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Il Volo In Taormina, July 20, 21 and A Tale Of Two Photos



“Piero Barone Il Volo @piero_barone May 22 July 20th and 21st Teatro Greco di Taormina !!!”


Tickets may still be available for Il Volo’s Taormina concert as well as for the concerts in Pescara and Napoli!  Here is the link for those still considering a last minute trip to Taormina!  Obviously you have a little more time to decide to attend a concert in Pescara or Napoli!


Speaking of Taormina, I have been looking at Piero’s photos of Italia.  On May 22, 2014 he tweeted the first picture of the Teatro Greco above. I posted the other one  I took a while back. Do you notice anything about the two?  I just realized that, apparently, Piero and I stood in almost exactly the same spot to take these shots!  Only his picture includes more of a wall on the left where there is a sign to none other than the “Teatro Greco di Taormina!!!” as he put it in his tweet.  How did I miss getting that sign in my picture?!?  It is obviously a different time of the year too, in my photo a gorgeous flowering plant is blooming, I was there in early July!

WaterbyPieroTaormina (2)

“Piero Barone Il Volo @piero_barone    May 20   
Every time i’m in Taormina i feel like it’s The first time!!! I’m in love with this City!!!”

I am almost certain we have a photo shot by MN in this same spot where Piero is standing in a previous Taormina post!  I so totally agree with Piero, “I’m in love with Taormina” too!    Those of you going or are already there – ENJOY and let us know all about your adventures!   Grazie!   Michele  ( mfa and mfazzara)