I’m Smiling Because… 1/26/2014

2472566_f520 Hey Everyone!

It’s been awhile since we’ve done this feature since we’ve had so many fun things with videos and translations and “Italia” launching.  We’re so glad everyone seems to be loving it all, and thanks to mlla and Maria for helping Michelle with the translations and up to the minute content from Italy!

When we first started this, I said that your reason for smiling didn’t have to be Il Volo related.  But since we all miss the guys so much, and there seems like there is going to continue to be a bit of a lull before we hear any inkling that they are off vacation and back to work, I think we should devote this edition to Il Volo and why they make us smile.

Plus (I’ll be honest), my other love, Rafa Nadal, just lost the Australian Open after injuring himself, people weren’t that nice about it, and I need a reason to smile right now–which Il Volo always makes me do.  🙂


Why is Il Volo making you smile?

~~ Kelly

43 thoughts on “I’m Smiling Because… 1/26/2014”

  1. I’m smiling because winter is half over…3 down…3 to go here in the tundra. 🙂 And Il VOLO has helped keep me warm listening to their glorious voices over and over again!

  2. I’m smiling because The Boys are home having fun. Piero is eating, Ignazio is having a blast and Gianluca is, apparently, happily reading Bartlett’s Quotations.

    I’m also smiling because Crew Members like Lijoy (The power,the Passion and the Joy) , Donna May (Donna May’s Letter) and Leelee (Ricette Italiane) also love Our Guys enough to trust and share that written love with us. Thanks Ladies!

  3. I’m smiling because just seeing them everyday in pictures and videos helps when they are not here. Waiting for them to come back keeps the excitement alive. I agree with Marie, seeing them having fun on their time off makes me smile too.

  4. I am smiling because God has blessd us all with the truly heavenly voices of IL VOLO and he has kept them so humble. They are a pure gift from our Heanenly Father. Nonni Maureen

  5. I am smiling because I know they will be back to Boston and New York and I can see them again on stage, love them also much.

  6. I’m smiling because I watched a video of GG singing “All of Me” and “New York, New York” as a child – then played a Sinatra video of the same songs. “Where or When” by Richard Hart is also a fav of mine. Hint – Hint Gianluca

  7. I’m smiling because even though it is snowing and blowing and below zero AGAIN, I can turn on the fireplace, sit back and watch my DVD of Mas Que Amor AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN. The boys are so joyful and playful in this video, smiling is guaranteed…snow and cold are forgotten.

  8. I’m smiling because I have a crush on an adorable Italian guy with the voice of an angel and whenever I want to, I can hit ‘play’ and listen to him tell me that I’m beautiful and he loves me.

  9. The passion in their voices, the handsomeness of their faces, the way they care about each other and their fans. All of these things make me smile. Their music soothes my soul. Listening to them has helped me through the loss of my husband. I’m currently now recovering from a huge spine surgery and listening to my boys is the best medicine ever!

  10. I smile because each day when I write Il Volo daily I learn a liittle bit more about them and about the #ilvolosphere in all the languages 🙂 . In a few time I met so amazing people and have so nice conversations that, even if they don’t appear, I smile every day.

    Nice post girls 🙂 Bom Domingo!

  11. I’m smiling because I love Il Volo. I’m smiling because I love the Flight Crew. I’m smiling because I love the new posts, the old posts, the re-posts. I’m smiling because this page brought out some new folks. Life is good.

  12. I’m smiling because even though I listen to my Il Volo cds, I need to see them perform too. I NEED to watch them! So I’m so thankful to all those fans from all over the world who post their concert videos so I can experience the live performances.

  13. I smiled one evening, some years ago, when I a saw three Italian kids appearing in a tv program & just by being naturally themselves performed amazingly well for the their age. Now I smile because they made it internationally and just keep being themselves; in doing so, they revive people interest on Italian art, music, landscapes, historic sites etc. etc. ……
    I wish for them to grow, evolve and improve personally and professionally , as it is natural, without forgetting or betraying the children they were.

  14. I am smiling because these three young men have brought so much love and joy to our hearts with their passionate singing and handsome, smiling faces. I am also smiling because I am thankful that this site exists and our new friends exist because of them. They are such a blessing to our world in so many ways. Thank you Gianluca, Ignazio, and Piero.

  15. I’m smiling because I have pulled the drapes shut, closed the blinds, and now I can no longer hear or see the blizzard raging outside – Yes, I too live I in Minnesota. Now I can play all of my Il Volo CDs and DVDs and feel all warm and happy inside. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca enjoy you time with your families and come back to us soon.

  16. I am smiling because it’s bed time for me and that means It’s time for Il Volo. They put me to sleep every night. Their angelic voices sure make me smile during my sleep. I just wish my dear Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio will join me in my dreams. So I dream a dream…

  17. I love watching my DVR recording of Buon Natale, and the intro when Piero says Yes, this is a Christmas show. What an adorable guy, with a cute accent and a fantastic voice. He always makes me smile.

    1. Me, too! One of my favorite cute moments, Barbara!

      Great to see new visitors to this site (I know you’ve been around a while, Barbara, but some other names are new to me). We are always so happy to have new friends enter this beautiful IL VOLO home. Thanks to our tremendous Flight Crew Board for sharing the love in so many warm and wonderful ways!

      Sharing the love comes naturally with role models like Ignazio, Gianluca, and Piero!
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  18. Smiling and so thankful for everyone involved in the Flight Crew. Smiling cause their singing makes me warm and happy. Smiling remembering IlVolo getting me through two injuries. Smiling because of their beautiful faces and voices. Smiling cause they sing me to sleep. Smiling remembering meeting Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca in NYC. Smiling cause I feel included in this site and for all of you!

      1. I only correct her because I thought was not a typos, because the letters i & e and a & o are far each other on the keyboard. Anyway she have already correct it. Have a nice day.

  19. I’m smiling because I have the edit button. There. Fixed.

    I’m also smiling because no matter how you spell it, he’s one of the three most beautiful voices on the planet!

  20. I’m smiling – Because three beautiful voices have transformed so many lives. They are my lullaby and wake-up and go-to-work magic. Because they exude gentleness, kindness, respect and love to everyone, even when they are tired or busy. Because they give 100% in their shows and genuinely love what they do, bringing such joy to us. How lucky we are to be recipients of their passion and gifts!! And Because they have gathered a world-wide community of fans, giving us all new friends and a wonderful message board here!! Have to admit I love these fabulous young men! Thanks, Flight Crew, for your efforts!!

  21. Thanks Marie and LeeLee for coming to my rescue. However I spell their names, they are great and I adore them. I should know how to spell their names cause I have been following them for over four years!!! I do get senior moments at times. HaHa!

    1. Your welcome, Nana. That’s the beauty about this site – we have each other’s back because we care about each other and share the same love of Ganlucca, Iganaseo, and Piri no matter how their nomes are smelled.

      1. I just made ​​a comment about the name Gianluca be spelled wrong and I became a villain, that’s not fair, forgive me for being so in love with Gianluca. Period.

  22. I’m smiling because I just watched my brand new Mas Que Amor DVD! Our Guys are always adorable, and they balanced the sound beautifully to hear the songs, even with the fans screaming! Well done! Ah yes… More Than Love! (; >)

    I’m also smiling because one of the kitties in the shelter needed stress-reduction, and some gentle IL VOLO songs and loving conversation with gentle petting was just what that kitty needed! ^_^

    Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio, your harmonious tunes and big hearts reach out to all Creation! Great love and gratitude,
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

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