that tour for sure.

    No, I am sorry, Marie – I am afraid the Universe is going to hear and see all these wonderful things. You will have to wear bindfolds and ear plugs I guess.

  6. Myron, you know I will be listening and watching for everything. Can’t help myself. Just hope my head won’t explode. Can you just imagine how many videos there will be this time? Take last concert season times 100!! People should catch some incredible things.

    Myron, I have what is probably a stupid question and should be privately emailed. But I’ll put it here instead; I reciently read what I think was a phone interview with Gianluca. He said his voice was still changing and they were adapting to it. A little later someone said he could change into a tenor. Was that a joke? Is it possible? He is getting good hitting those high notes.

    1. Marie, sorry by intrude myself in the conversation, since you asked the question to Myron. I read that Placido Domingo began his career as a baritone, having trained his voice to cover the scale of baritenor & tenor. I think Gianluca had a change while he was growing up and now he can work his voice to a higher scale. But Myron as a coach voice can answer if what I read is possible.

  7. Josie, I never heard that before about Placido Domingo. I guess it could be true then. I’ll be darn. Never would have guessed. If Myron doesn’t catch this I’ll email and him blog. Thanks

  8. Hi Marie and Josie,
    Placido was doing a wide range of roles until the last couple of years. These days (by his own words) he is taking on some famous baritone roles because (at his age) he does not feel as secure on the higher tenor parts as he used to be. Gianluca is still tenor -baritone but he is developing an easier use of what some people call the “falsetto” – the higher head tone part of the male range. But at the same time You might notice that there more low notes showing up (on the recent Hallmark show) with a more full and rich sound. I expect he will keep expanding his wonderful and rich range.

  9. One more thing, the human voice is last organ of the body to mature fully and usually not until about 32yrs to 35 yrs. of age.

  10. Get Out! I had no idea! 32-35!
    I do notice that full and rich sound you mentioned. How could you not? It’s stunning!
    I guess anything could happen to our guys voices then. I know that whatever changes they personally encounter, with their voices, they will continue to sound beautiful together.

    Thanks a bunch, Myron. So nice to have you near.

  11. Now see!!!! The above comments are just one more reason why I adore this blog!!! Myron, you’re the best teacher ever, and Marie, you know the right questions to ask.

    Gian did a beautiful falsetto on Maria and Little Things, and his lower register definitely has gotten richer.

    Myron, when you have time, please give us a quick run- down on the other two’s voices. In my opinion, I feel like Piero’s has changed the least. He has always had POWER and great vibrato

    Quick note: I put this message on another page, but this page seems to be the latest. My user name has changed. I’m Helen Bridgforth.

  12. Marie… the up top blog….. You really had me going there for a minute!! Since I’m one of the very unlucky ones who has no concert anywhere near, I won’t get to see The Boys. So my blood pressure really rose when you said:”Do not write anything here….” and I was ready to come after you with a stick! Thank heavens I kept reading.

    Jeanine, you get the first concert. I want every last detail, down to the color of the boys’ shoe laces, okay? I’m depending on you!!!

  13. Marie,
    “Jeanie, do we look like two women who are afraid of Detroit? Besides, I‚Äôm from L.A. Grew up brave and careful.”

    Well, I guess you are right. I wasn’t thinking straight, they would not want to tangle with you Just kidding! Glad to hear that you grew up in LA and know how to be brave and careful. Maybe I have been reading the Detroit news and watching the crime map in Detroit tooooooo much.

  14. Besides, you’ll be there to protect us. Won’t you? I’m not counting on Loretta’s ice scrappers alone! Although, When she whips them out and the mugger starts to laugh, we can run!

  15. I can’t wait to hear the reports of our boys. I have been following them since the beginning, also the gals on the old site. I don’t post often, I’m not good on the computer or the longo. Going to see Il Volo in Upper Darby and in New York. This is the first time. No meet and greet, however,so I need all the information. Hope y ou get this

  16. Hey Nana, Your computing and language is just fine. Up to par with the rest of us crazies. You get to see them twice? Good for you. Sept. 5th will be my first time too.

    Morning Loretta, We only have 12 days, 8 hours, 28 minutes and 26 seconds to wait. I figure another 2 hours after that and I’ll be hugging me a handsome lad!

    1. I don’t know if I’m going to make it–every day I get more and more limp from anticipation. My daughter may have to scrape me up off the floor and carry me to the airplane–and to the theater. Surely one glimpse of the guys on stage will revitalize me. If I need resuscitation (?) will either of you L and/or M, be available and willing and able? Don’t let me be out for the whole concert–and God forbid the M&G!!

  17. Oh I see your counting Thursday as well & after the concert, very clever. Don’t forget to leave room & time for me, if I don’t get to him first that is. OOHH Marie I NEED that BIG HUG, if I don’t get it I know I will cry & know one wants to see that..

  18. Oh Mary, Believe me, I would love to help you out but, I have a feeling I’ll be laying beside you! I think the only thing I will concentrate on is not wetting my pants when see them. I talk tough but, I know I will be sobbing the whole time. I’ll be real pretty for the M&G. Eye’s puffy, nose running, speaking in a language no one has ever heard before! My beauty will astound Ignazio and he will sweep me off my feet! Or he will just be nice and offer me medical assistance.

  19. Get a grip Mary, keep breathing, bring some smelling salts & we’ll give them you as we rush to the meet & greet & if your laying on the floor we will each grab a foot & drag you down the stairs or else if the VIP guy is big & srong we will get him to carry you. We can’;t be late either. Start getting your daughter to lift weights in case she has to carry you, my walker is too small for you to lay over it.. Hey I’m trying to give you as many suggstions as I can.

    1. Loretta, the visual of you and Marie each grabbing a foot and dragging me down the stairs is just too much!! When I feel like I’m not going to make it, the thought of that will get me going. Thanks.

  20. Marie if I have to drag you down the stairs as well I will but if the VIP guy is cute would you consider being carried, It is going be difficult for him to carry you both at once so you will have to toss to see who goes first. I can’t see you taking second place so I am betting you will jump into his arms first & Mary wil have to be second. Just make sure you have kleenex because I don’t wipe noses well. As far as Ignazio? I will be lucky if he is around after seeing you all puffy eyed & running nose, so there goes my HUG. So now since you gave me a heads up maybe I will leave you with the VIP guy & fight it out with Mary & head first to Ignazio so I can get that HUG before he takes off.

  21. You would leave me with the VIP guy? But, how will you sleep nights knowing you did that to me? So, boils down to evey woman for herself. Got it!

  22. Oh Marie I really love you but you’re bigger than me. Just think how Ipoor little me will be struggling to get you down the stairs so I have to leave you with the VIP maybe he will be more handsome than Ignazio.
    As far as sleeping I don’t do that well so my conscience is clear.

  23. Yeah & you will probably get a surprise that this is all talk unless Marie looses her cool completely & Mary faints to the floor & her daughter would have to haul her away & she won’t get the hug she wants from Piero. Now me where Linda you are thinking I am the one who is nuts has got my act together, SURPRISED???.
    Now Mary is going to be taken care of by her daughter & she is out of the way because she wants Piero
    I am going to help Marie keep her act together & we both are going to be lovely elderly ladies showing the boys how knowledgeable we are of their careers & politely asking for pictures which I am sure they will see how gentleel (is this how to spell this) we are & will give us anything. then for sure we will get the hugs & I will get the HUG I WANT..i’m not blowing it.

    1. They want a VIDEO Loretta….they don’t want to miss any of the action. I think Anne can do videos on her camera, but she won’t be at the M&G. Sorry, Linda, we may not be able to film our antics, but you could just get a video of an old three stooges…it probably wouldn’t be too different.

  24. My husband and I are going to the concert Sept 8th at the Bell Centre in Montreal, I don’t think there is any Meet & Greet there…I am so jealous of you getting to meet/touch/talk with the guys…sigh…

  25. Hi ssilick glad to meet you. Do the Il Volo boys do the concert in French or English. If I had known for sure it was English I would have gone there because I don’t speak French. .Also did you ask the theatre if there was a meet & greet there? It depends when you call the theatre because not everyone at the theatre knows what they have or don’t have. Anyway after you go don’t forget to contact us here because we would like all the details for the next group of ladies on their special dates. Talk later. Keep in touch with us its nice seeing your comments

  26. My Mary your sense of humour is coming through, well even you will be surprised of course if you aren’t coherent then you will miss the ladylike & gentility behaviour of 2 very beautiful ladies. Now if you are coherent then you will be hugging Piero & won’t be keeping an eye on us for Linda. There will no juicy details to report.

  27. Hi Loretta, I should introduce myself – this is Sandy from Kingston, Ontario and I am addicted to Il Volo. I watched you guys blog on the other website but never joined the conversation. You always had good info about upcoming events and news about the boys. Sorry, I am another “old” lady fan (64). Yes I will tell you about Bell Centre, and no I don’t think it will be in French. Did you know on the Christmas special Buon Natale they sold tickets at $1000 a pair to have dinner with Il Volo in Detroit on Dec 1st at something called the Rattlesnake – limited to a couple of dozen people. Dinner and some songs from the boys…

  28. Wow Sandy wait till all the ladies read this. No one mentioned that before.that was at the PBS second show ty did last March? Well now it looks like we are going to have to have big bucks to see them perform. Twice I paid $125.00 for tickets at the Roy Thomson Hall & Massey Hall & here I went to a meet & greet as well which I think was the first one they had. Last year I got tickets for $90.00 at Sony Centre. This year I heard tickets at Detroit Fox Theatre are $300.00 each. I got mine through VIP Nation with a meet & greet so I’ve never dealt with VIP before so have heard some bad stories, so will have to wait& see.
    Sandy welcome to us other “old” ladies who are quick witted & fancy free.
    Please join us daily if you can, there is interesting conversations mostly about the boys but lots of information as to what they are doing & where they are going with pictures. The other site are Il volo Mundial & Team Il volo.
    My son used to live up at Kaladar up near Hightway 7.

  29. Loretta, genteel? Really? Mary maybe, but you and Marie??? Sorry I found that funnyl

    I just saw a post from Il Volo Mundial that they appear to be planning to follow each step of the way for the whole tour (if I read it right), so hopefully we’ll be able to get to see each venue of their tour. That would be great!

  30. I have Buon Natale on PVR, it broadcast here on 8/15 and Detroit PBS kept offering this $1000 Wine & Dine (what a nice Christmas gift ?). I paid $94 per seat at Bell Centre (not floor seats), there were no meet & greet offered on the Evenko website.
    Since I need an Il Volo “fix” every day I check Mundial and Team Il Volo, and look up all the things the Flight Crew suggest !

    1. Hi Sandy – I know what you mean about the daily “fix”. I start with ilvolomusic, then Flight Crew, then Il Volo Tumbler, then go to IVMO and Team Il Volo on Facebook, then back to Flight Crew – in that order. Then I may go to ilvolomusic one last time before bed to make sure I didn’t miss anything. (But I’m not obsessed)

  31. I’m SOOO there! I’ll just have to do some borrowing, but I’ll get it. Oh, how fun that would be!!!

  32. Come on, Mary get a grip on yourself here! You’ve got to make it. You are the only one who can tell me, as a mature woman, how it feels to hug Piero & see him up close & personal. Elizabeth has hugged him before, but she’s young, so her telling me how it feels wouldn’t be the same. Besides, you’ll have your support group, Marie , Loretta, & Jeanie. Although judging by all the banter I read above this, I don’t think Marie & Loretta are going to be much support. Genteel Ladies? Who are y’all trying to kid? Mary, the best thing you can do is get out of Loretta’s way when she runs over Marie with her walker & starts screaming ‘He’s MINE, MINE, MINE!’, & just make your way over to Piero as quickly & quietly as you can. Tell him those 2 crazy ladies are not with you & you don’t know who they are.
    I’m sure someone will video the whole crazy episode & it will be on you tube before y’all get home! Linda, then we will all (the whole world!) be able to see it.

  33. lynngba14, I’m really surprised at you that you don’t have faith in 2 mature woman are trying to change their tactics. I can only say that you, Linda & Mary & also others are in for a BIG surprise as I said earlier. I am hurt that we can’t get support & trust & encouragement to perform in a mature & timely manner. Those days on the previous site are over & we have become friends. & I think you all should show some encouragement. Linda you can spend your bail money because we wont need it. Thanks anyway.. Please show trust ladies & give us some encouragement.

  34. I just got home from work. First, Linda keep the bail money. Loretta does not speak for me. She is lying! Can you imagine what kind of “lady” she will be if she’s told, “NO HUG”. First she would scream like a banshee! I don’t even want to think what comes next. Lady my foot! I, on the other hand, will most likely just stand there and drool like an idiot.

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