Music Notes ~ Painfully Beautiful ~ By Myron

Picture stolen from Elaine's video
Picture stolen from Elaine’s video
This one too
This one too

Il Volo in Concert – Los Angeles – Greek Theater – June 7, 2014

Have you ever loved something to point where it hurt ? You know this tiny amount of heaven will only last for 2 ½ hours and then you go back to your everyday life – “reality”. You wish it would go on forever and that hurts. So I am using the title of a song Il Volo sang in their first album (see title) to describe the concert last night. So many times the singing was so beautiful that I was in tears – music that was “Painfully Beautiful”. Why did it have to end? Well, here is a review.

First, the boys, the guys, THE MEN – (Piero can’t possibly be turning 21- why do I feel so old ? ).
If ever a fan might be worried that their singing might be less than what it should be, just remember the years of training and solid family life-style they have had. This amounts to such a tremendous work ethic that I can’t imagine they will ever let us down – if they have anything to do with it. This was a perfect example of that work ethic. The vocal work was always right on the mark. The details such as HUGE BREATH support, perfect vowel shapes (watch a video of Gianluca for a lesson on perfect vowels), beautifully supported high notes (Ignazio never fails); pure vocal projection and power without the usual pop singer screaming (Hooray for Piero). This year, more than ever in the years since I have been seeing them in concert, they have shown such passion and emotion and it was laid out there on the stage for us AND we could feel it – WHEW ! Feel your heart skip a beat ! I will discuss the personal side of the boys later. Pardon my pride of ownership: “My boys were absolutely on the money” . This was 2 ½ hours of artistically superb singing !

This was the first stop on their tour that used full-live orchestra of about 30 players. Most other concerts will use five instrumentalists and pre-recorded orchestra track on computer.

The program was sort of a potluck of their favorites from the past years:

Act One

Un Amore Cosi Grande


Tous les Visages de l’Amour

We are Love

No Puede Ser (Piero’s solo)

Caruso (done as a trio this time)

Ti Voglio Tanto Bene (Ignazio’s solo)

(from the very first PBS show)

This Time ( from first season)

I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You

(brand new Elvis arrangement for Gianluca )

Mama (from first season)


Act Two

Can you Feel the Love tonight

Per Te

Memory (Ignazio’s solo)


Il Canto


Night and Day (Gianluca’s solo)

Beautiful Day  

Maria (fro three)

Non Ti Scordar Di Me (Piero’s solo)

Surrender/Torna a Surriento

Il Mondo



El Triste

O Solo Mio/Now or Never


Long-term fans will see music from three seasons mixed together and it was great.

My favorites;
The new arrangement of the Elvis song: “I can’t Help Falling in Love You”. I like this song and Gianluca wrapped it in a blanket of beautiful passion. His maturity is showing more and more. His “Night and Day” was even better than last year- superb. Ignazio stopped the show with his wonderful “ Ti Voglio Tanto Bene” (they joked about how the last time he sang that song (three years ago) he was 75 pounds heavier. He did look good last night. He also was showing more maturity in singing. Piero just wiped up the whole place with his powerhouse solo “No Puede Ser” . They talked about him training to do an opera role later this year. This young man is serious. For the full ensemble pieces my favorite this time was “Il Canto” which Ignazio accidently announced as “ Il Volo” – whoops ! Then would come my main favorite: “Il Mondo” But they were all so good.

Staging and crew:
Well, the boys may have been nearly perfect in their work but the crew that backed them up was not. The stage crew at the Greek was very sloppy in the stage set-up. The general lighting was poorly timed (to the music) and the worst tech problem was the follow spot-operators. I know some of you may think this is silly but when you are in the audience and your favorite singer starts a song and he is totally in the dark for two or three phrases that is terrible. It was so bad that the boys made mention of it several times in the show. At one point all three spots were to be on each boy but Ignazio was in the dark and he was the one scheduled to talk. So he said, in his typical light-hearted fashion, that “electricity is so expensive that we cannot afford to have lights” (huge audience laugh ! ) (power to you Ignazio – the audience was very pleased he said that). There were other times that made a lot of us feel that spot operators needed to be fired.

The Il Volo sound system was tied into the Greek Theater sound system which was way overloaded to bass sounds (like a rock band) and that drown the boys’ sounds once in a while – fortunately not too often. I do get annoyed because our boys’ work very hard and they need to depend on a good partnership with tech and crew and when that does not happen it hurts the boys’ presentation and the entire show.

The tech stuff aside, there was so much that was wonderful about this concert. I don’t usually like open-air theaters but that evening the sky was clear, the moon was out and the weather was beautiful. The acoutics in the Greek work very well for an open-air place.
I was about 8 rows back and the viewing was great. The orchestra was very fine indeed.

My favorite thing (aside from the singing) was seeing how these boys have matured since I saw them last November. They are engaging the audience more and more and their between-songs banter does not feel a little rigid anymore but very natural and really funny this time. I mean really funny. In the past Gianluca would tend to stay out of the clowing around but this time he engaged just as much as the others. It warmed my heart to see this funny, loving banter and a little horse-play going on and the audience loved it and loved them. One scene: Ignazio was fooling around between songs messing the hair of the guitar player and then the pianist and then he went to mess the hair of Gianluca and WOW – you don’t mess Gianluca’s hair ! So they had a pretend hair fight. We all laughed outloud. Then they turned around and sang just perfectly.

One little cute and funny story: during the singing of the Lion King song, “Can you Feel the Love Tonight” Ignazio made a mistake with the text – the words. After the song was done he owned up to it in a funny way telling the story of how they saw the show on Broadway and he went back to his hotel room and could not sleep because the words “ Hakuna Matata” were going through his mind. That was the reason he goofed the words on the song – “Hakuna Matata”.

End result: the audience (about 4000) was totally transported into a heavenly realm of musical artistry and it was obvious from the pre-show and intermission conversation that the people came loaded for love. They already knew it was going to be great. I had several meetings during my time there: There were three different groups of fans from the Flight Crew that I ran across, both before the show and after. Some I was expecting and the others were a suprise to me. All in all 14 new friends and Flight Crew fans.

Personal side:
The other meeting was at 3:30pm in the afternoon when I had set up to meet backstage with Barbara, Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio as best they could fit it in. I arrived just as they were in sound check and rehearsal. It was very interesting to watch them do their rehearsal work. Barbara and the boys were very welcoming and warm but the time was cut short because they had added another radio interview to be done before concert. I did have a little more time with Piero and wished him a happy birthday. Ignazio was so sweet to mention the flowers for his grandfather’s funeral. Gianluca waved at me (on the side of the stage) but was busy with the orchestra working out Elvis. I must say that the term “Flight Crew” got mentioned by them here and there during the talk. I tell you we are becoming a large family.


Thank You Myron, This was just beautiful!


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  1. Thank you Myron for all the wonderful information – and – they know who we are!!! Wow. Can’t wait to meet them in Elgin. Wish you could be here. Have a nice time in New York.

  2. Yes, Myron, thank you, thank you for that wonderful review. It has made me even more excited – if that’s even possible – as I look forward to my first concert in Milwaukee! And somehow, Our Guys will be singing my absolute favorites!! Can’t wait!!!

  3. Thank you for the wonderful review. It was almost like being there for me but not quite.

  4. Great review! Thank you so much for sharing! Now it’s starting to sink in that I will hopefully see them this month.

  5. Bravo Myron, thank you for this. Made me a bit weepy, but in a good way. These “Young Men” are such a treasure and inspire such love from their fans. They will continue to mature (I’m already missing the boys they were) and give us many more years of unadulterated pleasure. Thanks for taking me there with you!!

    1. Well Linda, that was almost as lovely as Myron’s review!

      Myron, My heart started thumping when I first read it and it still is. I was tearing up putting it into post. I’m more excited than ever to see them again for myself. Leaving tomorrow. Heading to D.C.

      Sorry about the 6 o’clock phone call, Myron. You’re a peach!

      1. Marie, I enjoyed Myron’s review of course, but cannot wait to read yours. Enjoy yourself to the maximum! Kiss that OTHER dimple this time!

  6. Thanks Myron et al for review and previous page videos.
    So pleased all went well from their side! ! Just to prove that less is more, just music and voices, add heart, soul and passion, stage presence and no special effects are really needed.

    Seen that other reviewers were on same line as you concerning lousy stage crew work in LA, it’s really a pity.
    Pictures of LA concert at
    Credits to wireimage and JC Olivera

      1. Thanks Marie for warning, if you think is safer to delete the link ,pls do, no problem whatsoever 😉

    1. I used to complain about the Gibson Theater where they were last year for the bad acoustics and terrible access issues. However, that crew was excellent and the production was very good. Too bad Universal tore the place down. The Gibson was much better than the Greek.

      1. I agree with the overdone acoustic and brassy sounds at the Greek. The boys are so talented, it is a crime to drown out their beautiful voices. So happy to have found this site to share with other Il Volo lovers!!

  7. Dear Myron, Thank you for your detailed, heartfelt description of the ‘boys’ concert in LA….all these fine details make them even more endearing to all of us. It made me even more filled with anticipation and excitement while looking forward to Milwaukee on 6/21….I won’t believe I am actually going until I am in the theater sitting next to Jeanne and my son…waiting….Happy to hear that the Flight Crew is recognized…we will be wearing our badges proudly. You are a real Gem, Myron, thank you again. Always, Harriett ☺

  8. Myron, I have been waiting with baited breath for your review! Thank you for all the detailed information. Can’t help but LOVE these guys and the maturity they show for such young men; and how well they handle little problems, like lighting, etc. Leave it to Ignazio to have something funny to say!

    I’ve been reading that the M&Gs were not going so great – that people were being pushed along without getting any time to talk to the guys.

    I am so looking forward to my 2 shows, Newark on the 15th, and then Philly with the Philadelphia Orchestra. That should be a great show, aside from having the orchestra, it is the last show of the tour and who knows what can happen!

    Thanks again, Myron, for such an in-depth report!

    1. That is a problem with some of the M & G’s – when a certain promotion company is in charge it is like the Chicago stock yards and we are the cattle. I mentioned this to Barbara a while ago and she said that Il Volo does not control that aspect but it is part of a contract they sign. Some people have found that once you are there the boys are easy to talk to and if you ignore the guards and just do it – that is talk to them they love to respond. I wish they would use a different company for the M&G’s. Heck, I would do it if they wanted.

      1. And I would be happy to assist you, Myron! Let’s look into it for next year!!!

    1. “Non Ti Scordar di me” is a song that Piero sang as a solo on the very first PBS TV show from Detroit. This whole concert is a mix of songs from all three seasons so far.

      1. Thanks Myron! Naturally I noticed you had that on the list AFTER I posted the question! We can just chalk it up to a “senior moment!”

      2. Thank you for the review Myron – I like that #ilvolosummertour2014 is a mix of old and newer songs. Since you mentioned “Painfully Beautiful” I have to say – I love that song – and I am surprised it seems to have been – forgotten or overlooked. So much could be done with it! I’d love to hear a techno version! LOL Marie, Leelee and I will be at Wolf Trap Friday! Can’t wait!

  9. Wow! What an amazing synopsis of the evening, Myron! So detailed and full of emotion. The kind you want to reread and reread. My excitement is barely contained as I think of Nashville in one week! Thank you for including a playlist. Nice also to hear a professional critique of various aspects of the performance.

    Thanks again, Myron!

    1. A little side note: your concert hall in Nashiville is named after a man that was a friend of mine from the days in Milwaukee. Kenneth Schermmerhorn was conductor of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra in the 1970’s and later went to Nashville before his death.

      1. Myron, I am also told that the theater is a phenomenal venue! So much so that a tour of the theater is planned for the afternoon of the concert. I hope this information is correct!

  10. Thank you, Myron!!! You always give us the best info and insight!!! I can’t wait to see them in Nashville!!!!! I agree that the light spotter mistakes and overdone bass is very frustrating! I have noticed that other years, but I know it’s not the fault of the boys, but of the venue and it’s crew. I hope future venues gives them the proper technical backup they deserve!

    1. Agreed, Barb, about the back-up.

      As far as Saratoga, I thought the sound balance was very good. Maybe a few moments after the intermission while they were adjusting; otherwise excellent. The light spots were seriously off (same joke). Can’t help but wonder if it was a case of, “If you can’t fix it, feature it!” Ignazio was his usual goof-ball funny self. Love it! (I’ll save the rest for my post, which is coming out sometime this week.)

      Wonderful details, Myron! Your energy for Our Guys is beautiful and so well deserved. Always great to hear from your professional point of view with your enticing insider touches! (I read this one to Connie as she was taking her turn to drive on our road trip home from Saratoga!)

      Wishing You the best, Myron, on your summer tours with your musical groups!

      ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  11. As always very though and you pick the points that us less musically trained realize are there when they are missing but otherwise don’t until they are pointed out. I’m so excited to be seeing the guys at Freedom Hill in 10 days I can’t hardly stand it. I’ve listed to every video posted and am so anxious to hear for myself without cell phones ringing, people having discussions, and the wandering, wavering, out of focus pictures. The M&G will be my first — my badge is all ready as is the one for my daughter who will be going with me. Unfortunately her favorite song is Beautiful Day and does not appear to be on the play list. She can play it in the car on the long trek home after the M&G if she wants. Thanks again Myron!

  12. Myron, what a wonderful review. I’m so eager, can’t wait till June 19 rolls around. And if Piero sings No Puede Ser – oh my, am I too old to swoon?

  13. Thanks, Myron! I’ve been tearing up all morning thinking about this (Marie gave us fair warning. 🙂 ). So glad to hear the guys are doing so well–even if lighting isn’t. 🙂 can’t wait until Elgin.

  14. Myron—-My heartfelt thanks to you for a great analytical review of the show, warts and all!!! I am so glad that you included the program…I’ve been waiting with bated breath to see what they are singing! I love the mixture of old and not-so-old… There are a couple of songs I could manage to do without, but as long as El Triste. Il Mondo, Per Te, and This Time, one of my old favorites, are in the show, I’m just FINE!!! AND I love all of the solos and the group Caruso. ( Okay… I’m not a big fan of Mamma and Can You Feel the Love Tonight…Sorry!!!!)

    I was so glad that you said that their vocal work was right on the mark. I know this has to be true, for you are an expert, and you wouldn’t lie to us!!!Can’t wait to hear how their voices have matured since the time that they sang the PBS Detroit songs to now. Seriously, Myron, how much better can they get?

    In reading your lovely, emotional prologue to the actual review, I can see that they have crept into your soul, too, just like so many of us. They’ve become a part of us that will remain in our hearts as long as we live. What a huge blessing they are to us all!

      1. Well – I love Mamma – because in Takes Flight – the video they show running behind them – the scenes remind me of my Italian relatives parties and get togethers in the past – it is uncanny! I get chills watching and listening to it. It’s sort of a sad song if I read the translation correctly.

    1. Helen – I am not a big fan of Can you feel the love tonight in this form. There is another arrangement I like better. You know the deal about “Mama” – it is a big homage to the Italian families in the crowd.

    2. Helen – you are right – Il Volo is a huge gift to all of us! I can’t wait to hear about your first concert and meet and greet! I am so excited you will be going with all the Crew to Nashville. I so wish I could have worked Nashville in to my concert schedule too! LOL

  15. Thank you, Myron for such wonderful words, images and thoughts you have provided from your concert. I always look forward to your interpretations as they are always so spot on! That is too bad about the light spotters and over loud bass issues. The same two problems were very present at the Orpheum in Minneapolis concert I attended. I was hoping it was a fluke, but sounds like it will still be there in certain venues. Their caliber of talent deserves to have flawless technical support.

    So thrilled to hear they recognize us by our site! Can’t wait to see them in Milwaukee on the 21st. Hoping to get more hugs at the M&G to tide us over until the next time. 🙂

    A heart felt THANK YOU for the great article!!

  16. Beautiful review Myron I too saw our young men at the Greek. There are no words to describe this evening for me. You have not lived until you have seen and heard them live.

  17. “Thank you so much” Myron!! Between the pictures and videos posted and your excellent review, I feel like I was there (almost)! You are as talented at writing reviews as these three young men are at projecting their incredible voices. They are heart warming, sincere and professional! I personally love their banter between them, then swallowing their chuckles in exchange for singing at their designated time. What a wonderful time you had Myron. Thanks again for the verbal visual :).

  18. Thank you so much for your wonderful review Myron, I wish they would come to a city closer to me so I could finally see them live. One question: How did you like “Caruso” arranged for the three of them?

    1. Myron, Thanks for getting your review right out. You must have known how hungry we all were to see it. I love the title Painfully Beautiful. So apt! They, and their music, ARE painfully beautiful. I have felt the beautiful pain many times. We know they sound magnificent, but it is so good to hear your professional evaluation. I will be in the Milwaukee group; excitement mounting daily.

  19. Do you think any of the current concerts will be televised PBS specials? Thank you for your website. It is so informative.

    1. Esther, Welcome and Thank You. As far as televising one of the concerts – that isn’t normally how it’s done, but who knows. They are always surprising us!

    2. I don’t think these concerts will be filmed by PBS – perhaps a new special is in the works for the future. I attended the filming of the last 2 in Miami and it was a fantastic experience – I hope they do it again soon! We are glad you enjoy our site! Michele (MFA or mfazzara)

  20. Mr. Heaton, I’m not the first and I sincerely doubt that I will be the last to say “thank you” for this comprehensive review of the show. I’m SO excited that “Per Te” is back on the playlist, one of my favorites! 2 1/2 hours of unadultured Heaven sounds exactly like an Il Volo concert! Thank you so much for taking the time to help transport us all into a “heavenly realm of musical artistry”. It’s always really neat to hear your professional views on The Guys’ work. I am kind of surprised though that all of our swooning and fangirling here hasn’t scared you away into a tamer group of fans!

  21. Myron, thank you again for your informative interview. You always give great detail in your review. Needless to say, I can’t wait to see them. The only sad thing is, as I said before, after the concert they will be leaving the US. We are going to the Mann center. I have seen them before, but it feels like my first time. My daughter and I are going, but our third generation can’t make it this time. We will have our Flight Crew badges on. Thank you again,I always look forward to hear from you.

    1. Nanawolf, I will be at the Philly concert and M&G too. Hope to see you there. Will also be wearing my FC badge. We’ll all have to do introductions while waiting for the M&G to start.

      1. Nanawolf & Maddie, I wikl be at the Mann Center too, Section A, right aisle, seats 3 & 4. I will be wearinng my Flight Crew lanyard. I am thinking about getting an Iphone 5S to try to record the concert. But my technical skills are about “0” so I’m not sure. Also an expensive step to take for one evening! Maybe will see you there. My first concert; can hardly breathe in anticipation. 💞💜💞

      2. Hi, Stephanie,

        2 thoughts on the iPhone 5s for the concert (as I got mine right before the Saratoga concert).

        1 – In Saratoga, we were not allowed to photograph. (Elaine, how did you do it?!) I see some other venues were allowed, so you might check.

        2 – I was upgrading from and iPhone 4, and I LOVE the iPhone 5S camera, as well as Siri for travel directions. If you get to take pictures during the concert, the burst is fantastic – you can choose your favorite shots. I love the 5s all around.

        Hope this is helpful and not too late for when your concert is.

        Oh, and if you purchase an HDMI cable and phone adapter, you can hook your phone to your TV (if it’s a newer TV), and surf through your phone, as well as watch YouTube videos on your TV. Really nice!! 🙂

        Enjoy however it goes!
        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  22. Thank you so much Myron for this wonderful review. I must say that I am disappointed that there will not be a full orchestra at ALL the concerts. I was under the impression that there would be and I was really looking forward to having that added enhancement this year. However, it most certainly will not impede the impact of our guy’s miraculous voices . I am SO excited to be going to my 3rd concert and finally a M&G. ( and if I have to take a stand I will because I most certainly will not be rushed away from my adorable guys before they get their hugs and kisses and hear what I have to say to them and of course get my photos !!!) So there !!!!

    1. at the M&G’s be patient until you are right by the guys then take your time. So what if the security gets their underwear in a knot – you paid for it and you deserve the time. The boys always love to take the time anyway.

      1. Thanks Myron—I am going to take your advise and totally enjoy our precious guys during the little time that I will have them to myself. I WILL NOT be rushed by a big bad bully !!!!! I wonder if it’s the same guards at every concert ? Also–Just wondering what the the boys do with all the gifts and cards ? They get so many. Do they really look at them or keep them once the concerts are over?

  23. My thanks also Myron. The problem with the lighting also happened a couple of years ago that I saw on a video & at a concert I was at.
    Ignazio made a similar coment & pointedly asked the lighting guy if electricity is expensive. Mostly Ignazio was singing in the dark. So I wonder if it isn’t done on purpose because the guys criticize or make a comment.
    As I said before Myron you should try to squeeze yourself into trying to manage the venues & problems such as lighting etc. I would get yourself esconced into helping them to have professional help who knows what he is doing. Its sad the guys are trying so hard to give a perfect concert for their fans & the people at the theatres handilng acoustics couldn’t care less.
    I’m sad to hear that the full orchestra isn’t continued through for each concert in each city. I also thought that was supposed to be a plus instead of just guitars & piano etc.
    Myron if you want to suggest to their management that you handle any aspect of the meet & greets, lighting, other acoustics etc. I would like to help anyway I can as I’m sure others would also. They deserve quality & professionalizm. These young men aren’t just a goup of guys that don’t know how to sing or conduct themselves. These young men are professionals & deserve to be treated as such.
    I swear if some stupid security guard trys to interfere with my few moments with our precious young men I will mow him down with my walker. Or maybe I will try to get him involved in taking pictures or demand he sing happy birthday to me. From what I understand pictures aren’t being taken this time so we have to take pictures ourselves. I am not used to taking selfies.
    Some one also mentioned earlier that a security guard went through her bag & broke pieces of the candy that she had for the boys.
    Beware security guards their are other elderly & young ladies at the coming concerts. We will not be overcome.

    1. I like that ” Go for it ” spirit. That is the way to handle those people.
      The boys are on your side anyway.

  24. So Mattinata is replaced by Per Te – yeah – I love this song too but they didn’t sing it at Modesto and Saratoga. I hope they will keep this song on the list for my two future concerts which I can’t wait for because as Myron said – 2 1/2 hours of heaven!

    Myron thank you for giving us such an insightful and detail review. I just relive all the moments again. And I love your title – painfully beautiful. How appropriate! Hope they will sing this song too.

  25. Myron, I have been waiting with baited breath for this review. every few hours I would pull up Flight Crew to see if you had posted. this was a very emotional review for me, it was so thorough and detailed. I will be saving it to read over and over again. you sure know how to get me upset!! I am an emotional wreck now.
    I was so glad to see Priscilla Presley there, did you meet her too? every word you said just makes me love and appreciate how special they are, I just want the whole world to feel the same. I think it is happening slowly. please let them know when you meet them again that they have lots of fans who absolutely adore them but who have not met them, but stay in the background supporting them and praying for them. thank you again Myron, this review was up to your usual high standard and I thank God for giving you to us bless you

    1. Deanne, thanks so much for your very kind remarks. I am happy that you enjoyed the article. It is fun to write for people that share this passion.

  26. I didn’t think I could go in April, but things changed. I went on the computer for Ticketmaster 3 weeks before their concert at the Greek Theater, and got 2 seats in Section A, Row A. I was right in front of Piero. The concert was amazing!!! My first Il Volo concert. They were amazing and Ignazio has really become a “Man” but Piero and Gianluca waved to me when I was taking pictures. I saw Priscilla Presley about 5 rows behind me. I loved it when Ignazio said they had seen the Lion King in Brooklyn, not Broadway!!! We all laughed!! I would like to know from you guys who got tickets from PBS where they were? Did you have good seats since they wouldn’t or couldn’t tell me where the seats would be! I would like to know for future reference, since they are so expensive. What is the M&G like? I have been in heaven since seeing them and still smiling now and playing their CD’S every day. I am sorry that I didn’t see anyone with the Il Volo picture nametags. I was especially looking for Jeanette, because Jeanette, I really think I know you. I loved your story from a few months ago and I think I may know you. I hope you leave a comment and I know you got your tickets from PBS and you took your daughter and went to the Meet and Greet!! I am still in 7th Heaven and will forward to the concert next year in Los Angeles. Thanks for listening to my experience 2 nights ago!!!! Victoria (anyone who wants to respond to my comments that was there when I was, please do!!!)
    Ignazio has really become a man!!! (my FAVORITE)

    1. Thank you, I have written my Greek theatre experience but have not posted it as yet…Myron has done a wonderful job and I do not feel it is appropriate to put my story here.. This portion is for us to thank Myron and I see that is what is being done… When there is another place for comments I will post it for sure… As for the PBS tickets, never again… I had tickets A section, but in Row M… The person in front of me when I went to the box office to get my meet and greet tickets bought tickets for section A row A… Plus they paid less for better seats… You live and learn…

      1. Jeannette, I THINK–not sure–if you are buying tickets from PBS you will be paying more because the sale of the tickets by them is one of their promotions for the support of the station. That is probably why yours cost more.

      2. suggestion: join the Il Volo membership on the official Il Volo web site – and they will send notice about tickets ahead of all others to your email address. That site is a terrible site normally but that is one thing they have done right. I get notice on email two weeks ahead of normal announcements and the prices are better as well.

      3. Myron, if you have gotten emails from the official website you must be one of the few. I signed up a couple of years ago and have NEVER received anything from them.

      4. I gotta confess that didn’t post an active link for tickets to Saratoga until 2 weeks after they went on sale, so they are worth checking, but I definitely would not rely on them alone.

        My 2 cents,
        ~ Jeanine

    2. I do not know anyone by the name Nazio except Ignazio of course… I got to give him a hug at the Meet and Greet… I wish we could have met at the Greek… I did meet several people from the flight crew and a few from my face book page… Maybe the next time they are in So. Ca. or if we get them to Las Vegas, we can make a better plan to meet… I would enjoy that… You say you think you know me? I would like for us to explore that…
      Yes, Ignazio has become a man, as has Piero who will be 21 on June 24th… GG is still the Bambino and he has made mention of that several times in interviews… I am glad he is comfortable with that.. Because he is such a charming and very handsome Bambino…

      1. My user name is Nazio1, but my first name is Victoria or Vicki. I was with my sister at the Greek Theater and I was looking for you and Myron and all the other flight crew members. I think I knew you from where I was working because your face is so familiar, but maybe I am crazy!! LOL But maybe in the future we can “explore” if maybe we DO know each other. I am so glad you got to hug my user name IGNAZIO!!

      2. I hope you know that I was teasing you about the Name Nazio… I have a weird sense of humor, that is for sure… I am retired now but worked for my of my life at McDonnel Douglas Aircraft, Long Beach Ca….

        We may have had an encounter at some time if you lived in So. Ca… I lived there most of my life… I moved here to Las Vegas about ten years ago… There you have it, my life story…

        Even if we never met, good to meet you now Victoria… I am truly sorry we were not able to meet at the Greek… It was an amazing experience meeting the people from the Greek …

      3. Hi, Jeanette. I knew you were teasing about Nazio. I have lived in Glendale all my life and still do. I worked in the pharmacy for Sav-On for 36 years then CVS for 2 years in the Silverlake area. You looked so familiar to me that maybe I thought you were a customer at either pharmacy. I have been retired for 5 years now. Well, hopefully I can meet you and Myron and some of the other flight crew members. Las Vegas would be fun. I’m glad you had a good time last week and got to meet him and HUG him. Maybe next time I can attend a Meet and Greet. Take Care

      4. Hi, Jeanette. I’m not sure if you got my comment about knowing you. I worked in the Silverlake area at Sav-On in the Pharmacy for 35 years then for 2 years when it became CVS. I have always lived in Glendale, Ca. I just thought maybe you were a customer at the Pharmacy. You just looked so familiar. I have been retired now for 6 years. Hope to see you if Il Volo is in Las Vegas. I would also like to meet Myron and other Flight Crew Members. Take Care. Victoria

      5. No, never shopped in the Glendale area… We may have never met when I lived in Ca. but we will meet in Las Vegas for sure… I am so looking forward to meeting all of our Il Volo fans from the flight crew and other fan sites … Myron has been very instrumental getting this project off the ground… I just hope he is successful in getting Il Volo to Las Vegas… We need to make this the biggest and best gathering of Il Volo lovers, Il Volo has ever had ever had in their five fabulous years of performing…

      6. Its a date.. I hope we can get them here to Las Vegas soon so that not only can we enjoy Il Volo, But meeting everyone at a convention would be the ultimate gift of following this beautiful group called Il Volo…

      7. What dates have been mentioned for Il Volo in Las Vegas, and is this just “hope” or something substantial?  Would be fantastic if it could happen.  EJV

  27. Thank you Myron that was lovely, I will see our boys June 25th and I’m counting the days they make me so happy I love them so much, it will be my 5th concert and I will go to everyone in NY, god bless all of you wonderful IL VOLO fansxxxxxxxxxxx       On Mon, Jun 09, 2014 at 09:57 AM, Il Volo Flight Crew ~Share The Love wrote:    

    mariecrider posted: ”

    Il Volo in Concert – Los Angeles – Greek Theater – June 7, 2014 Have you ever loved something to point where it hurt ? You know this tiny amount of heaven will only last for 2 ½ hours and then you go back to your everyday life – “realit”

  28. Friends, I just read my own article for the 6th time and realized I made a mistake on the program list: just after Night and Day should come Beautiful Day. Sorry about that.

    1. Myron, you are such a perfectionist that no one would notice it by you… I sure did not notice that… Hmmm, I guess you were the one with the pen and paper… I was asked, but refused… I needed to see those beautiful boys as well as hear them… I guess that is a woman thing… By the way, my daughter Deborah gave you her stamp of approval… She said to me “Mom, I was glad to meet Myron, he really shared a lot of details of the singers we are going to see”. She had never heard them sing and was only going to the concert so that I would not go alone… You peaked her interest and after listening to our conversation, she was ready and wanting to enjoy Il Volo… And she walked away amazed by their talent…

  29. Myron I joined their web site years ago when we had the other web site we were on. I have never received any information from the Il Volo site. I think they need a severe update. I just tried just now & when clicking on where it says join it doesn’t open up to leave any information. We should be the people on this site to manage their web site even if we can’t do anything else.

  30. I was also at this concert and I agree with your review! The guys were amazing as always and were trying their best to work through the whole lighting issue. The Greek Theatre should retrain the tech crew or get some new staff. But all in all I enjoyed the concert very much!

  31. Myron, I have been signed up with the other web site for several years and have never received any notice from them. I think you may be a special member to have received early notices of tickets/concerts.

  32. Myron, I too have signed up for the Il Volo emails and have not received anything. I’ve tried again in the last few months to sign up but with no success. As said above, you must be (are) a special person!

  33. Yes, I, too, signed up ages ago and have received nary a thing. Like Maddie says above, Myron, you must be a special person to receive any notices at all!

  34. Myron: I need to apologize to you because I initially left a comment after I read your review and did not thank you for the spot-on review. I read it and then left my comment on my experience being at the Greek Theater that night. I was subtlety admonished for my experience that night without thanking you. I, again, apologize because your review was PERFECT!!! I think I was too excited for seeing them the first time. Please forgive me because everything you said was how it was!! Thanks, Myron

    1. Nazio 1 – There is nothing to forgive. I enjoyed reading what you posted. Also, there is no reason on a blog like this that someone can’t share a passion with someone and also have some different takes on things. You are very nice for writing what you wrote but you did not have to apologize for anything. Now, keep writing.

  35. If you have any influence -mention to the powers to be that the boys would be great singing some songs that Sergio Franchi and Jerry Vale sang like Passione and Mala Femmena-thanks for keeping us in touch with the boys.

  36. Word came down that Passione was going to be in the new album (and may still be) but they were giving second thoughts because Andrea Bocelli is using it on tour right now.

  37. Myron, I’m sorry that this reply to your review is late. I can “read” your love for the boys from what you wrote. You pointed out details about their singing that non musicians don’t see and hear. Thank you for my latest music lesson from you.
    I thought they sang Matinatta instead of Per Te. I hoped to hear Painfully Beautiful. I wonder why they have not sung this song in any concert. Maybe you could suggest it ?
    Again , thank you for this great review.

    1. Hi, Victoria (That also is my name!) You are right. I was at the Greek Theater on 6-7-14 and they did sing Matinatta. Not Per Te. Either way, the concert was so good!! Take Care. Victoria

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