My First Il Volo Concert ~ Allene Shipman

             It finally arrived.

The day of my very First Concert – June 21st, Milwaukee.

Jane, Mary B, and her daughter Anne, and I had flown to Milwaukee from Minneapolis together on Friday to begin a wonderful, wonderful weekend. Saturday dawned very, very foggy. But who cared about the weather?! It could have been snowing and blowing – a regular blizzard – But I wouldn’t have cared one bit. We all met for breakfast in the “breakfast nook” of the hotel, but that’s another story. We spent what time was left getting ready for our get-together with other Flight Crew members at 5:00 PM at the Calderone Club – an authentic Italian restaurant, which we thought very appropriate. I now could put faces to some of the names – Marie, Michele and Dorothy. A great meal was enjoyed by all, and I soaked up all the Il Volo talk that was going on. And then it was time to go to the Theater.

Mary B., Anne , Jane and I walked the loooong (to me) three blocks. Jane had Mary B. on one arm and me on the other. It would have been quite a sight if we had fallen in a heap. But we got there all in one piece. We got our M&G wrist bands and headed for our seats. The lights dimmed, and this is where things became one heavenly and happy experience for me.

It is hard to explain the emotional impact these three young Italian men, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, had on me as the show began. Tears filled my eyes and I thought my heart would burst from my chest with the love I felt for them. I never could have believed, if I didn’t hear it with my own ears, how much those glorious voices could move me to tears. Sooo much better in person than on a CD. Piero’s voice is magnificent, Ignazio’s voice is as stunning as he is, and Gianluca’s was, well in the days of Sinatra, I would have swooned as he sang! The show was 2-1/2 hrs. long, not nearly long enough. I could have listened to them for 2-1/2 hours more. But wait, we still had the M&G.

While standing in line, we went over to talk to Barbara and Mrs. Ginoble. I told Mrs. Ginoble “thank you for sharing Gianluca with us”. Then it was our turn to meet the guys. I was as giddy as a teenager. I gave Gianluca a big hug, and told him he was better that Sinatra. I got my arms around Piero, gave him a big hug, and wished him a Happy Birthday, to which he said “thank you so much”. Oh my, that wonderful voice! But then I got hustled along right past Ignazio. No fair! I didn’t get to smell his cologne like Jane did! But she brought it back to our room on her shirt. Alas, the smell was gone the next morning.

And so that was the end of the weekend I had looked forward to for days and days. I went home to Rochester, Jane went home to Duluth, Mary to Stillwater, and Anne to somewhere in northern Minnesota. I am already planning to get to as many concert as I can on their 2015 Tour.

I almost forgot that I also talked to Laura and Suzy. I had met them before at the Mall of America.

God bless you and keep you safe Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.



That’s ok, I don’t mind one less woman smelling HIM! Nice 1st concert experience!
Great to meet you and talk Il Volo.
See you in the 2015 ticket line!

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  1. Ah, Allene, the irony of it all. The waiting, the mounting anticipation, the thrill of finally hearing them in concert, over all too fast, and then the M&G, gone by in a moment, leaving you wanting more and wondering if it even happened at all. But in spite of the mixed emotions we are always left wanting more and thinking about how soon we can do it again. So sorry you didn’t get to hug Ignazio and smell his shirt–neither did I. But next year we will do better. Remember: be assertive and focused don’t let the picture lady push you around. Yes, it was great week-end, and I am looking forward to our get together in August.

    1. Hello girls, So happy to read your reports about the Milwaukee concert. Jeanne T., my son and I were there too. Jeanne and I had our badges on, and I am sorry we didn’t meet up with you. It was a thrilling concert, my first time and my son’s too (he kindly drove us). This was Jeanne’s 2nd concert but she was floating on air just like I was! To see these boys on stage, professionally conducting themselves, having fun and singing oh so beautifully…then, go to the M&G and there they are … casual, friendly and so gracious….looking like they could be my grandsons…wow. I really want to plan on seeing them again and have my mind more clear….at the M&G. I have read that others felt the same way, which is comforting. It seems a bit blurry in my mind…although I know I gave them their cards and hugged and spoke to them…..ahhhh So happy for everyone’s experiences…like non other for me. My best to all of you Il Volo sisters and brothers. xxoo

      1. Beautiful to hear your stories, Allene and Harriett.

        It is amazing how their music, their hearts, their joyful fun brings us to tears so easily. Me, too!

        Thanks for your open hearts and sweet sharing!

        Wishing us all many more such joyous experiences,
        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  2. Allene, this is just wonderful!!! You put it into words perfectly! We will never forget the moments that are etched in our hearts!!

  3. Dear Allene,
    Thank you, thank you for sharing your Il Volo experience with us. I love to hear about everyone’s concert and/or M&G thrill!! There simply are no sufficient words to describe the whole evening, are there?? We all try, but to me, it’s all so breath-taking and over-the-top exciting, and as you said, it’s over it seems like, in a flash!!! Every day, I try to go over my experience in my mind so that I won’t forget any of it!

    Incidentally, I’m with you… Their voices never cease to move me to tears! I guess I’m somewhat like Gianluca… I wear my emotions on my sleeve! Again, many thanks, Allene. Have a wonderful August reunion with your Il Volo buddies!!

  4. there is a set of videos uploaded by Nanktat that are absolutely wonderful. type in “Il Volo – No Puede Ser(Piero’s solo) June 25 4014 – you tube.” you will get all the videos of their various songs sung at Westbury concert. you can then look at all the various videos Nanktat made. some are real killers with Ignazio in the audience. like the beginning of No Puede Ser and Surrende and Angel. these will entertain you for the rest of the month and after, you won’t stop laughing

    1. Yes, Deanne, I was very glad to see these from Westbury. Nanktat does a great job. The boys had such close connections with the audience and had a lot of fun. Of course, the singing was fabulous, as always. I do look at these videos often…not much allowed from Milwaukee, where I was….but I have memories I am trying to recall every detail possible from the dream come true. Ha-Ha

      1. Yes, sadly not much allowed from Milwaukee is true. I saw a security/usher come over and lean in towards the middle of an aisle and stop someone from recording on their phone. How they even saw it happening from such a distance was beyond me. Bummer! I’m so glad other venues allowed filming as each one is such fun to watch and re-live it all over again!

  5. Thanks Allene for recounting your wonderful experience. I know you won’t forget it for a long time. All those memories ought to keep you till next year.

  6. Harriett, “Il Volo sisters and brothers” love that!

    Also, we’ve been talking behind the scenes, as usual. Next year we’re going to wire ourselves with tape recorders so we can remember our conversations! Who can remember anything when staring into those six gorgeous eyes!!

  7. I agree with the above comment, the videos by Nanktat of the Westbury concert are SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!!!! The day after they were put up, I spent an entire afternoon grinning at my computer like a lunatic!

    Thank you Ms. Shipman for sharing you story with us! Someday, when I meet them for the first time (soon I wish!), I hope I’ll be at least half as pulled together as you were!

  8. I, like a lot of you found everything went by so fast, and I’m trying to remember everything, but I know I got a hug from them and they signed our T shirts, I don’t know much else I was in a daze, but I do know that once Gianluca saw my Granddaughter I became invisible, he held his arms out to her for a hug, needless to say she was thrilled, but all in all I had a great time and I had the pictures I got enlarged and put on Plaks and they are on my wall and I can look at them all the time, great experience, I hope they will come back to Toronto

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