Il Volo Professional ~~ A Few Steps Forward and a Throwback

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Brioni in Moscow

On October 4th, The Guys will be performing at an event premiering Brioni’s Fall and Winter Collection in Moscow.  Since they always sound amazing, and we know that they look equally so in Brioni suits, I’m sure this will be a wonderful evening for those that are able to attend.  Read on to see if they are excited and to learn more about the event and where it is going to be held!

Click here —> Italian Trio Performs in Barvikha  ~~ All About Il Volo; translated interview


Click here —> Il Volo and Brioni In Concert in Moscow ~~ All About Il Volo

The Concert Hall

Click here —> ~~ Athina via LiJoy

The Collection

Click here —> ~~ Athina via LiJoy


AzzUrra Radiog Marcozzi Facebook

AzzUrra Radiog Marcozzi Interviews ~~ translations by Athina

After the show in Pescara, Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio were individually interviewed in an informal setting by  Radio G Giulianova.  Thanks to AzzUrraRadiog Marcozzi , the audio of those interviews has surfaced, and Athina was kind enough to translate for LiJoy.  Enjoy ~~ and pay attention to Gianluca’s.  I think there is a tidbit there that you will find especially interesting….   😉





Ambassador Piero Named Honorary Member of Association

Earlier this month, Piero was named Ambassador of the city of Naro to the World.

Click here —> ~~ Athina via LiJoy

Click here —>  Piero Barone Meeting On the City Hall In Naro ~~ All About Il Volo

This will be a several step process, and another step was taken just recently, with him being named Honorary Member of the Associazione Ideafolle.

Click here —> Piero Barone Honorary Member of the Associazione Ideafolle ~~ All About Il Volo

Click here —> ~~ translation by Athina

Congratulations, Piero!  You are a credit to your city’s name!


#TBT: Hashtag Throwback Thursday

Ms. Judy Thurman has shared some of her photos from Radio City Music Hall during the US leg of Il Volo’s We Are Love tour.  It was a very special evening for The Guys since performing there was a dream of theirs.  Remember how excited we were for them?  Please respect Ms. Thurman’s work and generosity by respecting her watermark.  😀


Enjoy, and forgive me for being late tonight.


~~ Kelly

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 Il Volo Radio City Concert

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  1. Thanks again for your hard work and all the translated articles. You can get a general idea by looking up Italian words but Russian is a little harder since their alphabet is different. I download a sheet that compares Russian and English letters but it is too time consuming. I am not Russian but was born in Europe and my parents spoke it. They used Russian when they did not want nosy me to know what they are saying. Wonder if they will sing something in Russian.

  2. I am unable to listen to the interview translated by Athina. What exactly did Gianluca say that was so interesting. You have peaked my curiosity and I can’t get it!! 🙂 I can click on the link, but it says it is unavailable to me. ??

  3. I miss them so much–Can’t wait for them to return to the USA and all of us who adore them !!
    Thanks Kelly for bringing them a little closer with all the photos, videos and interviews.

  4. I have watched the Radio City Music Hall concert several times now, and each time I feel that my heart will burst with all the love I feel for these three young Italians. Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazio, I WILL get to another concert no matter how far I have to travel! And maybe even more than one! Kelly, thank you for bringing this information to us.

  5. Can anyone tell me what arrosticini are? Ignazio said one night he ate 39 and another time he ate 60 of them. He said the ones from Abruzzo “were something else”. Just wondering.

  6. Allene, just type in “Arrosticini” and you will get the full explanation of what it is, and where is the most famous for it. it looks to me like a sishkebab except it is only lamb, I just don’t know how Ignazio could hold 39, far less 60, unless they are very small, or he is counting each piece of meat as one

      1. I went online and found a recipe from a site called The Italian and they are lamb kabobs, grilled over charcoal or oak and no seasoning at all until cooked, and then salt only.
        Sounds good! I love lamb!

  7. My goodness, I wonder how Ignazio could eat so many. It sounds like it is a specialty in the Abruzzo area. I wouldn’t mind trying them myself if I could find them here in the US. I’ll have to go back and look at the recipes that were listed. Ignazio might have been doing just what you said, Deanne, counting each piece of meat and not the number of skewers..

    1. He must have! The kebobs in the picture all had at least 10 pieces of meat on them. No way could he have eaten 60 of them!! Even our Ignazio couldn’t have eaten that many!

  8. The Giulianova radio´s interviewer for sure does not know Gianluca, if he knew him a little, would not have made such a stupid question: if Gianluca really gets emotional on stage or if he is acting. How rude this man!!!

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