More Music Please!

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You know that I could write a whole story here. Do a quizz. Maybe set something to rhyme. You’ve seen a lot of that sort of thing from me. But this time I have only a question.

What songs would you like to see recorded on Il Volo’s next album?

Here are my top 5 picks:

“I Believe I Can Fly”This song always makes me feel like I can do anything. With The Boys singing it, I know I can fly to the sky. Here it is, sung well, by Kinny R:


“Il Mare Calmo Della Sera” – I have begged for this one since the first time I heard it. Here’s how it’s done by Baby Boschetto, with emotions far beyond the reach of a 13 year old kid. This one lives on my desk top:


“Caruso” Not Baby Boschetto! This is how he did it at Radio City Music Hall:


“No Puede Ser” Piero’s solo, also performed for the “We Are Love Concert”. This video is also recorded at RCMH by Nanktat. Or… he could do “O Holy Night” again! Still not over that sound he made:


“The Prayer” – One of the most beautiful songs ever! Here it’s done at the TLUC Competition by a kid by the name of Gianluca accompanied by the wonderful voice of Charice: -note



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  1. “Che Sara “in Spanish or Italian: My husband and I heard this on guitar by Vincenzo Martinelli on a cruise a couple of years ago. Beautiful and melancholy.

  2. Hi Marie, Here are my personal picks. I would love to hear the boys sing “BESAME MUCHO”. With their voices now more mature, it would sound so awesome. Gianluca’s baritone voice would bring the women population to it’s knees.

    “AND I LOVE YOU SO” Sang by Perry Como. All three. “FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE”……GIANLUCA SOLO. “HASTA EL FINAL”….All three “SOFTLY A I LEAVE YOU” By Matt Monrue…All three

    So many beautiful songs that our boys can sing. With their harmony, no song would sound bad. They would just add their special something and “VIOLA” A NEW HIT IS BORN. Thanks for asking our opinion. Have a lovely weekend everyone.

      1. Morning ladies. Happy Saturday. I forgot one song that I love and would be so happy if Gianluca would sing it. “AUTUMN LEAVES” by Nat King Cole. I have my roll of paper towel ready just in case he says yes.

  3. “I Believe I Can Fly” is perfect for them, as the Flight Crew we know! I loved this song because it was for Michael Jordan and my Chicago Bulls when they were at their best. If il Volo sang it, it would be a wonderful new interpretation of the song and absolutely gorgeous with all the high notes.

  4. Wow…what a great question! Here is the first of my list which is longer than I have room for here…Con Te Partire (Time To Say Goodbye), Hallelujah, All I Ask Of You (Phantom of The Opera), Because We Believe (Andrea Bocelli). Good question to ponder on.

  5. Could they put out a solo album too? All their concert solos would be a fantastic treat!! I do not have a preference, just that they do sing!!😃

  6. I love everything Il Volo does but what I wish they would do for this next album is what they do at their concerts. Sing most of their songs together and then Piero, Ignazio, and Gianlucca can sing their own solo song whatever they want. I think that would be amazing.

  7. I too would love to see an album with solos. They are amazing together, but individually they are just as amazing.

    I’d love to hear them sing “Be My Love” and “If Ever I Would Leave You” from Camelot!

  8. The Prayer would be wonderful if is just them. I didn’t care for that girl Charise. I would have liked to hear Gianluca more. If I could request one thing it would be that their next album be just them. I know this duet thing is the popular thing to do but when I buy their CD I just want them. My song request would be ON THE STREET WHERE YOU LIVE, from My Fair Lady. And of course anything Frank Sinatra. Each of the guys having a solo like their concerts would be great. I cant wait for a new CD . I’ll love it no matter what.

  9. So would I Claudia! Anything!
    An album of solo’s – hadn’t even thought of that!
    Please, more Italian music! I’d even let The Guys choose which songs.

  10. I NEED to hear Piero sing Music of the Night. I would never complain about anything ever again (or I’d at least do it a whole lot less!)!!!!

    If the three of sing Hallelujah, I will cry. If they sing it acapella, I am going to literally pass out!

    I would absolutely LOVE to hear them sing ANYTHING acapella. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I would love anything by Sinatra. Agree with everyone’s selections. Love every song they sing now. I grew up in the 30’s & 40’s & the Big Band era. So many beautiful songs then. Hope they are releasing something soon. They have brought so much beauty & joy into my life!

  11. Hi Marie. Here is one list, I could follow with many more. Ignazio singing ” Caruso”, Piero singing “No Puede Ser”, Gianluca singing anything Sinatra. Adding to my list is “unchained Melody”, “A Chi”, “Lo Amo”, “Always On My Mind”. Really, they could sing the Italian alphabet and I would love it!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Il Volo singing anything from Phantom of the Opera would be beyond my imagination, I think. Pretty close to heavenly!!!!

    I think it might be fun to hear them sing something from a genre that you wouldn’t think they could do….like, “You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This.”

  13. I have one Italian song that I just love. It is “Estate” by Bruno Martino. “Estate” means Summer. It would be perfect for The Boys or as a solo for Gianluca. Please look it up on You Tube, any version. It’s gorgeous!!!
    And I would LOVE to hear Gian sing “I’ve Got You Under my Skin” or “I Get a Kick Out of You”. Anything by Cole Porter!

    1. Hi Helen, I also love Cole Porter, I think his lyrics are the most clever of any other songwriter by far! Let’s not forget Gianluca already DID a Cole Porter song, namely Night and Day.

  14. I would like to have a CD of the younger Ignazio songs as well as all the solos they have done at their concerts since they started singnig solos at the concerts & also all the songs that Gianluca is singing to us a few bits of the Cole Porter songs. I would like to here Gianluca sing the whole songs. Also I would like to hear Ignazio sing something that he likes of Stevie Wonder.
    And I would like to hear the Prayer sung by them
    Can we send them a letter requesting a Cd of solos??
    As long as their singing I’ll take anything.
    If they are going to do another video I would like to be there as well

  15. I hope they put those show solos on a CD. I especially love “Night and Day” which Gianluca did so well. Of course I want to hear Piero’s No Puede Ser but I think I would love to hear him sing ” You Lift Me Up”. Oh gosh I just want to hear more music. Most of all, I want to hear them sing more songs in Italiano!

  16. Hey everyone. I haven’t been sharing lately, but I am getting excited now that the boys will be returning soon. I have always loved the song “Stranger in Paradise” from the Broadway musical “Kismet.” Together, they would be magnificent. I also agree with anything from “Phantom.” Perhaps something from “Les Miserables.” Either as solo or together. They have the kind of voices that would do these beautiful songs proud!

    1. Hey Sheridan, Glad to see you. “Saw” you somewhere yesterday and wondered where you’ve been. I disagree with you though. “One Day More” (Les Mis.) by The Guys might be too much for me to handle. My heart is not getting any younger and I have to be careful.

  17. I would love to hear “One Enchanted Evening” from “South Pacific”
    “You Raise Me Up” would be terrific. There is a youtube version of Ignazio and Gianluca along with others from The Italian singing contest, singing “You Raise me Up” with ‘The Priests’, beautiful!!

  18. Linda, I like “you Raise Me Up” too, but didn’t like The Priests part in it. We are Il Volo “Purists” and don’t want ANYONE to interfere with that. At least I don’t!

  19. sway as dean martin does it, gianluca doing this would be so sexy it might need x rating, putting on the ritz suited his classiness really well
    painfully beautiful is such a wonderful song, as is tous les visages de l’amour, i love listening to these so much
    isabel is really right with empty chairs and empty tables, one of the most beautiful songs in the world.

  20. My requests fall into two very broad categories:
    1) Classic Italian
    2) Solos

    P.S. and Piero doing a full length version of “piove piove”.

  21. I may be repeating some titles listed above but here goes a short list. (I could go on for a long time).
    If ever I would leave you – from Camelot – a superb baritone solo for our superb baritone.
    It’s Impossible – made famous by Perry Como and Gianluca sings it now and then for the fun of it. This would be a nice ensemble number with harmony. It could be done in the original spanish “somos novios” or a verse of each.
    keeping a french song or two on the program: the beautiful “La Vie en rose” – a perfect song for this kind of group.
    Lili Marlene – a good german love song stems from world war I but it is so lovely.
    Music in the night from Phantom of the Opera – actually various songs from this show would be great for Il Volo
    Nessun Dorma from Turandot by Puccini – it is pure opera but is also so popular it is used as a pop song. A mind-blowing high C for our highest incredible tenor – Ignazio
    Piero could take on the the full version of Elvis’ – Can’t help falling in Love with you
    The whole group could do the hawaiian song: “I’ ll Remember You” (used in the Elvis 1973 special as a lovely way to say goodbye at the end of the concert just before the final number. or as an encore.

    1. Good choice Myron for I Remember You, Elvis sang that when he was younger & he really put his heart & soul into that won
      Gianluca or Ignazio or Piero would be perfect singing that won
      I so love the guys voices each separately as well as together

    2. Myron, “I’ll Remember You” is so beautiful and your suggestion of the boys ending their concert with this song is incredible. “SOMOS NOVIOS” is so touching and with their harmony, boy, I would probably keep playing it over and over. “SWAY” IS ANOTHER WITH A GREAT LATIN BEAT. Ignazio dancing and piero doing his hip swaying and Gianluca shaking his head. Hope the boys read these suggestions. I think they would get a kick knowing how much we love their music and that we know they can handle any song.

  22. More for the song list: ” I’ve got a crush on you ” by Gershwin or “our love is here to stay from him as well – Sinatra has sung both of these
    From Cole Porter – (sinatra) – I’ve Got You under my skin – jazzed up a bit. The Italian version of these : “on the street where you live” from my fair lady – also, Italian version of ” if I loved you” from Carousel.

  23. one more very lovely romantic song from the King and I by Rodgers and Hammerstein and recorded by Sinatra twice in his life: ” I have Dreamed” for either Piero or Gianluca. Watch the youtube of Sinatra from London doing this song – he really makes this fly and you will get tears !

    1. Marie, now that I have taken time to read the others it is interesting how almost everyone is pretty well versed on what types of songs go well for Il Volo. Sometime there is a surpise: I would never have guessed that a U2 song would work for the boys, but it did.

      1. Wow Myron that is a perfect song for Gianluca or Ignazio.
        At least Frank didn’t jazz this song up as he
        usually did make some of the songs too much.
        I wish Gianluca would sing the songs his own way instead of breaking them up & following Frank’s way of singing them so much
        If you listen to I’ve got a crush on you you will know what I mean
        When Frank was young his singing was so soft & beautiful but as he got older he threw i his own way of singing them with different words instead of staying with the melody & the words, so it turned me off of his singing.
        This is just my opinion, II hope Gianluca stays with HIS own style of singng & with the melody & NOT screw around by throwing in the words & changi8ng the melody that Frank did, if you know what I mean.

    2. Well, Myron and Marie, I’ve just had the breath knocked out of me!… I hadn’t heard Sinatra do “I Have Dreamed,” and don’t know how I missed it because I am a HUGE Sinatra fan and a Rodgers and Hammerstein fan as well… I can’t imagine a more wonderful song for The Boys or a solo for Gian.
      i agree with most of the choices, but I tend to love the older songs because I go back in time further than most of you. But I certainly agree that ANYTHING ITALIAN suits me to a T ! Also Lerner and Loew…Camelot (“If Ever I Would Leave You”) or My Fair Lady (“The Street Where You Live” or “I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Face”) my favorite musical of all time!!!

  24. Myron, of course everyone here is well versed on song types for Our Guys. We’ve learned from you and each other. Some of us actually breath Il Volo. Not me though.

    1. You don’t breath Il Volo ? ? ? Careful. You don’t want to be stricken down for such a big one. On the other hand, if you don’t breath them then they must be in your blood. That’s it – cut you and you bleed Italian colors.

  25. Good afternoon to all,

    After reading all of the above selections, I can’t come up with any others.. But here are the picks that I agree with; Caruso by Ignazio, No Puede Ser by Piero, The Prayer (I I love that), Music Of The Night, You Lift Me Up, and anything of Sinatra’s by Gianluca..

    Now I’ll put on my thinking cap and see what songs I can come up with.

    1. Your welcome Loretta! I love all the comments, all the songs, some I haven’t thought about in a long time. I think The Boys should do them all! They are young, they have time. Next week is OK.

      Myron, thank you so much! I cut my finger and it bled green. I thought something might be wrong. Now I know! Whew!

      1. Hey, you know half of the people on this site would end up the same way ! ! ! Now you know !

  26. Hello everyone. Marie, this is an excellent topic. Anything they choose to sing will be beautiful, I am sure. I would like to hear them sing Anema e Core, in both Italian & English. I also like Return to Me. Isabel, I too am dying to hear Piero sing Music of the Night. I would also love to hear him sing This Nearly Was Mine from “South Pacific”. There are a couple of Italian songs I came across on YouTube that I would like to hear Il Volo cover: Ma Dove Sei sung by Andrea Bocelli & Io Ti Penso Amore sung by Nicole Scherzinger. I could even stand hearing them sing that with her.
    Although The Prayer & You Raise me Up are beautiful songs, I feel they have been over done. I hope their next CD will also have some songs written especially for them. I can’t figure out why the songs that Dianne Warren wrote for them didn’t become bigger hits. I Bring You to My Senses is one of my favorites. I hope they will be able to record something of their own composition in the next CD.
    Myron, even though I am sure they could perform Nessum Dorma excellently, I remember that in so many interviews they claimed they don’t sing opera, & even mentioned that piece by name. Maybe Piero will record that one some day, but I don’t think it belongs on an Il Volo CD now. But If I Loved You would really be great.
    Marie, thanks for getting all of our opinions. We all know that we will LOVE whatever they choose to record, whether those songs are our favorites or not. I never heard of Non Farmi Aspettare before they sang it, but isn’t it just awesome!

    1. There was a video either on this site or another where the boys were being interviewed on a comical radio program (but someone brought a camera) – they sang a little of this and that (non-Il Volo songs) plus a little of Il Mondo and Felize Navidad and later on they sang the refrain of Nessun Dorma – all of them – it was fun and boy, can Ignazio and Piero handle those notes !!!

      I understand what you mean: for so long people thought they were singing opera – just because it is a foreign lang. – silly really and they always had to defend themselves. Even though they never sang any opera songs. Americans can be so narrow along those lines some times. This year tour Piero sang a song that comes from a special kind of short opera and it was wonderful.
      I guess they finally get to the point where they can really do anything that they like and fits their voices. Well, the list of songs in the comments above sure is a good one .

  27. Wow, do you think they will be overwhelmed? No pressure guys, it’s just when we hear a song we like, we imagine how it would sound IL VOLO style. It’s fun to try and match a voice to a song. You know whatever you do is wonderful!
    I agree with many of the ones already mentioned, so here are others.

    Sway – Gian w/Piero and Ignazio………fun antics maybe
    Canto Alla Vita———-Ignazio (Latin rythum )
    Because you’re mine———-Piero
    A Chi & Tenerezza (then-Now )———Ignazio
    Momentos (Andrea B.)—————–Ignazio
    The Shadow of your smile (Andy Williams & Al Hirt)——-Gian
    Piove Piove————Piero
    Broken Vow———Ignazio
    Mi Mancherai———-Piero
    Tu Me Acostumbraste———-Gian
    Impossible Dream—————All

    Am looking forward to the next CD. Have had little hints about some things. Can’t wait.

  28. I think they should sing “I Had the Last Waltz with You” by Engelbert Humperdinck. They all would do AMAZING with it but I can really imagine my love Piero singing the chorus! Here’s a link to hear it! What do y’all think?

  29. Hey guys, according to an article out today in they will be in the US for June. It says “It starts February 28 on Rai Uno, with The Flight of Henry Brignano guest on the show “Best of Italy”, then March 6 at Madison Square Garden in New York, in April in Russia and in June in the United States, for a tour of 15 dates with a large orchestra. In Italy, an event July 20 at the Greek Theatre in Taormina. ”
    Woo hoo!!

  30. Hi all, sorry to weigh in so late on this one, I have a new grandson! At any rate, I would like them to record Il Mare Calmo Della Sera, since both Gianluca and Ignazio have sung it in their youth, I think it would be very interesting to see what they would do with it now. And I would love them to record Perhaps Love, by John Denver. Go to you tube and put it un the search bar, the words are perfect and I would like to see what they would do with the melody, which is lovely.

      1. No matter how many times I hear it, it gives me the chills, and I hear it (and, true confessions, Piero singing “everywhere I go-o-oooo) in my head before I go to sleep every night!

    1. Penina, Perhaps Love is my favorte John Denver song! Placido Domingo sang it & it was beautiful. I’m sure they would sound great.

  31. Wow, so many wonderful song ideas, you guys! Here are some of mine: “Crazy” (Cee Lo Green) “Unchained Melody” (Righteous Brothers) “Crying” (Roy Orbison/k d lang) “Let It Be Me” (Everly Brothers) “Kiss From A Rose” (Seal). I’d also like to hear more Italian “pop” ballads like “E Piu Ti Penso”, “Non Farmi Aspettare” and “Un Amore Cosi Grande” are a few of my favorites in that genre). And I agree with what somebody else said about them singing with the ladies…there are few female singers that would sound good with them. I don’t care for Belinda’s voice at all, and I think they just put her with them to reach a “cross-over” fan base in Mexico and South America. Pia Toscano did better, I guess, but in the end neither nobody else singing with them is necessary, in my humble opinion. It’s hard for anybody else to measure up to those voices of theirs!

    1. I agree Ruth, I am not impressed much with the ladies singing with our guys. One exception for me would be the incomparable La Streisand. Otherwise, Fuddgettaboutit!

  32. I’m a little late in adding my preferences because I was out of town until last night. But I think lots of you had great ideas. I would agree with Piero’s solo of No Puede Ser and the suggestion Music Of The Night from Phantom. Sorry ladies, but I don’t like Sinatra, so I wouldn’t vote on any of those pieces. Almost any music from Phantom would be great. BUT…. I want the boys to continue singing in Italian. And I agree about no extra ladies doing the duets. Let’s have pure Il Volo.

  33. Bit late but still…for the Italian songs lovers how would you like this one, here from the blessed TLUC 2009, all credits to Rai TLUC.
    La Voce del Silenzio (after I will come up with an American, a French and a Spanish language song, still thinking… so many and so difficult to choose…

      1. Marie, it sounds like your best hope is our best hope – the Flight Crew seems to be of one mind where Our Boys are concerned! Isn’t it wonderful??? I hope They read this and who knows? Maybe They will agree too!!!

      2. Thank you for this song of Gianluca’s – stunning the talent each of our guys had “back then”! He should absolutely do this in concert now! What a treasure!!

  34. I hope you all get this picture of me (right of Gianluca). I am not good at doing attachments. If it works, I will comment on more. Thank you.

  35. I’d love to hear them sing Sway With Me — I love the beat and sentiment of that song and I think they could have some fun with it onstage.

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