Are you suffering from end of concert tour withdrawal?

Are you surfing the net 24/7 for ANYTHING IL VOLO ?

Are you going to the Olive Garden for dinner 7 nights a week?

If that is YOU, would you like to get together with others
Suffering from the same conditions in a celebration of the
LOVE that we have for OUR GUYS ?


We will be having dinner at an Italian Restaurant
(Not the Olive Garden)
Listening to IL VOLO CD’s and DVD’s
Sharing experiences, photos and whatever else
Anyone comes up with (with in reason, of course)

We are sorry the guys won’t be there in person
They are just too busy performing in their beloved Italy
And were not able to cancel those concerts at this late date
However, they send their regrets and want us to know
That they will be with us in spirit

Anyone interested in partaking of this exciting event
Should respond ASAP to THIS BLOG for further information
You don’t even have to be from Minnesota





  1. AWW, thank you for the invite dear, however, I will not be able to attend. I would have loved to meet all who came. What a great idea though. Yes, I too, am suffering from not having news of the boys daily. I listen to their CDs and watch the DVDs. I take my tablet everywhere I go so as not to miss anything new. Thank you Marie for all you do to keep us informed about the guys. I WILL BE TRAVELING TO CABO SAN LUCAS AT THAT TIME. I WILL BE GONE FOR 2 WEEKS. I WILL LOOK FOR YOUR REPORT. HAVE FUN.

  2. What a wonderful idea this is. Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend and meet you all but I think it’s a great thing that you are doing. I will look forward to seeing the reports and photos.

  3. Hey Ladies! You know I would be there if it wasn’t 1000+ miles from me. Great idea! Can’t wait for the photo’s and story. Have a blast Minnesota!!

  4. Thanks for the invite to the IlVolovers get together in Aug. Sounds wonderful but I am unable to attend. Would love to meet everyone! It’s too far from SO CAL, my kids won’t let me travel far without one of them coming with me. I have plans to visit a new great grand baby at that time in Santa Cruz, CA. New baby due end of July! I have been wondering if I am obsessed with our beautiful guys! They are on my mind all the time. Watching U tube all the time also. Tell me it’s a normal reaction please! If there is a event in Vegas before Christmas, as Myron mentioned, I’m sure a lot of us can meet then!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Oh Tippy! You have come to the wrong place to ask that question! Of course, it’s a normal reaction! There you go.

      And congrats on the new grandchild.

  5. I can only wish! And I do wish a wonderful time for all you who can and do attend, Withdrawal?? Oh, yes!

  6. I am new to Il Volo Flight Crew Fans, thanks for invite, sorry won’t be a to attend. Listen to our Guys CD’s every day. Looking forward to photo and news.

    1. Thanks -loved the Guys first time I saw them on public TV three yrs ago, didn’t know there are SO many fans.

  7. Wow, what a cool idea! I have another commitment at that time, or I would love to join other Il Volovers there. 🙂

  8. Wow! Minnasota . If I was younger than my 85 years, I would be on a plane to be with you. As has been said, I also am, obsessed with “our boys”, My friends think I have gone off the deep end. I would even go to Italy just to see their home towns. that;s how ba it is. Have fun. Joanie Guyon

  9. Oh how I wish I could, but I don’t even know how far it is from Toronto, Canada, or how much it would cost, that would be my concern as far as being busy at that time I have no plans. By the way Tippy if it’s not normal to be obsessed then I am not normal, because I am certainly obsessed!!!

      1. Loretta is one of the original bloggers from the old Il Volo site. We were fed up with the difficulties of posting on that site and the nucleus of the Flight Crew decided to make our own blog. Loretta is from the GTA–I posted a picture of Loretta and me (or rather Marie or Kelly posted it!) in my post Penina’s story.
        I am also from Toronto–but I won’t be able to go to Minnesota.

  10. Joanie,
    My husband was Italian ( most wonderful man in the world )!!! Have ties to the Lenola, Fondi area. The son who will be the grandfather of the new baby said we could plan to go to Italy next summer! I am getting older, will be almost 87 by then. I have slowed down somewhat in the past couple months! Not sure I could make the trip! Not sure I could get to more than one concert ether! Would be great to go, meet my husband’s family, go to Sicily, so beautiful & see where the Boys live! Just have to see how I feel by next spring! Wouldn’t it be great to see one of their concerts in Italy!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Here I am talking about Il Volo, when I have things I need to do!

  11. Would love to attend, but from Florida to Mn would be quite the trip. I know you’ll all have a great time.

    For you admitted obsessed people, I have a secret, we’re all obsessed!! 🙂

    1. Joyce, we’ll put up further info if you just put your questions here. Looking forward to meeting you and others!!!

  12. *repeatedly bangs head against convenient wall* As much as I would love to, there is no way to for me to make the 12 hour drive out there. I shall have to content myself with my obsessive internet searching.

  13. Enjoy everyones’ ideas and sharing of their feelings about the boys. One definition of OBSESSION IS “unable to stop thinking about something”. There are some old songs under the name “Obsession” that some might enjoy listening while waiting for the next IL Volo posting. Trios Los Panchos, Petita Corrales, Javier Solis. They are on Youtube. I was 15 when I came to the States and was crazy about “Trios Los Panchos”. Wish I could make a trip to Bloomington and meet some of you ladies but it is 1026 miles and 15 hours. My kids would lock me up if I said I would drive.
    Have a great time.

  14. I won’t be able to make it either. I also don’t know how far it is, but it can’t be too far from Toronto Annie. Think Winnepeg. Maybe a bit farther because you have to go south. I am trying to find a weekend to go visit our grandsons so this just isn’t going to work. Someone or someones better have a camera! And a tape recorder–I bet the conversation will be very entertaining!

  15. WOW…I LOVE all of the responses and would LOVE to meet you all someday…maybe in Vegas!! I promise we will take plenty of photos and submit a few stories here!!!!

  16. Shoot, I will be in Las Vegas during that time. I would love to attend, and Mpls isn’t that far (I’m in Detroit area). Like everyone else, I’m going thru withdrawal too. I just read a great term that describes me and a lot of us – Granny Groupies. I think that is so cute. Fortunately my dear husband is not jealous of my adoration of Piero.

    1. That’s wonderful, Pamela! We’ll put up further info. if you have questions…just ask. Can’t wait to meet you.!

  17. Minnesota Gals:
    How very sweet of you to invite us to your “Il Volo reunion”, but, for me, I’m afraid Texas is just too far from Minneapolis. I’ll be thinking about all of you and wishing you lots of Il Volo fun! Wish I could be a fly on the wall and hear all the stories and hilarity that will be going on! Someone, turn on a recorder!

  18. Hey, friends, you have a fantastic time! Looking forward to a future, west coast gathering (hmmmm… I wonder where would be a great place for it – WITH IL VOLO concert?!) Yes, I know. Still in the dream phase, yet trusting Some Day! Right, Myron? 😉

    And I gotta get back to definitions here:
    Obsessed is draining – Does that sound like your IL VOLO experience? Heck no!

    PASSIONATE is uplifting and energizing ~ NOW we’re talking’!

    So, I encourage us all to claim our true state… PASSIONATE about IL VOLO & PROUD OF IT!

    Love ya,
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  19. Won’t be able to make it either. I’ll be with you in thought though. I’ll bet you’ll have a blast. I would like to be a fly on the wall. To sit and listen to all of you ladies talk about our sunshine would be just the thing to get me out of my Il Volo less slump. Have fun, girls.

  20. You’ve got that right, Jeanine. Passionate IS a much better word than obsessed! Happy to hear from all of you, but understand that distances can be a problem. Looking forward to meeting you Pamela.

    1. I’m enjoying all of you as you come up with your own label that seeks to express your Love of IL VOLO.

      …Even though we all know that words will never sufficiently capture what’s in our hearts and cells and choices (and iPods!), waking and sleeping! 😉

      Passionately soaring,
      Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

      1. The guys have said they are “3 voices, but 1 soul”…we are many voices and 1 soul that know the beauty of their music that touches every part of our soul…the purest hearts that they possess, that express the truest form of kindness and love to all they meet. We see 3 humans that possess the finest in human qualities that there is. And of course we can’t get enough of them. Surround yourself with those that make you feel good in life. We do just that by loving and admiring all they do.

    2. Believe me, Allene, you are NOT the only one!! I joined the ranks of the passionately obsessed 5 years ago – and it only gets better and better!

  21. Thankyou ladies!! I am passionately obsessed!! And obsessionally passionate!! We all need more IlVolo therapy administered by none other than, Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero!! Has anyone but me noticed the Marasala prince showed us the car he bought & seems to have disappeared from any comments or pics??? Odd!

    1. Not so odd, Tippy. Ignazio is the most private of our guys – he does not post very often, at least not nearly as much as Gian and Piero. So when he does post a picture, we can enjoy it even more!

  22. Care volover io sono una nonna di 54 anni, e vivo la mia passione in privato, loro la mia ossessione, non posso condividere con nessuno, passerei per matta, leggendo le vostre mi si apre il cuore condividere, Io vivo in sardegna italia un’ora di volo dalla sicilia, sarei voluta essere li vederli cantare con loro, invece la gelosia di mio marito mi ha impedito il mio sogno, mi dice che son pazza alla mia età, allora con il tablet in privato su youtube pagine fan ecc…vivo così la mia passione e soffro molto non poter vedere un loro concerto, vedere dove vivono , andare a trovarli, ora leggendo voi qui forse non sono così pazza come dicono, son felice ci siete e che condividete il mio amore, grazie, scusate il mio sfogo, il volo forever

  23. Lucrezia, Benvenuti, felice che siete qui!

    Here is the english translation of Lucrezia’s comment according to Bing:
    Care volover I am a grandmother of 54 years old, and I live my passion in private, their obsession of mine, I can not share with anyone, would pass for crazy, reading your I open my heart to share, I live in Sardinia Italy a ‘hour flight from Sicily, I would have wanted to be there to see them sing with them, instead of my husband’s jealousy prevented me from my dream, telling me that I am mad at my age, then with the tablet in private on youtube fan pages etc. .. . alive so my passion and I suffer much not being able to see a concert, see where they live, go to see them, now you read here may not be as crazy as they say, I’m happy you are there and that you share my love, thank you, sorry my outburst,Il Volo forever

    1. Lucrezia, thank you so much for sharing YOUR passion with us! It must be difficult being so close to them and not able to see them in person. You can be sure that you have a safe place here to talk about the BEST young men in the world. To be sure we all share your passion! Welcome!

  24. Aw Lucrezia !! We understand your passion completely. Sometimes I feel so much passion and love for our boys that I think and intervention is in order but then I come to this beautiful site and I realize I am not alone. Having a passion at any age is an uplifting and joyful way to live. Never give up on your passion. It is good for your heart and soul.

    1. YEAH!!! I was hoping you’d swing up our way again when you saw this!! Will be great having you there!

      1. Thank you,I’ll leave Sophee home, but she’s still talking about the concert. Didnt get home until Monday:(

  25. Annie, I hope you will find others in your area or close by that you can do this someday. We are so lucky here in Minnesota to have a small group of us. Keep watching the site here and as more people come on you just may find more IL VOLO friends near where you live! We are all hoping that a concert comes through in Las Vegas this fall/winter…where a larger number of us could gather for a “convention”.

    1. I do hope you are right and that I be able to connect with someone who is a fan near me, I don’t drive, but taking a bus usually isn’t a problem, anyway I’ll keep hoping!!

      1. Hi Annie
        I live in North York and Loretta lives in the GTA also. You are not alone! I also met someone else at the concert who was sitting in the 4th row who said she reads the blog often but does not comment. She had several friends with her and they all had badges on. I don’t remember her name but she is out there somewhere!

  26. Penina, I live on the border of North york, west end and fairly central, maybe someone else will read this, it would be great to meet some of the fans from our area, thanks for your message.

    1. I live in the Bathurst Steeles area. So we are not so far away from each other. I hope some of the other readers will declare themselves!

      1. Penina, I hope so too, maybe then we could meet at some point, I live in the Keele and Lawrence area, so it’s not so far away, who knows, anything is possible!!

  27. “Ladies, I’ve been listening. If you ever want to put one together we (Linda) would be happy to help find others by making announcements in our “In Case You Missed This” posts.”

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