17 thoughts on “Father’s Day ~~ June 15, 2014”

  1. These three Fathers are to be commended for their outstanding job of raising such wonderful sons. The world is a better place for them having done this. Thank you, dear Fathers!

  2. In addition to being grateful for the good parenting these men have done for their sons, I just want to know one thing: WE know Ercole Ginoble is a lawyer and that Geatano Barone is a mechanic but I have never heard/read what it is that Vito Boschetto does for a living. Also, how is it possible for any of these parents to take the time out and travel around with their sons? I am so impressed with their care and connectedness with them!

    1. Ercole sure looks like a lawyer and they live in a beautiful house. I read that Piero’s dad was a mechanic, Gianluca’s dad a truck driver and haven’t heard about Ignazio’s dad. Anyway I’m sure their sons are their priority. Xx

  3. I read that Ignazio’s father is a mason. I also read that Gialuca’s father is a truck driver. I read this in a review by someone in Chicago, so don’t know how correct this is.

    1. No, I remember very well reading Gianluca once thought of becoming a lawyer like his dad, which would have been such a pity to have Gianluca as a lawyer! From what I see of the Ginobles and their house I think Ercole is a lawyer and not a truck driver!

  4. When you have 3 fathers like these who cared how they raised their sons, it’s easy to see what wonderful human beings their boys have become!

    1. Looking forward to seeing and meeting Flight Crew Il Volovers this Sat. in Milwaukee….it will be here very soon. So excited. Jeanne & I will be wearing our badges. ☺

  5. Our guys love their fathers so much. So many times we have read how Piero’s dad cooks pasta for him while on tour. Gianluca’s
    dad is almost always with his son on the road. He takes many pictures and shares them with us. Ignazio’s dad is the only one who I have not read too much about. Very private family. I bet these three dads never thought that their lives would be changed to this degree. How proud they must be when they watch their talented sons perform in front of millions of people and the LOVE that the audience give back to the boys. Thank you to the mothers also for the sacrifices they do in order for their sons to achieve their dreams. I thank them personally for these three boys with voices like angels. They help me through many lonely days.

  6. Well, as I catch up on my reading, I suppose it’s fair to say that, with IL VOLO, every day is a Father’s appreciation day.

    Thanks, Ignazio, Piero, and Gianluca, as well as your dads for the Love and care and commitment you share with each other and everyone in your families! What a great example you are for all of us.

    Knowing your Love is always in your hearts…
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

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