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I’m looking out of my parents’ front window as I write today, and the first thing I notice are the big trees in the yard.  Probably because my father, in his quest to have trees all around him, planted a couple when they moved into this house ten years ago, and they’ve finally reached the point where–in full bloom–they truly are all that you can see.  But I digress.  As I look at them with their red leaves that are starting to droop and fall, I’m reminded that Summertime is over and Fall is here.

No; this isn't my parents' yard.  ;)
No; this isn’t my parents’ yard. 😉

Off the bat, that makes me sad, because I know winter is around the corner.  I’m very much like Gianluca: I need it to be Summer!  I need it to be warm and sunny, and I really don’t think I’m overstating it when I say that I hate Winter; I really do.  Not even listening to Buon Natale a million times would change that–and we know how much I love that album.  I think it has something to do with spending about half of my life in places like Montana and Wisconsin…

But, as I continue to look at the trees, I’m reminded of something else: Fall is a very beautiful time of the year, with it’s own special feelings, emotions and traditions.  I shouldn’t let the fact that Winter is coming taint that for me.  I should embrace the beauty that is Fall while it is here, and worry less about what comes after it.

For me, Fall means a few things, and I hope you don’t mind indulging me while I think about them:


It means, My favorite sweater and throw blanket when I’m relaxing at home.  There is something so comforting about being able to curl up with a good book, TV show or whatever I’m doing and feeling cozy and warm.

It means, Enjoying a hot Caramel Machiato instead of a cold one.  Making that switch with the seasons reminds of times Time-Well-Spent-Coffee-and-Friends-1when my best friend and I would get together at the local Starbucks and spend the afternoon catching up, and inevitably end up with an impossible case of attention-drawing giggles in the middle of the cafe.

This is the family Alma-mater, though.  :D
This is the family Alma-mater, though. 😀

It means, Prep sports (particularly football) at the local high-school.  My family is far from where we originally were born and grew up, but we feel an ever present nostalgia to the Alma-mater of several generations of our family.  We make it a point to all go to at least one game together, and if they make it to the state tournament, you better believe we’re going as long as the tournament is held in our town.

Not my actual family… 🙂

It means, Family.  That seems funny for me to say considering how close I am to mine no matter what the season.  But for some reason, Fall always brings a sense of togetherness and closeness as we seemingly settle into a routine again.  My sister is back to school (as am I), my brother wraps up his extra-curricular sports activities, and both brothers together stop talking about Baseball and start talking about Football.  We all–without realizing it really–relax from the summer time of family reunions, graduations, weddings and other miscellaneous gathers, and get ready for College Game Day on Saturday afternoons.  Even if we’re not together watching the game, we’re certainly discussing it or texting each other about it after it’s over.

When it comes down to it, my Fall is full of warm, comforting Family times, and that is something that even the approaching dread of Winter can’t steal from me.  🙂

We know The Guys love their families and friends, and they’ve been spending a bit of time with them recently.  The slowing down of the season makes that possible for them, and I love to see it.

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What are some of your Fall Traditions? 

~~ Kelly

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  1. Kelly, what a sweet family you have! Thanks for sharing. Just went to a baby shower for a great niece and I loved being with family from babies to grandparents! It is wonderful to enjoy your family every chance you get. Family is everything.

  2. Kelly, what a wonderful post! Fall is my favorite time of year. Raking up big piles of leaves…running and jumping in them…with our children years ago and now with a precious grandchild .Sipping warm apple cider with cinnamon schnapps in it by the campfire. These are just two of my favorite fall things to do. It’s so good to see the guys post their photos of family events all year round. They are so devoted to their families which is only one of a million reasons why we love them so! Happy fall to everyone!

  3. Thanks for sharing. I live in a wooded area with a big tree with ‘millions’ of tinny leaves that tell me FALL is here by starting to ‘shed’ on my front of the house. I will be spending the next several months sweeping daily so as not to be covered up.
    Anxious for the boys to do their concert in Russia. Hope someone will send some “instant” videos.

  4. Thanks for sharing about your close family and time in Wisconsin, where I spent the first 22 years of my life. It’s a great place to experience fall, as is my OR yard with 30 alders dropping leaves to crunch. Good for you for going back to school, but we also appreciate all the time spent on flight crew news. Love you and our boys.

  5. I’m with you Kelly, I love summer so much, I was resistant to Fall arriving until this week when it just got too lovely here in the Pacific Northwest. Resistance is futile!
    In October I will go up the Colombia Gorge and be in search for the perfect apples, especially the HoneyCrisp and of course some nice tasty Japanese pears will be great to find. Hot apple cider, pumpkin carving, all the vivid colors all make Fall really spectacular up here.This time of year I have my family over for a Fall dinner and I will slice up some Roman Beauties and fry them in butter, brown sugar and cinnamon and serve it along side some grilled German sausages and some fall garden veggies. We all love it.
    Winter is coming but let us celebrate the Fall now!

  6. Thanks, Kelly, for this beautiful sharing and helping me to move gracefully into fall instead of saying “Shhhh!” every time someone says summer is over.

    I agree with you, Connie. Beautiful start to fall here.

    I’m not much for personal traditions…. I really like to respond in the moment. And this moment / week I’ve been getting out walk-dancing during the sun-shiney part of the day.

    I’m feeling drawn to make some cozy food, and I enjoyed another incredible time with friends at the river.

    I’m tempted to have an IL VOLO sing-along party. Although, is it fair to ask everyone to sing softly, so we can really hear Our Guys? I think I’ll have to put that fair warning in the invitation!

    I’m feeling particularly “protective” of Our Guys, just wanting them to be treated optimally by their managers, producers, sound engineers, etc. Maybe it’s not realistic – that’s a first, I’m sure you’ll agree! 😉
    but I really want for their entire extended team to be as good and amazing people of integrity and vision and love as Our Guys. I don’t want anything less for them. I guess this gives me a clear path for prayer, along with safety, fun, and well-deserved recognition!

    Happy, healthy times to all,
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. Hi Jeanine Do you still have the link to the video you created a couple of months ago. You emailed me the links before my computer had to be fixed. I asked things to be saved but it went on deaf ears & they deleted most of what I had so now left with nothing. I lost 2-1/2 years of some great videos, information & pictures. I went on your Compassion site but couldn’t finid it. Thanks

  7. I envy all tour comments about Fall. Here in So cal. we don’t really have fall. In October we have the Santana winds that clear the air and the mountains are beautiful. The temp now is 90 deg. and this weekend it will be over 100. We are semi-arid. If you miss the sunshine come down here, We have plenty to spare. Jump in the leaves fgor me. Joanie G

  8. This Joanie lives in South Florida so most of Fall is still hot and humid. It’s about the middle of November when all of a sudden I can walk outside and feel less humidity, a cool breeze and the aroma of our Fall/Winter season bursting upon us. (Tourists think we only have one season-Summer !!) From then on I look forward to our weather man announcing an approaching cold front which in my neck of the woods means the 60’s or 70’s and if we’re lucky sometimes the 50’s and very infrequently the 40’s and 30′ s !! Not exactly freezing but a welcome change from our long hot summers and an opportunity for us to wear sweaters and jackets !!
    This was a lovely post Kelly. I loved hearing about you and your family. Thank you !!

  9. I second the motion on all JR said…Cosy food sounds good, here in our part of Texas, that means Chili or Chicken and dumplings, depending on your mood! But L also want the best of everything for il Volo! They have set the standard high and I pray it will remain as such! It’s always good to hear from the Flight Crew, and Kelly you always seem to say something that moves me!! Thanks!!

  10. Kelly, What a nice piece ! thanks so much. I used to live in Milwaukee years ago and always enjoyed the fall time and colors !!!! Now living in Las Vegas that is one thing I miss. There are two seasons here : hot and warm. The palm trees do not change color. Both places have their plus side and their minus side.

  11. I, like you Kelly love the Fall, but don’t like to think about winter which is close behind, After last Winter in Toronto, I just hope it isn’t as bad or long, but I know we have to appreciate each day, whatever comes, so I’m trying to think positive and be thankful for everything in my life.

  12. Thanks Kelly for the beautiful post. The colors are breathtaking. The changing of the trees is the best part of the fall for me. I however don’t relish the change in the weather. That is why I am moving from Washington State to Phoenix, AZ in a few weeks. I never really had any fall traditions, but the one tradition that my 6 brothers and I have is meeting every year for Superbowl. Just so happens that the Superbowl in 2015 will be in Phoenix and me and my two older brothers will already be there.

  13. Hi Karen, an advance “welcome to Arizona”. After a lot of rain last weekend, it’s just starting to cool down here. No more triple didget temps. hopefully. By the time you get here it should be quite comfortable. Nice to have another fan of our beloved Il Volo guys so close. Give me a shout when you get here so we can SHARE THE LOVE.

  14. I’m glad you guys liked it! And all your fall traditions too. I think I’ll have to live in California or Arizona to appreciate missing Fall. 😉

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