Rehearsal at the Orpheum and Fresno Concert Scoop

Yesterday Ignazio tweeted,  “ignazio boschetto ‏@IBoschetto   23 Aug  At the theatre..!!

The Instagram pic with this tweet had people worried, Ignazio looked concerned!

What a difference a day makes, in a short keek we see a smiling Ignazio at rehearsal today in Vancouver.  Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero all look and sound great!  We get another quick look at the inside of the Orpheum Theater too!  See for yourself, Gianluca tweeted, “Rehearsing #wearelove before the concert!!pPIadab

Gianluca gave us our first look inside the Orpheum in a tweet on Thursday,  “‏@GianGinoble  22 Aug  #Orpheumtheatre in #vancouver!NgDZcab“.

Check out Team Il Volo’s new post “Il Volo singer charms in talk about Fresno concert.”  If you are going to see Il Volo in Fresno you may want to read the article after the concert!  Click on Team Il Volo’s link listed under AFFILIATES.

7 thoughts on “Rehearsal at the Orpheum and Fresno Concert Scoop”

  1. Yes, they are great! Oh I am so excited. In three days I will see our guys! HOORAY!!!

    1. thanks Loretta. I’m too excited to think right now! I’ll report back after the concert.

  2. Good morning, Loretta. You’re up early! Guess what, I haven’t fall asleep yet. I listened to our guy’s rehearsal on El Triste several times already. They sound really great. And also it is such a lovely song. I am too excited to fall asleep. I think I will go to YouTube now. I never can get enough. I will start with Gianluca’s 18th birthday…sweet sweet smile…

  3. Good morning everyone
    Elaine, you are SO right! I can never get enough either! The rehersals sound like the show will be wonderful. Enjoy it for me too!! (sigh…) And if you’re at the M&G please give all 3 of the boys an extra hug for me. Thanks!!

    1. who ever wrote don’t read the Fresno article until after the concert, I get why you are saying that. I read it but of course I’m not going to Calif. ! I work 9 out of 10 weekdays therefore I am off tomorrow, and I will scour the internet tomorrow morning and try to google search to find any Vancouver newpaper articles to see if there are reviews, and will check out IL VOLO’s Seattle fan club b/c I think Seattle up near Vancouver, so a lot of those fans may be going. I bought waterproof mascara yesterday because when I see them on Sept 11, I know I’ll cry when they take the stage and I’d look like a racoon!

  4. Christine – good idea on the waterproof mascara! As I have suggested to Loretta, try to get all your crying out before the concert – so you won’t miss it! What a shame it would be to cry the whole time and miss the very thing you have waited so long to see and hear – IL VOLO – LIVE!

    Glad you understand why I did not want to spoil any surprises at the Fresno concert!

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