“Il Volo” in udienza privata da Papa Francesco

We all know Il Volo recently had the honor of an audience with Pope Francis.  Yet this article may provide a little information that we did not know.  As our MN (mlla) pointed out in the past – you can’t always trust online translators, yet in this case with the help of the Bing and Google translations below, I think the message will come across loud and clear.  m

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il volo

Di Abele Gallo

Ennesimo successo per il trio dei giovani tenori italiani “Il Volo”, costituito dall’abruzzese Gianluca Ginoble e dai due siciliani Piero Barone e Ignazio Boschetto, di Naro il primo, marsalese il secondo, anche se stavolta non parliamo del solito boom discografico cui i tre ci hanno abituato dal 2010 ad oggi.

Il gruppo ha avuto l’onore di essere ricevuto in udienza privata, mercoledì 12 febbraio, dal Pontefice, grande fan di questi tre giovani balzati agli onori delle cronache musicali grazie alla partecipazione al talent show di Rai 1 “Ti lascio una canzone”, nel 2010, diventati famosissimi oltreoceano al punto di fare incetta di premi e di collaborare con artisti del calibro di Barbra Streisand e di calcare i palchi più importanti delle arene degli Stati Uniti e di tutto il Sudamerica, grazie al sapiente lavoro del manager Michele Torpedine con il supporto di Tony Renis.

L’incontro con Papa Francesco è stato caratterizzato da un’emozione reciproca, visto che il Pontefice si è professato grande appassionato delle voci dei tre, entusiasti e increduli di fronte ad una personalità di tale spicco.

Recentemente ospiti di Bruno Vespa a “Porta a Porta” e di “EdicolaFiore” di Rosario Fiorello , i tre de “Il Volo” sono stati protagonisti nella puntata de “L’Arena”, programma di Rai 1 condotto da Massimo Giletti, andata in onda domenica 16 febbraio. Onore al merito per chi, come Il Volo, riesce a tenere alto nel mondo il nome del Belpaese e, per due terzi, della nostra amata Sicilia.

Credit:  http://www.resapubblica.it/cronaca/il-volo-udienza-privata-da-papa-francesco/

Translation Per Bing:

By Abel Gallo, Yet another success for the trio of young Italian Tenors “Il Volo” the abruzzese Gianluca Ginoble and Piero Barone and two Sicilian Ignazio Boschetto, Naro, Marsala, although this time not to mention the usual record boom that the three have used by 2010.

The Group had the honor of being received in private audience, Wednesday, Feb. 12, from the Pontiff, a great fan of these three young people soared to musical Chronicles thanks to participation in the talent show on Rai 1 “Ti lascio una canzone”, in 2010, become famous overseas at the point of making plenty of awards and to collaborate with the likes of Barbra Streisand and the limestone critical stages of arenas of the United States and South America. Thanks to the skillful work of manager Michele Torpedo with support from Tony Renis.

The meeting with Pope Francesco was characterized by a mutual excitement, as the Pope has professed a great love of three entries, excited and disbelief in the face of such prominent personalities.

Recently hosted by Bruno Vespa to “door to door” and “EdicolaFiore” by Rosario Fiorello, the three de “Il Volo” were featured in the episode “the Arena”, Rai 1 programme led by Massimo Giletti, aired Sunday February 16. Honor of merit for those who, like the flight, manages to keep up in the world the name of Italy and, for two-thirds of our beloved Sicily.

Translation Per Google:

By Abel Gallo, Another success for the trio of young Italian tenors “Il Volo” , consisting dall’abruzzese Gianluca Ginoble and the two Sicilian Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto , Naro of the first , the second Marsala , although this time we do not speak of the usual boom record which the three of us have become accustomed since 2010 to date.

The group had the honor of being received in private audience , Wednesday, February 12 , by the Pope , big fan of these three young men jumped to the headlines thanks to the participation in the musical talent show on Rai 1 ” leave you a song ,” in 2010 became famous overseas as to make winning awards and collaborating with the likes of Barbra Streisand and performances of the most important arenas in the United States and in South America , thanks to the clever work of the manager Michele Torpedo with the support Tony Renis.

The meeting with Pope Francis has been characterized by mutual emotion , as the Pope has professed a great love of the voices of the three, excited and in disbelief in front of a prominent personality of this .

Recently guests Bruno Vespa in ” Door to Door ” and ” EdicolaFiore ” Rosario Fiorello , the three of “Il Volo” have been involved in the episode of ” The Arena “, a program on Rai 1, conducted by Massimo Giletti , went to air Sunday February 16. Well deserved honor for someone like Il Volo, to keep up the name of the beautiful country in the world and, for two-thirds of our beloved Sicily.

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  1. That’s a wonderful write-up Michele & Milla. The guys must have been extremely proud & overwhelmed.There isn’t another group of singers that feel as honoured as our guys. They deserve everything good thing that’s coming their way. Going into the 5th year & look how far they have come . They deserve the best of everything
    Congratulations guys keep headinig for the stars

  2. Thanks for the translation! So happy for Our Guys. They deserve all the happiness and success in the world!

  3. I would like to bring to mind a fact here: they were put together for the first time on that show in Italy in2009 and that was when Tony Renis heard them. they signed up with Universal in 2010 and were in training and made their 1st Cd that year, but it was only in April/May of 2011 that they made their debut on American idol. so in fact although they have been on contract for 5 years, this is only their 4th year of public appearances as Il Volo. that makes it even more amazing how far they have come in so short a time

    1. I know Loretta, I saw that post and I am hoping and praying she is right!! Kelly asked her where she read it and I haven’t seen any response from her yet. Oh boy, I hope they come here!!

  4. First of all, A huge THANK YOU, Michele, for the super article. I think it’s just fantastic that the Pope is an Il Volo fan!

    Now… About the U.S. concert schedule of cities. I’m almost afraid to see what it will be because I really fear that Dallas will be omitted again, especially because they are only touring 15 cities. I have a feeling that the South will miss out, but I’m hoping and praying that they will show up SOMEWHERE in Texas!! (Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, even El Paso, a LONG way from Big D.) HOWEVER, I bet they will perform somewhere in Florida, and if so, I think I can talk a buddy of mine into going with me.
    Please, all of you, wish me luck!!! Seeing Il Volo in person is #1 on my bucket list!

  5. I am hoping also LeeLee that they will come to somewhere in Florida. I have already asked a friend if she would go with me
    . if they come to Miami, I would take a flight down rather than drive because the drive is 5 hours, so we shall see. I would also like to meet up with you and who ever is going. let’s keep in contact here when we know if and where and then maybe we could get tickets together or close

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