Il Volo In Taormina, July 20, 21 and A Tale Of Two Photos



“Piero Barone Il Volo @piero_barone May 22 July 20th and 21st Teatro Greco di Taormina !!!”


Tickets may still be available for Il Volo’s Taormina concert as well as for the concerts in Pescara and Napoli!  Here is the link for those still considering a last minute trip to Taormina!  Obviously you have a little more time to decide to attend a concert in Pescara or Napoli!

Speaking of Taormina, I have been looking at Piero’s photos of Italia.  On May 22, 2014 he tweeted the first picture of the Teatro Greco above. I posted the other one  I took a while back. Do you notice anything about the two?  I just realized that, apparently, Piero and I stood in almost exactly the same spot to take these shots!  Only his picture includes more of a wall on the left where there is a sign to none other than the “Teatro Greco di Taormina!!!” as he put it in his tweet.  How did I miss getting that sign in my picture?!?  It is obviously a different time of the year too, in my photo a gorgeous flowering plant is blooming, I was there in early July!

WaterbyPieroTaormina (2)

“Piero Barone Il Volo @piero_barone    May 20   
Every time i’m in Taormina i feel like it’s The first time!!! I’m in love with this City!!!”

I am almost certain we have a photo shot by MN in this same spot where Piero is standing in a previous Taormina post!  I so totally agree with Piero, “I’m in love with Taormina” too!    Those of you going or are already there – ENJOY and let us know all about your adventures!   Grazie!   Michele  ( mfa and mfazzara)

18 thoughts on “Il Volo In Taormina, July 20, 21 and A Tale Of Two Photos”

    1. Thank you – isn’t it cool – we had to have been in almost the same spot! Taormina is really an amazing place – I would like to go in a season other than summer. I have been there in July!

      1. yes Michele. the spot of the pict I sent is the same, just the season and mainly the weather was, alas, different. Nevertheless, the spot is just amazing, with any kind of weather !

  1. What gorgeous photos! Oh how I wish I could be there for the concerts. I’ll be eagerly awaiting to hear from those from the Flight Crew fortunate enough to be there!

    1. Not only am I going to the concert on the 20th, but my grandson and I have a suite at he Grand Hotel Timeo. Maybe we’ll run into the guys there. One could only hope and pray. Right now we are in Rome for 3 days, then onto Agrigento/Naro and then to Taormina.

      1. Karen – I am sure you will run into the guys somewhere! Sounds amazing – have a great time! We can’t wait to hear all about your trip! Enjoy Roma – I love it too!

  2. Oh Karen! It would probably ruin your vacation if you knew how jealous I am! Please let us know how the concert goes. We’ll be waiting!
    If you happen to run into Ignazio, tell him Marie says Hi.

  3. Karen, how awesome for you and your son!!! LOTS of envious crew members here! Enjoy every moment!

  4. Karen, right now you are the most envied person on earth, except of course, anyone living in Sicily and going to the concert! Enjoy, and please, please, please, send up a report!

  5. *happy sigh* Michelle, you know I love your pics. Seems so beautiful and tranquil–someday. But not when it’s so wickedly hot. I like it warm and all, but I don’t know if I could take it tooooo extremely hot. And I can only imagine how it feels to think you were standing in the same spot as Piero. 🙂

    1. Kelly, I think the best time to visit Taormina may be January – considering what it is like in January here – it would be a perfect time to be in Taormina!

      1. Will let you all know. Will be in Taormina tomorrow for the IL VOLO concert. Right now we are in Agrigento. Weather was tollerable, with a slight breeze.

  6. Mlla, good to hear from you. I think I also have a picture in that spot. I will have to look. It is a beautiful view and a gorgeous location for a photo ! I wonder what’s the best time of the year to visit Taormina. I think I was there around July 6 or so.

    1. Hi Michele, saw you’ve been quite busy and enjoyed yourself, great !
      Re Taormina/Sicily, I was there this spring but all over Italy wasn’t the best spring, so we caught some days of bad weather with rain and wind but repeat it has been a strange spring, then it changed and it was just lovely. So generally in spring and I would think also September through October must be nice and have still possibilities of enjoying seaside and events. Of course in summer is lovely, if possible heat peaks do no bother you, and can fully enjoy the beaches and swimming pools.

      1. Hello mn! I have been busy! T hanks for the review. Sounds like almost any time of the year would be great! Our weather has been a bit unusual lately too.

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