So That’s Why!

All photo's from the Detroit "We Are Love" Concert
All photo’s from the Detroit “We Are Love” Concert

Why are they so different from other singers?
Ruth (Ruth Rapp), believes it because “Music speaks to that place within us that matters the most, and nobody understands that better than Il Volo.”
So, that’s why we listen.

Why did we fall for them so completely?
Mary B (Mary Bohling) thinks it’s because “With our Boys what you see is what you get.”
So, that’s why we hang on every word they print.

DSCN0952 marie

How do they make us feel?
Well, “The thought of them warms the heart on a cold winters night”, says Jane (maryjane56).
So, that’s one reason we love them.

Do they even have healing power?
Laura (Laura Lee Badtke) thinks so, “…listening to my boys is the best medicine ever.”
So, that’s why we share their music with others.

DSCN0918 marie

Can it be simply said?
Sure, Myron (Myron Heaton) can, “What music, what heart, what soul.”
So, that’s why we’ll be fans, forever!

What if we dare miss a concert?
“I am still pained by missing them..last summer. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth on that situation.” I feel Connie‘s (Piratesorka’s) pain.
So, that’s why we patiently (?) wait for a new concert schedule.

DSCN0900 marie

What do we want?
You’re right Loretta (Loretta Foley), Boys, “Enjoy your time at home and rest sweethearts, we are waiting with open arms for your return.”
So, that’s why we wait some more!

What about the friends we’ve gained?
Carol (CaroljB) says, “It’s as though we’re many hearts, but one soul joining with them.”
So, that’s what they have allowed us to be.

DSCN0914 marie

Could they even be ambassadors?
According to mlla they are, “They revive peoples interest in Italian art, music, landscaping, historic sites, etc.”
So, that’s why we’re so interested in all they do.

DSCN0907 marie

I think we give our hearts because they have heart, they have faith in themselves and they have us.

And when they come back, to quote our Helen (Helen, oh you know), it will be the “Beautiful Spring of the Boys Return.”


38 thoughts on “So That’s Why!”

  1. The boys reconize that their talent was given to them by God. As long as they believe in that and don’t let fame go to their heads they will be alright.

  2. All of this is so so so so so so sooooo true! Thank you so much Ms. Crider for putting into words what the less eloquent of us have been trying to put our fingers on. *FANGIRLING* 😀

  3. Marie, not a poem this time, but a powerful tribute to our boys. Utterly fantastic! Was ecstatic at the choice of pictures…I was at the Detroit concert…my first but by no means my last if I can help it. I failed to get the Il Volo program that night — so this is spectacular for me. Thank you so much.

  4. Marie, this is wonderful! Love your splendid writing ability. Look forward to every day coming in here and seeing what you have composed for us! It only makes sense that a special site like this, honoring three special young men, has such SPECIAL leadership. IL VOLO brings joy to the world as you bring joy to all who enter here. Thank you so much.

  5. I like what Carol said that just like they are three voices, one soul, we are many hearts with one soul.

    I am getting so darn antsy waiting for news from Our Boys. I have watched every interview, played all of my DVDs, listened to all my CDs over and over again and still miss Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca like crazy! Why? Because they latched onto my heart the first time I heard them and they have become like family to me.

  6. We love them because they are beautiful inside and out. They have beautiful souls, and it comes out in their music, which is able to touch a resonant chord deep inside each of us. They thrill us with their heavenly sounds! When they sing O Holy Night and get to the line “hear the angel voices” I always think to myself I AM hearing the angel voices!

    1. Same here Penina! Love O Holy Night. Our guys are in such harmony…hear our angels voice. Hope to see their angels face soon…love you guys!

  7. Just looking at their pictures, let alone listening to their music is so warm. You feel that they are family and you want to know how they are, what they are doing because you really care. They are always honest and themselves and they never fail to deliver an awesome performance. We care about them and they let us know they care about us.

  8. Do they know how much we love them? Do they know Il Volo Flight Crew’s talented and creative board members? Do they know how different this site is from all the others?

    1. Marie, remember that lovely tribute to the boys that Marie wrote? In it she says how the Flight Crew feels about them. When we met the boys at the MOA, I gave them copies of it, and said “I hope you will read this, because it expresses our feelings for you.” When I handed it to Piero, he looked me right in the eye, and said, “We will read it.” So, yes, I think they do know us, and how much we love them.

  9. I agree with all your comments to me not only are they extremely talented and gorgeous to look at but what beautiful personalities they have. They seem to be so nice and really genuine. Although I am a happy person by nature they bring a special joy into my life and I love them for that. And it’s nice knowing there are other ladies that feel the same way. Love this website. Take care everyone.

  10. Oh that was soo nice.I agreed with it all! Here we are in the midst of a cold winter, even brutal winter for many people but IL Volo brings me a touch of spring when I think of them. They brighten a grey winter day. Just the other day Piero posted on twitter :” You are like my family to me” ( sorry if that wasn’t the exact words. Both Ignazio and Gianlucca have said they miss us, their fans. I can hear the ice of winters cold crack under such sweet thoughts. There is more of a glimmer of early spring as we await March 6th and a concert at Madison Square Gardens
    Hang in there my friends as we await brighter warmer days with out sweet guys.

  11. Why do we love them? Their music touches our souls and connects us together. They are truly part of us, and that is why we miss them so much! They inspire so much feeling of closeness and warmth – no wonder listening to them creates so much joy! Gianluca, Piero, Ignazio – thank you for being yourselves. We are with you, wherever you go.

  12. I couldn’t sleep! On this Lunar new year day I miss our guys so much because they are like family to me. And family should be together on this most important day of the year in my culture. I know our guys are Italian but music is universal and no boundary. They share their talents with me and I give them my unconditional love. Don’t ask me why, Marie explains way better than me. I fell for them ever since last February and I fell hard especially for…

    Going to look up some videos on YouTube and hoping for some sweet Il Volo dreams. Have a healthy and prosperous year of the horse everyone here and my dear Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio.

      1. Haha you’re funny LeeLee! Yeah Marie have you met HIM – my hubby? Our anniversary is coming up soon…I so need to listen to I Bring You to My Senses now…

  13. Wonderful pictures Marie, I have always said they are Angels from God. We need those magnificent voices to sooth our souls to see those gorgeous faces to see how beautiful Angels look and to show us in their demeanor how loving, kind, caring & respectful towards others how we should be.
    When I think of them I can’t help but think & feel love because that is what they exude.

  14. Yes Mlla I saw this on Mundial & also from what I saw on Mundial that he announced that this was not his concert & was making sure that people understood it was his friends concert shows how caring he is thatpeople understand & isn’t taking any of the credit for himself. No one could ask for a better friend. He has always been tops in my book

  15. What would we do without you, Marie…. You and all of the oh-so-talented Flight Crew Board???
    I look forward with so much anticipation to every day’s “Editorial” and all the intelligent and humorous comments that follow. I don’t think I have ever run across so many well-spoken people in one spot! This crowd really is unique, and I thank my lucky stars for each and every one of you! All of you have such a special way of expressing yourself, and it’s lovely to behold!

    As Tiny Tim would say, ” God bless us all”!!!!


    1. Helen, I love your words that Marie quoted: The beautiful spring of the boys return. I’m eagerly awaiting the return of both spring and the boys. Knowing they will both be returning soon makes my spirits soar. Life is good.

      1. Mary… Isn’t it grand to get to look forward to The Boys’ return to us in March? I can hardly wait to have them on U.S. soil again, even though I won’t get to see them in person. Just knowing they are here is enough to “warm the cockles of my heart”! I can see that you feel the same way! Yes, life is good!

  16. Where would we all be without our Captain? Thank you so much Ms. Crider for sharing such a beautiful piece with us!

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