I’m Smiling Because… ~~ March 28, 2014

Hey Everyone!

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We’re smiling because everyone is getting tickets and is so excited for the guys’ upcoming tour!





And I’m personally smiling because even tough it’s raining and “blowing up a storm” and there was a tornado warningΒ  in Jefferson City, it feels like SPRING in the Mid-West!!! Woo hoo!




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  1. I’m smiling because I have three chances to grab me one of them and to meet several of you in Vienna, Elgin and Sterling Heights.

    Oh Kelly! Is it really, finally, spring? πŸ™‚


  2. I’m smiling because my daughter, stepmother and I have acquired tickets to see Il Volo at the Stamford, CT Palace Theater!!! We saw them before at the Radio City Music Hall, NY and it was the best experience of our lives. This time we will be closer to the stage…..only 8 rows back!! We are soooooooooo excited!! 3 Generations loving Il Volo!!

  3. I’m smiling because everyone is so excited to see the “Guys” again!

    I’m also smiling because Spring, for so many of you, is finally going to happen!!

  4. I’m smiling because my seats are in the first row and I get to meet them. My whole family is going – sister, nieces, nephews and their children! We are going to have an il Volo party before the show. Wish they could come.

  5. I am smiling because, I am part of this IL VOLO family , and how your blogs keep me so well informed and how you bring me back to the times when I was young with all these great singers of the past. I have a lot to smile about, we are going to see the boys in Stamford ( 1st row) and taking my sister to Westbury.. What could be better. So I sure am smiling!!

  6. Do so want to attend. LIVE in Miami and hopefully see them here one day, I know they were in. . I did not know of them until my dearest told me and sent CD’s/ Bev Olson/ childhood friends forever. May never thank her enough. Told her I was going to be her administrator assistant. Smiling

  7. I’m smiling because I have the certainity that I will be seeing and meeting these beautiful young men in Saratoga, Califorina with Jeanine. We will have a great roadtrip from Portland to Saratoga. It will be a GREAT ADVENTURE. At some point in time I will hear IL VOLO LIVE. My hand will touch Piero’s hand and I will look into those gorgeous deep brown Italian eyes with my gorgeous deep brown American eyes!
    IT WILL BE SQ! ( now I will scamper off and do a happy dance)

  8. I’m happy because I have tickets for Stamford in the 3rd row,near the center isle, and I’m finally going to meet them face to face !!!!! Hope I know what to say to them when the time comes !!!!! I will be wearing the Flight Crew Badge so hope to meet some of you there.
    I am also smiling because I shared the Mas Que Amor DVD with a friend yesterday and I gave her the translations, from Spanish to English, for three of the songs that she is taking to share with her Spanish class next week. Sharing the Love once again !!!!! Ain’t it grand !!!

  9. “Italian in a Click” lesson – I did not know the translation for “sinistra” – The sentence refers to an elevator question at the hotel. Does “sinistra” mean “on the left?” – Also, “First Italian Reader” is too advanced for me….. Basic Italian words and phrases would be my level!

      1. Thank you! I also found Marco Nisida. I sent him an e-mail about Il Volo at MarcoNisida@gmail.com. I have enjoyed his videos on Venice and other locations.His mantra: “Life is a wonderful gift that gives many emotions, adventures and passions.”

  10. I’m smiling because every day that goes by is bringing me closer to my first concert in Milwaukee on June 21st! Wish I knew what row Mary B., Jane, and I will be in. But we’ll be wearing our Flight Crew Badges so I know we’ll meet others who love Our Guys as much as we do! Our Flight Crew badges made by Mary B. got a lot of attention when we met Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca at the Mall of America last November.

    1. Hi Allene, Jeanne and other Milwaukee-bound fans!! I’m smiling because I splurged and bought a ticket AND a meet and greet – orchestra, within first 19 rows!!!! I will be very happy with wherever that puts me, just to hear those gorgeous voices and see those gorgeous Italian men!! I’m also happy to finally meet some of you who are similarly smitten!! Proudly wearing The Badge!! Is it June yet??

  11. I am smiling big time because last week I becme a Patron of Wolf Trap which allowed me to purchase tickets to the Il Volo Concert before Saturday. My order was placeed yesterday and I was able to obtain 4 seats in the Pit ,front row center. No scalpers were involved. My mouth is about to split because of smiling. Sites that are advertising tickets to Il Volo now (before Saturday) at exorbitant prices do not have the tickets and will not be able to order anything until Saturday. Individuals are hired to make the purchases on line and depending on how many are obtained, the site will then sell for out of sight prices. Be wary of who you purchase your tickets from. Either purchase Meet and Greet tickets through the Il Vol web site of directly from Wolf Trap.

  12. I will be at the Greek in L.A. June 7 so if others from this site are there we should arrange for a meeting point prior to the concert in the lobby.

    1. I would love to meet you at the Greek… I am going to be the one with the biggest smile on my face, since this is my first Il Volo Concert, I also have meet and greet tickets… Just let me know prior to the day what the plan is… I think I am going to stay at the Hilton because its the closest hotel to the greek I think…

      1. Can you tell me where you got your tickets? I was told by the Greek Theater I couldn’t get them until 4-5-14 and Ticketmaster has a presale on 4-4-14. I really want to go and I would like to meet all of “us” on that night. Did you get them from PBS or on Il Volo’s website? I ‘m afraid that a week from now, I would be sitting in the “trees”. Thanks for any information you can give me.

  13. I am taking my grandaughter to the concert in Stamford Ct. and would love to buy a badge for both of us. Could anyone help me with this.? I am trying to make this a very special memory for her . Can’t wait to see her face have m & g tickets! Thankyou ! Nan Catherine

  14. Hello everyone! Flight crew badges are on the top left of the site. Read under “Home” it says “Flight Crew Badge”. Some people are printing them out themselves. It appears that it takes a fairly good printer to obtain a really good print. So some are going to Kinko’s, Office Depot, etc. and having them print them out. Those Companies SHOULD be able just to pull up the site and print it for you. If the store claims copyright issues tell them it’s a public site and it says in the directions that the badge is free to print. Also take your lanyard or clear sleeve with you so you can show them the size you want.

    Glad you like them. I sure will be looking for them at the concerts! Can’t wait to meet some of you!!

    1. YES! Office Max made mine today. A 4×6 inch laminated photo. It turned out BEAUTIFUL! The color is wonderful. Cost a little over a dollar! Can’t beat that! Can’t wait to see us all wearing the guys!!

  15. Those of you who know me from my being on this site since its beginning , know how horribly disappointed I was that I had never been to an Il Volo concert.. They never even came close to Dallas last year or this year…. But HOORAY!!!! I’m smiling and laughing out loud because I’m going to Nashville on June 17 to see them!! Have my tickets and M&Gs as well, and am dancing a jig!!! Will June EVER get here????

    1. Yay for you Helen! That’s great news! Keep your fingers crossed for Jeanine and myself please.

    2. I am smiling because you are dancing a jig, Helen! I also have only been to one concert, and never to a meet & greet. But this time I have tickets to both, and I am delighted beyond the beyond! Can’t wait to see them, touch them, smell them–everyone always says how good they smell! OOh–and I have NO clue whatsoever what I will say, assuming I will be able to say anything! And second row seats on the aisle–be still my heart!

    3. Helen – I am smiling that you are meeting and greeting Il Volo and you will hear them sing in person for the first time! Can’t wait for your review of the whole adventure. Michele

      1. Michele—–I plan on inundating all of you with superlatives galore!!!, if The Boys don’t leave me completely speechless, that is. (Wow! THAT would be a first!)

      1. Marie….I can’t wait either! I am positive that they are more and better than I could dream!

    4. Helen, honey, I cannot wait to hear your story. You are going to have such a great time!!! Keep dancing that Jig, but just be careful πŸ™‚

      1. Thank you so much, LeeLee! I’m really practicing that jig!!

  16. I’m smiling because I have meet & greet with FRONT ROW seats to the concert in Stamford, CT on 6/14….I’m in disbelief that I am actually going to see and hear Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio in person! Can someone clue me in as to what the “meet & greet” is like? Don’t know what to expect and would really like to know so I won’t faint! Also smile every time I receive and read the Flight Crew’s blog….thank you one and all!

  17. I’m smiling because that’s what reading all these comments does! So glad everyone is liking the badges Marie designed. Looking forward to seeing a lot of them in Elgin! πŸ™‚

  18. Are any of you attending the Milwaukee concert staying at the Aloft Milwaukee Downtown Hotel? If so, we will all have to meet some time before the concert.

  19. I’m smiling because I love this site, and also because I have tickets to 2 concerts (Newark & Phila) and 1 Meet & Greet (Phila), within the first 6 rows for each concert. I’m bummed because I couldn’t get better seats even though I was online at 6am! BUT, the Philly concert is the last one of the tour and they say “anything goes” so it should be fun! Can’t wait to hug them. Went to Radio City Music Hall to see them and the very next night we went to their Atlantic City concert and the M&G there. Ignazio is to tall that when I went to hug him I pulled him down and he almost fell, but we had a good laugh. The boys are TERRIFIC! Those of you who have never been to their concerts or M&G are going to be in 7th Heaven! Can’t wait for June. Will be wearing the Flight Crew Badge as well.

  20. I am smiling because it is almost ten o’clock at night and I just finished listening/watching Piero sing No Puede Ser for about the millionth time on youtube.
    I am DYING to hear him live, in person, but it is looking that is not going to happen for me this year. *heartbroken sniffles* But NO, I have to keep smiling because, if for no other reason, THEY asked me to. “Smile, though your heart is breaking…”

    1. Beautifully worded, Isabel. When I want to see them I put in one of the 3 DVDs I have. I watched the “We Are Love” DVD tonight. They are so beautiful.

      I hope you get to see them in person soon!

    2. Isabel: It just breaks my heart that you are not able to go to a concert this year. Believe me, I know just how you feel. I realize that it’s hard to read all the comments of every one who is going, and you are so sweet to share the excitement and make such beautiful and intelligent remarks on this site. I gather that you are young…In your teens…You obviously are one smart cookie, for as I just said, you express yourself so well. I know that everyone is rooting for you to get to see The Boys on their next tour, so hang in there, keep listening and dreaming. Your time WILL come!!

    3. Isabel, I know what you mean. I went through it last year but at the last minute, an opportunity came up (THANKS TO LINDA!!) and I got my chance. Maybe it will for you, too. In the meantime, you can live it through everyone’s experiences, pictures, and videos. I know it’s not the same, but it’s darn close. πŸ™‚

  21. Isabel, I’m so sorry you won’t be going to a concert. There will be many other concerts for many years. Maybe even another time this year. Plus, we will all have so many pictures and video’s you’ll swear you were there and in the front row.

  22. I am smiling because I have found this site, and you have all been so kind to me… Having people who share my love for Il Volo and because I am going to the Greek on June 7 which is my first Il Volo Concert… I have not quit smiling since I secured the tickets…

  23. A large part of the reason I’m smiling so big is that I will get to finally meet my board sisters in Chicago! Hard to believe I have never actually met them face to face. I love them. I just hope they don’t get between me and Ignazio during the meet and greet. We’re talking priorities here!

    Keep smiling Jeannette!

    1. Can’t wait to meet you Marie! I promise I won’t get between you and Ignazio as long as you behave and don’t get between you know who and me.

      I am smiling big just thinking of 6/20. Gianluca, Piero, Ignazio, I can’t wait to see and meet you all again. Love you so much! Good luck and safe travel to Russia.

      1. Elaine and Kelly—–I’m smiling because I’ll have NO problem in Stamford !! I’ll have you know who all to myself and before I melt into a big puddle on the floor he’s gonna get a big hug and cheek kiss from me !! ! My heart does little flip flops every time I think about finally seeing his beautiful face in person, up close !!!! It seems surreal to me that it is finally going to happen !. Of course I want to give Ignazio and Piero big hugs too !! ( No Marie to fight off !! and no Connie either !!) They’re all so sweet and adorable !!! Can’t wait until June 14th arrives !!

  24. Linda, do you sense a bit of deja vu here? Last year it was Marie and Loretta, now this year it’s Elaine and Kelly. Looks like we’re going to have to start putting away that bail money. Don’t forget bail money for Marie, too. As she said, she has 3 chances to grab one of them. I sense troubles-a-comin’ for her, too!

    1. Leelee, not only have I set aside more bail money, but I’m calling HIM to warn him about her. I’m going to have to rely on you to prevail with the cooler head. Keep a lid on all of them, there will never be enough bail money if they all act up.

    1. No, no – you don’t want him to call his Mom, Marie. Once that happens, you’re done for.

  25. Oh, Marie——- I can’t stop laughing hysterically!!!
    I was okay until I got to “and probably his mom.” !!!!!!!

  26. Now I’m worried… are the boys going to be able to finish the tour after you ladies are through with them? Maybe I should switch my M&G from Philly to Newark so I can warn them about you before they get to Elgin!!! Please handle them gently… especially Ignazio – I want him! LOL

  27. Marie and Maddie, just calm down!!! Ignazio is MINE, and if you want to prove it, just go to my picture with him on my experience in Orlando. that will settle the matter once and for all. I may not be going to any concerts this round YET, BUT Gianluca has said he will be spending a lot of time in Miami, so Lee Lee, we still have hope. I don’t mind flying down to Miami. just wanted to straighten things out Marie so you won’t get too upset if he tells you he is taken already!!!!!!

    1. Gosh, you ever notice that us Piero girls are very Peaceful? We never argue over Piero. We like to keep that sexy rascal Piero in one piece.
      Of course, everyone does know that Pirates and Piero are just naturals together.

    2. I’m way ahead of you, Deanne. The wheels are already turning in my head about Miami. However, don’t give your game plan too much publicity because if Marie gets wind, she might intervene. We’ll need to keep our plans between us.

  28. You girls are nattering unnecessarily. Ignazio has ALWAYS been MINE from the very beginning even before Marie or any of you new of him. . Him & I have an understanding, When he smiles his smilies are for me. So hang your heads & weep & latch onto one of the other boys. Ta ta

  29. But ladies, I am a full-blooded Siciliana; that should certainly give me some pull with Ignazio! (and Piero too, of course). My ancestors are from the same Province in Italy as Piero – Agrigento.

  30. I’m smiling because I’ve got a front row seat and M&G for Nashville to see my boys for the very first time, and hopefully will meet some of y’all too!

    1. YOU’RE SOOOOO LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!! FRONT ROW!!!!!!! MEET & GREET!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

      1. Thanks! I was not expecting to get such a great seat. I just couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw my seat number! I’m also smiling because it’s on Piero’s side! πŸ™‚ I will take lots of pictures and tell you all about it! I wish you were going to a concert! πŸ™ I hope something will work out!

      2. Believe me, so do I! It sounds like you have the dream seat, so you’ll HAVE to tell my how far above my expectations your concert is! πŸ˜€ Any pictures featuring a certain someone wearing red glasses will not go unappreciated here. πŸ˜‰

  31. This latest string of comments has given me great reason to smile. You’re absolutely right Piratesorka, we Piero girls are a peaceful group. It’s that special, mezmerizing quality in his voice I’m guessing. You will definitely have to teach me to be a pirate if pirates and Piero are natural! πŸ˜€

    Captain Crider, we may have to mutiny and lock you in the brig if this fight over The Dimpled One gets any more serious! You’re going to give us a bad name, which is such a shame considering how much work went into those badges! πŸ˜€

    It sounds like Gianluca is going to have plenty time to sneak out the back door while the fighting rages. I’ll bet he’ll be glad to get out in one piece! πŸ˜€

    I wish them luck in Russia!

    1. You and I part of the elite Il Volovers, the Piero girls. We need a special group name do you think? Just to make sure he knows, not that it matters to us at all, right? πŸ˜‰

      1. I’m partial to Piero’s Pirates, if you please. Hehhh, but thats just the pirate in me speaking up!

      2. I like your suggestion Piratesorka and I like the suggestion from the other comments page, Piero’s Red Pirates. What do you think Carli?

      3. I like Piero’s Pirates better than Piero’s Red Pirates since having Red as a part of a name has not always had the best of connotations.

        Another thought I had was Pieromantics. But that is also my username on twitter. Perhaps the better would be Piero’s Pirates as we are planning our pirating voyage. Which to you think? Or do you have any other thoughts?

  32. I have been smiling for 2 days, since these postings began. I love this site so much because of all the friendly banter and the willingness to exchange information. Because of this I have tickets to the Nashville concert and the meet and greet and hopefully the opportunity to meet some of you. My heart goes out to those not attending this year; I was exactly in that place last year. Never give up, your time will come! Love to all of you, as well as our 3 favorite young Italian men!

  33. As much as I boast here in front of Marie, I have to tell you that when I get in front of these boys, I freeze. literally freeze, and with all the big talk, I just can’t move or talk, but maybe just cry from so much emotion at seeing these three visions in front of me. the thing is that I can’t push, it’s not my nature. I am a Gianluca personality, rather timid when faced with something like them who mean so much to me. they were literally in front of my face at Amway center, and I felt foolish getting up and cheering them after every song as the “decent” well dressed people around me just looked at me as if I was some kind of a nut. I just wished I could get with the Latino crowd, then I would be able to act like them. the only way I would go to a meet and greet is if I had someone like you all with me. no one doing me a favour, know what I mean?
    It’s also a strange thing: I wonder if any of you feel the same thing, I feel I know them so well, they are my family, yet they do not know who the hell I am, and if I meet them, I am a stranger to them. it is so hard to meet someone who is a part of your life every moment, yet they do not even know you. this is something I find very hard to deal with

    1. They won’t wonder “who the hell you are” WHEN you get your chance to meet them. They’ll know that you a wonderful, amazing person who loves them and believes in them and they will love you right back for it, I’m sure.

      (Just don’t get too close to Ms. Crider, they might get scared off.)

  34. I’m smiling because I see that Piero posted earlier today that he had a” good sunday mass with his Nonno” I like to think he was praying about going to Russia. How can you not love a guy who goes to church with his grandfather??

  35. Just want to tell you Deanne,I said exactly that to Ignazio when I met him before the concert in RCMH ” I feel like I know you for years and you don’t know me from Adam”. We both laughed, and we talked some more,but I can’t remember what else was said. I also said to Piero, “look, Piero, 3 generations, Gianluca we hugged! I will never, never forget the meeting them outside before the concert. Oh HAPPY DAY!

  36. I’m smiling because…
    ~ I’m so grateful for the love and warm birthday wishes sent my way, as well as mentions of checking out my Walk-Dancing playlist. I ended up on retreat since the day after my birthday, and I’m now surfacing, just as I’m ready for my next adventure (below), so please forgive my gratitude coming in the form of a full heart with individual thank yous to follow I’m not sure when (2 trips planned in early April).
    ~ I’m heading to the river for a few days with my sister (so excited!).
    ~ I LOVE Walk-Dancing! Well, I’ve been doing it for a few years, but to myself. Now that it’s a new sport (along with rundancing), I’m just going with it, and folks in the park are jazzed, too. Soon we’ll do a meetup. And of course, the best is IL VOLO style!! Favorite Walk-Dancing IL VOLO songs… Beautiful Day, IL Mondo, Non Farmi Aspettare, La Luna Hizo Esto, Surrender (Torna a Surriento), This Time, Historia de un Amor.

    Still watching for when Saratoga tickets are going on sale. If anyone gets a heads-up, please contact me. (This is linked to my website, and there’s a contact page there.)

    Keep smilin’ and dancing to our rockin’ IL VOLO friends!
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

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