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Il Volo Professional ~~ A Few Steps Forward and a Throwback

Bing Images
Bing Images

Brioni in Moscow

On October 4th, The Guys will be performing at an event premiering Brioni’s Fall and Winter Collection in Moscow.  Since they always sound amazing, and we know that they look equally so in Brioni suits, I’m sure this will be a wonderful evening for those that are able to attend.  Read on to see if they are excited and to learn more about the event and where it is going to be held!

Click here —> Italian Trio Performs in Barvikha  ~~ All About Il Volo; translated interview


Click here —> Il Volo and Brioni In Concert in Moscow ~~ All About Il Volo

The Concert Hall

Click here —> https://www.facebook.com/lisa.joy.9465/posts/10204120776812150 ~~ Athina via LiJoy

The Collection

Click here —> https://www.facebook.com/lisa.joy.9465/posts/10204120718090682 ~~ Athina via LiJoy


AzzUrra Radiog Marcozzi Facebook

AzzUrra Radiog Marcozzi Interviews ~~ translations by Athina

After the show in Pescara, Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio were individually interviewed in an informal setting by  Radio G Giulianova.  Thanks to AzzUrraRadiog Marcozzi , the audio of those interviews has surfaced, and Athina was kind enough to translate for LiJoy.  Enjoy ~~ and pay attention to Gianluca’s.  I think there is a tidbit there that you will find especially interesting….   😉





Ambassador Piero Named Honorary Member of Association

Earlier this month, Piero was named Ambassador of the city of Naro to the World.

Click here —> https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10203992825653451&set=p.10203992825653451&type=1 ~~ Athina via LiJoy

Click here —>  Piero Barone Meeting On the City Hall In Naro ~~ All About Il Volo

This will be a several step process, and another step was taken just recently, with him being named Honorary Member of the Associazione Ideafolle.

Click here —> Piero Barone Honorary Member of the Associazione Ideafolle ~~ All About Il Volo

Click here —> https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10204125928020927&set=p.10204125928020927&type=1&theater ~~ translation by Athina

Congratulations, Piero!  You are a credit to your city’s name!


#TBT: Hashtag Throwback Thursday

Ms. Judy Thurman has shared some of her photos from Radio City Music Hall during the US leg of Il Volo’s We Are Love tour.  It was a very special evening for The Guys since performing there was a dream of theirs.  Remember how excited we were for them?  Please respect Ms. Thurman’s work and generosity by respecting her watermark.  😀


Enjoy, and forgive me for being late tonight.


~~ Kelly

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 Il Volo Radio City Concert

By alfonsina7

With IL VOLO, Angels All Around ~ by Jeanine DuBois

How do you express the magnificence of IL VOLO,

the treasures of Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca?

…Painfully Beautiful*? stunning? incredible? amazing?

For me, IL VOLO, Our Guys, are truly Angels All Around…

…the guys ~ angels of kindness, love, sweet humor, authenticity

…their fans ~ angels of love, friendship, anticipation, excitement

…IL VOLO’s entourage, their angels ~

   whispering in our ears, sparkling in our eyes, cooing in our hearts

…IL VOLO’s music ~ how can a single note be so rich, vibrant, soaring?

how does their harmony blend like birds swooping in unison?

perhaps every molecule of air bursts into song with them!

Squisitamente belissimo!**

The IL VOLO effect? ~

discovering our wings, we are transported, uplifted, soaring in ecstasy!

2014 Saratoga, the Mountain Winery, Connie’s and my road trip, my parents’ 60th wedding anniversary was rich with angels in all shapes, all forms, all moments. So this is my story, not an official Flight Crew blog. I’m that person who loves Einstein’s quote,”There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” So, as you read this, expect a miracle… or two.


I realize now that the angels were on board before our trip ever started.

If you’re curious for details, my expanded story, with angel winks, found money, Carnegie Hall, and more is on my Reflections Page,


Fans-become-friends, thanks to our angelic blog!


(left to right: Jeanine, Elaine, Pirate Connie)

Connie was a fantastic travel buddy. Easy-going, interesting, expressive as needed, and good ole’ pirate humor! Together we soared with the tunes and supported each other’s heartfelt experiences of The Guys.

Elaine was a treasure to get to know. Tour-guide par excellence in San Francisco, exchanging IL VOLO concert experiences, and sharing her spunky, fun true self.

~ While waiting for our menus on the patio at Florentine Trattoria, I mistook two ladies for our dinner company. Turns out they were headed to see IL VOLO, too, so Mary Ellen and Carol joined us. Mary Ellen seems potential  Flight Crew material, and her friend Carol now understands that there are thousands of us just as fanatical about the IL VOLO mystique as Mary Ellen!  😉

~ Once in The Mountain Winery parking lot, we swapped stories with several IL VOLOvers, including Sharon and Patty.

~ Delighted to meet up with Vicki, Lauren, Gerri and her friend, we shared hugs, photos, and IL VOLO appreciation. Hoping for more in the future!

~ The biggest surprise was meeting Agnes and Marisse from Guatemala! What sweethearts, and talk about enthusiasm… traveling to another continent for 3 days of concerts!

Thanks, Elaine, for posting all the great photos!

My parents and sister and her husband loved the concert! IL VOLO’s sweet, fun, cute hearts extra-animated my sister. So now she knows… it’s not “just” that they sing more incredibly than anyone we know!  😉

~ The next day, at my parents’ 60th wedding anniversary celebration, I hooked my iPhone to their TV and brought an IL VOLO tribute into their living room with “L’amore e’ …amare l’amore” [Love Is… Love Love] by and with Toto Cutugno. (The video is in my expanded story.) Mom and Dad so enjoyed this among many loving touches!

And the concert… Holy Moly!

Oh my gosh! The closest I’ve ever been is the dress circle (first row balcony), and those two concerts were heavenly! But this… this was our view of the stage… third row aisle with no one in front of us!


…Ignazio motioning just an inch more volume to his mic.

…Piero smiling with pleasure at the crowd.

…Noticing Gianluca’s gentle hands.


…The excitement in the young lady Gian sang to.

…A moment of Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazio each looking into my eyes and me into theirs.

…Seeing Gianluca’s eyes particularly sparkly at the end of the concert.

…As the concert was ending, going up to the stage and clasping Gianluca’s hand.


And still, whether I’m in the most distant seat from the stage,

at home in front of my computer,

or happily singing along with an IL VOLO tune,

IL VOLO’s music uplifts my heart into new realms of joy because…


So much love, joy, harmony, fun, celebration! I think I sat on the edge of my seat the entire concert, taking in every note, every smile, every nuance. We were flying high with IL VOLO Love!

And then… our Meet & Greet!

OK, there were aspects that could have been better (it was a dark space for photos, they were rushed, I could feel the stress of the gentleman moving us along).

Yet none of that colored my brief moments with the guys.

I had made a card for each, told them amazing things:

~ How Divine Grace angels had spoken to me of the soul group “Truth Through Music”, how the angels proclaimed “music is the breath of God”, and still more treasured words about IL VOLO!

~ About healings which came through their music.

~ About the day Ignazio’s tweet inspired me to write a multimedia book, IL VOLO: The Synergy of Love.

~ About my gratitude for their commitment to Truth and goodness, standing with their Venezuelan brothers and sisters.

In turn, I looked into each of our angel’s eyes, handed him the card, and said “Promise me you’ll read this. There’s something special in there.” Each one gave me a wonderful hug ~ with Ignazio, only after he said to me “Please!” Oh my Yes, Please! I so did not mean to be rude. I just had waited so long to share these angelic insights. I had to deliver these words of wonder!

Then Gianluca gave me a gentle kiss and a hug.


The photo was snapped, and I was left in awe of such an evening!


~ Jeanine DuBois, 2014 June 6, Saratoga, The Mountain Winery

* Thanks, Myron!

** Italian for Exquisitely beautiful!


One Down ~ Three to go ~ Wolf Trap ~ Vienna ~ June 13, 2014


DSCN0149 - marie GOOD

 My sisters (Carol and Debbie) and I Took off for Friday’s concert on Tuesday. It’s a seven hour drive so we decided to take a short vacation and tour D.C. while there. Leelee flew in from Florida and met us there. First night was dinner with Michele. You know, we have emailed or Skyped or phoned each other almost daily for over a year and have never met still…hearing Michele’s voice coming out of the person standing in front of me took some getting use to! Spent a few more days touring and having fun in DC, but what you really want to know about is the Boys!


DSCN0138 - marie


Before the Concert:

We arrived really early at Wolf Trap. In the parking lot we could hear music. After we parked I snuck toward the back of the theatre. Just to the front side of the stage. There was Gianluca rehearsing. I was eventually joined by Debbie and Leelee. We stood there quietly behind a post for about 15 minutes. Finally Wolf Trap security spotted us, looked at my Flight Crew lanyard and said, “I see you have backstage passes” Not wanting to lie to the man I crossed my fingers behind my back and said, “uh-huh”. So he said, “still, you can’t stand here during the final sound check” and led us out to where we were close, but couldn’t see. We were still pretty happy until Il Volo security showed up. Our badges didn’t fool him and we were asked to leave. Shucks!

DSCN0178 - marie

When Michele arrived we rode a tram from the parking lot to the ticket window to get our tickets. On the tram a woman in front of us turned around spotted our badges and said, “I follow the Il Vollo Flight Crew! What are your names?” We told her and she said she knew who we were and seemed pleased to have met us. Hello Jean, Renee and Judy. I didn’t meet any other badges but my sister did.

DSCN0176 - marie


 The Concert:

I have to begin this part by saying that Ignazio did not sing “Ti Voglio Tanto Bene”. He mentioned it, but didn’t say why he didn’t sing it. (You’ve got three more chances Sweetie!! Do it!)

DSCN0183 - marie

Ignazio – That wonderful “edgy” voice made me melt into my seat! You have all heard about the many fun, silly and endearing things he does during a performance, so I won’t repeat them though there were plenty. You’ll have to see for yourself. Ok! One thing! He had a blast with the drums.

DSCN0169 - marie

At one point he sang part of Maria to the woman seated directly in front of me!

DSCN0163 - marie

I don’t care what you say! Ignazio is the most handsome man on the planet!

DSCN0143 - marie

Piero – This young man looks all around at his audience. He looks directly at as many people as he can with the most genuine and sincere smile you can imagine. He sings while reaching out to you figuratively and literally. His voice…Oh his voice! It was powerful enough to shake the Wolf Trap rafters and gentle enough to make me tremble.

DSCN0133 - marie


Gianluca – Soooo Smoooth! When he sings in that deep baritone you just hold your hand over your heart and swoon! He did Elvis better than Elvis!

My sister remarked that they sound the same as on their CD. Meaning no studio backing and blending, no re-takes. But really Carol, (an Il Volo Concert novice) there were many wonderful differences! A new pause here, a change of tempo there, etc., etc.

DSCN0153 - marie

 The man sitting next to me kept shouting, “O Sole Mio”. I would shout “No”. The man must have thought I hated the song. I knew it was their signature song and would mean the “Painfully Beautiful” end to this extraordinary evening.

The Meet and Greet:

The M&G was held in a large room beneath the stage. We were all lined up waiting and watching. I have to say that everyone I saw took some time with the Boys before staff ushered/pried them out.

DSCN0195 - marie

I happened to notice Barb and Mrs. Ginoble sitting off to the side. I walked over and actually had a conversation with Barb. She does speak English and understood everything I said. At least she said she did. I thanked her for answering my emails and doing me a favor a while back. I asked if I could take her picture and she said only if I was in it too. So I said ok and she handed my camera to Mrs. Ginoble who took our picture. Then Barbara took the camera and Mrs. Ginoble and I got a picture together. I’m going to keep those to myself for a while. They then let me take this picture of them both. What gracious ladies! Mrs. G is a tiny thing she actually made the first move to hug me. Barb hugged me too and thanked me for helping to promote Il Volo. Oh Yeah! She knows who we are!

DSCN0194 - marie

It was finally my turn with the Boys! You will all be happily surprised to know that I behaved myself. I hugged and kissed each one of them on the cheek and thanked them all for being alive in my world!

DSCN0196 - marie

Yeah that’s me being deliriously happy. No, my hair doesn’t always look like this. With 97% humidity in an outdoor theater, in the rain I tend to take on the look of a French Poodle.

I pulled my Flight Crew Badge from it’s lanyard and they all signed it!!!

As you know, four of your Flight Crew Board members are meeting in Chicago. The other one, like some of you, can’t make a concert this year. I explained that to the boys. As you can see it made Ignazio sad!

Yes, this one's real.
Yes, this one’s real.



Then Ignazio got down on one knee in front of me. I’ll give you three guesses as to what he was doing down there:

1) He was proposing marriage.
2) He was begging me not to grab him and run.
3) He was taking a picture of my tattoo.

DSCN0017 - marie

I’m hoping for #1 at the next concert. No, I didn’t tell any of you about my tattoo. I figured you all thought I was crazy enough anyway. Barb also took a picture of it. I know there will never be a reason I’m sorry I have it. What are they going to do – Kick puppies? Next year I plan to tattoo my entire body with “Il Volo” – Oh, not really!

OMG did I go on or what? A couple more things then I’ll let you all drool some more over those pictures of THEM!

DSCN0137 - marie

My sisters are great travel companions as always. They put up with a lot of Il Voloing. At the end of our time there they adopted the loving and funny Leelee and wanted to trade me for her. Yes they did! I send you a big red banner of love Leelee!

DSCN0145 - marie

Looking forward to meeting Elaine and Kelly as well as some of you. Michele, see you in a few days for our three concert road trip!

DSCN0185 - marie

Ineke, I’ve got your shirt.

DSCN0130 - marie


Bottom Line:

If you haven’t attended your concert yet you need to know that it is worth every dollar you spent, every hour it took you to get toThem and every night before and after you will spend without sleep! Those of you who have already gone know this.

If you are unable to attend Their concert this year, you MUST go next year! You must see and hear Them for yourselves!

DSCN0173 - marie


So That’s Why!

All photo's from the Detroit "We Are Love" Concert
All photo’s from the Detroit “We Are Love” Concert

Why are they so different from other singers?
Ruth (Ruth Rapp), believes it because “Music speaks to that place within us that matters the most, and nobody understands that better than Il Volo.”
So, that’s why we listen.

Why did we fall for them so completely?
Mary B (Mary Bohling) thinks it’s because “With our Boys what you see is what you get.”
So, that’s why we hang on every word they print.

DSCN0952 marie

How do they make us feel?
Well, “The thought of them warms the heart on a cold winters night”, says Jane (maryjane56).
So, that’s one reason we love them.

Do they even have healing power?
Laura (Laura Lee Badtke) thinks so, “…listening to my boys is the best medicine ever.”
So, that’s why we share their music with others.

DSCN0918 marie

Can it be simply said?
Sure, Myron (Myron Heaton) can, “What music, what heart, what soul.”
So, that’s why we’ll be fans, forever!

What if we dare miss a concert?
“I am still pained by missing them..last summer. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth on that situation.” I feel Connie‘s (Piratesorka’s) pain.
So, that’s why we patiently (?) wait for a new concert schedule.

DSCN0900 marie

What do we want?
You’re right Loretta (Loretta Foley), Boys, “Enjoy your time at home and rest sweethearts, we are waiting with open arms for your return.”
So, that’s why we wait some more!

What about the friends we’ve gained?
Carol (CaroljB) says, “It’s as though we’re many hearts, but one soul joining with them.”
So, that’s what they have allowed us to be.

DSCN0914 marie

Could they even be ambassadors?
According to mlla they are, “They revive peoples interest in Italian art, music, landscaping, historic sites, etc.”
So, that’s why we’re so interested in all they do.

DSCN0907 marie

I think we give our hearts because they have heart, they have faith in themselves and they have us.

And when they come back, to quote our Helen (Helen, oh you know), it will be the “Beautiful Spring of the Boys Return.”


The Power, The Passion, and The Joy ~ By Lisa Joy

I met Lisa (Lijoy) in Pittsburgh, at the Heinz Hall, on 9/11/13. The We Are Love Concert had just ended and we were standing in our respective isle’s waiting to file out with everyone. We began talking about what had just happened, and stood there a little longer. I invited her here and, fortunately, she’s been with us ever since.
I was looking at her blog recently and came across this piece.  I fell hard for it and asked her if I could share it with all of you. She consented.

this one

The Power, The Passion, and The Joy
December 12, 2013


I have done the unthinkable! I have fallen in love. Sigh! It really didn’t take long, which has both surprised and troubled me greatly. Demon exorcism begins now!

I haven’t posted on the blog for a while as I struggled with a lot of things in my life. My constant trio of complaints, work, weight, and family dynamics continue to plague my existence. Patience, they say, is a virtue. They, whoever they are, also say to be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. Hmmm! I have been praying for patience for a very long time. Maybe some of the situations I find myself in are the result of not having enough patience. Although family and friends say teaching 13 and 14 year old students prove that I have tons of patience. For children, yes, for adults, it is in short supply.

The more time I spend talking to people around the world, the more I realize we are all broken people. Some of us cope better than others, but everyone has a story to tell. While conducting a one-sided conversation, can it really be called a conversation if the other person never contributes-just a thought, I was reminded of some of the music and artists of my youth. Have to smile here because they were actually artists of my mother’s youth in the fifties and sixties, I just love their sound and never embraced the music of my generation. You know the artists I truly adore. Think Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Etta James, who was part of that one-sided conversation, Al Jarreau, Miles Davis, and Louis Armstrong to name a few.

The Power
The Power
The Passion
The Passion
The Joy
The Joy

What does any of the above have to do with the title of this blog? Absolutely positively nothing and everything! The three words in the title are apt adjectives for my newest classically and Italianally life passion, Il Volo. The Power-Piero Barone, classical tenor whose very being oozes sexy. The Passion-Gianluca Ginoble, gifted baritone who is the definition of fiery elegance. Finally, The Joy-Ignazio Boschetto, lyrical tenor whose smile and love of life are infectious. You may have met them before in previous accounts, but if not, give a look and listen. They have truly taken over my waking and sleeping. After seeing them in concert on September 11, I could not get enough. Bought every CD even the Spanish language ones, I don’t speak Spanish. Several weeks later, having finished the N. American/Canada Tour, the boys moved south of the border to Latin America. Thank God for Google translate. But a new problem arose, different time zones. Never one to enjoy the daytime, even as a young child, nocturnal living is very appealing. This circumstance fed right into my vampirism. Try following you favorite group when they keep musicians hours with a six hour time difference. Living on two hours of sleep a day for weeks at a time can be dangerous, not necessarily for me, but for others. Lack of sleep sharpens my tongue and turns off the filter from my brain to my mouth. I have a tendency to say what is on my mind regardless of the subject or object. There are many positive things that I have gained from falling in love, which outweigh any negative consequences.

What is utterly mind-blowing are the people I have met from all over the world. Close to home we have Jackie, Marie, Kelly, Lavina, Caroline, Charlene, Ellen, Donna, Judy, Mary, Claire, Joanie, Beverly, Janis, and a whole posse from Miami. There are countless others, too numerous to name. But I still need to acknowledge the International contingent of Athena, Suzana, Hazel and many others from Spain, Brazil, Philippines, England and Latin American countries. Whew! So many wonderful, loving, and passionate people. Doesn’t matter the time of day or night, someone is available to lend an ear or share memories. Two of my newest Twitter buddies are recording artists and musicians Iliana and Paul Eastham. Three young Italian singers have enriched and opened my world in ways that just amaze me.

Can any three people be more different but still live, work, and sing in such harmony? Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazio often use the phrase, “Three voices, One soul” to describe themselves. Young bodies of 18, 19, and 20 years old, but old beautiful, compassionate souls. It is often difficult to describe the trio and an infinitely more eye-opening experience to see and hear them for yourself.

Aren’t they just adorable? I have so much more to say, but have decided this will be Part 1-A Short Introduction to The Power, The Passion, and The Joy. How many more to follow is anyone’s guess.


Thank you Lisa, for allowing us to experience this lovely, intimate narrative.