I’m Smiling Because ~~ 2/23/14

k4565577 Hey Everyone!

We’re smiling because the guys will be in the US soon…very soon!!! 

We’re smiling because we have a tentative tour schedule out!!!

We’re smiling because Victoria did an awesome job researching the guys and Il Volo for their biographies.  Gianluca’s and “Becoming Il Volo” are the newest additions.  Please head over to“Biographies” on the left side of your screen to check them out!

And I’m personally smiling because I will hopefully be in Palm Springs experiencing some warm weather at the end of the week!!  😀

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  1. I’m smiling that I have friends that are as special as all of you! I used to live in Palm Springs, so I know how beautiful it is there. I’m so very jealous, but so very happy that you will be out there soaking in some much needed sunshine. Enjoy it for all of us!!!

      1. Sounds Kelly as if your going on a vacation, hope the weather is great for you & you have a fun & relaxing time. You work hard at work & them harder for this blog so you deserve the down time. Let someone else worry about work for a awhile. Forget about working just think of Il volo, you’ll sure to relax

  2. I’m smiling because I can almost be assured of seeing the guys in June!!! Hubby said he’d go anywhere in Midwest if not in Detroit! Still thinks I’m nuts to be such a devoted fan. Also said something nasty about being in my second childhood…little does he realize I just faked leaving my first childhood.

    1. I knew it! I AM a love-struck schoolgirl! Must be an epidemic of it around here! I’m sooo excited to maybe, finally go to my first concert if they come close enough! Can’t get enough of these fabulous men!!

  3. I’m smiling because I just opened my computer and got the greatest news. Il Volo continues it’s flight to the stars. its going to be a wonderful year because I know we all are going to be flying with them and it’s going to be a hell of a flight. my seat belt is already on!!

    1. Hi, Anna. 🙂 I don’t know where you live, but Il Volo is planning to be in the US in June at least for a 15 city tour. Don’t have all the specifics yet, but please watch the Calendar (“Coming Up…Il Volo!” on the right side of your screen). As we get specific details, they will appear there and/or we will provide the link for more comprehensive dates. Shouldn’t be too much trouble keeping up here. The calendar will show 10 dates at a time.

  4. I’ve been smiling since yesterday morning! I’m sure I smiled in my sleep last night! Face hurts. I’ll see My Boys soon! Let me smile at that sentence again. I’ll see My Boys soon!

    Bio’s are awesome Kelly! Thanks!

    I’ll see My Boys Soon!

  5. I’m smiling because the boys will be back in the USA and Nanawolf is more than ready to go! Me too! Let the adventure continue!

  6. I’m smiling because soon we will have the 2014 tour schedule, ad Jane, Mary B., and I will be able to see where we will be going (flying, probably if Il Volo doesn’t come to Mpls.) to see Our Boys. Can’t wait to start making our plans!

  7. I have just spent the last couple of hours going completely through the column “All Things Il Volo” & it is amazing I was wondering if I would every get through to the bottom.
    One or all of you girls on the Board of the Flight Crew have done a fantastic & amazing job of compiling every picture of the guys. I saw pictures that I remember when they first started out when Ignazio was his beautiful chubby self.
    Thanks you girls so much for the time & effort you all have put into this site & that column. It is wonderful to be able to read the items in English. I always go to the site to see anything new but this time I seemed to go further down & have been amazed at the collection of videos we can hear & memorable pictures to see again & even from Toronto,
    From the bottom of my heart thank you.

  8. I am smiling just reading these wonderful uplifting comments. Our boys will be back on our turf! Yeah! Can’t wait for the road trip/ air trip/ whatever it takes to get us there, Allene and Mary B!!! Reading this just made my day!

  9. I’m smiling because Our Guys are getting ready to kick off another year of touring and recording together and I can’t think of anything better than being able to look forward to hearing from and about them ALL YEAR LONG! 😀

  10. Oooohhh!! Just saw the date June 20 in Elgin! Anyone else close to Chicago? I’m 4-plus hours away but it’s close enough! Let’s GO!!😀😀😀😀

      1. Thanks, K! I’m verry new to all this concert stuff – how do we know about tickets, etc? Are the front row seats hard to get? Would love to meet others in Elgin!!

      2. Once we get confirmations of dates, we put all the contact information in with the details so you know who to contact for more information. Front row seats depend on venu and how they offer them.

      3. Kelly, which one is in the Detroit area and what is the date for that one? I didn’t see it–probably because I am having all sorts of DUMB computer problems today!!

      4. Detroit at Freedom Hill in Sterling Heights June 19th. Confirmed in Detroit News 2/24. OUTDOOR arena. Elgin is very close to Chicago — an actual suburb of Chicago. 2 hours for me to Sterling Heights, only 3 1/2 to Chicago — what to chose? Chicago favorite mini vacation town!. Will have to see what comes after Chicago. Am determined to make it to two concerts this year!

      5. Thanks for answering–but now someone said they are coming to Toronto! And that the Elgin one is on a riverboat! LIke Loretta, I’m in Canada–I have a cousin in Chicago and I was thinking of coming in for the Elgin concert, but if they are coming to Toronto then I don’t have to. Wow, this is getting very exciting!

  11. Where can I go to get their schedule ? Enjoy your time in Palm Springs, as here in St. Louis, we are expecting 6-8 inches of snow and ice 🙁

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    1. Hi, Elizabeth! Thank you–and I’m also from St. Louis…hoping to get out just in time. 🙂

      Watch, “Coming Up…Il Volo!” for tour dates. We will update them there as we get confirmation.

  12. I’m smiling because I now have time to take breaks (from my projects) and check out the Flight Crew!

    And… my sister and I are going to get our first ever sisters’ vacation in nature!

    Can’t wait to see all the dates and venues for IL VOLO 2014 concerts! Where will my next adventure take me?! besides into the arms of the angels!

    Halleluia! It’s IL VOLO season!! (oh, yeah, that’s 24/7/365 ! : )

    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. hurray ! The Boys at the Greek theater here in LA on June 7, I could hardly wait.
      I hope that everybody else who visit this site has a concert venue close enough for them to go to . I admire all of you who will have to drive so far or fly so you could see and hear them live.
      Enjoy your vacation Kelly.

      1. Victoria, you’ll get to see the 2014 PBS special there. I’ll bet that will be really exciting and special!

        It will be wonderful to hear your concert report!
        ~ Jeanine D.

    1. Sure, Victoria!

      Look on the right at the top of this page (or any of the current Flight Crew posts) where some of the concerts are listed. It’s mentioned there.

      I’ll see them the day before you do (in Saratoga, CA).

      What a pleasure!!
      ~ Jeanine D.

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