I’m Smiling Because ~~ July 5, 2014


Hey Everyone! 


While everyone is still so giddy over our concert experiences, we thought we’d find out why everyone is smiling today. 









We’re smiling because everyone seemed to love seeing The Guys in concert last month. 

We’re smiling because so many people have decided to share their stories with us.

We’re smiling because we met so many young people, they’ve decided to come out and say, “hi”, and we’re hoping they stick around for awhile.  🙂 














             So, why are you smiling?






58 thoughts on “I’m Smiling Because ~~ July 5, 2014”

  1. I’m smiling just looking at these three beautiful pictures AND am still glowing/smiling on the inside from our concert/weekend of FUN in Milwaukee. I’m smiling at the memory of these three special young men AND all of the Flight Crew members we were lucky enough to meet !!!

  2. Marie, Our guys always make me smile inside. They will forever give me joy.
    Thanks for thr badge. I will wear it with pride. Joanie G

  3. I’m smiling because my heart is so filled up with the magic of IL VOLO!!!

    That includes all the lovely IL VOLO friends I enjoyed on my trip, and seeing my family become ever more enamored with IL VOLO. That includes hugs and smiles and music that sends my heart soaring!

    And now I am doing Walk-Dancing MeetUps with, of course, IL VOLO being the stand-out on my PlayList! It is so fun ~ it totally makes my day!

    I discovered a quotation that I love:
    “Music in the soul can be heard by the Universe.” by Lao Tzu
    The Universe is listening… to IL VOLO!

    Smiling, dancing, laughing, rejoicing! 🙂
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. Oh yes, Jeanine. I understand what you mean. Singing, dancing (however you can do it) listening to music, especially our wonderful Il Volo boys, makes me have a big smile on my face and in my heart. Laughter and a spring in my step, remembering the concert and meeting these ‘darlings’ in Milwaukee, along w/Barbara and Mrs. Ginoble, puts added joy in my spirit. So many wonderful face book friends now all connected because of the love and deep respect for Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio … amazing. God bless them. ☺☺☺

      1. Beautiful, Harriett! If I were on Facebook (which I’m not), I would love to be among your IL VOLO friends.

        I like your “however you can do it” for dancing. My favorite place to walk-dance is flat enough for wheelchairs! (Not for me, but I have seen a few folks enjoying the sunshine and nature on their wheelchairs. Why not?!)

        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  4. I’m smiling because the plans are in the works for our Il Volo friends to have a Convention in Minneapolis on August 8th & 9th. And, Mary, remember we are sharing Piero! Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca make me smile everyday!!

  5. Hello to all the Flight Crew! I’m smiling because for the last month I have been reading all the entries here on the blog, enjoying everyone’s concert experiences. I have been searching you tube for videos from those fortunate enough to have attended those concerts & stealthy enough to record them. I cannot thank you all enough for posting your experiences & your videos, so I could at least experience the concerts through your eyes. Thank you, Elaine, Mary Bohling, MaryJane, Penina, Dani, Ms. Anonymous Fan Girl, Michele (MFA), Carli, Jeanine, Victoria, Myron, Connie, & Marie, & anyone else I may have missed. I especially enjoyed Nanktat’s videos from Westbury & all of Elaine’s from Modesto, sgibson144’s from New Jersey, Olgadiva1980’s from Virginia, & all the others I found on you tube. Thanks also to Linda Snyder for keeping us up-to-date on all the happenings. I envy all of you, especially Miss Carli, who must think she went to heaven (I never thought I would want to be 21 again, but I surely do now!).
    Marie (belated birthday greetings!), I can’t wait until you share what you have been holding back (the parts you deleted!?). All that I have seen & heard makes me more determined than ever to get to a concert or 2 before I get too old to move. And I hope we all get to meet each other when the convention in Las Vegas becomes a reality.

    1. Thanks, Lynn!
      Good to hear from you again!
      Yes… Las Vegas hopes!

      The Guys will keep you young and moving, Lynn!
      ~ Jeanine

    2. Oh yes, it did seem as though I went to heaven, and I think I’m still up there, and don’t think I’ll come down any time soon! ;D I hope you will be able to go to a concert next time!

      1. Carli – stay up there – that was quite a first kiss – and what an adventure! Wish I was there to see all of you in Nashville! I am SMILING just thinking about it! I am smiling just thinking about our road trip – 5 concerts for me were not enough!

  6. Mary, Chris and Linda because you asked:

    Well Kelly,

    I wake up with a smile
    ’cause I know in a while,

    I’ll be humming along
    to a beautiful song.

    To hear angels sing
    is a wondrous thing.

  7. I’m smiling because I saw IL VOLO twice within 1 week. How I wish I could see them 52 weeks out of the year! I loved hearing those beautiful voices, they are heart stoppingly beautiful men in their humility and they way they appreciate their fans and how entertaining their shows are. I am also smiling because their shows got such good reviews and there have been so many more younger girls coming out to see them, not that there is anything wrong with the older crowd too, but I like seeing the girls scream for them like they are Elvis or something, to me they are Elvis, the Beatles, (and my other favorite, Josh Groban) all rolled into one! I love them, they make me smile (though my heart is breaking because it’s over). I am smiling also because I met Lisa Joy, Gaby (vice pres. of IL VOLO Miami, and her sister, Michele Azzara (from Flight Crew), Madeline Vitella, her friend Sarah DiMaggio, Bev Olson, Beckie Darrow, Jo Longstreth, Helen Bridgeforth, Donna Pothier, Kathy Rowe, her sister Barbara Burg, Judy Therman, Lavina Kueker, Lucy Hadlee Buzzee, Grace LoBello and Karen Springer it was so great to meet all the ILVOVERS! These ladies are seriously into IL VOLO, some where constantly checking twitter to see what the boys were up to. Oh, and I met Flight Crew’s own Marie in 2013. I love that she is such a great fan and promoter of IL VOLO, keep it up! I am so sorry this is so long, what a windbag I can be! ha ha!

      1. Hey Christine! I’ve been reading Flight Crew blog for soooo long, but haven’t commented for ages. Your comment, however, has prompted me to do so. Meeting you and going to the Nashville concert with you, and meeting so very many other Il Volo sisters was an absolute joy. Of course, for me, the highlight of that 3-day experience was running into Gianluca, his mom Eleanora, and Barbara Vitali on the street the night before the concert. What an extra blessing to have that delightful “private meet and greet.” Truly, a night I will never forget…and an experience that will keep me smiling on into eternity. 🙂

    1. Hi Christine,
      You were sitting right behind me at the Phila. concert. I recognized you because we were all wearing our Flight Crew badges. Someone in your group had trouble turning off the flash in their camera while the boys were performing. How did the pictures turn out? Can you post them? The concert was, of course, great! The Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra was the best of the three concerts I saw this June. It was world class. Ciao Bella! Irene

      1. Hi Irene, I remember you well! Only 1/2 doz. of the 30 or so of the pictures I took came out good, the rest were blurry so I probably won’t post them here. Wasn’t that show just the greatest! Nice to meet you, Irene!

    2. It was really great to meet so many of you! The concerts are of course what we love, but it is the extra “time” with Il Volo – like you said, running into them when you least expect it, that is so fantastic! Like when I opened the gym door to leave and Ignazio was on his way in! Oh, sorry, I haven’t written about that yet! Anyway, I wish our road trip could have hit all the concerts! Then we could have met you all in person! Maybe next time! Michele

  8. Hi! I’m smiling because I made a blanket with my M&G picture and it finally came! I also made my little sister a blanket with the picture of Gianluca singing to her on it and she loves it! We relieved the whole night all over again!!

  9. I’m smiling, even though I didn;t go to any concerts, or meet & greets (can’t imagine what I would do anyway, other than cry); but I have the privelige of doing those things through others. To be able to experience emotions, laughs, and all that photos,and reviews bring is such a blessing. thank all of you for your kindness, and willingness to share. However, I am smiling every day just for being blessed in seeing these beautiful young men, and listening to their God given talent. Whenever I want, I can come on line and there they are, with their gorgeousness,humility, and even allowing us to be a part of their family, and their normal life and friendships. Who else does that with their fans. It is just so hard to believe. So all I can say is thank you Lord for this most glorious gift you have given us! Smiles come from our souls , to our heart , and displays themselves on faces out of pure joy.

    1. Good to hear from you, Kitty.
      I love, “Smiles come from our souls , to our heart , and displays themselves on faces out of pure joy.”

      Joy to all,
      ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  10. 1) I’m smiling because of Il Volo. Do I need anymore reasons? I certainly have some more. 2) I have a job. 3) Il Volo. 4) Summer vacation. 5) Il Volo. 6) Youtube recordings of Il Volo concert exist. 7) [the lucky, magic number] PIERO BARONE.

    I’m tired. I’ll come up with something better later. Apologies for teh babbling.

  11. I’m smiling from ear to ear. I saw 3 concerts this year, Ignazio recognized me & knew I am from Toronto. They sang Happy Birthday to me at the meet & greet not loud just for me & Ignazio gave me one of his special hugs & he recognized me again & came off the stage in Toronto to give me another hug, This smile will be on my face all year. I never thought I would me so fortunate.

  12. I am smiling because there are many kind, wonderful, and loving ILVolovers. Thank you Joanie Greenspan and @ilvolo2prom for capturing the moments at the Modesto concert. I am grateful that you share the clips and photos with me. What memories! Thanks a million!

  13. I’m smiling still from the concert in Philly as I think about how I acted like a crazy teenager screaming and then running up to the boys at the end of the concert to shake their hands. Of course shaking their hands was not enough I had to touch the bottom of Gianluca’s pant leg as he ran past.

  14. Plus that I forgot he was standing in the lobby of my hotel after signing in when I got back from the restaurant having breakfast. He knew who I was then also. He was only by himself at least I didn’t see the other guys, they may have been taken to their rooms who knows. I thought they were staying at my hotel until I heard later they were at Holiday Inn so It wasn’t my business to ask him how come he was there. Anyway I gave him a hug there as well. So permanent smile is a fixture.

  15. I am smiling because that is what I do every time I get something from the boys! I smile reading notes, articles and reviews, when I see their pictures or when I watch their videos, including the ones that last 3 seconds. It is a reflex! I always find myself smiling when I see/hear/watch Il Volo!

  16. I’m smiling because I was blessed to see Il Volo in concert with M&G four times. Had wonderful M&G experiences for the most part and also interacted with the guys before and after concerts. All three are sweet, loving, somewhat shy, immensely talented not of this world beings. My prayer is for others to one day have similar experiences. Don’t think I have stopped smiling since the day I found Il Volo!

    1. Ms. Crider, if someone had once told you that there were three angels that lived on earth, had faces that could lighten even the blackest day, and voices purer and sweeter than any sound you had ever heard, would you have believed that person??? The sensation that is Il Volo is something that one has to see and hear for oneself to believe. They give me reason to smile everyday!

    2. Let’s just say that those who do believe you (speaking for myself) are of like mind!
      Love it, Isabel!

      Some of us have been waiting our whole lives for such other-worldly transformative beauty!

      ~ Jeanine

  17. I am smiling because of all the videos and tweets shared by everyone. I am happy to be alive after all I have been through in the past year physically. I missed our local Il Volo concert last year due to hospitalization. I smile because my Il Volo friends showed compassion to me during this time and remained my friends even though I didn’t communicate for about 4 months at a time. I smile cause I have friends like you and Il Volo to turn to in times of need.

      1. Hi, Frieda,

        I saved your email from a while ago because I wanted to affirm your reaching out to us here in friendship. I totally support and rejoice in all the beautiful friendships and warm connections which have come through this beautiful home for sharing IL VOLO Love! So glad you’re part of these connections and that you’re so wonderfully open-hearted in sharing your feelings.

        Have a delight-full week!
        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

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