Everyone, the board is upset with this review as well. We ask that everyone hold on to their comments for “a minute”. We would like to do a blitz, but we want to make sure we have the contact info on everyone and that we can do it in a productive way when we (I) am not angry about it. Is that ok with everyone? šŸ™ I just feel we will do the boys a bigger disservice if we approach this in our anger now.


Marie, Linda, Michele, Elaine & Elizabeth

49 thoughts on “WAIT A MINUTE!”

  1. I will be seeing Il Volo Tuesday night at Sleep Train Pavillion. I am not happy with that review at all. I will share my opinion after the show. I’m in the first 10 rows of stage. Geri

    1. I’ll be somewhere in the 1st 10 rows but not sure where that is. Never been to this venue. I bought vip tickets. Yes Il Volo is a phenomenal group, feel lucky to see them šŸ™‚

  2. My question to those who saw this concert: How did you like it ? How did the audience like it ? ( I was not there but I heard that it was very well received ! ) How was the house – filled or close to it ? Judging from the first statement by the reviewer about saving opera, I would say this person was looking for something else than our group. A little off track to begin with. If the answer to the first three points is “yes” than that is the important thing.

      1. I have read reports from people who attended amd there were many standing ovations as well as emotional responses to the music specifically and the comedy also. 2-1/2 hours of Il Volo. Amazing! šŸ’žšŸ’œšŸ’™šŸ’›šŸ’ž

    1. Myron, thank you so much for these questions!

      So you understand, I’m on the verge of back spasms (just returned from driving 744 miles in 4 days while recovering from an injury), so I have to make this quick and get an epsom salts bath.

      I am working on an article (last night with more thoughts floating in through today) – not sure I would call it a review – that expresses the beauty and marvel of our beloved IL VOLO. It’s slow going to write, and I’m not sure how long it will take to finish. More on it later.

      Here’s the deal from my perspective, and please do NOT post this in the experience section or anywhere else notable. It is JUST for our die-hard comment readers, OK?

      First – I was not at all pleased with Nikki Yanofsky’s performance as an opener. She was loud and certainly nowhere near the musical caliber of Our Boys. The energy was not at all matching the magnificence of Our Boys’ uplifting musical spirits. One of her songs kept having the word “Witchcraft” in it. I just looked for the lyrics and couldn’t find it, so I honestly don’t know what she said about it (too loud to hear, if you know what I mean).
      But what a disconnect compared to Our Boys!!
      I would really love it if the management could get out of the contract with Yanofsky. She does not belong on the same stage even preceding the Boys. And, thankfully, they didn’t put them together. I think this was part of the problem with the Erika Thorkelson review. Look carefully. Clearly Erika thinks Yanofsky is wonderful. And Thorkelson used words like Armageddon (hello?? in reference to Questo Amore, which actually means “This Love”) and also used the word attack twice in her review. She is not in the same universe as Our Boys and their fans.
      Yanofsky was on stage for maybe 30 minutes, and No I wasn’t bobbing my head because I was making a statement with my body.
      The Boys being on stage singing their hearts out with majesty for at least 2 hours 10 minutes (not sure exactly how long) is plenty long enough with no need for Yanofsky to add 30 minutes of something that is a bad match for Our Boys AND their fans.

      Second – The Orpheum Theatre’s sound people had the sound cranked way too loud for IL VOLO (because IL VOLO is worth hearing every nuance and don’t need to be loud!) Not sure if this was a carry-over from Yanofsky’s performance – not adjusting the system. The instrumental mics were also cranked so that they were overpowering Our Boys’ voices. Not because the boys didn’t sing with incredible power but because the mics were many decibels beyond a normal healthy volume. Apparently there were many complaints to the ushers about the volume (including me), and thankfully the word got through and they gave us a 5-minute break while the sound was adjusted. When IL VOLO came back from the break, Piero’s mic was off for a minute or so. Then the sound system came around, and the sound was better with every song. Apparently Thorkelson didn’t realize that we were upset with the volume – because she lives in a different universe from IL VOLO fans. (I’m guessing the paper enticed her to do the review because she would get to hear Yanofsky.)

      Third – The theatre was totally filled in some areas with some empty seats in other areas. Perhaps you had a better view to speak to this, TJ. I was in the first row of the Dress Circle, and I could see and hear very well, and nearly every seat was filled in that lower balcony where I was.

      Fourth – I LOVED Our Boys. The songs they offered, their music, their humor, their hearts. I was also incredibly grateful when the sound people finally got it right. I had the contrast of the Seattle Paramount Theatre in 2012 where the volume was perfect, and as I said then, it sounded as if every molecule of air was singing, it was so glorious. Because of the sound system this time, it wasn’t possible to experience the nuances of Our Boys’ voices as well until after the 5-minute break.

      Fifth – The audience LOVED our guys! I met several folks, even three in a restaurant on our drive from Portland, Oregon to Vancouver BC. (I think a grandma, daughter, and grandson, but not sure.) Our chatting eventually led to the revelation that they were going to Vancouver BC, so I asked if they were going to hear IL VOLO. And they said, Yes. We immediately hugged with excitement and joy! At the theater I spoke with at least 8 people, including an elderly gentleman, several adult women, and a 20 something. They were all totally enamored of IL VOLO. And the 20 something is a brand new fan. Her mother brought her. The elderly gentleman told me he has been listening to IL VOLO since the first concert when their voices were put together. He was sparkling with pride and delight! Oh, and my friend cannot sing their praises enough. She’s already thinking of friends she can introduce to IL VOLO, and she felt their performance was heart warming and flawless. I loved the concert and would have been in ecstasy if the sound system was properly addressed from the first song.

      I look forward to reading the other review and continuing to work on my article when I’m feeling better tomorrow.

      I hope it was OK to share this. I was pretty sure you would want to know the inside track.

      Keep sending your LOVE to Our Boys, as I know you will. It is SO WELL DESERVED!

      In gratitude for this spectacular community and our wonderful Flight Crew board,
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

      1. Oh, I sure hope this isn’t interpreted as unkind. I didn’t mean it that way. I simply think there were 2 issues: a mismatch with the opener and sound system problems, as well as a mismatch with the choice of reviewer.

        Thanks for taking it graciously and with understanding,
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

      2. Jeanine:
        Thank you so much for your review of the concert. I am so glad that you were honest in your comments…I certainly didn’t think you were unkind at all! Surely we all want to hear the truth, and I have heard from other sources that last year at some concerts, the sound system was much too loud. I am so thankful that it got remedied and you could enjoy the rest of the concert more. I don’t know where the idea originated, but it seems that nowadays, louder is better at concerts!!! Not so for Our Boys!

        As for Nikki, I wondered how she would fit in. After I heard that she would be on tour with Il Volo I listened to some of her songs, and thought, “This is not their kind of music.” Guess I was right!

        Bless you for taking time to give us your thoughts on the concert in spite of your back problems. Do take care of yourself and get better soon.

      3. Jeanine,
        Thank you for your honest review of the Vancouver Concert. I sure hope the sound is not cranked up too much for Detroit. I lost part of my hearing back in February and loud places really bother me. I also wondered about Nikki Yanofsky, as I looked her up on You Tube also as 4thforbridge just said. Wow, 30 minutes of her. I wonder how she was paired to open with il Volo. ???? You were not unkind at all in your review of the Concert. Please do not think that.

      4. Thank you so much, 4thforbridge (didn’t catch your name) and Jeanie (for both your posts) for your responses and for your encouragement that I wasn’t unkind in giving some background that folks weren’t in on. (I still don’t consider it a review – just some info and responses to Myron’s questions.)

        I am getting some ideas which *may* be helpful to pull in more U.S. young people over time, since I think that having Nikki as an opener was management’s attempt to expand the younger crowd. Unfortunately, the energy mismatch was too great to accomplish that.

        And I want to apologize for my attitude towards Nikki. Lots of folks love her music, and it’s just not my thing and didn’t feel like it worked to have her in the same venue as Our Boys.

        God bless each of us. We are so fortunate to live in a world where we can have different points of view and preferences and each be valued for who we are and how we experience life.

        I wish Nikki the best and hope that she can enjoy the stage where her fans are there for her and where she doesn’t feel like they’re just waiting for the main performers. Perhaps management can work something out, so that she can have her own stage or open for performers where the fans will be jazzed to have her warm up the crowd.

        In gratitude, and remembering the value of diversity,
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  3. Gerri, can’t wait to see what you think. You know you’ll love it! You know it will be wonderful! If they just sang Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star it would be wonderful!

    Myron, Thank you so much for your comment. WELL TIMED!

  4. Everyone, please read the review by J Minter, On the List; it’s exactly the kind of review we would all expect, i.e. Ignazio, Perio and Gianluca were fabulous, as always, and everyone loved them. Now I can hardly wait!

  5. Gerri, welcome to our blog. I am going to the concert tomorrow too and my seat is on row DD. Maybe I will see you there.

    I am going to put that review from the Vancouver Sun behind. I don’t think the writer know what she is talking about. Obviously she is clueless about Operatic-Pop. Myron has some good points. Ultimately it is the audience’s reaction that count. I know I will love the concert because I love operatic pop and I love our guys. They are the best operatic-pop singer ever, period.

  6. Isn’t it amazing that how ALL OF US on this blog & even on the previous site all feel as if Il Volo belong to our family in fact we are a family, a family of Il Volo lovers. We feel their love & see how they love each other. Each of us has their own special young man in their heart they love but stand together to protect them as a whole. What an amazing world if that is what ALL families would do, then no wars, strife,murders, beatings. That would be a perfect world & that is probably what is starting now with Il Volo being sent to start with us. It seems to work with us I wonder if we could take it a step further into our families to bring more love & practice on them. Good thought.

    1. Bravo, Loretta! That’s been my feeling all along….they’re here to bring joy to a world that badly needs joy and beauty. The Lord makes no mistakes. He has blessed them with everything they need and they shall succeed. And along the way we, all the groups that love them, will be there in body and spirit to protect as they travel their path. Another bravo to everyone and thank you šŸ™‚ Namaste

  7. This new show looks spectacular – as they all are. They are singing some different songs. I believe Gianluca singing a Sinatra song and Ignacio singing Memory. How amazing is that? And Piero’s performance was also outstanding of course and bringing the 3 young girls on stage singing to them!!! Our Angels!!!! Always an outstanding performance. Beautiful young men. We love them.

    1. I agree Ann, it does look very spectacular. They have really put the work into the tour this year. Those three lucky young ladies. I bet they were just dying inside. I so hope that Piero pulls Elizabeth up on stage, wouldn’t that be something. By the way, where has Elizabeth been, I have not noticed her posting lately?

      1. Perhaps Elizabeth is saving her energy for the concert she is going to!
        By the way, I went to the Vancouver Sun page and you should see the comments on that review! People are already giving her what-for! Including a teenager! If you have a facebook account you can comment there. Unfortunately I filled in the comment and then was told I have to sign in to facebook to post it. I closed my facebook account several months ago, so no luck there for me!

      2. Penina,

        I have never been on Facebook and do not want to be either from all of the things I have read about it being unsafe ect. So, I am out of luck posting a comment there also.

        I did find the facebook page for the Sun, but I could not find where people were posting their comments so that I could at least read them. I will try to look again for the Comments on the Vancouver Sun page or their facebook page.

        Maybe Elizabeth is saving her energy for the concert. School has started also for her.

        Thanks for your comments.

      3. Yes, I wish I was at that show. I hope we see the same one, sometimes they change it up a bit but I love every minute of it!
        Elizabeth is one busy young lady and I sure hope Piero seats her on stage. Fingers crossed. I’ll be there to cheer it on!

      4. Jeanie
        The comments were directly under the review on the Vancouver Sun page. I got to the page from a link that I think was on the IlVoloLovers site.–After all it was last night–am I supposed to be able to remember that far back? šŸ˜‰

      5. Penina,

        Thanks, I finally found some comments. Water under the bridge now, as I think the lady should have seen daylight now.

      6. I sure hope so! But you know what, none of us or the other fans everywhere are listening to her anyway. She just doesn’t know what’s good!

      7. Oh, I agree with you! I do hope that the Editor of that newspaper gives her a good talking too, after all of the comments I feel that he is going to receive.

      8. Ann I really hope so! šŸ˜€ I cannot wait for this concert! I heard that they sang Maria while the girls were on stage!! šŸ™‚ If I do get pulled up by Piero, I will be sure to make my friend or mom record it!

      9. Elizabeth,
        I can’t wait either. I think you have a seat on the end for Piero to pick you up and take you on stage! Your mom better have that camera ready in good shape. I’ll be watching and cheering for you on the righthand side of the theatre; but I will see you in the lobby first. xo

  8. Elaine and Gerri – have a great time tomorrow night. We’ll all be thinking about you and can’t wait to hear the details.

      1. If you’re ever looking for info go to google and type in whatever you’re looking for. For example ” j. Minter review il volo”. Gerri

      2. I found the review on Il Volo Lovers (our affiliate) fairly down on the page. It is there, you just have to scroll down and look for it.

    1. Deanne, Jeannie, can you go to Facebook Il Volo Mundial official, it’s there under the one from the Vancouver Sun, or it was earlier today.

  9. Hi Deanne, Go over to the upper left under “Affiliate” and click on “Team Il volo” You’ll find the article right at the top. Good to hear from you!

  10. Loretta, I am not going to the M&G and I could just kick myself. I bought two ticket from PBS but found out last week that the seats are quite far from the stage. So I bought another ticket and looks like this one is pretty close to the stage. But I am out $120 and I did not save that much after all. Now I will be sitting by myself. My husband will sit with his sister though.

    Don’t worry, Loretta, I will do my best, scream as loud as possible, to let our guys know about the Flight Crew. Oh how I wish I can hug our guys. Loretta, I guess you will have to hug them for me. A real big hug!

  11. Elaine,

    I backed off of trying to get my tickets from PBS in Detroit because they would not tell me where my seats would be. Just best in the house. I read that you were pretty far back. I would have been so unhappy also. Glad that you were able to get closer seats. Trying to purchase tickets to anything is so unfair to the average person. Toooooo many seats are SAVED for the Important People or so they think. I can see letting the families have better seats but it stops there for me.

    Enjoy the Concert!

  12. Enjoy tonight Elaine, scream yourself hoarse!! We all miss seeing Elizabeth more often, but she just started school again and she said it’s keeping her pretty busy. She’s looking forward I know, to the Chicago concert AND Piero!

    1. Thank you so much, Linda S. for the update on Elizabeth.

      Elizabeth I have been thinking about you a lot and missing you. Just want you to know that we love you and support you in using your time however is best, including having a blast at the concert! (; >)

      Elaine… woo hoo! Enjoy!!

      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  13. Thank you so much, Flight Crew, for your wisdom and patience in each step you take, including any response to Erika’s article. I’ll respond a bit to Myron’s questions above now.

    With great respect and appreciation,
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. Jeanine,

      I said this somewhere else in a response, but I really bet Erika has gotten the message loud and clear including the Editor and Assistants at the Vancouver Sun.

      A few years back, here in my town, we went to see the “Oakridge Boys” Concert. They were fabulous and just rocked the place, as they always do, with many standing Ovations as well. We now have to travel a little over three hours to see them also and there Concerts are sold out also. Well, our newspaper in this town had a young, sarcastic reporter cover the concert years back. His review was horrible. We all said, I wonder what concert he was at, because it certainly was not the same one that we were at. He made fun of them and said that they could hardly move on stage, because of their age, I guess. Not true at all. We have had the pleasure of seeing them in concert the last two years, and yes, they are up there in years, but you would never know it. There were so many complaints about that reporter, some even went so far as to tell the Editor that he should be fired. I don’t think that he covers Concerts anymore. I know one thing, I would not like the type of Concert that he would like. So I am just looking at it as every reporter is not the best fit to cover a Concert/performance. You are probably right in saying that Erika was a mismatch for the il Volo Concert.

      We certainly all know just how great our boys voices are and the fantastic performance that they provide for us. That is all that matters and the audience will let them know just how great they are.

      1. lol I must learn to proof-read before I hit the Post Comment button.

        It should have been “their Concerts are sold out also.” instead of
        “there Concerts are sold out also.”

        Where or where is the “Edit” button! lol

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