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I’m Smiling Because ~~

Hello!I'm Smiling Because

When I started this feature, I planned for it to be a weekly thing, inspired by Il Volo’s, “Smile”.  But there has been so much news and fun stuff coming our way, it’s been a good long while since we’ve done one.  Jeannette reminded us that this might be a good time to sit down and share the joyful things in our lives, and we agree.  So…pull up a chair and let’s talk!  <3


Smiling Kids

We’re Smiling Because:

  • Il Volo had a successful concert tour in North America

  • The fruit of Myron’s dream was finally brought to fruition with the Vegas Fan Faire

  • We hit a huge milestone this week

  • Because of all of you!


Why are you smiling?

~~ Kelly

I’m Smiling Because ~~ July 5, 2014


Hey Everyone! 


While everyone is still so giddy over our concert experiences, we thought we’d find out why everyone is smiling today. 









We’re smiling because everyone seemed to love seeing The Guys in concert last month. 

We’re smiling because so many people have decided to share their stories with us.

We’re smiling because we met so many young people, they’ve decided to come out and say, “hi”, and we’re hoping they stick around for awhile.  🙂 














             So, why are you smiling?






I’m Smiling Because ~~ 2/23/14

k4565577 Hey Everyone!

We’re smiling because the guys will be in the US soon…very soon!!! 

We’re smiling because we have a tentative tour schedule out!!!

We’re smiling because Victoria did an awesome job researching the guys and Il Volo for their biographies.  Gianluca’s and “Becoming Il Volo” are the newest additions.  Please head over to“Biographies” on the left side of your screen to check them out!

And I’m personally smiling because I will hopefully be in Palm Springs experiencing some warm weather at the end of the week!!  😀

Why are you smiling? 2472566_f520