Greek Theater ~~ Through Victoria’s Eyes

Hey Everyone!
We’ve had several reviews of the concert in LA, but we have one more from Victoria.  Enjoy!
Here are my thoughts about the Greek Theater concert.
This was almost a disappointing “non-concert” for one of my friends. Half of our group agreed to meet in the parking structure of where we work and drive in one car to the concert venue. On our way  there, one friend checked her bag and realized that she left her ticket in another bag. We had to drive back to her car, and she was going to go home and not go to the concert anymore. We tried to convince her that there was still time; it was 6:40, the concert started at 8:00, and she only lives a 30 minute drive away. Thanks to the youngest member of our group who volunteered to drive home with her to get the ticket, they came back on time for the second song. We work night shift, and she worked very hard Friday night.  She would have been depressed for days had she missed this concert  we all have been looking forward to. The lesson here ladies:  I know we change handbags to match our outfits, but please make sure you have your tickets in the right bag !!!

About the concert……………..
I have just read Myron’s review and I agree, the concert was great!  I have better appreciation of Gianluca’s beautiful baritone with the songs that he sang; so perfect for him. Last year, “Night and Day” did not affect me the way it did the other night. I realized that this a difficult song to learn and sing; it does not have a very “singable” melody, and yet  he sang it perfectly.
The songs that all three sang as solos really showed off their  great voices. Ignazio and Piero sang their solos better than the first time I heard them on the PBS special.  Ignazio’s voice sound fuller without losing its sweetness,  Piero’s voice is even more powerful.  All the solos received standing ovations.
There were a lot of funny moments, and Gianluca was no longer a bystander; he was now a part of it . Piero even joked about his ears.There was some dancing too, mostly from Ignazio and Piero.

“Maria” was one song that brought a lot of laughs from the audience.  They started by saying that they were in love with somebody whose name  starts with “M.” This year there were no love seats nor Marias picked from the audience. On one side of the stage, Gianluca started singing with right arm stretched out, one girl started walking towards  him. [I think Gian was on his knees, my view was partially blocked] and other girls followed.  Ignazio was in the middle of the stage, and when Piero started singing, I looked his way at the other side of the stage, and a girl was on the stage with him, her arms around him. In the past concerts,  a girl might stand next to Piero, and he would have his arm on her shoulder. This girl acted like she would not let him go, and the audience just kept laughing.
On one side of the stage Gian had a group of girls close to  him, on the other side was Piero with this one girl clinging to him; this was better than M & G for this girl (from reading comments on M&G, one is allowed to hug them only briefly).  This girl had her arms around Piero for the whole length of the song, that’s a good 3 minutes !!.  So to the ladies who are going to the coming concerts,  watch out for your hug  opportunity from any of the guys.  You might get lucky like this girl!
They announced that the last song was “Il Mondo”, after which they left the stage. The audience was on its feet, and they came back for “Il triste” and “O Sole Mio.”  I would have loved to hear “Painfully Beautiful,” “Ultima Volta” and “El reloj”, as well as the song they sang with Toto, “L ‘Amore.”  Maybe next time.
Before the start of the show, I looked around and there was hardly an empty seat. I found out yesterday that this was a sold out concert.  This theater has a seating capacity of 5870 according to Wikipedia.  The guys looked as handsome as ever. They gained new fans among my friends, some of whom heard them for the first time. 2 of them want front row seats next time they come to town. They will have to start working hard to pay for those tickets. 2 friends are in love with Piero, 1 with Ignazio, 1 with Gianluca and the rest are like me, in love with all three.
I’m sorry that I did not meet any of the fans from flight crew.  I did not see anybody with a flight crew badge. Maybe I walked around that gate  that Myron mentioned at the wrong time.
I’m already looking forward to the next concert.  Maybe Myron could arrange one or several for Vegas after their Latin American tour,  won’t that be nice ?   wishing…………..



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  1. So fun to read, Victoria! Always nice to get to get a woman’s perspective – includes the hugs and the who likes who best, etc. LOL! Can’t wait for Nashville! Thanks again for posting!

  2. Victoria…..What a fun review you posted!! Makes me so anxious to go to Nashville NEXT WEEK!!!( I can’t believe I wrote that!)

    I loved all the little details you told about Maria, as well as the joking and the dancing! Isn’t it just amazing that these glorious voices peal out in almost operatic song, and then the next minute they are informal, cute, charming and having fun. Those comedic touches work both ways…So stress- relieving for them and, from what I’ve read, so pleasing to the audience. (Anything they do would be pleasing to me!) A win-win!!!

  3. Oh 1 more thought on the Saratoga concert. The girl who had been Gianluca’s Maria in Concord last year was in the front row. She had made a sign that said “Gianluca, if you sing to me I’ll give you Nutella”. He did sing to her and when he had finished Ignazio said “can we have the Nutella now?”. Everyone laughed.

  4. Thanks for the great details! I, too am eager to see these 3 wonderful young men in Nashville next week! I know what a thrill it is to see them live, and I am SO excited!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful time at the Greek. I certainly understand how wonderful it would be to hug Piero throughout a song…can you imagine how that would feel? His powerful voice would have to vibrate right through you!
    I am with you about hoping the Myron can entice them to come to Las Vegas!

    1. I would FLY to Las Vegas in a flash to see our HANDSOME guys. Caesar’s palace would be the perfect venue. So thrilled reading Victoria’s review. I hope to see them again in the future. They have MATURED so much in the one year (10 months) since I met them in Concord Sleep Train Pavilion. They are more HANDSOME, confident and funny.

  6. I am sorry that we did not meet at the Greek as well… I met several of the Flight Crew members including Myron, who is just a real gentleman and as charming in person as he is when he writes on the blog…I also met a couple of ladies from my Il Volo FB… It was a beautiful night with our boys up on that stage at the Greek… The weather was perfect and Il Volo was even more perfect than the weather… I too hope that Myron is able to get our young men to Las Vegas, and if that happens, let make a better plan so that everyone from the Flight Crew who comes here to Las Vegas can meet before the concert… It would be my pleasure to meet you…

  7. Victoria, You got it right> we are working for them to come to Las Vegas on an annual basis – hopefully starting this fall or in Dec. I hope to see you then.

    1. Myron, if it’s in November, I will cry. My best friend is having her first baby around that time, & I promised I’d be there. :(. I so want to be there.

    2. Now that would be on wonderful Christmas present… Another Evening with Il Volo, how can anything be better than that…

    1. Gerri, since it doesn’t look like he’s had a chance to reply, the Guys have said they’ll be in Latin America in Sept. (Don’t know their plans for Oct.)

      Also, if you would like the photo of you and your friend (Helen?) in Saratoga, email me
      and I’ll send it to you. I don’t know if you saw the other post about this. (I’m still catching up on reading from the beginning of June when we started our trip.)

      Sweet night,
      ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  8. Hi Ladies. I am on cloud nine & I don’t think I will ever come down.
    I was telling my son on the phone about the meet & greet & I guess it was longer than he wanted to hear so he said he had to go.

    So I am going to tell you about it, here goes

    The day started about 5 am with sprinkles of rain & progressed throughout the trip to Buffalo severe at times & light at others. Got over the Border & found Kleinhan Music Hall no problem. Weather turned out hot & sunny. Being as I was so early I was trying to find out where a Tim Hortons was & was sent on a wild goose chase quite a distance but couldn’t find the street so gave up. Asked someone later again & there was a Tim Horton a couple of block away.Went to Walden Galleria on Walden St. which took forever & shouldn’t have gone in the first place. So the rest of the day was spent mostly waiting for the venue to open. There were supposed to be bracelets picked up at the Will Call box office but there weren’t any. But we got to a meet & greet anyway. There is VIP on your ticket so that lets you into the meet & greet.
    We all waited in the lobby & BONUS we heard the guys rehearsing. I was the only one wearing the Il Volo badge
    The guys came on stage was a fun time. I WAS IN THE FRONT ROW, HEAVEN. The stage was so high & the guys came to the front of the stage to sing so I had to look way up at them singing HEAVEN.
    There was an Italian group of people sitting all around me & one of the ladies went up to the stage & spoke to Piero in English & they were bantering back & forth, fun time & this went on during the show as well but not in an offensive way. The guys were FABULOUS, OUTSTANDING ETC ETC. & I could give you more ETC’s. Ignazio didn’t sing Ti Voglio tante bene which was disappointing because I was going to try & record it on my camera, have to find out if it worked. I’m definitely getting a better camera. There were so many standing ovations & the fun they had on stage was wondrful that I was on cloud nine. The girl Piero was singing Maria to was young & she crawled up on stage to stand beside him, Ignazio went into the crowd & sang Maria portions to different people, Gianluca sang Maria to a girl in the front row which she just stood in front of him, there were no stairs to the stage. How Ignazio got back on stage was he took a flying jump & slid across the stage on his rear which was funny. The guys don’t like people taking constant pictures where the flashing never stops so I was asked by a woman standing at the end of the stage to not do that because it is Il volo’s request not the theatres. It was OK to take pictures. They took an intermission after about an hour where Ignazio said he had to go to the bathroom so it was about 15 minutes. The balcony was not full but the seating on the main floor was packed.They sang for about 2-1/4 hours the song Angels,the instagram picture where they are sitting on stools they were singing Smile, they ended with Il Mondo & left the stage & returned to sing Il Triste & O Sol O Mio the last songs.
    The meet & greet had NO security. there is a girl travelling with them at least I think she is but she was taking people’s cameras & taking pictures for us. The Italian group were about 12 people who were having a great time taking pictures & bantering back & forth & we were all enjoying what went on Loads of hugs & kisses & picturess & laughing. It was so much fun. The husbands were so nice to me helping be along & up & down stairs with my walker. We had to go to the basement of the theatre for the meet & greet. When my turn came, I didn’t have my presents wrapped this time which were a t-shirt for each man with their picture & “Winners of Latin Pop music award 2014” at bottom of picture. Piero grabbed his & I got a hug, Ignazio grabbed his & opened it & said out loud he really liked the shirt & Gianluca was so happy with his shirt it had a slightly younger picture of him sitting crossed leg & he was so happy with it I got TWO hugs. After my picture got taken & I said to Ignazio I will see them again in 9 days & he said it is Piero’s birthday & I told him it is mine on the 20th & I hope they sing happy birthday to me. Out of the blue he said “you are from Toronto right” I was flabbergasted he would remember me being from Canada. Anyway I asked him if I could give him a hug & I snuck a kiss on his cheek.
    This is how a met & greet is supposed to go.
    When I was leaving I forgot to give them the internet information about the Italian Heritage they are having here in Toronto so went back to give it to them & the girl taking pictures said she would make sure they see it. I thought if they had time at the end of their tour they come to Casa Loma & see the festivities that are there becaue it is for the whole month of June. I’m sure they know some Italian people here they could contact to show them around.
    God I’m sorry this is so long but I am in seventh heaven. When it was posted by Marie how much we can love someone so much it hurts, the more I relive these moment I am always tearing up. After this positive experience with these wonderfl young men I can’t help but love each one individually for different reasons. But Ignazio is my the one & only heartthrob
    I am enthusiastically waiting for the 9 days to pass, here I come Festival Park.

    1. Loretta, thanks so much for your wonderful report! I feel like I experienced it with you. I’m glad you had personal time with them. I think it was great you didn’t wrap the gifts, so they could see them immediately & make that connection with you. Wonderful! 💞💜💞

    2. Oh Loretta, that sounds fabulous, wonderful amazing!!! I hope they don’t have security at Roy Thompson either but I bet that is a pipe dream. Maybe we should get Piero a cake that says Happy Birthday from the Flight Crew. I just wonder how we would get it to him.

      1. We could always bring it with us and meet up for the M & G and give it to him then, but where would we put it during the concert??

  9. You & me both Allene

    Thank you Stephanie I hope you have a wonderful time. It could be that security hs been restricted.

    Jeannette please you don’t have to apologize for anhything. I appreciate you sending me that video of Ignazio. The security is at fault for stopping people from taking pictures or recording at the theatres. Its not as if we ae doing harm. Just like yesterday, I was in the first row & taking pictures of Ignazio but the camera I have you have to hold it steady & if a shot comes up & I press the button to take the picture by the time the picture is taken they have turned away & it is not the same shot. So that is why I was constantly flashing I was trying to get a shot of Ignazio from the shot I was trying to take. When the lady spoke to me about I stopped because I can understand if someone is standing right in front of you & something is flashing in their face it is annoying. I wasn’t thinking of that We have to understand where they are coming from & show respect if we want then to perform for us. The same with Piero I didn’t realize he was waving at me & when I turned around to see who he was waving at there was no won, I turned back & he was still waving & I said “who me???” & he said yes so I took his picture because I had just taken a picture of Gianluca & Ignazio so I thought he wanted me take a picture of him & it turned out good too.
    As far as the Ti Viglio video I like to hear Ignazio when he gets to the end of a song & he takes a big breath & belts out his powerful voice.

    Thanks Mlla I hope you can get to a concert sometime. I have never seen them up so close before I have usually been seated 5 or 6 rows away or more. This was out of this world. Its different than seeing them at a meet & greet. & the first meet & greet I was clueles.& the others I usually didn’t know what to say but last night it was as if they knew me a little now & more relaxing & comfortable & it certainly helped with no security & when Ignazio said “your from Toronto” well that blew me away & everytime I think about that I start to tear up. I wonder if I can hire myself out as a grandma who helps with chores, travelling time, cleaning toilets, picking up Clothes for washing, ANYTHING?? How about setting appointments for datses.

    1. Loretta, I think you would make a marvelous traveling companion/pseudo-grandma! You could get one of those little huv-arounds with a basket on the front. Imagine being able to scoop up their dirty clothes & scooter to the laundry room. Then you’d be permitted to put the clean ones back in their rooms. Oh my, the possibilities!

    2. You are very kind Loretta, I hope that at one of the concerts we an get a full version of Ti voglio tanto bene… He just is amazing… I am glad that you had such a great meet and greet… Sounds like someone is making sure that Il Volo fans that pay to go to the meet and greet at least get a smile or a hug along with a picture, rather than getting the boot… As for the granny personal assistant… you have a lot of competition there.. We all would love that job… Thank you for sharing your story…
      Jeannette Giglio

    3. Loretta sure they remember you, and your open attitude must have done some magic too, but I were you I would just forget the toilets 😉 ) .. I think that they are just perfectly happy that you love them, enjoy their work and cheer them whenever possible!

      Thanks for your wish, this round I cannot go to Taormina but who knows what the future will bring.
      Take care

      1. I don’t know Penina these guys wouldn’t be having too many dates if left to me screen the girls. Don’t think they would go along with me replacing the girl with ME. Maybe I could relax the screening on Gianluca & Piero but with Ignazio I don’t think too many would squeeze by.

      2. You might want to give the rest of us a chance every now and then…Marie may get testy if she is thwarted too often!

    1. Loretta, I am THRILLED that you had such a wonderful M&G experience. I am so hoping that security will be as casual when we go to Milwaukee. Am I understanding correctly that there is no professional photo taken this time, but that fans can take photos of the boys during the M&G? And that they give you enough time to do it? What a great idea you had for the gift, and so glad that you could get their reaction on the spot. I’m so glad, dear friend, that the whole experience was so great for you. Just promise me that if you get hired in any capacity to travel with them, you will take me along.

  10. Mary you are first & foremost in my hiring capacity. I am also hoping that security is relaxed & like last night. The crowd of Italians were happy & upbeat & from what I heard from someone that the woman who was always throwing comments at the stage comes from Sicily & Piero may have known her.
    Now maybe the girl who was taking our cameras is going to be there again because I heard her tell someone that she was going to travel somewhere with the guys. She could be a permanent fixture because of what happened when Jeannette was there. It seems I saw a guy who looked like security, but just one I didn’t like the looks of him. I shouldn’t say that he was the one who took my walker & then when I got to the bottom of the stairs I had to holler at him to give me my walker back. We had to go the basement with a big room. I met some real nice people, wife & husbands who were always trying to help me & me being so independent usually saying NO Thanks. but I did let the men help up & down the stairs.
    One thing about the ethnic countries they look after there elderly families.
    The lady who was standing at the far end of the stage wanted to take my walker because she thought it was going to block the exits but when I folder it up she left it.
    Im looking forward to you & the other ladies having a wonderful concert & meet & greet. Stay positive you have a few more healing days before June 21. Still praying

  11. An idea is since I have my walker I can put it hanging in a bag from the walker because it is folded I am on the aisle so it doesn’t restrict you or I from jumping up & down for standing ovations. I did that with my other present yesterday. The next show is New York so they may be in a rush. It is there tour bus so maybe we can share a piece of cake with them. they are sleeping on the bus. That would be a novelty. Wishful thinking???

    1. Yes, she is coming and is getting very excited.
      I would love to meet with you and go to the M & G together, especially if we have a cake.
      My birthday is this Monday, the 16th. We can all sing happy birthday to each other!

  12. Loretta, I have a question for you. Are you allowed to take your walker with you when you go to your seat at these concerts? I’m sure they would not want them sitting in the aisle, so what do you do? I use a walker, too, so I’m wondering.

    1. Allene Last year when I went to Detroit the fellow who was gathering us together for the meet & greet took my walker & put in front of him at the end of the stage which did not go over to well with me because I had to take all my things out of the basket & put it on the floor in front of me also I was sitting in the 2nd row which stands to reason.
      This year I was in the front row so my walker folds up accordian style & I stood it beside me because I am sitting in an aisle seat. A lady said she didn’t want it blocking the aisle which stands to reason but I would not let her take it away so I hung on to it & made sure people weren’t tripping over it until everyone was seated & then it stood beside me close to my seat & was not blocking the aisle.
      You could tell anyone who says anything to you that you need it beside you that you can’t walk & stick to it because I will not let anyone do something that I don’t agree with without a fight. I know I must sound like a terrible person but I have had to become forceful over the years so as not to be stepped on. I sound as if I have had a terrible life I haven’t I have just grown to not let anyone do something that I don’t want for me.
      Lie is wonderful I am 82 & still here & moving & in love with a 19 year old spectacular young man who doesn’t know I exist & I love it.

  13. I love this blog. There’s not a single place I would rather be on rainy afternoon than attending a concert and all of you who post here have given me that opportunity, so a big THANK YOU! 😀 Ms. Foley, it’s so great that you had a Meet & Greet where you were actually able to meet and greet The Guys! The fact that you also got hugs, well, no wonder you are in Heaven!

    (Sorry my comments are late, I haven’t been on for the past couple of days.)

    1. Thanks Isabel who is your favourit young man Piero?
      Well I got a kiss from 2 kisses from Gianluca &I had to ask Ignazio for a hug & I snuck a kiss on his cheek so yes I am seventh heaven. what happens next week I don’t I just hope they will sing happy birthday to me & I will (you know the song) Fly Me to the Moon? Then watch for me soaring.

  14. Sorry I don’t watch my typing enought I got a kiss from Piero, 2 kisses from Gianluca & I had to ask Ignazio for a hug & snuck a kiss on his cheekl so I am in seventh heaven. I hope next week goes well & they sing happy birthday to me then I will soar to the moon & be content for the rest of my life.

  15. For those of you in the Chicago area with Comcast,
    Sabado Gigante is on tomorrow night at 10 pm
    On WGBO channel 4. Il Volo is mentioned in the description.

  16. Thanks Loretta. It sounds like I’d be better off taking my cane. I just can’t walk as fast as I do with my walker. But isn’t it said that you are only as old as you feel? When I see these three young men, I know I’ll be walking on air!

  17. Loretta, I have to tell you how much you entertain me. the last comment “I am 82 and still here and moving and in love with a 19 year old spectacular young man who doesn’t know I exist” absolutely hilarious!!!! I wonder who that young man could possibly be????? it could not possibly be the young man that 99% of the female population (from 2 to 92) is in love with!!!!!!!!

    1. Probably Deanne so you & I can join the 2 to 92 percent. I should have said healthy also because when I saw them the other night I did not feel my age. The atmosphere at the meet & greet was spectacular fun & relaxed. I hope you can get to a concert next year.

      Allene I hope you do walk on air because then you will feel as if you have lost some years even if just for awhile. Since this is your first time I hope you have a spectacular time. It will be better than you ever expected.

      Ann I have been praying for no rain for weeks so then we can not only stay dry but have fun also.

      1. Loretta, “because when I saw them I did not feel my age” funny how that works isn’t it? I’m sure to them I look like a grandma but inside is my roguish carousing pirate young self! The mirror just likes to tell a different story! Like you said ( but with a little change) I’m crazy for a twenty year old and thats just fine!

  18. So far, for those of you going to Festival Park on June 20th, there is no rain in the forecast! Let’s all think positive. See you there. Got my badge. Yes!!!

      1. Loretta and Kelly, thanks for your prayers about a nice clear day on Friday. The forecast changes daily and it should be fine and warm. Can’t wait to see you all there. Will keep you posted!

  19. Victoria, I’m so glad you all got to enjoy the concert together! My sister suggested I put our tickets in the car 3 days ahead, which I did. (; >)

    Thanks for the great specifics! I am just now catching up, so reading your sharing brings back my experience. Thank you! Weren’t their voices astounding? Truly better each year!

    Loretta, your best news was about the Meet & Greet. Definitely very different from Saratoga. I am soooooo happy for you and all who got to relax during the M&G and not be rushed. I’m celebrating with you! And how amazingly cool that Ignazio knew you were from Toronto! Treasure that and more fun to come!

    Thank you so much, Victoria and Loretta!
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

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