in case you missed it….


Hi Everyone,

Well here we are, the day before the first concert!! We are all so excited to hear the comments from those lucky enough to attend the Vancouver concert. Let us know as soon as you can about all the exciting things that went on!!!

1) Twitters, Tweets and Keeks

Ignazio tweeted last night “Almost ready!!” He also tweeted a picture of himself at the gym. He tweeted late last night, “Just finished rehearsing”
Gianluca tweeted that he was going to the gym. Seems as though, even on tour they’re keeping up with their workouts. Workouts are important to help keep them in shape for a whirlwind tour.
Gianluca tweeted also “Dreams come true if we only wish hard enough, you can have everything in life if you sacrifice” He, Ignazio and Piero feel very strongly about their careers!

2) Check out Team Il volo for a very nice article on Piero. They did Gianluca yesterday, prehaps they will feature Ignazio tomorrow?

We hope everyone going to the concert tomorrow night has a fabulous time. Say hello to “The Boys” for us.

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  1. If you are going to the Vancouver concert, have a wonderful time. If you are allowed, take pictures & videos to send to those of us who won’t be able attend a concert this year. And applaud & cheer for our guys as much as you can. Shower them with the LOVE from the whole Flight Crew!

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