Joanie’s Meet and Greet Experience at The Palace Theater ~~ Stamford, CT, 2014


Here’s Joanie to tell us about her experience meeting The Guys on June 14.  It sounds really cute.  🙂


First of all thank you to all you beautiful people on this site for always understanding my Il Volo passion !! Nobody else does !! Of course that’s why we’re here for each other !! So here goes my story. I hope I don’t bore you to death !!
My 3rd row seats in this relatively small theater were so close. Perfect !! The show was magical and the guys voices were flawless and magnificent as usual. I wished it would never end.

I met Barbara and wished her a Happy Birthday. We had a lovely chat and I said how wonderful it is that she and the guys love each other so much and she said they are family. So sweet. I also saw Anna. Now it was my turn to meet my gorgeous sweeties.



After hugging and kissing Ignazio I said can I jump up and down like your teenage fans? Then I jumped up and down and they jumped with me !! They are so adorable !!  I hope they read the cards I gave them because the serious stuff I didn’t get to say I said in the cards. In fact,I was so excited that it all seems like a dream now ! I want a do over !!

photo 2


Lots of kidding around,laughing and interaction !! They were so much fun. !! I hugged and kissed Piero and wished him a Happy Birthday( I thought I would melt into a puddle when they all hugged and kissed me too !!)  Then onto my darling Gianluca. I had been dreaming about a big hug and cheek kiss from him and that’s just what I got !!  He is so sweet and a really good hugger !!  Heavenly !!


Now we took the group photo but afterwards I forgot to get the program signed so I ran back and GG signed really fast-then threw the pen in the air to Piero who threw it fast to Ignazio !! Very funny !!    An amazing experience. I can’t wait to repeat it next year because I love them all more than ever now and miss them so much already. The End !!



22 thoughts on “Joanie’s Meet and Greet Experience at The Palace Theater ~~ Stamford, CT, 2014”

  1. Joanie, your story is wonderful! How fun! They just interact so amazingly and so spontaneously. I’m so glad your dreams came true!

  2. Love your story Joanie! All the hugs and kisses remind me of my own experience too. They are indeed the best hugger. I too miss them so much and hope they’ll come back soon.

    Gianluca, Piero, Ignazio have a great time in Taormina. We love you!

    1. They are so very charming and demonstrative with everyone. So special !!! They will be in Miami in August. It would be great if they had a concert there. It’s only two hours away from where I live. It would sell out in a day !!! Wishful thinking I’m sure !!

  3. Thanks for sharing! You look like you are having a blast in the pictures! And I loved the story! I wish I could’ve seen that pen toss! Too funny!

  4. Joanie, just loved your story, sounds like you had such a great time, it’s over so fast you feel like you’re in a dream, but it’s real, I only hope I’ll get to see them again, they are such nice guys, you just can’t help loving them, I still miss them, but love reading all I can about what they are doing, thanks to all the people who share on this site, I just love it!!!

  5. What a wonderful experience!!!! One can never get enough of them. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Such a charming story, it makes me wish I had gone to the meet and great! They seem to be truly attentive with all their fans. Thank you for sharing!

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