Hint of a schedule!

It starts February 28 on Rai Uno, with The Flight of Henry Brignano guest on the show “Best of Italy”, then March 6 at Madison Square Garden in New York, in April in Russia and in June in the United States, for a tour of 15 dates with a large orchestra. In Italy, an event July 20 at the Greek Theatre in Taormina.

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From Abruzzo to the world Gianluca has issued Flight

Luca Maggitti “I sing because that’s what I always dreamed of doing. And I invite the young people like me to fight every day, studying and engaging, so that their dreams become reality.” Words and …

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“I sing because that’s what I’ve always dreamed of doing. And I invite the young people like me to fight every day, studying and engaging, so that their dreams become reality.” Words and music, it is the case, say, Gianluca Ginoble (in photo of Cristian Palmieri), singer original 1995 class of Roseto degli Abruzzi and today world star thanks to the musical group Il Volo, which in 2010 made up with Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto. adventure begins at age 14, in 2009, in the program “I leave you a song,” conceived and directed by Roberto Cenci and conducted on Rai Uno by Antonella Clerici. The three boys become a group, then being noticed and hired by managers of international importance such as Tony Renis and Michele Torpedo. Gianluca won the program and signing up with The Flight of a contract with Geffen Records. The group participates as a guest at the Sanremo Festival in 2010, then began a success that soon expands into America, Asia, Australia and Europe. Their records are selling and Flight gets home in the most prestigious places in the world where you do music, playing both traditional songs arranged in a modern classic is proposed in a classic pop songs. Their skill brings them the most important guests in the American television shows (Jay Leno contact them personally), as well as creating a phenomenon capable of making a full house is the most important theaters in the United States both in the stadiums and arenas in South America, where their popularity, especially among the very young, is amazing. Millions of records sold, singing in Italian, English, Spanish, French, German and even Latin and awards that you do not count anymore. This is now Il Volo, which Gianluca Ginoble is proud component together with Piero and Ignazio, which defines “Brothers acquired, with whom I live most of my life, working hard and having fun. We have three very different characters and it is for why we get along. “Accustomed by now to have to deal with the likes of Barbra Streisand and Academy Award Luis Bacalov, in the house of social events in which it is portrayed with Sting and Bill Clinton, or superstars who have changed the music of the past few decades as Quincy Jones (producer of Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Miles Davis), Gianluca has retained the humility necessary to enjoy, in the rare moments of pause, his Rose Garden, where he lives with his family in the charming village Montepagano, before returning to the breach. It starts February 28 on Rai Uno, with The Flight of Henry Brignano guest on the show “Best of Italy”, then March 6 at Madison Square Garden in New York, in April in Russia and in June in the United States, for a tour of 15 dates with a large orchestra. In Italy, an event July 20 at the Greek Theatre in Taormina. There would be enough to lose touch with reality, but Gianluca Ginoble remains clear: “I work hard to delight the fans and for the serenity of mother Eleanor, my dad and brother Ernesto Hercules, as well as the smile of my beloved grandfather Ernesto” . From Roseto to the world, without losing the smile when you say Abruzzo strong and gentle.

Luca Maggitti

Thanks for heads up Jenny!


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59 thoughts on “Hint of a schedule!”

  1. Thank you Jenny and Marie. It was a surprise to wake up and find this. 🙂

    Please let St. Louis be one of the cities in June…or all of my staff have not one thing to do that month so I don’t have to schedule around them…

  2. What a great surprise to have a possible schedule – June in the U.S. and July in Taormina! Can’t wait to find out how to buy tickets for Taormina! Thank you Jenny and Marie!

  3. I love Taromina, and the view of Etna from the Greek Theater takes your breath away. Wish I could be there again. I will return one of these days. Looking forward to hearing the boys in concert again.

  4. Thanks ladies. How lovely to even think that our boys will be back here again. Hoping they do a stop over in the SF, CA area.. Can’t wait to hear what the new album will consist of. I love anything they sing. With their talent, what song doesn’t sound good? Have a lovely day everyone.

  5. I will literally spend ALL of my college savings to go see them ANYWHERE. They were here in Ohio two years ago in the summer and I DIDN’T GO!!! I don’t care who’s chores I will have to do for life to get a ride and a ticket but I AM GOING TO SEE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. If there is a concert in Ohio, I might go since my nana lives up there. It would be great if we could meet!

    2. This is a great website! I’m going to Italy for almost a month Sept-Oct. I hope I can get to a concert somewhere. XX

  6. What a wonderful and exciting article!!!! Thanks SO MUCH!!!!! I love them more and more all the time and will b holding my breath for the concert schedule!!!!!

  7. Thank you Flight Crew for this EXCITING tour information !!!!! I can barely contain myself in anticipation of actually seeing them again here in the USA !!!! I hope they come back to Florida but if not I will find a way to see them, and hopefully meet them, in another state. Wouldn’t it be fun if we could all go together!!! OMG–how we could overwhelm them with our LOVE !!!!

  8. If they even thought all of us would be in one place, they would cancel the entire tour! Just out of fear. Rightly so!

    For those of you who may be unsure, when an article refers to the program “I Leave You A Song”. It’s an English translation of one of our favorite links, “Ti Lascio Una Canzone” (TLUC). Or as I like to refer to it, “Our Babies Show”.

    1. I have ALWAYS hoped we can somehow get a bock of tickets up front for the Flight Crew and as many of us as possible come to the same concert! It would be a night to remember for all of us, and the boys too! All these screaming, crazy grandmas (and others!)

  9. Penina, I don’t know if I want all of you to see me under those circumstances. It’s not pretty. I guess aside from all the drooling and grabbing it’s not so bad.

    1. Marie,I keep telling you about that drooling and grabbing, it’s not attractive! If Ignazio saw you that way he’d have to pick me to sing “O Solo Mio” to! 🙂

  10. I want to see all 15 U.S dates, is that being unrealistic? I want to meet as many Flight Crew members as possible. Marie I’ll be drooling and grabbing right with you Honey!

  11. Oh good! If two of us are doing it I won’t look so bad. If about 30 of us were doing it, well, UGH!

    But Linda, I would be jumping up and down screaming, “pick me, pick me, pick me”, so loud he would, just to shut me up. (I learned this activity ’cause it worked on my mom and my teachers.)

      1. Hi Marie and all! This is the most exciting news (tour of the US in June) since I don’t know what! This may be the only chance we get to see them in 2014! Unless you are Marie who may fly over to Italy! How is your Italian Marie, Michele? They have cut their tour down in 1/2 from the 28 cities they did in 2013 and if you count the Christmas shows at Santa Monica and the Mall of America, that
        would be about 30 and now they are only doing 15. I hope they cut a wide path across the US and come to the East Coast or Ohio as Marie said. They did not play Cleveland in 2013, but did in 2012. I guess any day now the actual cities will be announced. Good luck everybody in getting tickets!

  12. I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. Where is Asia, Australia and Japan in all this ? Russia in April – That would actually a good time to go to Australia – it is their fall. The Elgin concert is June 20 so that means they are in the midwest at that time- probably in place of a Chicago concert (too close).

      1. Well if its Live Nation they added concerts as they went so I am hoping Toronto at least will be added. I wonder if its the same guy Steve Herman was that his name Myron who was there promoter last year??
        Canada is just next door to US

  13. Well Myron if its June 20th that’s my birthday so I will e there for sure
    wherever they are & as far as getting ticketsanywhere I will make up any story I have to get front row.
    Linda, Ignazio said if Marie misbehaves he will always picke me to sinig O Sole o Meo to.

  14. I swear I’m behaving, Loretta!

    Myron, I can’t afford all of that travel. Do they need any older showgirls, there in Vegas for shows like maybe, “Cirque De Oh No She Didn’t”?

  15. Seems like the schedule they are going to be busy already. I can’t wait to follow the boys. I think it’s going to be their best year yet. Their the best.

    1. Loretta, how appropriate bringing up the song “I Can Dream”. Seems a lot of folks are dreaming (more like hoping) that Il Volo will come to their hometowns in June, myself included.

      However, the biggest dreamer is that of Marie. Showgirl in Vegas? Really? I’m hysterical at just the visual. And all that jumping and grabbing – dream on, Marie, dream on.

      Linda, you may be shorter than Marie, but once behind the knee caps and she’ll drop and there’s your chance. Not that I’m promoting violence, but remember the walkers and the canes when they were touring last year? Well I think it might be that time again. Remember, I believe in you!

  16. WOW, everybody is excited?? so am I !! I forget all about eating when this appears, Il Volo is much more exciting than food. I guess(I think) that if they are doing 15 concerts in US, they are going to have another “BUS”. don’t know how far apart these will be, I just do not want the promoters to put concerts back to back. they are at the stage now where they can play to larger audiences, so they should be able to space out the concerts a little more. at least I am begging that for them.
    I am almost sure that Australia and Asia will come later.
    I was looking up the Greek Theatre in Taormina, and it says that it is one of the most celebrated ruins in Sicily (Oh, in Sicily, that means Piero’s and Ignazio’s parents can come). things seem a little more sane at this moment, but knowing the promoters, they like to keep adding on and on. Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio would you please stand up for your rights to be treated humanely!!!

  17. Something has hit me that I must bring up: do you all realize that for their 15 concerts in US they will be having a FULL ORCHESTRA! do you realize what that is? it means that their studio thinks enough of them to spend the money for a full orchestra. not even the tops-Barbra Streisand- had a full orchestra for that many concerts, she had 12 concerts. this tells me that our boys are BIG, and Universal should know. I am almost sure that in Russia they will also have a full orchestra, there is very cultural. we’re talking about BIG BOYS now, not our little boys anymore. ofcourse to me they will always stay “my boys”

  18. I agree Deanne. They certainly have moved up many notches. Can’t be more proud of them, for all their hard work, and dedication. They have brought so much to so many. Hope this year is somewhat more reasonable in the amount of concerts. or at least a little down time between. Maybe even a day would be a blessing. They have handled everything with their usual grace, and professionalism. Bravo guys!

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