They’re Not Real, Folks!


I have always been honest with all of you, so you need to know...Il Volo is not real. Those are computer generated, enhanced Robots. Oh, think about it!

t 1.5

– Logic should tell you that human 19 & 20 year-olds don’t sing like that and can’t possibly look like this! Weren’t you suspicious?


t - 2.5– Come on!  Normal teenage boys don’t want their parents hanging around.  You know that’s true.

– Famous young men don’t tweet how much they love and appreciate you, everyday! That’s too ridiculous to believe.


t - 4. 5– Real boy bands aren’t humble and respectful. They tear-up hotel rooms, have parties and get arrested. You know I’m right.

t - 5

– They even planned their birthdays four months apart for party planning. How convenient.

t - 5.5


– Look at this picture again. This is not the look a genuine star would give a crazed, albeit adoring, fan. 


t - 6– No one travels the world making everyone, from one to one-hundred, no matter the language, fall in love with them. No one can do that and certainly no one of their age. Open your eyes and ears people!


t - 7– They just happened to be there when you needed to hear angels sing. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

I hope their programmers don’t have “world takeover” on their minds. ‘Cause I would give it to them! Oh No! See?

Nope. Not real. Sorry to break your hearts, but really you should have known all along.


67 thoughts on “They’re Not Real, Folks!”

  1. I KNEW they were too good to be true!! But,,,alas…I think I will be falling for them anyway. Thanks for your warning Marie but I guess I am just gullible.

  2. Oh, Marie – I don’t know how you come up with things like this but i ABSOLUTELY LOVE it! You are a genius; our boys must be robots!
    Thank you for this post!

  3. Marie you are a genius! Totally loving this piece. Thank you! We were just discussing on Twitter how they could be so young but have such old world elegance. Now we know, their robots! Lol

      1. I have got to find a way to sneak into the M&G! I can’t miss seeing you two kissing a robot! lol

  4. If I hadn’t seen them myself,I’d believe you ,Marie . But you see,I heard those angelic voices and saw those handsome boys perform and take my breath away so I know they’re real. Wonderfully unbelievable,but real!

  5. Marie, this is glorious! How many times do we all shake our heads in wonderment about these three phenomenal young men who defy all sense of reason?! 🙂

    1. Marie,
      They must have some really good programmers! You are just trying to con us into leaving them alone, so you can have Ignazio all to yourself! We know your tricks!

  6. Well, I was wondering about their “realness”. These guys aren’t anything like Justin Bieber, they have class and respect for themselves. They are just too good to be true. Maybe that’s why they are not real. Viva IL VOLO.

  7. If I am counting the days to the concert in Milwaukee to see three adorable young Italian robots, so be it. But when I hugged Piero at the MOA last November he seemed to be incredibly and wonderfully human!

    1. Hi Allene,

      Jeanne Thomas and I will be together at the Milwaukee Concert and we are very excited. It is Jeanne’s 2nd Il Volo Concert and my 1st. We will proudly be wearing our Flight Crew badges. ☺ Hoping we can meet you there, it will be a truly memorable experience. Love reading everyone’s news and comments.

  8. Marie, I just love the stuff you come up with, Girl! You just put a big smile on my face, and I thank you!

  9. I have suspected that for some time now, although they seemed so human when I met them. I’m going to have to go to another concert now, Marie, just to make sure. Not that I want to mind you, just for scientific research. 😉

      1. What can I say? I love science. Ha, who am I kidding? I love these beautiful robots.

  10. Marie, Marie, you are so wise to figure that out. I guess that means we can each have our own set of boys. Maybe we can get a group discount at the robot store. I’ll have 1 of each please. 🙂

  11. Marie — You have to know that every millennium or so the birth of a magnificent being happens.
    This time God decided to have triplets! They truly are a gift from God…and they appreciate it and share that gift with us.

  12. Genius, genius…no, not you Marie. I am talking about the programmer, the great creator. What marvelous creation!

    Oh , of course I am kidding. The real genius is our own Marie trying to fool us on this 4/1. No I am not a fool. I know what I am seeing. I met them and those sweet memories are still fresh in my mind. But it doesn’t matter, robots or human, I love them just the way they are!

    1. Hi Marie, You are a wonder, you really are. I was smiling ear to ear reading today’s news….Milwaukee will be my 1st time attending the boys’ concert. Jeanne Thomas and I will be going together and have our Flight Crew badges on. I am absolutely so thankful I am finally able to see, hear and meet these wonderful guys. Everyone says the same thing about them and now I will have that experience…SO excited. Thank you for all your fun news. ☺☺☺

  13. Robotic news TV has just advertised there coming concert in Buffalo New York. Can’t wait to see them.

    Carol G

  14. Well Marie, I believe that dreams do come true!!!! ahd this one has, because I believe them into life, and this dream is as real to me as if they are right here with me. this is one dream that keeps getting better everyday and I have no intention of giving up my dream, OR Ignazio!!!!!!! you are something else Marie! sometimes I think you are not for real.

    1. I too believe in dreams coming true, and mine will come true in June, in LA. Pinnochia’s nose is growing, I can feel it here in NM. We just have to believe that they are real and like Gepetto, we too will have the real human IL VOLO. Love to all.

  15. Deanne, someone just emailed me and said that Ignazio put this story and some of my concert pictures on his facebook. That’s pretty close to a dream for me. He’s such a lovely Robot! I haven’t looked yet.

    Does that mean he might read what you are all saying?

    1. If your sweet, dimpled robot, Ignazio, posted this Marie you’ll be flying so high that we will never be able to get you back down to earth again !! I have always wondered if they read all our posts because if they do, I have thought to myself, they must laugh their head off !! I just finished laughing mine off–you are the best Marie !
      Well, if they are robots they are the most lovable, kissable, huggable robots in the whole wide world and I’m sure they’re programmed to appreciate how much we all love them, wish them well and cheer them on everyday in every way !!

  16. Hmm, maybe they’re not real?? I think they are, but they’re way too perfect in this not too perfect world. Marie, is this an April fools joke? Bet it is, I know you!!!! LOVE THIS!! 🙂

  17. They certainly defy the saying, “If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is”. They ARE true and good and many of us will get to experience it for real!! Such marvelous young men they are! Excited for June! Thanks for the laughs, Marie!

  18. Hi Harriet, This will be my first concert, too. We should all be able to find each other with those distinctive badges we will be wearing. It sounds like there will be a good bunch of us there. Can’t wait to meet you and Jeanne and all the others!

    1. Good to hear from you, Allene. I’m sure you are as filled with anticipation as Jeanne and I are about the Milwaukee concert. My son is going to drive us and will be attending the concert also….isn’t that sweet of him?? Are you staying somewhere nearby? We will be about 20-25 min. away…so many place were booked or too expensive. It will be soooo fun, looking forward to meeting you too. ☺

  19. LOL!!! 😀 They certainly do seem too good to be true! I would, however, like to make a statement on behalf of the rest of my misrepresented generation and say that not all 19 and 20 year-olds are arrogant, disrespectful, and ungrateful. My siblings and I all love our parents and we are not the party-so-hard-you-get-arrested type either. Just wanted to say that.

    Someone earlier in the comments was singing a Bruno Mars song and I thought it was really funny because that song popped into my head as soon as I saw Piero’s latest #papparazi post on twitter. “When you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while. Because you’re amazing, just the way you are!”

    1. Thank you Isabel. There are at least a few of us that are not “arrogant, disrespectful, and ungrateful.” I think we are the most blessed generation as we have Il Volo!

  20. You’re correct Isabel. I apologize, no disrespect intended. You and They are shining examples of your generation “Just the way you are”.

  21. Isabel, thank you for that remark, it gives me real hope that Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio are not alone and that there is hope for the young generation yet, and Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio are instruments in this new revolution. I am so excited and hopeful because I have always worried that the world would change them and my wish is that THEY will change the world. yes, dreams are coming true, and it starts with three angels sent from Heaven. no dream here, real:you can feel it with your heart and touch it with your hands and see it with your eyes. thank God for my senses.
    Now Maria, that would be wonderful if that e-mail is true!! ofcourse you know what day this is: (all fools day) so I don’t know if someone is pulling something on you??
    I hope it’s true though. you are making this site famous you know, just now we will have to pay you for your geniousness. remember no matter how famous you get, “stay humble and remember where you come from”

  22. Thank you Deanne, I’ll try! Actually I just went there and he did post this story. I knew he would find me eventually. In no time he’ll be knocking on my door! (Please God, I don’t ask for much.)

  23. Then I choose to live in an imaginary world where Il Volo does exist and bask in their presence and in their beautiful songs. Good-by reality, there is nothing of yours I want. I’ve gotten used to a standard of living high above what you have to offer. I here resign from living in the real world.

    No, no!!! I still choose to believe that Il Volo does exist! In this real world of ours! I shall find out for myself in 77 days! But I have to admit, Marie, you are very hilarious! I loved it!

    1. 77 days until you get to experience Heaven on Earth! Is there room for one more in your imaginary world? It seems like you and I have the same standards.


  25. Marie, the more I read this the more I am convinced you are a genius! I now decided after reading it for the 10th time that I had to print it and keep it. it is a work of art. the media could do with someone like you to refresh us

  26. Marie, thank you for giving me that site of Ignazio. I, like you, don’t know whose site it is , it says Ignazio, but I don’t know if somebody made that site to promote him or if it is actually His site. anyway, I was amazed at some of the things he has on that site, if it is his site, he is a very wise young man beyond his years. he has his head screwed on right all right. there was a quote on it from Mother Teresa, and a comment was that it applied to Ignazio. unfortunately it was in Italian and I could not translate it. however, I have another quote from Mother Teresa “spread love everywhere you go. let no one come to you without leaving happier” isn’t this exactly what Il Volo is doing?

  27. Deanne, I worked 13 hours yesterday and didn’t get a chance to view these comments. They certainly started today off great! Thank you so much! Mother Teresa would have loved Our Boys! Looks like she spoke about them. She must have known.

  28. Oh Marie,

    You really did do a great article here, as usual. But I have to disagree, they are real. I love seeing your picture that you took in Detroit of the boys. Enlarged it again and I can see you! lol Such a great picture of Ignazio!

  29. “They tear-up hotel rooms, have parties and get arrested. You know I’m right.”

    No Marie, sorry to tell you, but you are wrong. Our boys are not Justin Bieber, thank goodness for that.

    I just love the picture of them with the Pope!

  30. I didn’t mean Our Guys Jeanie. Never Our guys!
    I love that picture too. The looks on their faces tells more about them than I could ever say!

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