Il Volo Professional ~~ April 2, 2014

Il Volo Show On TV?


It might be.  In an article found on an Italian TV blog, , it appears that Il Volo has become the muse for a fictional television series that is in the works.

The article can be found here —> , and the paragraph for consideration is copied and translated by Bing below:

Nuova Fiction Mediaset: secondo Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni la Ciao Ragazzi di Claudia Mori sarebbe già al lavoro per realizzare una fiction dedicata a Gianluca Ginoble, Piero Barone e Ignazio Boschetto, i tre tenorini che dopo aver partecipato a Ti lascio una canzone hanno creato il gruppo Il volo, ottenendo successo in tutto il mondo.

New Fiction Mediaset: according to Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni , Claudia Mori would already be working to create a fiction dedicated to Gianluca Ginoble and Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto, the three tenorini that after participating in Ti lascio una canzone have created the group, gaining success around the world.
Hmmm….we might have to keep an eye out to see what happens with this…  😉  Thanks to All About Il Volo for the heads up.  🙂
Moscow Welcomes Il Volo
Il Volo took their first trip to Russia this week to be guest stars of a show with the great, Toto Cutugno.  By all accounts that I have read, Mr. Cutugno is well-loved and respected throughout the country, selling out shows even now at the age of 70.  I’d imagine being a part of one of his shows has given our guys even more exposure; how exciting for them!
Joining them as quest stars was Ms. Ceclia Cesario, also from Italy.  To learn more about her, you can visit her website,
It appears that this concert was highly anticipated in Moscow, going so far as to hold an open rehearsal for the press only before the show, which is mentioned in an article
There was also a TV interview conducted and aired on Russian TV, which can be seen
Il Volo and Toto

As usual in the Il Volo fandom, there are pictures galore among the many fan sites.  Is anyone surprised by that?  We know IlVolovers rock!  Please check them out and comment below to let us know some of your favorites.  🙂

There are also a smattering of videos available as well, the best of which have links provided here.  I hope that they let you feel as if you were a part of it.  Please enjoy and thank those groups and individuals that took time to share them with us!

From: Il Volo Community (@IlVoloCommunity)

The program for the night (originally posted/tweeted by @ilvolo_russia)

Click here —>


Video clips:

Posted by Cecilia Cesario on her Facebook page (

Click here —>

From You Tube:

By: Эка Квернадзе (Bing translated: Eca Kvernadze)

O Sole Mio

Click here —>

Un amore cosi grande

Click here —>

By: Lillya Peshtkova

Il Mondo

Click here —>

Open Rehersal; Attack Concerts (    Open Rehersal; Attack Concerts
Open Rehersal; Attack Concerts

~~ Kelly

72 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ April 2, 2014”

  1. I can’t believe it. That’s Virna Lisi. She was in “How to murder your wife” with Jack Lemon. She was gorgeous. Glad to hear she is still working. So lovely.

  2. by the looks of things, they had a ball in Moscow. some of the video’s are hilarious, I can’t stop looking at them. Toto seemed to be a lot of fun even at his age, he had the boys cracking up on stage, and we now have one or two new songs. these boys never cease to amaze me, they are sooooo Good. so I love them a little more(if that is possible!!!!)

  3. Kelly, you’re an angel! And thanks to all our friends across the globe who made these videos and photos possible!

    It seems to me that Ignazio’s voice is dramatically richer than just a few months ago. How is that possible?!
    They all sound so good!

    Love the joy and fun they share on stage, and totally jazzed about those few little dance steps thrown in. Yes!! Hey, guys, you gotta try Walk-Dancing! It’s perfect IL VOLO style! Walk a few steps, then break into some dance moves, walk a few more steps, then twirl and romp, then walk, then…!

    (Been on “retreat”, and heading out to the river for a few days with my sister, so will check in again next week.)

    Love and thanks!
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  4. It’s true!! Il Volo is conquering il mondo!! Everyone is charmed by their smiles and goodwill, then they’re wowed by their voices!! So happy for “our guys”!! They do sound richer, esp. Ignazio. They’re looking mighty handsome, too. Thanks a million to all the folks who shared their videos with us. It was great to “be there”! Oh, hurry, June!!

  5. Thanks Kelly for all the good glimpses into the Russian trip, lots of good photos and videos!!

    I’m especially intrigued by the Novella being planned about them, that would really be interesting!!

  6. Wow thanks Kelly & all the other people who shared their videos & information about the concert.
    I am SO happy it was a great success & that now they are back home. Their singing was spectacular as usual & their were so animated I am extactic that it went so well.
    What a difference in the response from the people there than what we give them after a song. I am sure the people enjoyed their performance but we give them standing ovations. I guess the people there are more reserved not like us rowdys.
    The song Il Mondo has always been my favourite song they sing & each time I hear them sing it I still get teary eyed & it always sounds better than the last time. I think their voices are getting stronger & improvinig every time I hear them. I can’t wait for their new CD to come out.

    1. “What a difference in the response from the people there than what we give them after a song. I am sure the people enjoyed their performance but we give them standing ovations. I guess the people there are more reserved not like us rowdys.”

      I thought the same thing when I got a brief look at a couple of the links earlier. The two concerts that I have been to had many, many standing ovations, right in the middle of songs and I know that at my first concert in the front row, (don’t know how I accomplished that, but I did) my mouth was open and on the floor the whole concert. They just blew me away.

      The audience in Russia was “quiet” compared to what I am used to. But, I think that they will be fans after hearing il Volo sing, how could they not be.

      I can’t wait for Nashville!!!!!!!!!!

      1. I hope you enjoy Nashville. I got a scarf last year in the VIP bag & I am going wave it each time they sing. Probably not. I am sure if we had been at the Russian concert we all would have shown the people how to cheer & respond to Toto’s prompting in a song.. They didn’t seem to want to respond too enthusiastically to Toto singing when he prompted them

      2. Oh Loretta,
        I know for certain that I will enjoy seeing our boys in Nashville and I hope to meet the other ladies also.

        Go ahead and wave that scarf for them to see. They will know and remember you from the other M&G’s that you have attended.

        I am also very certain that had we from the flight crew had been at the Russian Concert things would have been different. I am so glad that they went, did the Concert and headed back home to Italy.

  7. ERMMEHRGEHRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW CAN POSSIBLY SOUND SOOOOO FANTASTIC?!?!?!?!?!?! Sounded sublime, looked impossibly handsome, seemed happy and excited to be there, I can’t tell you how badly I needed this today! 😀 Piero sounded especially good in everything, even more so than usual. Ignazio’s voice does seemed to changed a bit (in a very good way), and am I the only one who thinks that Gianluca seemed extra animated when they sang O Sole Mio? Haven’t heard them sing Un Amore Cosi Grande in a while and Piero around the 1 minute mark took my breath away. Il Mondo sounded terrific and I could keep babbling on for hours about HOW UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING IT WAS TO HEAR AND SEE THEM AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  8. Kelly! Thank you for this! You know my favorite song is “Un Amore Cosi Grande” (heart racing). The Boys performed it better than ever (trying to breathe)! Looked Great (sigh)! Sounded Wonderful (sigh again). Just let me babble along with Isabel (sputter)!

  9. Their show in Russia is just amazing. It should be a PBS special special! Their voices are so beautiful and their personaities ohh. Love our boys. That tv show would really be something else. Can’t wait to see what they are doing in Venice.

    1. Josie,

      Thank you for the video link. I have to agree with you that it is the best video of il Volo in Russia, at least what I have seen so far.

    2. Beautiful!
      I like to see who is singing, but clearly the videographer was on a mission, and I believed she achieved it quite well. (; >)
      GG does clearly represent more than Gianluca Ginoble!

      What did you think of Gian’s opening baritone notes? I’m so glad he gets to really delve into that range now and then. Another time was back in 2012 (Seattle, Miami and more) when they sang Magnificat (with Arianna Bergamaschi). I have it linked on my Reflections Page.

      I’m excited to read more here. I only had time to check the musical links, as I get ready to vacation with my sister!

      Have a spectacular weekend, everyone!
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    3. Elaine, I have to agree with you. But it’s too bad she didn’t focus on whoever was singing – I would have loved to see Piero’s face when he was singing the high notes. And that song is beautiful – what a pleasure to hear them singing something new for a change! As for GG, we KNOW he is Great and Gorgeous.

    1. I could watch this all day! Gianluca is so gorgeous with his hair and dimple and beautiful presentation of the song. She sure was a fan! I have to thank her.

    1. The sound was lovely on that video. Too bad whoever posted it was so fixated on Gianluca that she (I am assuming it was a she!) didn’t even spare a glance at any of the others! Downright annoying if you ask me!

  10. PENINAHONONIG, the video on you tube that Josie listed above is so different from the ones on Mundial which are deliberately focused on each one separately through the entire song. They were great, but the link Josie gave is fantastic! I have never been so moved about any other video, as with this one. I have watched it about a dozen times, back to back, and am in tears every time. The show of emotion, love and affection between the guys, and beautiful emotional admiration from Toto regarding their voices, was something to watch. Thank you Josie, for that link. Sniff, sniff.

  11. P.S. Actually, the one I saw was: IL VOLO Moscow 01.04.14 L’amore e’—amore l’amore (feat.Toto by Maria Sergeeva

    Sorry. The only difference is their entrance and introduction by Toto.

    Josie, I still thank you for the You Tube link. I was only on Mundial. Hadn’t thought about YUBE Tube.

  12. To view videos that focus on Piero and Ignazio search “Il Volo by Anna Werner” on YouTube. Apparently she made one close up video for each of our guys. Gianluca on L’amore, Ignazio on Il Mondo, and Piero on O Sole Mio. So special and such a nice touch. Thank you Anna!

    1. At first I was wondering why the Video was focused on just one of Il Volo…But as I watched each of the Videos, I have to say that I was simply amazed that I was able to watch each of our boys faces through out each song…Gianluca melted my heart each time I saw that smile… Oh the voice was absolutely amazing, but isn’t always? Ignazio, what can I say about him that has not already been said… You can see the love he has for Piero and Gianluca, the expression on his face when he looks over at them… And yes, his voice was more powerful than ever… Always improving on what is already perfection… Piero, that cute laugh he does… You can see he was totally enjoying himself on stage… His voice is always powerful but it had a hint of newness to it… Like he was singing O Solo Mio for the first time… That was him totally enjoying the moment… To have each of their faces in a close up for an entire song was Genius… I loved all three videos and of course all the rest as well…

    2. Thank you, Elaine! It was great to see each video with a focus on one of Our Guys.

      Jeanette, I loved and resonate with your description of this experience.

      Short on time, so I’ll just say ciao!
      ~ Jeanine D.

      1. ERMEHRGEHRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *bangs head against laptop* MJKIFSDCVBNMLUHY *gnaws on sleeve* THAT SMILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *rabid fangirling*

      1. I love Il Mondo & think it is one of the best if not the best song they sing together so for me with that song & seeing only him singing his parts of the song all through them singing it is like being given the best birthday or Christmas present I could ever have.


    1. It’s OK. *sniffles* You have only made me regret ever watching almost EVERY OTHER version of this.You have only glued me to my computer for HOURS. You have only made sure that I will now have O Sole Mio stuck in my head for DAYS. You have only ensured that this video is going to get MILLIONS of more views. Just these little things. Nothing too serious. I mean, it’s not like I’m at all distracted, daydreaming, or babbling about how incredible he is, right? *dramatic sigh*

    2. Thanks Marie. I still think they should put all this together and call it “il Volo in Russia” no matter how. They seem so much mature and handsome and their voices are incredible! They had so much fun doing this show even though the audience didn’t respond as they should. Their personalities alone shine. It’s so great that we have watched them grow up and we appreciate everything they do.

  14. Might want to add Maria Sergeeva’s video of L’amore — it is spectacular and shows all the guys. The love they give each other during this performance is so moving. Their voices soar beyond the heavens and have never sounded richer. I haven’t stopped watching it – or crying with it – for the past few days. They give a phenomenal show – one for the ages!!

    1. Carol, I’m with you!
      I’ve seen several videos of
      L’amore e’…amare l’amore
      which bing says means “Love Is… Love Love”

      And this one touches my heart the most! I love seeing their sweet interaction together. Including how touched Tuto is by them.
      As always, Our Boys’ voices soar with majesty!
      Thank you for sharing!

      Loving the Love that is IL VOLO, Flight Crew, and Life unfolding!
      (Had a wonderful time at the river with my sister. Now getting ready to go to the beach with my Quaker Meeting, so if you don’t hear from me for a bit, know that I’ll be soaring with IL VOLO and my travel buddy.)
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  15. Yes, girls, I think these are the greatest video’s we have seen to date. I couldn’t stop laughing though at a comment made by Mike Denton on the Ignazio close up video. He didn’t understand what Anna was doing, so only seeing Ignazio focused on, his comment was ” the name of the group is Il Volo, not Ignazio” I thought this was a classic. then IVMO explained to him what Anna was doing. she sure created a work of art, one that I have never seen done before. a real treasure to keep for ever. I would do anything to hear and see the boy’s reactions to these video’s. the thing which is so good about them is that they did not know what was going on, so they were their natural selves, and it sure touched me. I look at them the whole night over and over again, studying every move and gesture.( Lord, look where I reach!!) it just makes you love them more, if that is possible. there were some real hilarious moments with Toto, they must have had a lot of fun with him. they are so otherworldly, not of this world for sure. now it is much easier for me to imagine what Heaven must be like, because I have seen a little bit of Heaven on earth. if that is a glimse of Heaven, I can’t wait to get there, but I have one condition: that Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio must be there with me and must keep singing to me for eternity

    1. Loretta, it is a different You Tube video of the L’Amore song they did with Toto. The lady’s name is Maria Sergeeva. I don’t know how to paste the link here, but it is spectacular!!

      1. CaroljB I looked for her singing that song but couldn’t find her singing at all anywhere. There was only a picture of her with long dark hair that came but didn’t state what what she did as a career or anything. In fact she was graduating from something so I thought it was the wrong person so couldn’t find anything else

      1. Thank you LeeLee that song is beautiful & Toto really lshows he likes the guys voices & liked having them on his show. Those guys really sang their hears out & did anyone notice they didn’t have to wear ear pieces.
        It would be nice if they sang that song at their concerts

      2. Thanks so much for posting the above video. I looked for it and never found it. I was hoping that someone would at least post a link for it. It was great.

      3. Thanks so much for the link! Great audio and visual quality. Wish I knew what Toto Cutugno said to them in the beginning. THEY SOUND SO GOOD!!!!!

      4. Lelee, thanks, this is my new favorite song, listen to it everyday . I like this version because it shows all of them together. Looks like Toto is really touched by the singing of these young men. Toto is a good songwriter and the boys made this song even more beautiful.
        I hope that this song is included in the next CD, and I hope to hear it live at the Greek theater on June 7.
        Could hardly wait.

  16. Just got home and had a chance to sit down and watch all these videos. HOLY COW!!!!! One is better than the other. They are ALL great!! Thanks for all the posts and links.

  17. LeeLee did you see the song Il Mondo that Ann Werner focused on Ignazio during the song of him singing his share & then focusing on the other guys in another song when they sang their share. Wonderfully done. I am so glad they had a good time with Toto. He showed he really liked & cared for them

  18. before I say good night all, can anyone give me the link for when they sang the song “Arrivederci fly”(Roma) with Toto. I have not been able to get it yet, but I want it, it is really beautiful. any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Found it, Deanne! Search YouTube for
      Toto Cutugno & IL Volo & Cecilia Cesario – Arrivederci, Mosca

      Thanks for pointing this out.
      So much love. Everywhere IL VOLO performs, not just the audience, but also the other performers fall in love with them. Is it not so?!

      Thanks, also, to Tuto for his beautiful song,
      L’amore e’…amare l’amore

      Divine Grace angels once told me, “The unified field [physics term] is love.” I watch these videos, and I feel the truth of this. The air is thick with AMORE!

      Basking in the blessings of Love,
      (Купаются в благословения любви),
      Crogiolarsi nelle benedizioni di amore, ~ ( I hope bing did OK! 😉
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

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