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This post is entitled “In Case You Missed it” but I don’t think we missed all that much!! We have been so fortunate to have Elaines two reviews of the concerts in Modesto and Saratoga. We had the benefit of Connie’s experience in Saratoga. Myron has provided us with his amazing insight and review of the concert at the Greek in LA.  We have seen one of a kind photos and videos of the first two concerts provided by Elaine. Thanks Elaine, those were a sight for sore eyes and sooo appreciated!!!

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca seem to be enjoying their return to the USA. They did experience jet lag the first few days and seemed sooo tired. They quickly perked up, judging by the raves about the concerts. The one thing you can expect from “Our Guys” is that they give their all and love to sing and be around their adoring fans. I would say the only complaint addressed by the concert goers in general is the way the Meet and Greets are handled. As noted in Myron’s review; he was told by Barbara that Il Volo management does not handle these, but contracts them out. Hopefully in the future we can see some improvement there.

The San Diego concert was a hit of course, and Il Volo is off to Buffalo for their  concert tomorrow night!!

As we speak, Marie, her 2 sisters and Leelee are heading for Washington DC for a few days of sight seeing and meeting up with Michele ( you’ll know them, they’re the ones that will be singing “We Are Love” in front of the White House).  That happy little group will all attend the concert Friday night at Vienna, Virginia!  Have fun all, we’ll be anxious to hear of your experiences.

In Case You Missed It here are a few tweets and photo from “The Guys” in San Diego.

GG says “Almost ready for next show-San Diego tonight”


This is Piero in San Diego yesterday



Lets not forget Piero’s Birthday coming up on the 24th!!  It’s a BIG one for him, he’ll be 21!!  Can you believe our Piero is 21?? All the “Guys” are growing up so fast!! Seems like yesterday…..  Hope you all were able to submit your Birthday greetings to Kelly for the “Happy Birthday” video. BirthdayBalloons2Clipart

Ignazio before the show in San Diego.


san 2



Check your local listings for the Il Volo appearance on Sabado Gigante on June 14th. I have seen my local listings and it seems that channel is showing The World Cup games at that time. You will need to check the listings for your area.

Love and luck in Buffalo, Il Volo!!      ca2


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  1. Good article Linda. I DON’T understand why the security has to be so mean & unkind during the meet & greets. They were like ruffians last year at the Detroit Theatre. I KNOW they have to be vigilant but can’t they use discretion & humanity instead of gestapo tactics.

      1. So excited to learn that Univision is based here in my town! Finally a chance to see Il Volo on my own little TV. Can you tell me if they are just doing one song or perhaps two?

    1. Loretta (and everyone else!) if you go to youtube and type in
      “tsyitee12” you will get several videos that this person posted. Among them are Ignazio solo Ti voglio Tante Bene only she mistakenly calls it Do Not Forget Me. Not the greatest quality but good enough!

  2. Well I’m looking forwad to my concert tomorrow so I hope I don’t have to get out my wip
    Its the same at the theatres I DON’T nderstand why we can’t take pictures at the concert ezpecially if we have a small camera & not taking videos.

  3. My evening at the Greek Theatre started early…because of needing to pick up my meet and greet tickets at the box office…I decided to get a room at the Hilton Hotel which is less than five miles from the Greek and we got to the theater about 4 PM… Box office did not have or Meet and Greets delivered till five… I was lucky enough to meet some friends for the first time who I have become Internet friends with on my Il Volo FB … That was my first of many highlights of the evening…

    One of my new found friends lives in Las Vegas and he was a very interesting person and had a wealth of information about the three loves of my life… Il Volo…And we all know him as Myron Heaton, and he is as kind and friendly in person in person as he is here on our blog. The other ladies that I met up with were just as personable, and I feel that I made a few new but life longs friends thanks to Il Volo…

    The concert! What can I say that you have not already heard from so many… I was mesmerized … I could not believe that I was hearing those beautiful voices live and in person… They are more dynamic to hear and see in person than they are on DVD or You tube… Which until last night was the only way I saw this since this was my first concert…

    I had been asked to take notes, like I really cared to look down at pen and paper when I could look at these handsome young men… Didn’t happen my dear friends… There were two things I will share with you that different that you will enjoy if we get videos on You tube, or you get to a concert… first is Gianluca… He sings “can’t help falling in love with you” in his style that I am sure had Elvis looking down at him saying GG, you have made me proud.. He was absolutely outstanding on that stage… He looked beautiful sounded amazing and took my breath away… At the end, he kissed his fingers lifted his hands in the air, looked up to the sky and said “We love you Elvis”,that was the second highlight of my night…

    The concert came to an end with Il Volo singing Il Mondo… They finished the song and said their thank you’s and quickly exited the stage… They got a standing ovation and clap, clap, clapping.. They did not sing Torna Surriento or O Solo Mio or introduce the band… Then suddenly they reappeared and the 30 piece orchestra started to play Surriento and they serenaded us once again… Then came O Solo Mio and we all know what that means… This is truly the end… No, it was not.. The third highlight of the night came right after O Solo Mio… And this being the second new piece in the show, they sang El Triste… It was even better than it was on last years Latin Billboard awards… Where they sang it in honor of Jose Jose… I think my heart stopped at this point… I was just in awe of their perfection in this performing my favorite spanish song..,

    The meet and greet was terribly handled. Most everyone who have ever been to a previous one said that this was worse than any before and this years organizers handled horribly compared to previous years… The dictator, I mean director would not let you spend even a minute talking with the guys… He was yelling at us to move faster, take the picture and get out… My daughter took a picture for my new friend Carol and when it came my turn, he started arguing loudly at my daughter that she already took one picture and could not take another… My daughter is the last person to be nasty to… She told him that she was taking a picture for someone who was alone and she was doing her a favor and that I was her mother and he was not going to stop her from taking my picture… This interaction gave me the opportunity to say hello to Piero and wish him an early happy birthday and give him my thank you card I made for him… I gave him a quick hug and move to Ignazio and gave him a card and said thank you for a beautiful concert and gave him a quick hug… Then came Gianluca… I gave him his card and I quickly said to him that we share a birthday. That he was born on my birthday and he said to me your birthday is Feb. 11 too… I said yes and gave him a hug and by that time my daughter was taking our picture so I have my arm still around Gianluca when the picture was taken… Then I took a picture of my daughter and the meet and greet was over for me… I must say even though the dictator, I mean director was nasty… The boys were kind and it was The biggest highlight of my night…

    Afterwards we waited for my other new friend to get through her meet and greet and by this time it was midnight and we went to get something to eat because we were not ready for the night to end… I want to thank Carol for being the most charming new friend I met last night.. That was the last but not least highlight of my beautiful night with Il Volo…
    Jeannette Giglio

    1. Wonderful story!!! Thank you for sharing it. Wow, I can’t wait for our night June 21st to get here! They are pure heaven as we all know. I hope the M&G issue gets major attention from THEIR management and they will never use this company again. A huge tribute to our guys in that they handle themselves so well even when they must be aware of how these “dictators/directors” are dealing with THEIR LOVING FANS!!!

      1. From things I have heard in the last few days, the Meet and Greets were better in Buffalo so lets hope thats because they addressed the problem….

  4. Thank you Jeannette that sounded just like it should have been. Their concerts are always surprising & wonderful. I hope with all my heart that I don’t encounter a “dictator” like the one you described. I will be by myself & I don’t take kindly to gestapo tactics.
    I am so glad you had people with you & the concert was perfect seeing as it was your first. I also hope they sing El Triste I love that song so much.

    1. Thank you Linda, as always. And Jeannete, thanks for sharing yoyr wonderful experience. How lucky to have added numbers. And El Triste! Hope they do that in Philadelphia. I agree with everone that the M&G’s are not managed well. I understand alot of time can’t be expected for each fan. But to be treated meanly isn’t right. And especially with the cost of those tickets? Outrageous. Wonder how our guys feel about it, as it all goes on right in front of them. Well, maybe next year it will be better. Thanks again.

  5. Can’t wait to see them tomorrow night here in Buffalo !!! Love to no if flying in or the buss ,,,,, can’t wait ❤️❤️

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  6. Hi
    Sorry to bug you. Colin was just here to fix the tap in the upstairs shower. He had the new tap but unfortunately the pipe that the tap fits is stripped and he can’t fix it. I guess this means that I am going to have the plumber back. The water is still dripping slowly and if I don’t get it fixed my water bill will go sky high. Let me know if this is okay.


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  7. Thanks Penina & Jeannette what I am looking for is the whole song with the ending not cut off before he is finished the song. The poor girl that was ecording the song said the usher told her at the concert to stop recording so she couldn’t get the part when he finishes the song. Hopefully someone has it.

    1. I sure hope they don’t do that at Roy Thompson.
      I am hoping to get at least one video. And maybe a picture or three at the M & G!

    2. I am so sorry, I didnt realize that until after I sent it… And there is no editing here so I could not ake it back… IF I find the entire song, I will post it ,,.. S9 sorry

  8. Thank you Linda! We had a great time at dinner – can’t wait for the Friday night concert! Michele

  9. Loretta, enjoy your concert tonight in Buffalo, you must be excited!!

    Michele, Marie, Leelee and Marie’s sisters, enjoy yourselves in DC and the concert on Friday!!!

  10. I’m toying with going to the M&G in Newark this weekend. It’s expensive but might be worth it. Do we actually get to say “hello” to the guys? Take a picture? It sounds like I’ll be part of a cattle call and that it not worth the $310 I’d be spending. Please let me know. I’d love to stop for a picture and a minute conversation, is that not possible?

    1. It is spending a few dollars more, but a picture with Il Volo is worth it… A treasure for sure… The meet and greet is fast… Just be strong and talk with them … You won’t have much time, but the three love hearing from you and what you thought of their concert…

    1. Thank goodness there were people who ‘sneaked’ their cameras and made videos of the Saratoga concert. I was in direct eye shot of those camera police! I say if you can video on the sly DO IT!!!! And yes they definitely allow cameras at the M&G 🙂

  11. Nice radio interview on FB Mundial with Piero!! Buffalo radio station spoke with him while they were waiting to take off from San Diego airport.

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