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Here is the next installment in Music Notes!  Enjoy!


 I have had some requests for a little discussion about our boys’ voices.  (Just remember that there is always a lot of back and forth amongst music directors.  The old tale goes like this:  “ The only thing two choral directors agree upon is how terrible the third one is.” )  Well, given that here goes:

Ignazio:  In North America he would usually be referred to as a lyric tenor.  Sometimes in Europe that kind of voice would be called “Spinto tenor”  from the italian – “ lirico spinto”  – a voice that can float high above all the other sounds but can, when needed, become powerful to dominate.  From my personal standpoint as a voice teacher/coach, I admire his ability to give enough solid breath support to create gorgeous high notes that are not “forced” but fluid or “ lirico”   – lyric.   This guy will always be a great tenor.
 Piero:  in America he might be called tenor to tenor-baritone.  In Europe he would be called “Heldentenor”  in german – Heroic tenor .  This type of voice was made famous by the composer Richard Wagner in his operas.  A robust voice with a clarion texture or timbre with unusual endurance.  A voice that can stand out over the chorus if needed.   At his age it is possible that his voice will keep dropping in range and he ends up being a tenor-baritone going forward.  A lot depends on how he and his voice coach handle the sound which can, if not handled right, become tight and closed in.  Piero is a very fine musician and they all have a great voice coach (love to meet him one day).
Gianluca:     In America he would be called a “Romantic Baritone”  and used as a tenor-baritone in a lot of musical or opera roles.  In terms of pure vocal size, his voice is the largest with very rich chest resonance which you can hear even when he talks.  Of the three, he has the greatest vowel control with nearly perfect vowel shape and purity.  He has also been working on supporting his “head tone”, what some people call “falsetto”, which he has used in some songs in this season.  His range is huge and dropping even now in the last three weeks from what I have heard.  This is time for the voice coach to be with him every day just so he does not over work it.
I know this is repeated a bit but I will say it again:  The human voice is the last organ to mature.   Usually it takes up to between 32 years and 35 years of age.   In the meantime, these three wonderful natural instruments will expand in range and increase in size (not the same as volume) and build in richness.  God help us what they are going to sound like by 25 or 28  !!!

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  1. this is so intresting. I too can’t imagine how they will sound in a few years. All three of them are intent on studying and saving their voices, so they will propbably be incredible!

    1. Myron,
      Thank you so much for all the information about The Boys’ voices. I love learning new things about them! It breaks my heart that I won’t live long enough to see and hear them as mature 30-35 year- old singers, but at age 86, no chance!

      But I certainly can enjoy them now, and I treasure every note and word that comes forth from these beautiful Boys.

  2. Myron, about Gianluca´s voice I don´t understand what you said about ” His range is huge and dropping even now in the last three weeks from what I have heard “. You meant that his voice is losing vigor? Is it?
    Sorry, but my native language is not english.

    1. Josie Franco – Sorry that I was not clear about this: by “dropping even now” I am referring to the fact that his young voice is still getting lower and lower as any baritone close to being bass would do. The dark, beautiful voice is still changing and adding more lower notes. He indicated about a week ago that he and his voice coach had been dealing with more notes and larger sound. That is what I meant by “dropping” – he was getting down to a low G before but now he is getting down to a low E flat with solid sound. He will still add notes in the next months. A far as vigor is concerned: the opposite is true. he is getting more and more power – they all are as they work their voice with the coach every day. It is really amazing to see how he blossoms.
      It is not unusual for singers that work on a regular basis, then go on a vacation. will return to work and find a few more notes because the vocal muscles stretched as they have relaxed during that time.

      1. Thank you Myron, now I understand. He is getting lower notes as a baritone and high notes as a tenor. As you said in your prior comment, he is still a tenor.

  3. I believe Ignazio also has a “limpido” style i.e. his voice has incredible clarity. His enunciation is nearly always perfect too. I would like to know more about how much professional classical training each has had, and will have. If you listen to Ignazio belting out Misere in his home town at 13 and his voice now, the difference is simply incredible. His family must be so proud of him. But it is so critical now to be working with the right professional classical voice coach. Who knows in the future what Ignazio could sound like with the best voice coach?

  4. Elaine & Gerri hope you have a fantastic time at you concert tonight. Scream as loud as you can Elaine since you will be closer & let them know The Flight Crew is there, Gerri give your lungs a good work out 10 rows behind isn’t too far. I KNOW our precious young men will be spectacular & that you will leave that concert with shining eyes. If either of you have a meet & greet get a special hug for all of us.

  5. To anyone or all, as you know I’m new to posting. I’m learning a lot, but still have a lot to learn. Soooo, I am going to ask a stupid question. I have been posting to Gian, but if I ask a question and he were to answer, where would that show up? I have my Twitter account, but that only shows all of my posts! I need HELP!

    1. Kitty, if he answer to you, will appear in your account, but if you want to see all the twitters sent to him you have to access his account @gianginoble and mark all twittes and you can see all. I hope I have helped you.

  6. P.S. Just remembered someone mentioning the phone interview w/Gianluca on Team Ilvolos Blog Spot. Following that one, there is also one w/Piero, and Ignazio. Just sayin! Didn’t want anyone to miss them. They are very good.

  7. Elaine I am sorry you are missing out on the meet & greets but I will be asking Ignazio because there are other as well who can’t get to a concert or meet & greet to this is going to be fun getting all these extra hugs to ( oh joy, joy) pass on by email, Maybe Marie can grab a few extra ones & Mary also.
    Anyways I know you’ll have a GREAT time at the concert because OUR boys will be singing right to YOU.

  8. Loretta, they are referring to telephone interviews given to reporters for public consumption. You can see all three interviews on “Team Il Volo”.

  9. Thanks Myron, for your informative information on “The Boys” voices. I too am looking forward to what they will sound like in the future.

  10. What a learned man! Thanks Myron. I feel like I’m just on the edge of knowing something about voices. I think what you’re saying is, there voices are wonderful now and will be even more wonderful in the future! Good to know!

  11. Thanks Myron for taking your time and giving us all of this great information. Wow, I can only imagine what they will sound like in a few years.

  12. Wonderfully informative, Myron! Thank you so very much!

    If you haven’t heard the clip of Gianluca singing Magnificat with IL VOLO, I have a link on my Reflections Page. I believe the opening notes *may* be the lowest baritone notes I’ve heard him sing. (In my case, it was Oct. 2, 2012 in Seattle.) I haven’t listened to Magnificat back to back, however, with his other new solo (didn’t catch the title).

    To Our Guys, Ignazio, Piero, Gianluca, you are all magnificent singers, and it awes me to wonder how your voices might sound with continued fine voice instruction.
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

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