Piero, “#tomorrowRussia”

Earlier today Piero tweeted, “#tomorrowRussia”.  Russian Il Volo fans must be ecstatic, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca will soon be there!

We all know the guys will be in Moscow to perform in Toto Cutugno’s concert, yet I know very little about him.  I am happy to say that Maria Pia does, and she has taken the time to share her thoughts with us.

Maria Pia, “I’ve read that our guys will perform in Moscow as guests in the Toto Cutugno concert and I would like to give you some information on him.  He’s a famous singer and composer (he’s written songs for international stars including Ray Charles) not only in Italy but throughout Europe, especially in the Eastern European countries. I’ve been several times and for several months in Yugoslavia and there everyone was singing his songs in Italian and considering him as an idol. Also, he is a very handsome man. I hope that the show with Toto Cutugno will open to “our idols” even this market which is truly boundless.”    Maria Pia, we value your perspective.  Thank you so much!   Michele


Toto Cutugno

Photo from Bing Images:


Mini Bio “Toto Cutugno was born on July 7, 1943 in Fosdinovo, Tuscany, Italy as Salvatore Cutugno. He has been married to Carla since 1971. They have one child.”

Trivia “His most successful songs include “Solo noi” (1980, lit. for “Only Us”), “L’Italiano” (1983, “The Italian”), “Serenata” (1984, “Serenade”), “Insieme: 1992” (1990, “Together: 1992”) and “Gli amori” together with Ray Charles (1990, “Good Love Gone Bad” in the English version).”
Credit IMBd:   http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0194045/bio

About Toto Cutugno

“The Italian winner of the 1990 Eurovision Song Contest, Toto Cutugno was born Salvatore Cutugno on July 7, 1943, in the northern Tescan town of Fosdinovo. A drummer as a youth, he turned to songwriting in the early ’70s, and went on to compose hits for such European stars as Joe Dassin, Mireille Mathieu, Dalida, Johnny Halliday, Michel Sardou, Claude François and Gigliola Cinquetti. He also performed his material with his own band Albatross and, in 1976, the band released its self-titled debut album.

That same year, Albatross (performing the song “L’Albatross”) placed third at the San Remo Music Festival. They were back again in 1977, performing “Gran Premio,” since when Cutugno has visited the event on no less than a dozen further occasions. A solo artist now, he claimed victory just once, in 1980 with “Solo Noi” (“Only Us”). However, he would place second in 1984 with “Serenata” (“Serenade”), in 1987 with “Figli” (“Sons”), in 1988 with “Emozioni” (“Emotions”), and in 1989 with “Le Mamme” (“The Mothers”). A prolific recording artist throughout the ’80s, his album releases included 1980s solo debut Voglio l’Anima and Innamorata, Innamorato, Innamorati, 1981’s La Mia Musica, L’Italiano in 1983, and Mediterraneo and Cofanetto in 1987.

1990 saw Cutugno return to the San Remo event, performing alongside Ray Charles. Cutugno’s “Gli Amori” (recorded by Charles as “Good Love Gone Bad”) finished runner-up once again, but a greater triumph was just around the corner, as Cutugno’s “Insieme 1992” (“Together 1992”), a song celebrating the upcoming unification of Europe’s EEC membership, won the Eurovision Song Contest. His next album, Insieme, understandably remains Cutugno’s best known. His output slowed during the ’90s and beyond. 1992’s Non E Facile Essere Uomini was followed by Canzoni Nacoste (1997), Il Treno Va (2002) and Cantando (2004). 2005, however, saw Cutugno return to the spotlight when he joined singer Annalisa Minetti to perform “Come Noi Nessuno Al Mondo,” the title track from his latest album. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the pairing finished second once again.”

Credit MTV:  http://www.mtv.com/artists/toto-cutugno/biography

Additional Information

– Toto Cutugno Facebook

– Toto Cutugno, Artist Biography by Dave Thompson

– Toto Cutugno  Biography  IMDb



Have a great time guys!



Concert Announcement from Inter Media News Russia 3/28/2014

Bing translation of announcement below:
“Toto cutugno will conduct rehearsal with Orchestra”

“Open Rehearsal anniversary concert will take place on March 31, 2014 year toto Cutugno in the Club «Megapolis». A day later, the Italian artist to speak at Crocus City Hall.

The rehearsal will be attended by a large Symphony Orchestra under Al′terizio Paoletti, Italian Il Volo vocal trio and Toto.

During the rehearsal photo and video shooting will be allowed. At the end of the rehearsal, journalists will be able to get
comments from stakeholders, including the Cutugno.

Beginning at 18.00.
Information and registration at the phone: 8-903-9640-755 (Elena Beduš).”


Original Announcement from Inter Media News Russia
“Тото Кутуньо проведёт репетицию с оркестром
28.03.2014 14:26  Раздел: Музыка  Рубрика: Анонсы

Открытая репетиция юбилейного концерта Тото Кутуньо состоится 31 марта 2014 года в клубе «Мегаполис». Напомним, что днём позже итальянский исполнитель выступить в Crocus City Hall.

В репетиции примут участие большой симфонический оркестр под управлением Альтеризио Паолетти, итальянское вокальное трио Il Volo и сам Тото.

Во время репетиции будет разрешена фото и видеосъемка. По окончании репетиции журналисты смогут получить
комментарии у участников процесса, в том числе – у самого Кутуньо.

Начало в 18.00.

Справки и аккредитация по тел.: 8-903-755-9640 (Елена Бедуш).”
Credit Inter Media News Russia: http://www.intermedia.ru/news/255341



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  1. just as a matter of interest, the flight from Rome to Moscow takes 3 3/4 hours and Alitalia flies there. Moscow time is just 2 hours ahead of Italy.
    the flight from Rome to New York is 9 1/2 hours and jet lag for so as Italy is 6 hours ahead of us. so that made sense for them to leave from Italy instead of come to US and leave from here. also, I don’t think Russia especially wants to see anything from America at this stage, so it is good that they and their crew are all Italian. it was a good move by management.

    1. Ha Ha Ha Pirate Connie, that’s exactly what I thought.

      Deanne you’re our new navigator! Good work! Now, let’s think of other reasons it’s good they’re Italian.

  2. I must admit I have been worried since seeing that Our Guys would be going to Russia. I do feel better about it since reading what you wrote, Deanne. Yes, I don’t suppose anything to do with the USA would be welcome in Russia right now! And thank you Michele for that wonderful article. I’m afraid I had never heard of Toto Cutugno before, but now I can’t wait to hear him. Thanks to Maria Pia also. I hope we are able to see some videos from the concert.

  3. Thank you Michele & Maria Pia for the information on Toto Cutugno
    who is certainly talented.
    There is no question the Il Volo boys will be successful. I’m still praying that they do the concert & are able to go back home or where they have to go next safely.

  4. Loretta and all, our Guys will be fine. The “unrest” is happening outside of Russia. Plus, NOTHING can keep them from being here in June! ‘Cause I said so.

    Thanks Michele and Mia for another informative article. Good to know who Our Guys are “playing with” in Russia.

  5. Thanks Michele and Mia Pia, lots of info I didn’t know. I am sure too, that they will be fine in Russia, they’re far away from Ukraine.
    Certainly, nothing will keep them from being here in June!!

  6. Gianluca just tweeted they fly to Russia @ 9pm tonight. Gianluca alluded to an Australian fan that he would see them soon! God Speed tonight, Il Volo!!

  7. Thanks, Maria Pia and Michelle. I have heard from Il Volo Russia that Mr. Cutungo has several dates planned for shows in Russia, so it makes me wonder if The Guys are part of more than just this one show. Unfortunately, they were unable to get more information on whether or not Il Volo was participating in his tour, there is nothing mentioned at Il Volo’s official site, and I have had no luck finding his tour information. I guess we’ll have to watch The Guys and their tweets to see what is happening.

  8. Ok, they fooled me this time. I thought they would have taken Alitalia to Moscow, but they took the Russian airline Aerofloat, I checked the departures and it left at 9.10pm Italian time which is exactly the time Gianluca said they were leaving. would love to know how they were treated on that flight!!

    1. It is now 8:15 PM on the West coast, 5:15 AM in Rome and 7:15 AM in Moscow. Our 3 intrepid Italian travelers have lost 2 hours in their first day in Russia. Its good that they are young and have lots of staminia!

      1. It has a ring to it–the kind that is one ear of the pirate! A RED ring, of course!

  9. I’m happy that our boys arrived in Russia safely. I know they will be loved, but can’t wait for them to leave.

    I like the new background! That video is so much fun to watch!

  10. hear this news folks!!! Gianluca tweeted that it was snowing in Moscow, so I looked up the situation in Moscow and here is what I got:”a large early snowstorm in Moscow disrupted flights and created havoc on the roads.(thank God our boys got in before disrupted flights). it continues “the 1st snowfall of the season in Europe, it is expected to continue at least until Friday.it said it is the biggest in 50 years. whew!!! I thought that Russia like the rest of Europe was coming into spring and then summer. have to find out more about their climate. and it showed a picture of Moscow with the people and the snow falling. I typed in “is it snowing in Moscow, and I got all this.

  11. Gianluca said he was having a walk around Moscow, the time he was having the walk was 12.40am.!!! I checked the time. guess that’s the only free time they have to sightsee. I would imagine that Moscow must be very beautiful to see all lit up at night. don’t expect they will get much sleep while there

    1. Deanne, you know Gianluca doesn’t sleep. 🙂 Or I should say, he doesn’t sleep well. He comes up with the most random stuff to tweet in the middle of the night. 🙂

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