Il Volo Flight Crew Feels the Love on Concert Day!


That is the only word I have to describe the past 2 weeks here in our little home.   It’s been a whirlwind; it’s been overwhelming—in a good way; it’s been a new challenge for all of us on the board, and I think I can speak for everyone when I say that it has been a complete  labor of love.  Love for our friends and fellow followers as well as for Il Volo.

Thank you for all of your support and kind comments on our efforts to make this a great blog.  It means the world to us, and it keeps us motivated to keep coming up with new things to make it even better.  And now that it’s time to kick off the tour, we thought this was the best time to kick off a new feature!

But first, let us take a moment to celebrate…

IT’S FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!   “We Are Love” starts tonight in Vancouver!!!



Now we know there are going to be so many stories and memories people want to share, and as Marie said, we want to know every detail!!!  With that in mind, we would like to invite you to share your experience in a more formal layout than among the comments as we usually do, so we are opening up a new section: “My Il Volo Experience.”

To do that, please go to our “About Page” (under the “Around the Blog” section on the left), and use the contact form there to submit a request.  If your story is short enough, you might be able to simply write it in the space provided.  When you’re finished, hit send, and your request will come to the board members for posting.  If your story does not fit in the space provided, simply submit a request saying that you have a post to share and wait to hear from us by email with further instructions.

We started this with concert stories in mind, but we suspect that there are many people who won’t be going to a concert this year, but have a story about what Il Volo means to them or a way that their music has touched them.  We want to hear those stories also, so they will be included in this section as well.   The only real “rules” we have is that the stories have to pertain to you, and that if you have already submitted one, please wait until at least the end of this concert season before submitting another to allow everyone an opportunity to share.

Are you excited?  I hope so!  We are hoping for some good stories out of these first couple of stops!  I, for one, know that I am beside myself with excitement, and I still have over a week to wait!  In an effort to curb my enthusiasm (since I have to make it through a work week with some semblance of sanity), I’ve been watching Il Volo videos on YouTube for the last hour, which has made me all weepy and sentimental…

Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio,

I hope that if you ever find yourselves here, perhaps lurking around these posts, peeking through comments… roaming the halls …that you can see and feel how much you are truly loved in this place.   It might not be as electrifying as the crowds of screaming young people who filled your Latin American tour, I know, but the feeling runs just as deep and true.

If there were any doubt, I would show you our “Stats” page: over 16,000 views and nearly 1,200 comments between 21 different countries.  In only 15 days!!

I would show you the results of, “What is Your Favorite Il Volo Song?”  Yes, we were able to separate a few, but I believe the overwhelming response was, “How can I choose just one?”  On one hand, I said to myself (with a good-natured grin 😉 ), “Oh, come on.  That’s a cop-out!”  But on the other, I know it is all too true.

We fell in love with you as boys, your voices amazing us even then, each song rising to meet the one before it.  We wondered how you could possibly get any better?  Now, you are young men, and we find each song, each performance, each interview more impressive, more charming than the last.

And how can we not?  When we are at our worst, you remind us to “Smile” because it’s a “Beautiful Day,” and if we still feel like we can’t take another step, “We are Love.”  We’ll get through it together, and “the world” will keep turning.

If one listens closely enough, they will learn that it’s OK to “Surrender” to love because it’s the “Little Things” that make them perfect and perfectly loveable.  And in “Questo Amor”, we see that time is fleeting; if we love someone, we should tell them.  We feel that in all things, we need to be in the moment–take it all in–so we “don’t miss a thing.”

And lastly, I would point you to the most obvious place: the 1,200 comments posted here.  For in those words, you would find laughter, tears of joy and the moments of peace you bring to our otherwise chaotic  lives.  You would find how “Painfully Beautiful” we find your music, and how much we appreciate your kind, humble and generous spirits.

Good Luck out there.  Stay safe, don’t ever change, and we are so excited to see you!

The Flight Crew

79 thoughts on “Il Volo Flight Crew Feels the Love on Concert Day!”

  1. Kelly, this is beautiful! Thank You. You certainly expressed my feelings to a “T”! Now everyone can see why it is so wonderful working with you “behind the scenes”. Well, you got my stomach churning with excitement! Can’t wait until MY concert on the 5th! Can’t wait to hear about our friends concert experiences starting TOMORROW. Time is finally here! Oh Joy! Oh Rapture!

  2. All true all true.especially. the be safe and don’t ever change part.Pittsburgh concert cannot get here soon youlove you love love you boys.

    1. Teresa, I’m in Pittsburgh too (So Hills). It’s so nice to hear from another Il Volo fan! I’m so heartbroken I won’ be able to attend cause we will be away for 2 weeks in Sept. Enjoy some of the concert for me please and post your experience so I can share. Thanks 💞💙💜💛💞

  3. Great article Kelly, it’s how I feel too and I’m sure many others. So excited to hear all the comments after the concert, GoOD LUCK BOYS!

  4. That was beutiful, Kelly! I’m not a crier but I seem to have become a weeper, at the least wee thought or mention of our boys….OUR boys 🙂 I doubt I’ll be going to a concert this year but miracles DO happen, that I know! I’m poking my Angel Angus to get moving and do what he can….he never lets me down, his BOSS never lets me down, so there’s always a possibility 🙂 I’ll be glued to this site! Thank you again for all your hard work and beautiful writing. My thoughts turn into your words! Namaste Marti

    1. Love-ly, Marti! Believe in the dream!

      I agree that, Kelly, you did a gorgeous job in writing this post. They are all good, and yet here I am amazed to have you topping your previous posts with this gem. Just like the boys, you and IL VOLO Flight Crew ~ Share the Love keep getting better!

      I gave a shout-out to this Flight Crew blog in my article “All Creation Soars with IL VOLO!” Sooooo well deserved!

      More soon about the concerttttt! (; >)

      Love and gratitude,
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  5. Kelly that was absolutely magnificent, I love the way you have intertwined the names of the songs in your blog & every word is so true. There is so much love for the boys here I truly wish they would read what is said here.
    I hope you have a wonderful experience at your concert & also hope you have a meet & greet & have a chance to meet these very special young men. God bless you Kelly, you are one in a million.

  6. Kelly – great article, especially your note to Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero. Thank you for expressing the feelings so many of us share! It’s going to be a rough few weeks at work for me, I will be counting the days until September 12th! How will I make it?

    Ignazio, Gianluca, Piero – Take care and GOOD LUCK as you begin the

  7. Ignazio, Gianluca & Piero, I am not going to wish you good luck because it is not luck it is God’s plan.

    HE gave 3 babies to good parents to be raised the way HE planned.
    HE gave these 3 young children the talent to play instruments they way HE planned
    HE gave 3 young children the voices to sing the way HE planned.
    HE gave 3 young men the voices to send HIS love through you to us the way HE planned.
    God is always planning for you, your life, careers, concerts so you will never fail, you will always be successful because that is HIS plan.
    God is sending love to us through you & that is HIS plan.
    To send love to the world for HE has a plan.

      1. Truly!

        Thank you for your warm recognition of a larger perspective, Loretta!

        Love and gratitude for His plan,
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  8. Kelly, that was wonderful! We love them so much, it is hard to express our feelings! But you did it! We bring them to OUR senses every time we listen/see/share stories of them.
    I love the blog, keep up the terrific work.

  9. Kelly, I am happy to be part of this site, and congratulations, you made a good job, you and your partners. All comments above expresses exactly what I feel about the boys. Thank you !!!

    1. in adition: I am a latin america girl (ok, not so younger, but in spirit) and I am afraid to screaming like the young girls do. The concert here will be only in november, until then I will read your experiences with them.

  10. Josie, it’s good to have you part of our site, if you love Il Volo it’s the place to be!! We can hardly wait until the concert comments start coming in. Everyone sharing their experiences wiil keep us close to “The Boys”.

  11. As Josie said, everyone’s comments express how I feel as well.
    Kelly, It was truly a beautiful letter to Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio. I do hope they read this site.
    Loretta, wow! That was beautiful what you wrote.
    I, too, will be glued to this site to hear all the wonderful stories of the concert and the M&G’s. I’ll be living it through all of you. What a great idea to have a separate area for these stories. Keep up the great work to all involved!

  12. This is so beautifully well written. It is exactly how I feel and I hope our wonderful boys know how much we love them and wish them well in everything they do. Thank you.

  13. I, too, am eagerly awaiting all the comments about the concert tonight. And all of you on this site so very well express how I feel about our boys, Piero, Ignazio, and Gianucca. They are wonderful young men, and their voices make my heart do cartwheels!

  14. My last comment got lost, so here goes again!
    I sincerely believe that this blog and its board is God-given to us all. As Loretta so beautifully expressed, Il Volo and the love of us fans is all planned….and hasn’t it made us happy! And it all came about because of all of you!

    It is such a pleasure to enjoy the intelligence, wit, good humor, and expressiveness of all who post here, and I can’t wait to see what the concert goers write about their experiences, What a great idea to have a separate section for these comments!

    Kelly, the above “essay” about our beloved Boys and their songs was just perfect. You always know just the right things to say! A million thanks to you always.

  15. I just sat down and read all of these comments. You are all so special to say such wonderful things about the boys and each other. I am grateful to be here with you!

    Vancouver folks, How lucky are you? Can you even sit down to read this? I’m trying not to jump up and down, now and I have more than a week to go! Oh, your going to have so much fun! In a few hours you will be in the same room with THEM!
    Have one of the best evenings of your lives. Tell us about it as soon as you get home. You won’t be able to sleep anyway!

  16. I am so anxious to hear everything about their concert. Can hardly wait to go,which will be in September with my daughter and granddaughter. As Piero said “three generations” I’m so glad I found you gals again!!!!

  17. Thank you LeeLee, Linda, Mary & Helen, that is not what I intended to write. It was supposed to be a letter to the boys but Linda turned it into sort of a prayer by saying Amen. It was unintentional & a surprise for me as well. When I first pressed comment I didn’t think it took so was going to do it over again & found it was still sitting in the Reply so I added the last line but when I pressed the Comments again I found I had 2 blogs. The second one disappeared & now the last line is 5 blogs down from the original. Wouldn’t it be nice if the boys would read what everyone writes about. them

  18. Nana, three generations! So cool! Smart women in your family. Good job!

    Loretta, that was so sweet! It was “unintentional and a surprise” because it went straight from your heart to our blog. Thanks.
    Even IF the boys don’t read this, they “feel the love”!

  19. Do you know that instagram won’t let anyone transfer their pictures to a picture file. I have gone into the internet & that also is what is being said on internet. Instagram doesn’t allow pictures being taken off their site.
    NOW if someone knows HOW to take an instagram picture & transfer to my picture file I would appreciate you telling me or helping to that.

    1. Hi Loretta – I tried and you’re right. You cannot copy a picture from Instagram. Is there a picture on Instagram that is not on any of their twitter accounts? Reason I ask is because on their twitter accounts, they have a picture on Instagram and also the same picture on twitter. If you open the one that is on twitter and not on Instagram, you can copy that picture into your picture file. The link usually starts with ‘’. Hope this helps.

  20. Kelly…beautiful article! You (and the board) have raised the bar so very high with this beautiful site you have created! I am so grateful to you all for doing this. You have summed up the thoughts and feelings of all of the Il Volo followers here so elegantly…especially with the song titles intertwined in there. You have a gift for writing. I won’t be able to see them in concert this year as they are coming no where near me, but I am just so excited just knowing they are back on tour!!

    Loretta…beautiful words…so very true…we are blessed to have these amazing young men in our world…they were sent here for a reason (as we all are) and are a shining example of love…for that is why we are all here…to love…and be loved!

    I love this new site!! 🙂 Thank you for all the hard work you put in to it!

  21. Thank you Maryc. I have always said they are Angels sent to spread love around this world because it is badly needed. Its unbelievable we’re the first ones to feel it.
    I’m sorry you can;t get to a concert this year also you don’t seem to join us often. Please join us more often it is nice to see what your comments & ideas are.

  22. Loretta…I just sent a post and it went into cyberspace I guess! Anyway…I wanted to tell you I do come here often, but don’t post every time. I enjoy reading what everyone says and feel so connected to those here as we all share this intense love for these guys. I took my best friend to see them last year in Minneapolis. She did not even know who they were prior to the concert. We came out of the concert and she looks at me and says, “Now they are the best eye and ear candy I have ever seen!!” We are both 60 and could be their Grandma’s, but love them dearly!! I will try and post more often. You are all so much fun here!! Thank you!

  23. Glad to hear that Maryc. Eye candy exactly, I am 84 & WANT to be their great grandmothers & I’ll take all the eye candy I can get. I am hoping for a hug from Ignazio NOT just a hug but THE HUG in September in Detroit so keep your fingers crossed for me. I’ll try & squeeze another hug for you I don’t think he’ll object & I’ll send it by email.

  24. Excuse me I am adding 2 years onto my age this must be senility I am 82 Heaven forbid I should make myself older than I am. I better go to bed before I get older sitting here. I was hoping I would catch TJ’s information on her experience at the Il Volo concert. But then again maybe she is staying in a hotel overnight because she was going to look for a hotel & probably doesn’t have her computer with her. So yes I think I will go to bed.. Good night Maryc

  25. Beautifully written!!! I really wish the boys could see this site because its the best site ever. Sept 12th is creeping up and the thought of being in the same building as them has my heart all a flutter. I can’t wait to hear and maybe see some video of tonight’s concert.

  26. Kelly, I don’t know what to write. The 33 comments above have said it all! I think I will just say THANK YOU. Thank you for all the time and thoughts. Without you this site will never have happened.

    Good lucks on the concerts, Gianluca, Ignazio, and Piero. Can you feel our love tonight?…from everyone here?

  27. Yes LeeLee that is usually the way but this picture is only on instagram unfortunately & I have been ALL through Il volo Tumblr & Team Il volo & Mundial & that particular picture is only on instagram. I did go into Google but the help I got there was that I had to join instagram or else try different ideas people have posted but I am afraid to try any of those because my computer isn’t the best & I don’t want to lose pictures I already have or wiping out something esle.

    1. Note: We have moved Jeanine’s AWESOME concert story to “Around the Blog” – ‘My Il Volo Experience’. Look for Jeanine’s “BEAUTIFUL DAY” AT THE CONCERT! We didn’t want you all to miss it!

  28. Bad review from the newspaper. 🙁 It is quite clear the author of the review has never heard the boys say they “are not opera singers as that takes years and years of study.” Too bad the author seems to have missed the pure beauty and perfection of each of them! I loved YOUR review, Jeanine!! I can’t imagine how wonderful it must have been!!!

    1. Too bad she/he let that prejudice get in the way. Especially since the guys would be the first to tell her/him they don’t sing Opera…..

    2. Mary,

      I saw that bad review early this morning and was go disappointed. I started to post my comments on the reviewer, but I did not see anything posted yet from Jeanine or TJ yet about their comments about the Concert. The writer of the review does not know what she is talking about and she should have at lease done a little research on the boys and she could have found where they are not singing Opera but sing Operatic Pop music and their voices are beautiful. She just does not know what she is talking about and I hope the concert goers from Vancouver are able to post their comments to her horrible article and set her straight. My gosh, they received standing ovations and Piero received a standing ovation for his solo. She should be prevented from writing reviews for the paper until she can do her research and write a decent review.

      I can’t wait for our September 5 Concert. I was able to pay more money and get better seats Mary, so I will definitely be looking up you, Marie and Loretta for sure. I should not be too far from where you are sitting for the M&G. I do not have the M&G tickets so I will not be in there. We still have to come up with something to identify ourselves at this concert. I so want to meet all of the flight crew, it would really be a shame to be there and not meet each other. Do you remember who the other person is on this blog who said that they were going to this concert also. I am sure that I remember there were going to be five of us from the flight crew.

      I can’t wait, I can’t wait until September 5. I am just so excited!

      1. Oops again, I goofed. lol We have more than one Mary, so my second paragraph was meant for Mary B. who is going to the Detroit concert.

        MaryC, I was answering your post in my first paragraph. So sorry. Anyways, good to converse with you MaryC. lol

    1. It is a she Loretta. Go get her Loretta, let her have it! Her name is Erika Thorkelson. I saw that there are 2 comments to her article, but they are on The Vancouver Sun’s Facebook page and I did not see a link to it. I don’t have FB, so someone else will have to find the comments and let us know what they wrote or at least point us in the right direction. Pleassssssse!

  29. I am horrified by the review. First of all, the boys can sing without any music at the drop of a hat==has the interviewer never listened to them during their interviews! Second, as you all said, they emphasize they are too young to sing opera–especially Piero, who has the voice closest to the Three Tenors. He always says, “maybe when I am older.”

    1. Thanks, Sheridan.

      Actually, I was shocked to see my comment moved to the other section because I was way too tired to express my emotion and be as eloquent as I wanted (thought I could submit an experience later). Maybe I can express my “better” thoughts later – in a comment to my own post?

      That was really just an attempt to give you all some ideas without ruining the concert by giving away all the “juice.” I didn’t think of it as a review.

      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  30. I’d love to read other reviews from this critic, I don’t think Pavarotti would have been good enough for her! She obviously did not do her homework, “The Boys” have said a hundred times they are not singing opera! I thought the review was unfair and mean spirited.

  31. OK ladies, how much do you want to know? The concert was fantastic, singing brilliant, acoustics in the Orpheum incredible. They sang two solos each (4 of those new material), and a lot of their classics as well as some of their newer ones. There were many standing ovations – the audience was just as revved as the boys were – and they deserved them all. After the show (this is the bit Loretta wants) we were led out of the theatre and in the stage door and upstairs to a large room. When the boys got there everyone in turn got to have a hug from each one, got autographs and a picture taken, then were ushered out by security. People with gifts for them were kept until last so they could see them opened and not delay others. So not a lot of interaction but we did get the hugs! The photos will be available on the internet in a few days. I see GG Mundial has some photos ofnthe concert on the site already. Oh, and Gianluca had curls!

    1. Thank you, thank you TJ! I just knew that the critic was dead wrong in her review. Fantastic! I can’t wait until September 5.

  32. TJ, sounds like you had a great time! You obviously had a totally different experience from the aforementioned critic. Your review sounds like “The Boys” we love and know. They have extraordinary talent !! Thank-you.

  33. Thanks TJ but that is the same as Mary’s experience. That is NOT what I had at Massey Hall. Then they must have 2 meet & greets one for VIP Nation & one with mingling with the crowd for Ticketmaster & tickets bought through the theatre.
    Well VIP Nation won’t be getting my business again.

    TJ I hope you had a super time at the concert. We also heard from someone else that it was a terrific concert & am soooo looking forward to it. 11 days to go.. You gave us just enough information to whet our appetite. We know it will be perfection..

    1. Loretta,
      What I learned was that the M&G’s will all depend on the deal that the VIP Nation and the people in charge of the entertainers work out. For the Detroit Concert you should get the following package:
      ” Each Il Volo Meet & Greet Package includes:
      One reserved ticket within first 10 rows of the stage*
      Meet & Greet with Il Volo
      Personal photograph with Il Volo
      Specially designed Il Volo apparel item
      Exclusive tour gift item
      Official Meet & Greet laminate
      Commemorative VIP concert ticket
      On-site VIP host
      *Exact seat location available at show. Ticket allocated based on time and date of purchase.
      You will be required to sign a waiver & release of liability.
      Package details subject to change without notice.”

      I do not see any other packages for the il Volo Detroit Concert.

      I do not have the M&G Package, so I will get to see the Concert period and be expected to leave right away. That is the way that I understand it.
      I do not know what you got at Massy Hall Concert.

      The next evening at the Fox Theater there is a Concert by “Alabama”. They also have a Meet & Greet set up. But this Concert has three different packages of M&G and 3 different prices for it. This is what the VIP Nation and the people in charge of “Alabama” set up.

      I hope this helps. I am sure you will get a big hug from the boys and I am so jealous of all that went ahead and paid the big price for the Meet and Greet Package. I will not get that hug, picture or the other nice things that you should get, if I understand right about what package that you got. Please correct me if I am wrong on what you have.

      It won’t be long now.

  34. Everyone, Il Volo Mundial Facebook has the twitter page for this dreadful reviewer. It is among the comments under the review. They suggest we twitter her. I already told her politely what i thought. Not enough room on twitter to go into detail..Please everyone, let this freelance reviewer know how we feel.

    1. Everyone, the board is upset with this review as well. We ask that everyone hold on to their comments for “a minute”. We would like to do a blitz, but we want to make sure we have the contact info on everyone and that we can do it in a productive way when we (I)am not angry about it. Is that ok with everyone? 🙁 I just feel we will do the boys a bigger disservice if we approach this in our anger now.

  35. Thanks Sheridan I have been looking for her emails address from Vancouver Sun & getting nowhee.
    OK Kelly will wait for what you have in mind she has to be brought down a few pegs, She is tone deaf as well as ignorant & referring us to granny audience as if that is all the boys can attract. Not even appreciating that Gianluca sang a Frank Sinatra song, Awesome.
    I sent most of the board the copy of the article from the Vancouver Sun I hope you all got it..

  36. Here we are on the last page & at the end of the page so I will go over to the other page. BUT FIRST
    i was scrolling through the previous page nearer the top to see if I missed some ones newer comments it seems newer times can be squeezed between older times so I came across a wonderful lady called JOSIE
    Now Josie when you said that you will go to a concert & AFRAID that you will be screaming like the young girls then GO FOR IT. Now I am 82 (this time I got my age right) if I can scream as loud as the young girls if I don’t break a vocal chord then I am going to do it & I am sure Marie beside me will do the same & if our seats are anywhere near the stage then I will throw a rose to each young man because we can’t call them boys anymore because they are 3 SSEXXYY young men.
    So Josie in 11 days I will tell you how our concert went & if these young men hear Marie & I screaming louder than anyone else. So then you will have the courage to scream as loud as you can & blow everyone away around you. So Josie start practicing your screaming because November is just around the corner. .

    1. Well, Loretta, what did you think about TJ’s report on the M&G? FYI (for your information) I did buy T shirts for the boys that say Minnesota Wild, so it sounds like that would mean I would be staying later as she described. Just wanted you to know that. Seems like those without gifts could choose to stay and watch. Maybe they can if they say that they want to. Maybe we’ll get more feed back from others. Thanks for the birthday greetings. I have had a couple of nice days with Anne and Kate.

      1. Mary B.

        Happy Birthday to you! I guess you could consider this Concert a great Birthday Gift also.

    2. Have fun, and scream
      BETWEEN songs, please! I don’t like to miss a nuance of their glorious voices, and I imagine that is true for most viewers / listeners.

      With respect for your wild, enthusiastic natures,
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

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