Hi Everyone,

It seems Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca are settled in Vancouver to rehearse for the concert and get familiar with The Orpheum Theatre.
From the pictures they have tweeted, Vancouver looks like a beautiful city, especially when it’s all lit up at night.

1) On Team Il Volo Blogspot check out the interview Ignazio and Gianluca gave to TG2 at the airport in Italy prior to their flight. It’s in Italian and even if you don’t speak Italian it’s worth watching for the quick look at their career going back about 3-4 years. It really shows how much they’ve matured over the past few years.

2) There are some nice photos of “The Boys” on Mundial taken after their arrival. Could it be that Gianluca has gone back to his curly hair? What do you think? THere is also a video from CTV of an interview the boys did this morning , watch it,you’ll enjoy!!!

3) Twitter, Tweets and Keeks:
Check out Gianluca’s tweet “going to gym” and a tweet to his fans “You are a song written by the hand of God” He is so sweet to his fans!
See the Keek from Piero “Doing what we love to do” It’s Piero playing the piano and Ignazio singing “Unchained Melody” Prehaps a preview from the concert?

If you’ll notice the picture of the lady reporter at the top of this page is blushing. I’ve been telling you all week about “The Boys” being on Hallmark today and they didn’t air it! My apologies for any inconvenience it may have caused.

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca we wish you success and fun on the concert tour.


19 thoughts on “IN CASE YOU MISSED IT…..”

    1. Thank you for posting this clip. Of course, the guys are wonderful! As they aren’t coming anywhere near the South on this tour, I have to content myself with videos and this was lovely!

    2. Yes, Thank you for posting the Interview of il Volo. At least they were given some time in this Interview compared to some I have seen.

  1. TJ thank you for that clip of the boys in Vancouver I love watching clips of them & especially when in english instead of another language, I can understand them. It is nice conversing with some one from Canada. You are the second person I have finally found from Canada. Penina Honig is the other lady who is from Toronto. I am living in Brantford Ontario.
    Are you able to go to the.concert in Vancouver? I hope it was sold out concert. They are the best singers of all time

  2. Thanks, Loretta. Yes, I live just outsideVancouver so right now I am physically restraining myself from driving in and searching hotels until I find them! Its very hard but Sunday is coming…

    1. Hi TJ – have fun Sunday. Can’t wait to hear all about it. Great video, thank you for the link.

  3. I posted to Katie Couric today that she should invite our boys on her show for a guest appearance, and give her audience,and herself, a little drooling time!…….Am I bad or just purposeful? haha. Either way, her show is missing the boat. If she decides to get on board, she better hang on !

  4. Do you think she should watch them on Kris Jenner’s 1st episode to get the idea!

  5. TJ… I caught the CTV show and it was great! The Boys looked rested and happy, but as someone mentioned, Gianluca still has traces of his cold. Have a wonderful time at the concert and be prepared to tell all Monday morning!
    KittyKam…By all means, I think Katie should see the Kris Jenner Show. That should whet her appetite!

  6. The Kris Jenner show is my favorite show with the boys. Really showed their personalities. I agree with you and Helen. Katy needs them. Everyone needs them. Keep letting them know that, Kittykam!


  7. I am so envious of those who are going to the concert in Vancouver tomorrow. What a wonderful evening that will be! Please let us (me) know just how great it is.

  8. YEA! Katie Couric replied saying, “we all could use a little drool time!”
    My reply back, does that mean you will consider it? Told her where they are now, and they will be heading her way(NY) after Phoenix, Sept. 1st.
    Probably would take time to schedule. Boo Hoo! Will keep you posted.

  9. It would be so wonderful for Katie Couric to interview Il Volo! She ought to watch the Hallmark Home & Family episode, Kris Jenner, & the most recent The Talk appearance, for ideas. I wonder if she knows who Il Volo is (are?). If she doesn’t, OMG will she be surprised?!

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