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Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone up in the frozen Tundra is staying warm!! I hope talking about Il Volo and seeing their pictures and videos are keeping you cozy on these cold winter nights. Here in Florida it will be 81 today. I’m not boasting too much, when summer comes and the weather here is like being blasted by a furnace and staying in air conditioning is all you can do, you can  brag about your balmy summer breezes and I’m sure, usually cooler nights!

No real news about “The Boys” Gianluca is tweeting up a storm and Piero says he studying the “Ave Maria” Ignazio is not tweeting lately, maybe soon hopefully!

So we will do another round of Did you Know???

From The NY Times
From The NY Times

Did you know when Il Volo was just starting the “Boys” and their families were very nervous about touring? It was a great sacrifice for the families, none of them are wealthy and except for Ignazio, had younger siblings. Ignazio’s mother owned a pizza restaurant and left Ignazio’s older sister to run it. Because all of “The Boys” were underage at the time they each had to have at least one parent accompany them.  It’s nice to see that even including their last tour, they still had a parent accompany them, though they are now old enough to be on their own!

This time I thought we’d look back on one of America’s all time favorite singers, Perry Como. All of us of a certain age remember those days of TV when all the entertainment was family oriented. I remember our whole family watched The Perry Como Show every week! His Christmas specials were much anticipated every holiday season.

Pierino Ronald Como was born in Cannonsburg, PA in 1912, the seventh of 13 children, and the first one born in the United States.  Although he could barely afford it,  his father insisted all his children have music lessons. Perry played instruments, but did not sing until he was older.       A young Perry Como

When Perry was 14 years old he had his own barber shop which later became a venue of sorts for weddings and other functions, with Perry singing of course.

Perry Como met his wife Roselle when she was 17. They married in 1933 and had  3 children. They were married 65 years at the time of her death.

Perry Como’s weekly TV show was on from 1949-1963. His Kraft Music Theater monthly show was on until 1967. His Christmas Specials were on until 1994, the last one from Ireland.

Some of Perry’s best known songs were “Papa Loves Mambo”, “Hot Diggity dog”, “And I love You So”, “Catch A Falling Star” and “It’s Impossible”. His rendition of “Ave Maria” was always sung on his Christmas Special. He, by the way, did not perform this song in front of a live audience, he thought it not appropriate. It was his most requested song, he taped it without an audience to be shown on his special

He was affectionately known as “Mr C”. Bing Crosby said of him “He re-invented casual” Perry loved playing golf.        mr c

Perry Como died in 2001 at the age of 88 in Jupiter Inlet Colony, Florida. he was much loved and I’ll always remember him as a part of my life as I grew up.

Did you Know, that IL Volo’s management team headed by Michele Torpedine is based in Bologna, Italy? Here is a small history of this historical city.

Bologna (Italian pronunciation: [boˈloɲɲa] ( Emilian: Bulåggna pronounced [buˈləɲɲa]; Latin: Bononia) is the largest city (and the capital) of Emilia-Romagna Region in Italy. It is the seventh most populous city in Italy, located in the heart of a metropolitan area (officially recognized by the Italian government as a città metropolitana) of about one million.

Kelly asked that I remind you that the deadline for the Gianluca birthday post is this coming Friday 1/31. Please, if you can, send something for the video presentation.

On a personal note, this past Saturday I had the pleasure of having dinner with LeeLee and Joan from “The Crew” I had met LeeLee before, but this was the first time the 3 of us had a chance to meet. What did we talk about? What do YOU think?

Until the next time, Linda

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  1. Brrrrr…yes, we are frozen like popsicles, but we will melt by spring! 🙂 Wonderful article on Bologna and Perry Como. I grew up listening to him as well. That is great you were able to connect for dinner with fellow Il Volo Flight Crew members! It’s so fun to get to know the awesome people who come here! This site is simply the best! 🙂

  2. Interesting to hear the background on Perry Como. I used to always watch his shows also on TV, I loved his singing. My favourite song by him used to be No Other Love.
    I heard a story of when he was on vacation in Canada & driving south on Hwy 11 he had a flat tire & someone stopped & helped change the tire. Perry sent the man a beautiful gift.
    Thanks for information on Bologna

  3. Loved Perry Como, he personified “easy listening”. Loved the stuff about Bologna, its not a part of Italy I know much about so what you gave us has whetted my interest for more. I think Ignazio has said he would consider moving to Bologna and I think Piero said something about Bologna too. Isn’t that where their music teacher lives? Interesting. Verrrrry interesting! Thanks for the information. I need these tidbits of IL VOLO to help keep me warm during the cold of winter.

  4. 19 degrees (Low) here in Athens, Ga – sleet expected in my home town of New Orleans, La. I thought I lived in the Deep South!!! Public Relations at its best with like-minded people – talented, creative, intelligent. No mention of Il Volo on the Grammy’s so I turned off TV and tuned into Il Volo Takes Flight – That’s Entertainment!

    1. I know the guys would like an American Grammy, but personally I
      Feel that they are so far above anyone else in that group that I don’t like them even associating with them. I don’t even turn on the Grammy…I.agree to it’s much better to spend time with quality…you know who that is. I’m so proud of the level of their music. I hope the pressure of popularity never tempts them and to lower it, and I feel sure that it won’t. They’re IL VOLO!!

  5. Linda–Thanks for reminding us how wonderful Perry Como was. I live near the Jupiter Inlet and when standing on the beach I could see his house, across the inlet, which looked out on the ocean. Many people saw him in the neighborhood as he ran errands or was out for dinner. I unfortunately did not get to see him but everybody who did said he was always very gracious and kind.
    And again to change the subject—I really had a GREAT time this past weekend with you and Leelee. It’s so nice to meet new people and make new friends through this very special site and be able to talk endlessly about Our Boys.

  6. So, I have a question to pose here. Would it be inappropriate to go on to the “official” Il Volo music website and post a comment under the latest posting, inviting interested fans to THIS SITE…as there is absolutely nothing going on in their site? It is so sad to see their weak, unattended, miserable site doing nothing for these guys who deserve everything for the hours and hours they spend pouring themselves into their passion! I don’t want to get in trouble, but just thought IF any fans were looking at their site they could know that there IS A SITE THAT ISTHE MOST SUPPORTIVE, WONDERFUL GROUP OF FANS THEY WILL EVER HAVE!

  7. Jane. I don’t see a problem if you want to do that. When this site was new we invited people over several times. In fact, that’s how some of you got here. We just for no reason stopped doing it. I think Jeanine has slipped over a few times with invitations too. Thank You for wanting to do that.

  8. Thanks for the article! I don’t know a whole lot about any of these singers except that they’re always playing in the background while Sunday morning breakfast is made.

    1. Thank you for this lovely info on Perry Como. His hometown of Canonsburg, PA is a neighboring community to where I live. We always watched him on Saturday nights. One of my favorite songs he always sang at Thanksgiving was “Bless This House”.

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