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Hello!I'm Smiling Because

When I started this feature, I planned for it to be a weekly thing, inspired by Il Volo’s, “Smile”.  But there has been so much news and fun stuff coming our way, it’s been a good long while since we’ve done one.  Jeannette reminded us that this might be a good time to sit down and share the joyful things in our lives, and we agree.  So…pull up a chair and let’s talk!  <3


Smiling Kids

We’re Smiling Because:

  • Il Volo had a successful concert tour in North America

  • The fruit of Myron’s dream was finally brought to fruition with the Vegas Fan Faire

  • We hit a huge milestone this week

  • Because of all of you!


Why are you smiling?

~~ Kelly

51 thoughts on “I’m Smiling Because ~~”

  1. Smiling because I am listening to Il Volo and looking at my two Meet n Greet pictures that I just framed. Smiling because I got to meet so many of you in Las Vegas and now I can put names and faces together. It was the “Best Day of My Life. ” Of course after my children. But they won’t see this post probably. So I stand on the previous statement. Thank you all again.
    Rose Marie Paliobeis

  2. I’m smiling because Las Vegas Fan Faire and concert were simply fabulous! I’m smiling after meeting many of the faces of those who come to this web site. I’m also smiling because the sun is finally shining here today!! 🙂

  3. I,m smiling because all the Flight Crew whom I met at the fan faire made my visit to las Vegas so special. Now when I read your posts I can put a face to it. Thanks everyone. Joanie G

  4. I’m smiling because you posted the I’m Smiling Because post today Kelly and because thankfully all is well in my world !!! I am also smiling because Myrons dream finally came true with the help of Jeannette and the FC and that I was able to go to Vegas for that momentous day and finally meet many of you !!! Also I am smiling because I was very fortunate to be able to go to five concerts and talk to and hug our amazing guys at five M&G’s !! It was thrilling!! They are SO special !!! I will treasure the photos from these M&G’s forever !!! It was a whirlwind 5 weeks that has me smiling from ear to ear everyday !!! What more can I ask for except for our boys to return to us again very soon so that they can put more smiles on our faces and love in our hearts !!💕💕

    1. I am smiling because I can get up in the morning and share my thought with you on this page. I am smiling because I had my first LIVE concert. Sat so close I could have touched them by my coward self would not let me out of my chair.
      I am smiling because the boys seem to be having a great time in South America. Looks like they sang some new songs in Spanish.

      1. They do have that effect, Gina. You think you’re prepared, but they do something and all that preparation flies out the window. 🙂

  5. I’m smiling because it is a cold but sunny day and all is well. I’m also smiling because it looks like Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are having another wonderful tour in Latin and South America and they seem to be holding up remarkably well for such an exhausting schedule and tours.

  6. I am smiling because my love for our sweethearts is overflowing after three Concerts, Las Vegas, the Dobly, & San Jose!!! I had family & friends with me who were first time at a Il Volo Concert!!! I actually introduced family members to them!! My family were blown away by their beautiful music & their charm!!! I still had brain fade & forgot to ask many things! But they know how much I love them & I am taking good care of their tattoo!!! Fan Faire was great & I felt like a celebrity. When you heard my name, you all wanted to see the Tattoo! It was wonderful to meet so many IlVolovers, I love you all too!!! I am smiling because our sweeties had relax time & became beach & water babies for a short while before Concert time last nite!!! We Are Love!!! Grande Amore!!! To all this wonderful April Sunday morning!!!

  7. I am honored to see that the so-called “my dream” is included here. I am very proud of what did happen in Vegas . Using the promotional phrase that the Chamber of commerce uses I am glad that what happened in Vegas that weekend HAS NOT STAYED IN VEGAS. In fact, by reading this site what happened here has actually spread around the country. Bravo to you.

    Very important thing I want to note: I may have started thinking about this a long time ago but it would never have come off without the help of Jeannette. You all know that. Even that was by accident at a meeting in L.A. at the Greek theater. Jeannette was tireless in spite of having to care for her daughter throughout all of this time period. What stamina ! What devotion. Along with the incredible support of Marie and Kelly that single dream became a dream of partners. So my smile today is because of the blessing of a friend like Jeannette and a support group like Flight Crew and Marie and Kelly.

    I have a strong feeling that (as I used to say) ” MORE TO COME “

    1. Thank you Myron, that was very kind of you to say… Working on the Fan Faire was the therapy I needed while taking care of Deborah during her health issues… Balance is what is needed in life and you helped provide that positive during a very negative time… It kept me strong and it truly was a labor of love… Il Volo brings our the very best in us… I have to say, our partnership was always easy, you are a pleasure to work with, and I look forward to doing another event with you… Let make it happen…

  8. I’m smiling because:
    1. Last night the boys sang L’amore Si Muove
    2. Last night the boys sang Per Te Ci Saro
    3. See #1 & #2


  9. I’m smiling because I was able to attend 3 concerts, 3 Meet & Greets, one Fan Faire and one hotel attack.

    I’m smiling because of the opportunity to meet so many of you in Miami, Ft Myers and Vegas! To travel with Ineke, spend time with Kelly, celebrate with Jeanine and laugh with my Minnesota Girls.

    I’m smiling because my family is happy and healthy.

    I’m smiling because we have all made this site what it is today.

  10. I’m smiling because I can now cross off my bucket list that I saw five Il Volo concerts in one month on their 2016 concert tour… Detroit was incredible, Las Vegas Fan Faire Convention was amazing and their concert was the best of the concerts so far to date, then we went to the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, and the concert was fantastic and even better than the two before… It was on to Pachenga and to Fantasy Springs casinos in Ca. There they had come to know me and when I went up to Il Volo for the last time, they embraced me like I was their best grandma and Gianluca asked me to please come to Rome for their July 4th Concert… Piero also said he wanted me to attend… I said to them if I only could and they all gave me the biggest hug every… Yes, I am still smiling…

  11. I’m smiling because reading all of your posts took me back to that very special day (3/25/16) at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas. Meeting so many of you and sharing our different stories about our boys. It really was magical for me.
    That same day at 8:15 PM, while sitting at the Pearl Theater waiting for the show to start, I pulled out my phone to turn the sound off and saw 13 texts from my family. My second child Michael who is 51 yrs old and who was in the hospital in San Francisco, had finally received a new liver. At the moment IL VOLO started to sing, my son got his second chance on life. He never drank it smoked but the stress of work took a great toll on his body. He was the catering and luxury suites manager for the Oakland Raiders football team and Oakland Athletic baseball team. He came home two days ago and he is smiling so I am smiling. God still has plans for him.

      1. That is amazing that you were able to have such good news to help make the concert and that night just perfect… God blessed you and your son of course… Thank you for sharing this with us…

  12. I’m smiling because spending 3 days in Las Vegas brought me:
    1 – my best IL VOLO concert ever, including a wonderful connection with the guys and Barbara Vitali
    2 – a chance to express gratitude and awe to Myron, Jeannette, Marie, and Kelly. Along with IL VOLO, you guys transform and uplift my life!
    3 – a fantastic celebration with Marie, LindaP, Ineke, and Linda’s friend Diane. Such a sweet time. Thank you all so much!
    4 – friends old and new! “Minnesota girls”, roomie LindaP, dinner company Jen Newman and more. (so many precious smiles are fresh in my mind, even if matching names & faces became a bit of a swirl. I want a photo with all your names clearly posted!)
    5 – I’m finding time to check in to our beloved Flight Crew!
    6 – Good news… like Prese’s son! and my mom (with end stage Alzheimer’s) hasn’t been in the hospital for 11 days. My dad was smiling and listening to music when I called the last couple times. And I’m overcoming inflammation and feeling better every day! Which calls for walk-dancing to IL VOLO! 😊
    7 – IL VOLO music, spirits, fun is truly a Magic Carpet Ride of unforgettable JOY!
    Flying high with IL VOLO and all of You!

    1. Hi Jeanine, we met just as you were getting ready to leave the Palms. You were headed into 24/7 restaurant and we spoke about your interest in crystals😊 It was such a fun trip for me, meeting all of you. I hope it happens again, sooner than later.
      Rose Marie Paliobeis from Cleveland

      1. Thanks, Rose Marie! And I think I saw you at the Fan Faire upstairs, too?!

        Yes, love crystals, flowers, trees, rivers, sky, clouds in the shape of koala bears, and listening to IL VOLO while enjoying all of the above! 😊

        Happy crystalline beauty to you and all,

    2. Jeanine,
      are you lover of crystals, minerals, gemstones ? I ask, because I love them ! 🙂 Treasures of Mother Earth, full of a wonderful positive energy , for me they are like friends. 🙂 My hobby, I am interested in their healing power, I read books, articles on the internet, I have minerals such as jewelry but also as pieces for decoration. If you ever have any questions about minerals, so you can ask me, I’ll gladly advise you.( On Alzheimer’s disease helps rose quartz and chalcedony.) Do you have a favorite crystals? Gemstones, it is a beautiful passion, as well as music Il Volo. 🙂 I wish you all the best, God bless you and family. Sincere greetings.

      1. Hi, Lydka,

        Thanks for your beautiful enthusiasm for Mother Earth and her beautiful crystals. My fav is labradorite! Interesting… I gave Mom labradorite and rose quartz!

        Here’s a wild IDEA… what if IL VOLO’s voices singing We Are Love or Mas Que Amor could be fed through a prism and create the rainbows in living color that we feel in our hearts? Oh, yeah! I LOVE that idea!

        I’ll remember you for crystals, Lydka, and you can count on me for all kinds of uplifted ideas. 😊

        While I’m pretty busy, occasionally I have a few minutes for a conversation. If anyone is wanting to connect, you can go to my website contact page. I hope and trust your email won’t get lost in my jam-packed in-box, like the email I just discovered that was sent 3 years ago! Wow! I guess now was just God’s perfect timing.

        Love and gratitude,
        Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  13. And I agree 100% with you, Kelly, about there being so much shared here that we have to squeeze this in between all kinds of exciting news and experiences.

    1. I like your Il Volo idea, I can imagine it ! 🙂 Labradorite is wonderful, also belongs to my favorite ! Very mystical and strong crystal,when I look at it , I have an idea of the mysterious forest in the evening mist,thick trees, moonlight and stars in the sky reflect in the clear lake and forest fairies dancing around,forest elves are playing on the flutes….Thank you, I’ll visit your site and maybe write you sometime in the future. 🙂 Have a beautiful day full of love, peace, joy and blessings. 🙂
      With <3 L

    2. Your site is very nice, interesting,inspiring, full of positive energy,. love and enthusiasm. 🙂 I personally love a lot of minerals, amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, crystal quartz, aquamarine, chalcedony, jasper, agate, rodonite,selenite,labradorite, moonstone, prehnite, lapis lazuli, sodalite,seraphinite, charoite, tourmaline,smoky quartz, turquoise, kyanite, iolite, opal,olivine,malachite,sapphire,cat’s eye,tiger’s eye,falcon’s eye, calcite,amber,jade, onyx…. <3 <3 <3 Crystals are ,like all nature, inspiring and in them are hidden mysteries of eternity, wisdom of the ages ! Thanks for your nice words, I appreciate it. It would be interesting to meet you, also thinks my mom and she is on highest spiritual level as me…but that's a topic for a long continuation. 🙂 Sending you much love, light, peace and infinite blessings. <3

    3. Yes. 🙂 You can look on videos that I put in the comments in the post
      Il Volo Professional ~~ Live in Concert LatinoAmerica Tour 2016: San Juan, Puerto Rico. 🙂 Full of love and beautiful energies shining from our boys. Always great balm on soul to listen them. <3 <3 <3

  14. I’m smiling because the Pearl Concert was my first concert and still amazed, but hoping for more to come. Yes Myron, more please. Also, this is the best website ever !!!

  15. I have to admit that for a question like this I tend to get selfish. Just before the boys came out to see everyone at our Fan Faire, I was back by the rear kitchen (I have told this before, so pardon me) having a “huddle” with the three guys and myself. For about 7 or 8 minutes I had them to myself and it was all love and caring.

    The other thing that we all can be proud of is that we had them on our program not one from a promoter or management company. We had them in our room and on our terms – not OMG or CAA or Live Nation or whatever.
    They strolled among us like family (a noisy family). That is kind of cool.

    1. Myron… reasons to smile that I, and probably many of us here, would love to share in! As we did in such a glorious celebration!

      Jeannette, thank you so much for speaking of the message of LOVE to the guys when they joined us in the Fan Faire upstairs!


  16. I’m smiling because I am still on the high I was on in San Diego. My hotel was lovely, San Diego was beautiful, my friends were happy to see me and viceAversa and above all: IL VOLO! Beautiful Bellisimo IL VOLO
    I got to be in the same air space as them. They read my shirt and smiled. I hugged Piero and he hugged back.
    I have confidence that when there is another fan fest that I will manage to go to it and it will be at a time of the year that will be ideal for me BECAUSE I WANT TO MEET AS MANY OF YOU AS I POSSIBLY CAN! I DO I DO I REALLY REALLY DO!
    Now I just need to write a report on San Diego. I got pics! and a vid!

    1. Pirate…
      Bellissimo, stupendi, rockin’ awesome! 😊

      Looking forward to sharing our stories and listening to IL VOLO together after April 20th! Yours sound outstanding! So glad!

      From your 2014 road trip buddy,

      1. Part of my issue is figuring out my Iphone fin points! But I will conquer it and get this report written! I look forward to our time together too~

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