Observations of Il Volo on Rai L’ARENA February 16, 2014


Il Volo on Rai L’ARENA February 16, 2014

Click the link below for the entire broadcast – the interview with Il Volo begins around 01:41:07


A note from our Maria Pia from Rome, “As regards to IL VOLO I hope that everyone has watched the videos of their participation in the many TV and radio broadcasts. In this period they’ve been everywhere, and all the translations in English are online. However, I would like to make some observations about their interview at L’ARENA of Massimo Giletti who now calls himself “their old uncle”.

Well, the interviews all look the same, but every time you can discover something new about our boys.

For example Piero had his protruding ears removed and it was fun to know that before the operation, when he was excited or angry, one of his ears became red as a beet.

Ignazio is sorry when he feels around him a kind of “grudging respect” because he feels and is always the same.

Finally, let’s talk about Gianluca. He’s considered a fanatic, Always attentive to his hair and to the clothes he wears. For this it seems he received many criticisms. Well, he says he behaves in such a way because he’s very shy and insecure and always afraid of making mistakes. In fact at the end of every concert, even if they received standing ovations, he goes around asking “how’ve we gone? Have we sung well?” I noticed that while saying this he looked a bit sad and sorry and I’ve to say that I felt a lot of tenderness for him.

After all we’ve to consider that they’re 3 very young guys with all the uncertainties and weaknesses of their young age.”

*** Maria Pia – THANK YOU for taking the time to share your impressions with us!

Photos and link from Rai1    http://www.rai.tv/dl/replaytv/replaytv.html?day=2014-02-16&ch=1&v=327909&vd=2014-02-16&vc=1#day=2014-02-16&ch=1&v=327909&vd=2014-02-16&vc=1







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  1. Thanks Michele & Maria Pia for your information/
    I wish Ignazio didn’t feel a grudging respect because he is every bit as inportant as the other boys & the love being sent to him knows no bounds. I wish we could tell him that.or show him him somehow

  2. Thanks Michele and Maria Pia. 🙂 You can get a feel for if the question and answer is serious and funny based on body language, but it’s nice to be able to read it in English. I need to move, “learn Italian” up a little on my Bucket List.

    I agree, Loretta. Ignazio shouldn’t feel any grudging respect; he’s as amazing as they all are.

    Of course, my heart melts for Gianluca to feel insecure as well.

  3. Their voices are amazing. Ignazio, your voice is so rich and developing into a wonderful Tenor. I could tell right away that Gianluca was shy. One of the first interviews they did in the States, Piero, and Ignazio did all the talking. He may always have this shyness and there is nothing wrong with that. I went to see the Three Sicilian Tenors and they were ok, but our boys have much better voices. No one can hit those high notes and hold them like Piero. I am looking forward to seeing them again in concert and so are my friends. Safe travels boys.

  4. I love that interview and they sang Surrender so well. I noticed after they sang and were talking again that Gianluca had his arm wrapped around Ignazio’s. That was so cute that I got a tear in my eye.

  5. Kelly it breaks my heart that someone would treat him like he is not worthy when he is every bit as talented & worthy of respect as the other boys. There are ignorant interviewers & media out there that should not be in that kind of job & who don’t know good talent when they hear it.

  6. Loretta, I did not get the same interpretation of what Ignazio said as you – but I will check with Maria Pia to clear this up. I think he means he feels some people think he is “stuck up” now due to his success but he says “he feels and is always the same.” To me meaning that he thinks he is the same person as he was before and not a person enamored with his own success, it has not gone to his head, in other words. This is only my opinion – I will try to get Maria Pia to explain. m

    1. Mfazzara, oh good, I have to agree with you. My interpretation of Ignazio’s remark had to go along those lines too. I will look forward to seeing some clarification on this. As for Piero, he had his ears removed in an operation???? I want to know more of that story. I think Gianluca is a perfectionist, he wants to always do his best. I don’t think he is as shy as he once was or else we would not be seeing so many selfies of Mr.Handsome.

      1. Piero had an operation a couple or so years ago to “pin” his ears back (to make them lay flatter) because they stuck out. I’ve seen some pictures where he’s wearing what looks like a cloth headband over them as they healed…

    2. That’s how I took it, too. He issued a “Tweet” awhile back that just said “Feeling sad.” I immediately thought, “Uh oh, somebody’s giving him a hard time about being famous”, you know? I’m also thinking that he’s realizing that sometimes you have to let old “friendships” go, whether you want to or not. The road to “fame” is not without its bumps!

      1. “Piero had an operation a couple or so years ago to “pin” his ears back (to make them lay flatter) ”
        I would love it if anyone pointed me towards any photo of a “pre-operation” Piero. Now I feel just really curious.

  7. I always love learning more about the guys! Thanks so much for telling us some of what happened on that show. I can identify with Gian–his perfection of looks and the shy part!

  8. Loretta, from the translation I read, it’s not that he doesn’t get the same respect, it’s that former friends and acquaintances no longer treat him like the “old” Ignazio and are different around him. Jenny

  9. Michele & Jenny you girls could be right, I just remember when he was heavier that especially if interviewed by a girl they tended to bypass him because Gianluca was so handsome & he won the contest. It was Gianluca who directed the interviewers to Ignazio which I could have crawled through the computer & given Gianluca a big hug he is so kind & always has been towards the other guys. I just don’t want Ignazio to feel as if he is number 3, neither of them should be classed as first, second & third they are all equally NUMBER 1 IN MY BOOK & should be classed as equally number 1 everywhere else.

    1. Exactly right Loretta. Piero may be my favorite cutie, but all three of them are Uno in value to me !

  10. Thanks so much for the translation! I had seen pieces of the interview in a few other places, but didn’t know what was going on. Anybody who is as kind, as sweet, as talented (and as good looking!) as ANY of our three guys should never worry, of have to feel insecure. The Boys are amazing performers and, more importantly, amazing people.

  11. I hope that the interpretation on what Ignazio’ said is wrong because he is so wonderful like the other two. He is so down to earth and so funny. His voice range is unbelievable. His smile lights up the room and I love that when he is being interviewed, he starts off with “well you know”. So cute. Piero and Gianluca are more vocal in some interviews but Ignazio holds his own. Out of the three, he speaks Spanish more correctly. Piero always asks the other two to help him out. You notice in some videos in Latin America concerts that when piero is speaking the two boys listens attentively and have their mics ready in case they need to correct something he said. Gianluca shows his live and respect to the other two by show casing them . in one interview, he said of Piero as having a “powerful, powerful voice”. Of Ignazio as being able to reach “incredible high, high notes”. Ignazio can DANCE. Piero is taking dance lessons and I hope Gian will too. Not the vulgar dances we see today by some kids but just subtle sexy movements depending on the song. Sorry I am so long winded ladies but it is so early and have stored up all this energy during the night. Ignazio, IL VOLO would not be complete without you. Everyone loves you.


    1. Thank you for the compliment!

      And the guys know about us. Don’t know if they have been here, but Marie, Michelle and Elaine mentioned us when they met them, as well as our friends in MN when they met them after the Mall of America appearance.

  13. I just hope and pray for these three beautiful young men that they don’t let outsiders make them feel uncomfortable with who they are. I think they are all wonderful just the way they are.

    On Sat, Feb 22, 2014 at 5:48 PM, Il Volo Flight Crew ~Share The Love wrote:

    > mfazzara posted: ” Il Volo on Rai L’ARENA February 16, 2014 Click the > link below for the entire broadcast – the interview with Il Volo begins > around 01:41:07 > http://www.rai.tv/dl/replaytv/replaytv.html?day=2014-02-16&ch=1&v=327909&vd=2014-02-16&vc=1#da” >

    1. Hi Anna, it’s Leelee. The best translation I found is on All Things Il Volo. Scroll down until you come to the posts for February 17 and look for “One more time posting the L’Arena Protagonista link from yesterday. The boys part starts at 1:41:05 See translation below. Thank you so much Madeline!” Click on the link that says “View 15 more comments” and this will expand the entire comment section. Madeline transcribed the entire interview.

  14. Good news from Rome, Maria Pia wrote to me, “first of all I would like to respond to Loretta’s doubts. Your interpretation is the correct one!!!!!! Ignazio does not say so explicitly, but he probably refers to some people of his city who say verbatim “Ah, now to Ignazio you can not refuse anything”. These words have caused pain to him, since he feels…” [and is the same as he was before his success with Il Volo]

    Per Maria Pia, “Tell Loretta that here in Italy all media are Always kind and well-disposed towards our three guys.” Thank you Maria Pia!

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