In Case You Missed It…..


Hi Everyone,

It’s one day past the first concert of 2013. We have been seeing glowing comments from those who attended. They applauded the song choices, the wonderful voices of “Our Boys” and the general atmosphere of music and fun. “Night and Day” is a new song added to their great repetoire. They sang for 2 hours with many standing ovations.

Gianluca tweeted “concert fantastic” thanks Vancouver”!
Piero tweeted “Buonamotte Mondo” #great concert #beautiful concert.
Ignazio said “Tonight was amazing!! thanks everyone, couldn’t be more happy”

Check Mundial for some good concert photos.
Check Team Il Volo for a great review of the concert.

We too are very disappointed with the review by a reporter from ” The Vancouver Sun” It didn’t seem she was well versed on Il Volo and their history to give a fair review.
We on the Board will address this as a group as we settle down a bit, so it is not written in any manner that would embarrass “The Boys”.

I would like to wish MARY a happy birthday today. She’s a lovely lady that writes such sweet comments about Il Volo. She is also the “lucky” lady who is meeting Loretta and Marie in Detroit. Have fun ladies!


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  1. In addition to Gianluca singing Night and Day, I understand that Ignazio sang Streisand’s version of memories but I did not hear what Piero’s solo was this time.

    1. LeeLee, Linda, Loretta, Thank you so much for remembering me on my birthday. You know that now I am the oldest flight crew member….even older than Loretta, WOW!! Not too old to be one of the screamers at the concert. As we’ve said before, these boys make us feel young, God bless them. And not too old to be wanting those hugs. Can’t wait to see them and also to meet the other two crazies, Marie and Loretta. Report will follow.

  2. I thought Ignazio sings Memories from Cats the Broadway play “all alone in the moonlight…” not “The Way We Were” which is the true title of Striesand’s song. I could be wrong, will find out for myself. Cannot wait til Sept. 11. I am so thrilled they’ve gotten really good reviews from other reviewers who have good ears! Hope they get some sleep before L.A. show!

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