In the Stars ~~ A Tribute From Debe


We Received this story from Debe.  I thought it was very sweet…and I think The Guys did too.  ~~ Kelly

I was very fortunate to see Gianluca, Piero & Ignazio in concert in Phoenix in 2012 & 2013.  They were magnificent.  In 2012 as they were leaving the stage, Ignazio came over to me and kissed my hand.  Needless to say, I was elated and also determined to make the Meet and Greet in 2013.
I wanted to do something for them that hadn’t been done before and yet show them how appreciated they were–not just for their music but for the wonderful young men they have become.  So, I had 3 stars named after each of them.  Before the concert, greeters collected all gifts that fans brought and assured everyone that the boys would receive them.  That was very disappointing to me because I wanted so badly to see their expressions as they opened each of their gifts.


 However, after our picture and as we were being shuffled out, I was able to quickly ask Piero if he had received his star.   He was amazing.  He pulled me back and told Gianluca and Ignazio that I was the one who had the stars named after them. 
Ignazio was so cute.  He said, “I told Piero you could do that.”  Piero had them take a second picture, and I was able to get even more hugs and kisses.  I reduced additional pictures of their individual stars, so they would have wallet size as well as the original 8×10 and certificate.  
As we were leaving we even had the opportunity of meeting Gianluca & Ignazio mothers; both ladies are so sweet.  
So when you are not too sure as to where they are, you can see them anytime by locating the Big Dipper and look for 3 bright shining stars. 

17 thoughts on “In the Stars ~~ A Tribute From Debe”

  1. That is a great idea and present! The next time I use my telescope I will be sure to look for their stars! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This just showed up in my email tonight, July 29th, but I see it was posted July 10th. That’s weird! Anyway, what an awesome idea you had, Debe! I’ll bet they will never get a more unique gift, ever! I love the photo of you with them. You all look so happy and who wouldn’t be?? Thank you for sharing this.

  3. That was a lovely gift you gave and I am so glad they were so amazed and happy with it. Plus all those extra hugs and kisses!

  4. What a sweet present! They are shining stars! So are you for thinking of such a sparkling gift! I’m not even mad that Ignazio kissed your hand. Well, not very mad.

  5. Debe, how creative and thoughtful! It was the best gift I’ve ever heard of and wish I had thought of it! LOL! I’m so glad it earned you extra hugs and photos; it was so nice of our guys,and I’m sure they were sincere in their actions!

  6. Debe-Just to think that our three shinning stars can carry their very own stars with them wherever they go in the world is so very special. The smiles on their faces in the photo shows just how thrilled they were !!

  7. Debe, what a marvelous thing to do for our Angels of Music! Did not know you could name stars for people! You must be a very special person to think of something so unique! So happy for the beautiful time you had with them! Fantastic!✨ 🌟 💫

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