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Hi Everyone.

It seems as the concert in Russia was a great success. Il Volo loved being there and expressed they would like to return soon.

On their return, they had a brief rest,  we see Piero enjoying a soccer match on TV. Ignazio tweeted about going to Venice, “The City of Love”. Gianluca sent out an adorable picture of him and Ernesto at a young age ,so cute!! You can view the pictures on Mundial and All Things Il Volo.

Now Il Volo is in Venice!! We don’t know why yet, they’re moving around so much this year it’s hard to keep track!!

I found kelly’s post about a Novella based on Il Volo and their lives VERY interesting, think of the fun that will be!


I thought some of you, like me, were “bobby soxers” back in the day, you might want to remember Bobby Darin.


Bobby Darin (born Walden Robert Cassotto; May 14, 1936 – December 20, 1973) was an American singer, songwriter, and actor of film and television. He performed in a range of music genres, including pop, rock’n’roll, jazz, folk, and country. bob2

He started as a songwriter for Connie Francis, and recorded his own first million-seller Splish Splash in 1958. This was followed by Dream Lover, Mack the Knife, and Beyond the Sea, which brought him world fame. In 1962, he won a Golden Globe for his first film Come September, co-starring his first wife, Sandra Dee.

Throughout the 1960s, he became more politically active and worked on Robert Kennedy’s Democratic presidential campaign. He was present on the night of June 4/5, 1968, at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles at the time of Kennedy’s assassination. The same year, he discovered that he had been brought up by his grandparents, not his parents, and that the girl he thought was his sister was actually his mother. These events deeply affected Darin and sent him into a long period of seclusion.

Although he made a successful television comeback, his health was beginning to fail, as he had always expected, following bouts of rheumatic fever in childhood. This knowledge of his vulnerability had always spurred him on to exploit his musical talent while still young. He died at age 37, following a heart operation in Los Angeles.

Darin was born in the Bronx borough of New York City. He was reared by his grandparents, whom he thought were his parents. Darin’s mother became pregnant at age 16 and, presumably because of the scandalous nature of such in that era, the family hatched a plan to pass the baby off as his maternal grandparents’ child. Darin’s mother never revealed who the father of her child was, not even to Darin, who was reportedly devastated at learning the true circumstances of his birth. His maternal grandfather, Saverio Antonio Cassotto, was of Italian descent. His maternal grandmother, Vivian Fern (Walden), was of Colonial English and Danish ancestry  and a vaudeville singer. His mother, Vanina Cassotto, was presented as his elder sister. He only learned of their actual relationship in 1968, when he was 32.bob3

In 1959, Darin recorded the self-penned, “Dream Lover”, a ballad that became a multi-million seller. With it came financial success and the ability to demand more creative control of his career. So he meant for his That’s All album to show that he could sing more than rock and roll. His next single, “Mack the Knife”, the standard from Kurt Weill’s Threepenny Opera  was given a vamping jazz-pop interpretation. Although Darin initially was opposed to releasing it as a single, the song went to No. 1 on the charts for nine weeks, sold two million copies, and won the Grammy Award for Record of the Year in 1960. Darin was also voted the Grammy Award for Best New Artist that year, and “Mack The Knife” has since been honored with a Grammy Hall of Fame Award.

Darin followed “Mack” with “Beyond the Sea,” a jazzy English-language version of Charles Trenet’s French hit song “La Mer”.

His first major film, Come September (1960), was a teenager-oriented romantic comedy with 18-year old actress Sandra Dee. They first met during the production of the film, fell in love, and got married soon afterwards. Dee gave birth to a son Dodd Mitchell Darin (also known as Morgan Mitchell) the following year, 1961, but the couple divorced in 1967. Dee and Darin made a few films together with moderate success.bobsan

In 1962, Darin won the Golden Globe Award for “New Star Of The Year – Actor” for his role in Come September.  The following year he was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for “Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama” (Best actor) in Pressure Point.

In 1963, he was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role as a shell-shocked soldier in Captain Newman, M.D.. At the Cannes Film Festival he won the French Film Critics Award for best actor.

In October 1964, he appeared as a wounded ex-convict who is befriended by an orphan girl in “The John Gillman Story” episode of NBC’s Wagon Train western television series.

In 1973, after failing to take antibiotics to protect his heart before a dental visit, Darin developed an overwhelming systemic infection (sepsis). This further weakened his body and affected one of his heart valves. On December 11, he checked himself into Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles for another round of open-heart surgery to repair the two artificial heart valves he had received in January 1971. On the evening of December 19, a five-man surgical team worked for over six hours to repair his damaged heart. Shortly after the surgery ended in the early morning hours of December 20, 1973, Darin died in the recovery room without regaining consciousness. He was 37 years old.bob4

There were no funeral arrangements; Darin’s last wish in his will was that his body be donated to science for medical research. His remains were transferred to UCLA Medical Center shortly after his death.

Let’s have some of your thoughts on Bobby. It’s sad that his life was cut so short.


Waiting for more news from Il Volo on their next tour, trip, appearance, anything. We’re anxious for more news.  In the meantime,Guys, enjoy your time off!!

venicePicture sent by Il Volo from Venice.




22 thoughts on “DID YOU KNOW??????”

  1. Thanks Linda although he wasn’t one of my favourite singers I didn’t know Bobby Darin had heart problems & also that he won so many awards. I thought at one time him & Conie Francis wanted to get married but her father wouldn’t let her. He didn’t approve of Bobby & he also controlled her career from what I understand.
    So apparently Bobby Darin was one smart cookie & very talented. What a shame to find out the way he did who his mother was instead of being his sister. I also didn’t know he was Italian descent. Being so talented it is sad he had to die so young.

  2. Linda, thanks for the piece on Bobby Darin. What a shame that he died so young. Such a great talent. I liked him very much and still can’t help singing along when Mack the Knife comes on the radio. That, and Dream Lover and Beyond the Sea bring me back to my younger days. (Of course, I was a toddler 😉 )

    1. LeeLee that is one song I did not like Mack the Knife but I am with you regarding the videos of the guys separately performing a song. My heart is so full of love for these guys but singing solo or being photographed separately is beyond heaven. Does that sound too dramatic, probably but don’t knownhow else to express myself. Am I in love, YES

  3. Wow…that is a soap opera plot if I ever read one. I’m not sure how I would have reacted, but I can imagine that it would rock one’s life–their very foundation. No wonder he hid away for a time.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you Linda for the interesting story. I loved Bobby Darin and his music. I never knew the story behind him though. Did not know of the Italian connection either. What a shock that must have been to learn the truth. He really was a talented singer. So sad he died way too young.
    Seeing the guys in Venice with their manager, I wonder what are they up to now?? My little life on this planet sure seems uneventful when I look at the life they are leading at their tender ages!!! So fun to watch their incredible journey!!! June can’t come soon enough…can’t wait to see them and GREET them AGAIN!!! Yeah!!!

  5. Thanks Linda,
    I also remember Bobby Darin and his music. Like LeeLee I remember Mack the Knife and Dream Lover quite well. Both songs were hits. It sure is a shame that he died so young. I did not know the history on his life either, but I do remember that it was very embarrassing for parents in that era and even years later to have a daughter pregnant out of wedlock. They would stay away from their friends, send the mother off somewhere to have the baby and then try to claim the child as their child, just as his grandparents did. That situation had to be devastating to him.

    I think I will print this article off and show it to my Dentist. I just got talked to about not taking my antibiotics before and after my Dental appointment. Actually told not to take the remainder of them after my appointment two days ago. He told me that was becoming the protocol for heart patients also that have have valve replacements ect. But I took the rest of them anyways until I can talk with my surgeon, but now reading this it is kind of scary.

    Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane. Now I am humming those songs in my head also.

    1. I meant to add that it was nice seeing the pictures of “Elvis” and “Sandra Dee also.

  6. Thanks Linda. Gosh, that was sad about Bobby. Who can not sing along with “Mack The knife”? “Oh the shark has…”

    Rest up Boys. You’ve got me and a few others to deal with soon! *sinister laugh*

    1. I don’t think I’ve heard the name Bobby Darin before, but I’ve definitely heard “Mack the Knife”.

      Wish I knew what The Guys were up to Venice, but I guess we’re all going to have to wait. I also wish I could send them a warning to watch out for a dimple-stealing Flight Crew Captain! They need to know that they have to search the bus for stowaways!

      1. Looks to me like they aren’t doing anything but having a good weekend just hanging out in Venice. Wish I could spend time in Venice. Although I have been to Venice in Florida and California, but for some reason, it’s just not the same. HAH!

    1. Darn it! She’s on to me! But I don’t think we’ll have to worry. I’ll be hiding near Piero’s things and you’ll be hiding near Ignazio things. 😉

    2. That’s if they even make it to the bus!! ‘Someone’ might steal them before they get on!!

  7. Deanna I can’t seem to find a link to Arrivederci Mosca either. It seems to be the last song they sang before leaving the stage which I saw on the Il Volo Face book site but no link. The picture was taken by a relative of Cecilia Cesario. Maybe someone knows how to get a link I wouldn’t mind one either

    1. Thank you for bringing this song to my attention… It was quite amazing to watch … The sound is not the best , but the video quality is good enough that yo will enjoy our boys, and you will see how much they enjoyed performing with Toto… It was a very heart warming ending…

  8. Loretta I do have the link, but if I put it in this post, It will post the video again… If you right click on the picture and then click on Copy video URL you should be able to copy and paste the link … I can send it in an email if you would like… Just let me know …

    1. Thanks Jeanette I don’t know how to copy & paste I am not computer literate here is my email if you sedt it to me I will be forever grateful.
      l j free @ bell. net all without spaces between bell & net is a dot.
      thanks again
      I just got back from shopping so couldn’t answer earlier

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