Il Volo Rocked the House – Wolf Trap – June 13, 2014


For two days the Washington, DC area suffered with dark skies, rain and even flooding, but on concert day –

the sun finally came out in the afternoon!  We were ready for Il Volo!


See the little X on the left of the stage – this is where Marie, Alicia and Michele sat!  They turned out to be REALLY good seat!


Just after 8 PM – Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero burst on stage with amazing energy and enthusiasm, which they sustained the entire concert!  The guys really seemed to be enjoying themselves and so were the fans!  I have about 500 pictures – they all won’t be good  – video was not allowed, yet I think some may turn up on YouTube though I did not take any!  The songs may have varied a little from previous concerts – Ignazio sang Memory, Gianluca and Piero sang their 2 solos, we heard Beautiful Day, This Time and Smile as well as many of the others people have mentioned, Il Canto, We Are Love, El Triste and Il Mondo!  This was a fantastic concert – it’s after 2 am – and I want to get a few pictures up – more to come later – Marie and I will be meeting Elaine soon in Detroit and we all will travel to Chicago where Kelly will join us and I will be going on to Philly!  Marie and I introduced ourselves to Barbara and Mrs. Ginoble tonight  – they are lovely!  I don’t think you will need any help identifying the photos below!  Oh, did I mention – the voices, the voices were absolutely amazing tonight!  Thank you Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca for your hard work – we loved it!    Good night and enjoy!    Michele (MFA or mfazzara)








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  1. Michele, thank you for sharing your night with some pictures. Looks like a lovely venue. And your seats were great. Next year I will definitely look for a concert without a front “pit”, which gives a different meaning to Center Section Row A! So glad you had a great time and with 2 more to go. Wow!

    1. I love Il Volo and am even flying to Sicily for their Taormina concert next month. However, I was somewhat disappointed in last night’s concert at Wolftrap. While it’s nice that they have fun on stage, I felt there were just too many “antics’ between Ignazio and Piero with Gianlucca just watching from the sidelines. And Ignazio off to the side playing with the guitar player, then the dummer, then the pianist – it was distracting – he acted like a goofy teenager. They were all over the stage and hardly stood together. I think they need more time to rest between concerts – is was obvious that Gianlucca especially was tired as his singing didn’t have the usual fire and passion . Their stage manager need to revamp their “choreography”. I’m looking forward to their concert in Sicily which I sense will be slightly more like a recital than last night’s concert.

      1. I think you’re in the minority regarding this. Yes, Ignazio does move around a lot and interact with everyone on-stage. But, these are young men. They’re having fun. Every one of their concerts I’ve been too people love his “antics”. They all have different personalities. This is his. yes, he’s immature, what would you expect? He’s young. Give them time. I myself don’t want them to turn into the original “Three Tenors” quite yet.

      2. Yes Ignazio is only 19 years old. Yes they are going to be teenagers. They are pop opera not opera. I do hope you enjoy the Sicily concert more and am sad that this concert didn’t meet your expectations. I went to Saratoga and their antics just made me love them more.

      3. I am from Norfolk, and was in the first row. I LOVE their Antics, and Thought the concert was amazing, as proved by all the standing ovations. Wolftrap was nearly sold out. They stood together ALOT of the time. They like to move around and I think people Love that! They ARE teenagers, but very mature ones! Have a great time in Sicily!


      5. este é o diferencial desses garotos, o talento deles é indíscutivel são carismáticos não podemos esquecer que são jovens e essas “palhaçadas” como diz você é a “cereja do bolo” ou seja é que da mais vida ao show ao vivo “adoro” esse clima de dscontração deles no palco as brincadeiras e esse jeito irreverente do ignazio, o Gianluca é mais contido e o Piero forma uma dupla perfeita com o Ignazio e os três juntos é que dão um equilibrio descontraido ao grupo espero que eles não percam jamais a sua alegria contagiante, vá ao show em Taormina e curta bastante esse show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      6. I agree with Doris (which, by the way, said “Piero and Ignazio are young men, I love their jokes, I do not think that is foolish! They are great, we love all three of them and young men are just like that. Without the jokes, the show wouldn’t be the same!”), Gerri, Donnpot and just LOVED Sharon’s comment. She defines it all. I sure hope too that they not become the three tenors!
        I hope you enjoy best the concert in Taormina! Kisses from Brazil.

  2. Love your pictures, Michele. Thanks for posting them so quickly. I know you must be exhausted. Meeting Barbara and Mrs. Ginoble sounds wonderful. And how about our guys. How was M&G? Did you hug them…I am glad I will see you and Marie soon so we can share our concert experience. Our guys are simply amazing!

    1. Elaine I hugged them and loo over it! Saw Gianluca’s mom. She’s more beautiful and even younger looking in person. <3

      1. Gerri, the hugs sound wonderful! I saw Gianluca’s mom too. She and Barbara sat at the back and watched the show until intermission. Yes, Gianluca gets his mom’s beautiful DNA for sure.

      2. Hi to Sharon, Gerri, Donnpot, Doris, Ana and Lais…thanks for all your comments and putting things into perspective. I didn’t mean to mislead you – I absolutely thought their vocals were awesome and overall loved the concert – it was truly exciting to finally see them in person. I was in the 3rd row and among those on my feet for stading ovations all night. I was also there early and from the parking lot could hear Gianlucca singing “il Mondo” – so I asked the shuttle driver who was taking us to the restaurant if that was really him and she said he was doing his final sound check. So I made her stop so I could listen. She had never heard of them and was looking forward to hearing them from the sidelines for the first time. Then my husband told her I was flying to Sicily for their Taormina concert next month and she about fell over in astonishment saying “you’re going all the way to Sicily for their concert when you’re going to hear them tonight – why would you do that”? I just laughed and thought – I can’t explain it and if you aren’t an ilvolover you just wouldn’t understand anyway! So I’ll be off to Taormina next month – have tickers in the 2nd row for both concerts and I believe I’m staying at the same hotel. With all their respective families and friends coming, I’m hoping to “bump” into them _ Taormina is a small town and the village center is quite small.
        Thanks, Gracias and Obrigada.

  3. Marie, you are on the road with our Guys! How wonderful to hear all about it and meeting their fabulous moms. Can’t wait to see you on Friday at Festival Park.

  4. Thanks for sharing so quickly, Michele! The pics are great! How wonderful you got to meet Barbara & Mrs Ginoble! Please enjoy the other conserts for us, we will be thinking of you on those nites! I call my IlVolover friend, Marlene at almost 8:00 & say It’s Show Time every nite there is a performance!! They have such energy & passion for their music!! Love, love, love them!! I could go on & on but won’t!❤️❤️❤️

  5. So glad the weather cleared up for you all, Michele. Sounds like our guys truly did rock the house and rocked the world of their fans there. Can’t wait for Tuesday night in Nashville!

    1. Hi Jeanne, Wouldn’t that be such a highlight for us? Let’s keep our fingers and toes crossed. One week away, my goodness. xxoo

  6. All such exciting news and pictures of the concerts, thank you so much for posting your experiences.
    Sounds like the boys were tip top, as usual. I am getting butterflies of anticipation for Jeanne and I, along with several other wk. from today in Milwaukee. Hoping the M&G are somewhat improved, but it won’t spoil my 1st time seeing these lovely guys up close and hearing them sing up through the rafters…haha xxoo Harriett

    1. Harriett: A question for you – I assume you received the “VIP” t-shirt? Does it have anything printed on the back? Mine is blank, but I’ve now seen a photo of a shirt with the 2014 tour dates listed.

      1. Harriett,
        Mine is blank also. I’m wearing it now.
        I can’t wait, one week from today I’ll be ssing and hearing them in Milwaukee, so excited!


      2. I got the black t-shirt just says Il Volo. Maybe they didn’t have time to print the schedule before the June 6 concert.

      3. TJ, I was just thinking of you and missing hearing from you! Good to see your smiling face here!

        The coolest shirt I saw was one that a woman had made. It had the peace sign from the We Are Love video, and then I believe it said IL VOLO We Are Love. I want that one! 😉

        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  7. Hi this is Chris. Looking forward to the show on June 19th at Freedom Hill in Michigan. Hope I get to meet the people attending this show. I have seats up front. Donna I actually was able to print up my badge . Also going to the meet and greet.

  8. Thanks Michelle, wonderful, wonderful!!! Back of my shirt is blank as well. Keeping fingers crossed we can meet some of the family and of course our wonderful guys in ONE WEEK!!!

  9. Ms. Azzara, thank you so much for the notes and the pictures! That one of Piero, he is looking almost directly at you! Did anyone have a Meet & Greet ticket? Thanks so much for posting!

  10. Wonderful pictures, and the guys look great. But to me any picture of Piero is great. They looked like they were enjoying the concert as much as the fans.

  11. Here is a photo of the art piece I turned in at the stage door at the Greek Theater, to be given to Piero. Maybe it could be inserted in the C.D for his 21st birthday. Joan Guyon

    1. My husband will be at the Mann Center in Philly. Section A, 4th row, 3rd & 4th seats from right aisle. Sound great until you see the seating chart. There is a pit with 4 or 5 rows about 5feet from stage, then another aisle walkway before section A begins. But its my very first live concert & I’m so excited! Have my badge on a lanyard.

  12. Michele….You’ve really whetted my appetite for the Nashville concert!!! Your pictures are just beautiful, as usual!!! Thank you so much for being so prompt in getting these and the review posted. You must have been up half the night! (Did you do the M&G? We need DETAILS!!!) You gals must be having the time of your life. I’m so thrilled for you that you can get together for so many concerts. Your bucket list must be completely fulfilled by now!

    Linda P. from Ft. Worth , Dolly, and I got together for a meal at my house this past Tues., and had such fun! Linda is a delightful lady, completely addicted to Il Volo just as we all are! Poor Dolly…She likes Il Volo but they are not on her mind “Night and Day”, as The Boys are with the rest of us. She seemed to enjoy our incessant chatter about our sweeties, so we’ll make a true believer of her yet!

    Good grief! Tuesday is almost here…I can see Nashville in the distance!!!

    1. Helen – I know Dolly will walk out of that concert an Il Volo lover!!! I am so excited and can’t wait to hear all about your adventures! I wish I was going to be in Nashville to see you all! Hold on – Tuesday is almost here!

  13. So happy to hear that Beautiful Day was in this concert. It is my daughters favorite and the conversion factor for her liking Il Volo. She is going with me to the concert in Freedom Hill on the 19th and was very disappointed that Beautiful Day hadn’t been included according to earlier comments on the concerts. Hopefully they will keep it in for Freedom Hill! I’m getting so excited!!!

  14. Stephanie, this is where I am at.
    Section O-A-C Row D Seat 117
    When I was at the Tower Theater in Philly i was in the 4th center row also. There was also a pit with 5 rows but I think they were right at the stage and I do remember a small walk way. Either way they were great seats. I hope it’s the same for this theater. You are going to be in heaven!

    1. Michele, you are 3 seats to our left! We are O-A-C 13&14. Serendipity! See you on the 26th. I’ll be the 5’4″ slightly dumpy senior lady, brown hair & my husband is broad shouldered with gray beard.

  15. Sounds like you had an incredible night at the concert but I am not surprised how terrific our guys were. They seem to really be enjoying themselves this year. I just love IL Volo so much. Have a wonderful time at the future concerts. Keep us posted. Sounds like you are having a blast.

  16. Ignazio is wearing my jersey! Hooray for team Italia – they won against England!

    Come on Piero & Gianluca, wear the jersey.

      1. Where was Mr. Dimples when he wore your jersey?  How exciting. I can’t wait to see our guys in Milwaukee on Saturday!

        See you there I hope, I’ll be looking for Flight Crew signs


      2. He wore it to watch the match. He posted pictures on his Instagram and Twitter. He wore it again that night at the M&G. There is pictures from fans posted on Mundial’s page. Thank you Ignazio!

  17. Elaine, those shirts were great. Gianluca said he got #10. I was looking to see who that was but couldn’t find the player. I watched the game on tv.

    1. The two winning goal today for team Italia are by #8 and #9!!! I am not familiar with futbol. My hubby gave me this whole jersey idea – thank you hubby! He told me #8, #9, and #10 are the most important players of a team with #10 being the MVP usually. Now I believe him totally. Hooray for #8 (Piero) and #9 (Ignazio) for winning such an important game today.

  18. First, thanks Michele for posting so quickly. It was such fun meeting you. Our seats were great, weren’t they? As Michele said, the guys were energetic, fantastic, and every other adjective you can think of. M&G? Wow – what a thrill it was to meet them. It was short and sweet, but they were really exhausted and it was hot in the room where the M&G was so I didn’t want to take up much of their time. I know they had to get on the road for CT. Anyway, it was also a thrill to meet Barbara and Mrs. Ginoble. They were SOOOOOO gracious and sweet. As Michele said, more to come.

    In the meantime – NEWS ALERT – I’m sorry this is late, but I just got home from DC. Anyway, Il Volo WILL be on Sabado Gigante tonight at 11:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Hope you all read this in time to watch.

    For all of you that with upcoming concerts – get ready for a good time.

    1. “For all of you that with”? Sorry, I speaked bad English. Forgive me, I’m exhausted. It should be For all of you with…

  19. I am so glad you are all enjoying the pictures! I do have more that you will be seeing someday! It seems I have a lot of Piero!

    You know, everyone seemed to be having a fantastic time at the concert – for those who have only seen Il Volo on a PBS special or another appearance – might not realize when they are doing their own concert they can let their hair “down” a little and have some fun! They are very young really and have worked really hard – and should be able to have fun – after all the voices are magnificent! I LOVED the concert!
    Michele (mfa or mfazzara)

  20. Michelle, thanks for sharing. What a fun night you had. The pictures are beautiful. Glad you had a good time meeting the other ladies. Have a safe trip as you go to more concerts and meet more new friends. Enjoy !!!
    Alexis, I’m sorry that you were disappointed with the concert. The fun stuff that they do makes the concert more interesting and enjoyable. I hop[e you won’t be disappointed with the next one.

  21. Many have wondered why they didn’t release their new album before their US tour. my gut feeling is that (as they have hinted many times) this new album will be back to their roots – the more beloved Italian songs(which we always thought were more suited to their voices) and therefore it seems more appropriate to release it when they are going to have their first concert in Italy. American’s tend to like the more American songs if you know what I mean. this is just my personal opinion. we will see. if it is indeed so, I am looking forward to their new album very much, I just love when they sing their Italian classics, and even the Spanish ones.

    1. Deanne, I saw on several recent interviews they said they are working on a new album which will be released next year. I was really hoping for one with this tour, but I guess not. But that will ensure they will be back next year to promote it.

  22. Alexis. Have fun in Taormina. I love it there. I bumped into the guys and families in the Boston hotel and it was fun. But I didn’t want to intrude so I just watched the families and Barbara load the bus while I ate lunch in the lobby. I even accidentally got on the elevator with the Mom’s and Barbara and got off on my floor without saying a word. Silly me. Should have said can’t wait for the concert at least.

    1. I don’t think you were silly! I often ponder what to say to them when I bump into them in Taormina. They’re likely arriving a few days before the concert and I expect their families will as well, and I’m there for a week so I expect to run into them given how small the center of Taormina is (although it will be terribly crowded and hot but who cares). My girl friend who is going with me (and didn’t know who Il Vols was) keeps joking that if we bump into them and I throw myself at them, she’ll deny knowing me! Do their mothers speak English – I know Barbara does? I’m in the 2nd row for both nights and we leave four weeks from today so it’s getting exciting. My biggest decision is what to wear to the concerts in case they come over to my seat and sing to me (wishful thinking)!! I’ll plan to send a Taormina report when I return.

  23. Beautiful, Michele!

    Glad the sun came out (love the pic) and that you were able to take photos of our Guys (in contrast to Saratoga – my one disappointment there, but it did help me to be fully present and soak it all in!)

    Thinking of you all having fun together! Glad you’ll be staying in communication with Linda, too!

    Grateful to be sharin’ the love!
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

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