One Down ~ Three to go ~ Wolf Trap ~ Vienna ~ June 13, 2014


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 My sisters (Carol and Debbie) and I Took off for Friday’s concert on Tuesday. It’s a seven hour drive so we decided to take a short vacation and tour D.C. while there. Leelee flew in from Florida and met us there. First night was dinner with Michele. You know, we have emailed or Skyped or phoned each other almost daily for over a year and have never met still…hearing Michele’s voice coming out of the person standing in front of me took some getting use to! Spent a few more days touring and having fun in DC, but what you really want to know about is the Boys!


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Before the Concert:

We arrived really early at Wolf Trap. In the parking lot we could hear music. After we parked I snuck toward the back of the theatre. Just to the front side of the stage. There was Gianluca rehearsing. I was eventually joined by Debbie and Leelee. We stood there quietly behind a post for about 15 minutes. Finally Wolf Trap security spotted us, looked at my Flight Crew lanyard and said, “I see you have backstage passes” Not wanting to lie to the man I crossed my fingers behind my back and said, “uh-huh”. So he said, “still, you can’t stand here during the final sound check” and led us out to where we were close, but couldn’t see. We were still pretty happy until Il Volo security showed up. Our badges didn’t fool him and we were asked to leave. Shucks!

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When Michele arrived we rode a tram from the parking lot to the ticket window to get our tickets. On the tram a woman in front of us turned around spotted our badges and said, “I follow the Il Vollo Flight Crew! What are your names?” We told her and she said she knew who we were and seemed pleased to have met us. Hello Jean, Renee and Judy. I didn’t meet any other badges but my sister did.

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 The Concert:

I have to begin this part by saying that Ignazio did not sing “Ti Voglio Tanto Bene”. He mentioned it, but didn’t say why he didn’t sing it. (You’ve got three more chances Sweetie!! Do it!)

DSCN0183 - marie

Ignazio – That wonderful “edgy” voice made me melt into my seat! You have all heard about the many fun, silly and endearing things he does during a performance, so I won’t repeat them though there were plenty. You’ll have to see for yourself. Ok! One thing! He had a blast with the drums.

DSCN0169 - marie

At one point he sang part of Maria to the woman seated directly in front of me!

DSCN0163 - marie

I don’t care what you say! Ignazio is the most handsome man on the planet!

DSCN0143 - marie

Piero – This young man looks all around at his audience. He looks directly at as many people as he can with the most genuine and sincere smile you can imagine. He sings while reaching out to you figuratively and literally. His voice…Oh his voice! It was powerful enough to shake the Wolf Trap rafters and gentle enough to make me tremble.

DSCN0133 - marie


Gianluca – Soooo Smoooth! When he sings in that deep baritone you just hold your hand over your heart and swoon! He did Elvis better than Elvis!

My sister remarked that they sound the same as on their CD. Meaning no studio backing and blending, no re-takes. But really Carol, (an Il Volo Concert novice) there were many wonderful differences! A new pause here, a change of tempo there, etc., etc.

DSCN0153 - marie

 The man sitting next to me kept shouting, “O Sole Mio”. I would shout “No”. The man must have thought I hated the song. I knew it was their signature song and would mean the “Painfully Beautiful” end to this extraordinary evening.

The Meet and Greet:

The M&G was held in a large room beneath the stage. We were all lined up waiting and watching. I have to say that everyone I saw took some time with the Boys before staff ushered/pried them out.

DSCN0195 - marie

I happened to notice Barb and Mrs. Ginoble sitting off to the side. I walked over and actually had a conversation with Barb. She does speak English and understood everything I said. At least she said she did. I thanked her for answering my emails and doing me a favor a while back. I asked if I could take her picture and she said only if I was in it too. So I said ok and she handed my camera to Mrs. Ginoble who took our picture. Then Barbara took the camera and Mrs. Ginoble and I got a picture together. I’m going to keep those to myself for a while. They then let me take this picture of them both. What gracious ladies! Mrs. G is a tiny thing she actually made the first move to hug me. Barb hugged me too and thanked me for helping to promote Il Volo. Oh Yeah! She knows who we are!

DSCN0194 - marie

It was finally my turn with the Boys! You will all be happily surprised to know that I behaved myself. I hugged and kissed each one of them on the cheek and thanked them all for being alive in my world!

DSCN0196 - marie

Yeah that’s me being deliriously happy. No, my hair doesn’t always look like this. With 97% humidity in an outdoor theater, in the rain I tend to take on the look of a French Poodle.

I pulled my Flight Crew Badge from it’s lanyard and they all signed it!!!

As you know, four of your Flight Crew Board members are meeting in Chicago. The other one, like some of you, can’t make a concert this year. I explained that to the boys. As you can see it made Ignazio sad!

Yes, this one's real.
Yes, this one’s real.



Then Ignazio got down on one knee in front of me. I’ll give you three guesses as to what he was doing down there:

1) He was proposing marriage.
2) He was begging me not to grab him and run.
3) He was taking a picture of my tattoo.

DSCN0017 - marie

I’m hoping for #1 at the next concert. No, I didn’t tell any of you about my tattoo. I figured you all thought I was crazy enough anyway. Barb also took a picture of it. I know there will never be a reason I’m sorry I have it. What are they going to do – Kick puppies? Next year I plan to tattoo my entire body with “Il Volo” – Oh, not really!

OMG did I go on or what? A couple more things then I’ll let you all drool some more over those pictures of THEM!

DSCN0137 - marie

My sisters are great travel companions as always. They put up with a lot of Il Voloing. At the end of our time there they adopted the loving and funny Leelee and wanted to trade me for her. Yes they did! I send you a big red banner of love Leelee!

DSCN0145 - marie

Looking forward to meeting Elaine and Kelly as well as some of you. Michele, see you in a few days for our three concert road trip!

DSCN0185 - marie

Ineke, I’ve got your shirt.

DSCN0130 - marie


Bottom Line:

If you haven’t attended your concert yet you need to know that it is worth every dollar you spent, every hour it took you to get toThem and every night before and after you will spend without sleep! Those of you who have already gone know this.

If you are unable to attend Their concert this year, you MUST go next year! You must see and hear Them for yourselves!

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61 thoughts on “One Down ~ Three to go ~ Wolf Trap ~ Vienna ~ June 13, 2014”

  1. Oh Marie, this was well worth waiting for. Thank you and your sisters for making this trip the absolute best vacation I ever had. Bonus after bonus between the trip to DC and of course the Il Volo experience. Beyond my wildest dreams and it was you ladies that helped make it what so much fun. You and your sisters made it very easy to be funny and loving.

    Everyone, you have no idea what fun you are in for when you meet Marie. I hope everyone that comes to the next three concerts that crosses your path, Marie, realizes that you have enriched their lives the same way Il Volo enriches all of our lives.

    Marie is right. Mrs. Ginoble and Barbara were so wonderful with me as well. They chatted and took pictures with me and it was a thrill as well as meeting Gianluca, Ignazio, and Piero. By the way, Marie, remember what Linda told us not to do in her e-mail. I couldn’t hold back about asking for a manager. (Forgot to tell you, will tell you later) HAHA.

    There is nothing more that I can add to what Marie has said about Wolf trap. I loved every minute of every second of their show. I hope everyone attending the upcoming concerts has as great an experience as we did.

    Now, Marie, as for being the adopted sister. You now know who they all like best!!!!! May the red banner fly high!!

    1. Leelee, You are so right about Marie. Meeting her in Detroit last year was one of the highlights of my life. A truer friend you will never find. I am so looking forward to seeing her again in Milwaukee.

  2. Going to the June 26th concert in Philly! My first ever in my life! To see the most amazing group..IlVolo. I can’t wait. I am as excited as a teenager. I have all their CDs which are on constantly on my stereo! Love them forever!

  3. Oh Marie, another fabulous post!! I was in tears when I saw that picture with my name. You are the best ever friend to do that for me!! With your texts and e-mails and finally this wondeful picture I feel like I was there. Thanks to you and Leelee for MY concert experience!!

    Thanks Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca for being so gracious. You have to be the 3 sweetest boys EVER!!

    1. How sweet of marie to do this. The guys are also so gracious to take this picture and ignazio’s sad face was so cute. Everything marie reported was incredible. I saw, not meet, Mrs. Ginoble and Barbara and ignazio’s mom last August in Concord, Ca while waiting to meet our guys. The feeling one gets when you are so close physically to your idols, is too much to describe. I’m 68 yrs. old but acted as though I was a teenager. Is that normal? When it was my turn, I could hardly wait to hug Gianluca. He wore his royal blue Adidas sweat jacket with a white tee shirt and what a sight he was. Piero and ignazio were also very handsome. Goodness, I do go on don’t I? You will too when you meet them. Thanks marie for the beautiful report. You have a great way of describing things which makes us feel as though we were there too.

      1. Thanks Prese, Yes, we all feel like teenagers when we’re close to them. One more thing Il Volo does for us! The list just keeps growing.

    2. Linda, that photo of the guys sending love for you is so precious! Love Ignazio’s face for you!

      May this loving moment sustain you until you see them in person! (Marie, you are an out of this world friend and person!)

      Sweet night,
      ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. Marie, what a report and beautiful pictures too ! I’m glad that you had so much fun. And that tattoo, what can I say ? You’re a true Il Volo fan. Sometime maybe in the near future there will be an Il Volo convention and I can meet you and the rest of the flight crew.
      What was Ignazio’s other solo since he did not sing
      Ti Voglio………?

  4. Marie, another great poSt. Always look forward to them! Will I be meeting you? (Going to the Mann Center in Philly on 6/26). Marie leaps, hope to see you there. You will love, love, love them. This will be my third time and I am just as excited as the first time……no, I think I am more excited! I also play their C D’s a lot. If not listening, it’s going through my head. Thanks again, Marie, looking forward to another post from you. So glad you had a great experience again. Even though you know who likes me best!!!! HaHa

  5. Hi, I was at that concert,too. I had made lanyards for Jean, Rene, and Judy, but they didn’t get them until we met each other in our seats: rows D and E. We all loved the concert. We were actually thrilled the whole time, and I wanted it to never end. I especially enjoyed sitting next to Jean who had not even heard of Il Volo before; didn’t even know their names or background stories. It added to my enjoyment seeing her reactions and being able to add tidbits here and there during the applauses. I will be at the Elgin, Illinois and Philadelphia concerts and hope to see some of you there! I’ll be wearing my Flight Crew lanyard, 2014 Il Volo M&G Tee shirt, Il Volo necklace and bracelet, and carrying my Il Volo tote bag.

      1. I will!
        Do you have M&G tickets? Any thoughts how we could have some Il Volo sightings before the show?
        I’ve never been to the Elgin, Il. venue. Do you have any suggestions for parking, etc. My friend, Kathy, lives in Chicago, but she’s never been to that venue either.
        I’m so excited. The only thing that made it bearable for me to see the Wolf Trap show ending was knowing I would be seeing my darlings at two more shows. Kathy and I will be in Row D, Seats 2 & 3 in Elgin. She’s never seen a live Il Volo concert, and I am very much looking forward to her reactions.
        Looking forward to meeting you!
        Ciao Bella!

  6. THE POST WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR!!!!!!!!! 😀 I have to say, I think this is my favorite review so for! Thank you so much Ms. Crider for the smiles, the photos, the story, the photos, and for sharing the first of what are sure to be many special moments with Il Volo! Like, the ACTUAL Il Volo. Not a recording, not photographs, not a video, but THEM. Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto, and Gianluca Ginoble, in the flesh, RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!!!!!!!!! I am so jealous right. I think I need to go put on some pajamas, put my earbuds in, and eat a whole pint of ice cream while listing to Il Volo. That might make me feel better. I can also scroll through concert photos at the same time. Yes. My entire summer is now planned out.

  7. Marie, your recount of your concert experience is fantastic, and so are the photos, and you are right, Ignazio IS the most handsome man on the planet!! I have my badge and lanyard ready for Nashville! I’m packing right now!!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful adventure!! <3

  8. Marie, what a fabulous experience! wow, wow, wow! Good idea with the flight crew badge! Delighted they knew who you were and who we are! Thanks for sharing–the pictures are great! Did you take them without flash?

  9. Marie thanks for your update, i’m going to see them june 25th for the fifth time, I love these boys so much, they came into my life when I needed them to light up my life, I’m  a senior citizen companion and I bring my CD’s for my ladies to listen too and they love them also, I’m Italian and so proud of them and the familes that raised these fine young men. Maybe you’ll be in Westbury june 25th i’ll look fory you.   Maureen Perucca

        On Sun, Jun 15, 2014 at 04:47 PM, Il Volo Flight Crew ~Share The Love wrote:    

    mariecrider posted: ” 

     My sisters (Carol and Debbie) and I Took off for Friday’s concert on Tuesday. It’s a seven hour drive so we decided to take a short vacation and tour D.C. while there. Leelee flew in from Florida and met us there. First night was dinner with “

  10. Thanks Penina. I used flash. Most of the time I was too far away for the flash to actually light my subject (My Subject!). I’m no expert, but I believe the aperture stays open a little more when cameras are on auto mode and flash is used. At least it used to be that way. They did not ask us to refrain from using flash.

    1. I am going to be in the third row on an aisle and I really don’t want anyone to tell me to
      stop taking pictures–I also would love to take a video or two (or three!) for my sister who is so disappointed she cannot be there. I have an ipod touch which is new and I am not too expert at using it.

  11. Marie, Marie, Marie!!! This is the one I’ve been waiting for and it was well worth the wait!!! You are amazing. LOVE THE TATOO!!! I am just so happy for all of you and so excited for all of us to meet in Milwaukee! The LINDA SIGN was genius!! How totally sweet and thoughtful of you. See you in a few days. Happy trails to you and keep on hugging the guys!

  12. Ms. Crider, now that I have sulked and fussed by myself in a corner for a few hours, I realize that I forgot to comment on that MARVELOUS tattoo! 😀 How long have you had it, if you don’t mind my asking? And, just because, do we want to know where you put Ignazio’s name? We know you must have it SOMEWHERE (cough, cough). Oh no! Pirate is rubbing off on me!

    1. Isabel, you crack me up! I am sitting here laughing and thinking you are probably right! She probably DOES have an Ignazio tattoo hidden somewhere!

    1. Who “she?” Or should I say, “which she?”
      hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I think I know the answer to that one!

  13. Marie, this was absolutely wonderful(and upsetting at the same time because I was not there!!!) I sure would like to meet you at a concert, buttttt that will have to wait. I saw them twice already, so I won’t be greedy(I am lying). you gave me a surprise with that tattoo. now I know how to get their attention at a meet and greet. I am thinking of getting one. I am sure you can guess what it will be??? Ignazio, ofcourse! ofcourse, I have to sleep on that one for a long set of nights because if my family ever saw it, I think they would have a hemorrhage and they would look at me as if I had gone off the edge. I would have to put it somewhere that they would or could never see. that is the problem!!

  14. My family had mixed reviews. My sisters husband is certain I need evaluated. Two of my sisters actually held my hand and cheered me on. The rest…well…mostly shook their heads.

  15. Oh, Marie!!!! It just doesn’t get any better than this!!! You outdid yourself with such a stupendous review! You know, I’m beginning to run out of adjectives about your writings…What will I be able to say about the next concert you write about???? Or the next poem??? Or the next essay???? Or the next hilarious comment???

    I think the thing I love most is that you made me feel as though I was right there! And the photos…. The photos were so beautiful. I especially liked the one with you and The Boys and the one of Barbara and Mrs. Ginoble.

    What can I say about the tattoo, except good for you! I am not a fan of that art, but yours is SO CUTE! I bet The Boys nearly keeled over when they saw it!

    Well, Nashville is calling! It’s ALMOST TIME to go!!! Got my lanyard ready and can’t wait to meet more Il Volovers, especially Flight Crew members!

    1. Thank you our Helen. I’m running out of ways to thank you for your wonderful encouragement and responses to all of my writing. Wish I could make it to Nashville. But even I have limits. Enjoy, Helen!

  16. I really had fun reading about your concert experience! It looks like the guys enjoyed seeing you almost as much as you loved seeing them.

  17. I am so sad. I can’t go see il Volo this year. I live near SF and just couldn’t make the ones they had in this area. Maybe next year. I hope so. Audrey.

    1. Audrey, I haven’t seen you post in a while, so I’m glad to see your name, even though you’re feeling sad.

      Who knows? Maybe Las Vegas will happen and you and many Flight Crew will get to attend. Wishing it’s so!

      May IL VOLO’s swirling energies of Love fill your heart and uplift you,
      ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  18. Marie, the tattoo is too cool! Linda, you’ve got a friends! Michele and Marie, see you both Wednesday!

  19. looking at the pictures just has me counting down to thurs June 19th at Freedom Hill in Michigan. I know donna is going to the meet and greet and so am I. is anyone else attending the meet and greet.

  20. Marie, many many thanks for your endearing review and all who are giving us their precious experiences of the Il Volo concerts. With your input and some imagination I can be there too.
    Also thank you Marie for getting my Il Volo T-Shirt. I will wear it proudly and maybe come across some Il Volovers here in South Africa!

    1. Ineke, I have an idea…
      If you come across an IL VOLOver in South Africa, contact me at
      and if they wear a medium and don’t mind that I wrote in aqua on the shirt:
      We Are Love
      Mas Que Amor
      I’d be willing to mail you my M&G T-shirt for your friend to wear.
      …And then there were Two!

      Also, my dear friend Leslie just left for Africa (starting in CapeTown, I think). Her fav is Beautiful Day. She is going to be with elephants and white lions!

      Thanks for spreading the IL VOLO Love all across the globe!
      ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  21. Marie, what an awesome vacation! Thank you so much for telling us all about it. They know us now thanks to you and Myron. See you soon with Our Guys and Flight Crew….

  22. Wonderful details, Marie! …”backstage passes”, tattoo, drumming, personal time with Barbara V and Mrs. Ginoble, two of your sisters converted to going on a road trip with you ~ even if they did want to trade you for LeeLee! And fantastic photos!! I’m guessing Barbara and Mrs. G are going to each want copies of that one. Really stunning!

    Wow! I am so in awe of those of you who get to attend more than one concert per season. Getting to one each year has been a big focus for me. My great hope is that we’ll have a Las Vegas concert with many of us gathering, including me. Holdin’ the thought, Myron! And, Marie… our best chance to meet! 🙂

    I woke up dreaming this morning about helping the Guys with jet lag (using my set of tools). Definitely a good dream. It’s hard to watch others suffer when I know I have something valuable to share. Maybe they got help through the dreamtime. I like that possibility!

    Gotta call it a night, so I’ll read your Post’s comments tomorrow or as soon as time allows, Marie. Thank you for this wonderful chronicle of a spectacle time!

    Sweet night,
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. OK, really need sleep. Spectacle time? That would be spectacular time! I don’t dare proofread the rest! 😉

      Ciao a tutti,
      ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  23. Thank you, Marie!! What a marvelous evening you had at your first concert!! We went to the Greek & Myron said it all in his wonderful review!! Did get to meet Myron & a few Flight Crew ladies. Met up with Caroll, from the Boys Gibson concert last Aug. that day was my 85th birthday! I was so excited, first time seeing them! I just knew they would sing Happy Birthday to me at the M&G! They did!!! The M&G was one on one. Beautiful! The 4 of us along with Susan PBS group members coordinator were in a large room. The back wall had a banner, Il Volo Live In Concert on it. The Boys were standing underneath it! There was a lovely young lady photographer to take the photos. We were
    to have 4 photos, four people! I had almost complete Brain fade! I did manage to turn to Ignazio & say it was my 85th BD. We were all grouped together & the photographer took pics of them singing to me ! Individual pics & group! When the pics came there were 8! Lovely photos! I was unable to tell them how wonderful they are or the beauty of their music!! Absolutely tongue-tied!! As we were leaving from the photo line I was able to tell Gianluca that my late husband was Italian & his family was from Fondi. He replied that was a beautiful area! My Grandaughter told me not to worry that I couldn’t say anything!, my face said it all!! My smile was radiant! We had a wonderful one on one experience at the Buon Natale CD signing at Santa Monica Courtyard Mall on 11/23/13! That also took place in room with a table for CD signing. One group at a time was let in. They remembered us from the Gibson! I was able to tell them I had brain fade before, & that their music is marvelous! Also I love the 3 of them very much! So this cattle call M&G at the Greek was a nasty shock!! They say great minds run in the channel, Marie so we must be connected! I got an Il Volo tattoo on the day after Mother’s Day! I had been thinking for about 2 yrs of getting a tattoo! This was for my husband’s memory! It was a running joke in the family. Mom is talking about getting a tattoo in Dad’s memory!! Ignazio shared on FB that he has tattoos! Good! One on my left upper arm for my husband. Left arm, closest to the heart. One for Il Volo on right upper arm. My oldest son gave me a check for Mom’s Day to do something fun with!! Made an appointment for the11th& now have 2 tattoo’s!! It did not really hurt much!!! I do have a high pain tolerance! Had 6 kids! When I showed Gianluca, Ignnazio,& Piero the tattoos at the M&G their eyes got really big & their mouths dropped open! (Didn’t get any pic of that!!) wanted to know if it was real, yes . Could they touch it, yes. You got it for us, yes. They were so concerned that I had gone thru the preceedure just for them. They barely glanced at the tattoo for my husband. Gian asked if he could take a pic, yes. Then each one enveloped me in huge hugs & kisses on my hair, Gian. On my cheek, Piero. By the time I got to Ignazio, I was in 7th Heaven & had Brain fade again! Don’t think I said thing! All in all, the evening was fantastic! Their music was magnificent, all my favorites! Love their stage interaction! Can’t wait to see them again!! Love all three so much ❤️❤️❤️.

    1. Oh Tippy, your story made me cry (and laugh)!
      I’ve been especially emotional about IL VOLO since a few days before Connie’s and my road trip to see them.

      Love your story! (and that you and Marie are tat sisters!)
      … Not to be confused with TAT(R). 😉

      Gosh… I would love to see this story in the My Experience section so no one misses it!

      Hugs and Happy Birthday!
      ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  24. Oh Tippy! My “tat” sister, What a time you had! I worry that all the fame will change our lovely Boys, but it doesn’t look like that will happen. Besides being incredibly talented, they are kind and generous. We picked the right group to adore. Happy Birthday!!

  25. Tippy!! You are a real kick! I am 66 yrs old, and I don’t have nearly the spunk and daring you have. I’ll bet that your children have many wonderful stories to tell your grandchildren about you. May God grant you many more years to enjoy Il Volo!

  26. Hey, Marie!

    Renee is a colleague and friend who actually introduced me to IL VOLO near the end of 2011. And I *think* I was the first one to introduce her to the Flight Crew. We have a wonderful IL VOLO chat now and then.

    So glad you guys connected! Hoping to talk with Renee soon and hear her take on the concert. She emailed me with so much excitement (of course)!

    Have an out-of-this-world time at your remaining concerts!
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  27. Wow! What a small world it is! Renee and friends were lovely to meet.

    I promise to have a good time!!! Thanks Jeanine and thanks for your story on the next post.

    1. Cool, Marie!

      Don’t know how you could top this awesome concert post, but knowing you, I’ll bet you will! ‘Cause you are the Queen of IL VOLO Fun!

      I’ll mention you to Renee.

      Thank, you, Marie, for uploading my story! It was a pleasure to write it and be able to share it with the Flight Crew.

      Mega-fun to you and all our compatriots!
      ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  28. Wonderful meeting you and the other girls at Freedom Hill last night. Fabulous concert! Piero seemed pleased with his birthday present! Will have my review of Freedom Hill and picture of Piero’s gift up on late Sunday, early Monday as hubby and I leave to attend my granddaughters graduation party in Ohio tomorrow!

  29. Marie, I just have to tell you I loved your story, what a great experience that must have been, I met Barbara, but I didn’t even see Mrs Ginoble, I think I was in a daze, still am I think. I am really enjoying all these stories, glad I managed to find my way here.
    Annie 🙂

      1. Thanks for telling me that, then I won’t feel like I missed out as much as I would have had she been there and I just didn’t notice, but ‘I’m glad I talked to Barbara and gave her a hug, she seemed very friendly, I hope I’ll meet them all again sometime. 🙂

  30. Thanks Annie. I’ve got 4 more of my own concert stories coming. Hope you like them too. I promise the last one will blow you away!

    I’m glad you found your way here too!

  31. Thanks, Marie, for this wonderful concert report. I saw Il Volo last year and have to settle for FB, Flight Crew, YouTube, etc. in 2014. I’m jealous you could attend the Wolf Trap concert as it is the best one I’ve heard yet. Told my VA sister I’d take her if the boys come back there. She replied, “Vienna is a long way from Blacksburg.” She has sung in an opera chorus and I am sure she will love Il Volo. May have to hog tie and drag her there to prove it. Slowly converting my oldest sis, but my youngest keeps asking, “How old are you?” (I’m 72, but an Ilvolover 15.) Wish I could be your sis, but will have to get mine into the fold 😉

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