Gianluca’s Birthday Project — Phase 2


Hi, everyone!  🙂

This is week is the last week for submitting birthday greetings for Gianluca’s Birthday Project.  We’ve gotten some great pictures and a couple of videos, and Lisa and I have been discussing the concept, and I think you guys will love it.  🙂

But, we have also gotten a lot of questions from those of you that would like to send written greetings to Gianluca, so we have come up with a way to include you too…

Gianluca’s Birthday Project — Phase 2

1.) Go to our Contact Us page (on the left side of your screen) and send us your birthday wish for Gianluca.  Please try to keep it as concise as possible.  Say what you feel, most definitely, but I will have to type of the comments into individual slides and try to keep the running time for the entire video to a reasonable length.  And we want Gianluca to actually be able to read them.  🙂

2.) I know it’s short notice, but please submit your greetings by Saturday, Feb 1.

Can’t wait to read all your greetings!


27 thoughts on “Gianluca’s Birthday Project — Phase 2”

  1. Thank you Kelly and Lisa. Can’t wait to see the final video. I am sure there will be many nice pictures and heart warming greetings. What a great way to send our love to Gianluca. I know he will love the video and us.

  2. I Copied and pasted from Laura Pausini Official Site
    MARCH 6, 2014


  3. Thank you, Mllo, I saw this on FB,but it didn’t copy what I typed the info. Also, Kelly, tried to send birthday wish for Gianluca and it didn’t accept it. Like I said before, I am so I illiterate when it comes to computers.

    1. NW, not to worry I also do have issues with pc at times and I even have quarrels with it, like “Ohh you, stupid machine etc etc…. “

      1. Mlla – Thanks for keeping us up on all Il Volo events! Do you by chance have their concert schedule yet! LOL I really hope it comes out soon!

  4. WOW !!!! Our Boys will be back in the US for the concert in Madison Square Garden in March. Wonder if they are going to stay and have more concerts here ? Hope so !!! If I thought they would have more then one or two songs in Laura Pausini’s concert I would go see them since my son lives just outside of the city .Also, the tickets are very expensive and the seats that are left are not that great. Not gonna happen. Hope there will be a video.

  5. That’s so exciting! I hope somebody records it and puts it on youtube for all of us people on a budget who CAN’T GO, NO MATTER HOW MUCH WE MIGHT WANT TO!!!!!!!!!

      1. Michele, No I do not have their dates yet but, perhaps, once there they will start the promotion of tour and/or their new material, just a guess though.

      2. Michele! Of course you will, you groupie, you. If they are promoting new material, you will probably hear it there. You’d better call me that night!
        I’m with Isabel, budget restrictions. Now if one of “Them” calls and invites me to come as their date, I’m there. OH YEAH!

  6. WOW! Have been kind of quiet recently, but sure can’t remain that way now! I’m so thrilled for them I can hardly stand it. One more giant step on that stairway to acceptance, and success; one more dream becomes real! Guys, you have worked very hard, and God has been at your back. So have all of us! Please, just stay humble, and His blessings will come as its time. I ‘m sure, though, He won’t mind if you scream and jump up and down in celebration. Go for it! Always give Him the thanks. I can almost see Him smiling! He has truly blessed you, and you have never disappointed Him, or us. We may be Gramma fans, but no one could love you more!

    1. Oh, KittyKam!!!! I LOVED your comments! I feel exactly the same way, especially your last part…”God has truly blessed you and you have never disappointed Him or us”…”No one (the Flight Crew) could love you more”!! I am so excited to think that they will perform in MADISON SQUARE GARDEN!!! Four short years ago, who would have believed our darling young boys would be young men singing there??? Happy, happy days!!

  7. Madison Square Garden is an enormous venue seating over 20,000 people which will give the boys over the top exposure for those who have not already experienced their magnificent voices ,handsome faces and adorable personalities !!! They have to be thrilled out of their minds !!!! And I am thrilled that they have been given this well deserved opportunity.
    Thought I would insert an interesting fact—Elvis Presley made entertainment history in 1972 by becoming the first entertainer to sell out four consecutive shows at Madison Square Garden. Il Volo will most certainly do that in the near future !!!! Wait and see!!!
    We really need them nearby for awhile so I am praying they will be touring America before they head over seas again. Fingers crossed !!!!!

      1. So sorry for my error. The seating capacity at The Theater at Madison Square Garden is 5,600. I’ve been away from NY so long that I didn’t realize this venue even existed so I thought is was ‘THE’ Madison Square Garden that I’ve known all my life. Now that I know the theater is so small I really want to see the show !!!!

      2. My son’s graduation from his university was at Madison Square Gardens–it must have been in the Theater–it was a rather shallow bowl. Every seat had a great view of the stage!

  8. Understand about smaller venue, but who they are appearing with is key, along with the exposure it will give them. Thats what counts. In my opinion, its a major step towards perhaps realizing another of their dreams. Step by step,right?

    1. I agree, Kitty!
      I call it cross-over publicity.
      Folks may go specifically to see Laura Pausini or Gloria Estefan or Bosé, but they may FALL IN LOVE with IL VOLO while they’re there!

      How could they not?! (; >)

      And, Michele and Lisa, thank you so much for the work you are doing to prepare Gianluca’s birthday video. I can’t wait to see it!
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

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