Video – Especial de Natal IL Volo – Amaury Jr. 12/24/2014

Especial de Natal IL Volo – Amaury Jr. recebe o trio formado por Gianluca Ginoble, Ignazio Boschetto e Piero Barone interpreta canções natalinas nos estúdios da Rede Tv!  12/24/2013

Jenny pointed us in the direction of this interview Il Volo did while in Brazil that appears to have aired on December 24, 2013. Our MN (mlla) translated it at the request of JDB.  Thank you Jenny, MN and JDB!

MN: “JDB, for u, forgive erros and omission. Bit rushy.

PB ..On how they met IB  Explaining differences in voices and they do a cappella White Xmas

Explaining collaborations with famous singers and how they could learn from them

GG : Il Volo singing a mix between classical and pop and not only in Italian

At question when did you discover that Santa Claus did not exist GG saying he cried when his mother told him and he was about 6/7 ”

Then when asked which Italian city/region they think is the best Gianluca said Rome, Venice and Florence and Region of Tuscany  and Sardinia. Piero, Rome and Taormina.  Ignazio prefers Marsala and Sicily

On Xmas: They like Christmas also because they know that they will be home.

Asked if they are in love they all said NO

On collaborating with Barbra Streisand Ignazio said it was an honor and a privilege to be part of her show because she is one of the living legends as she is a the most professional artist and a perfectionist in all she does singing, directing and acting and they will never forget it. Piero recalled that when she opened her mouth to sing it was like hearing the voice of an angel singing. Gian saying about his passion for American music/singers and recall how emotional he was in meeting her.

Ignazio likes playing it and his favorite team is Juventus, Piero Milan and Gianluca said they would love to sing in Brazil for the opening ceremony of the World Championship.  Then all sing bit and pieces of some Brazilian songs.

One most famous Italian songs Quando, Quando, Quando by Tony Renis was  mentioned, and they mention their producer and manager TR, [Tony Renis] MT [Michele Torpedine] and HG [Huberto Gatica]

They quoted O sole mio, the song that is the closing mark of their shows.”

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  1. Thanks for all the interesting bits and pieces about our boys and for keeping them fresh in our minds while we go through this dry spell together.

  2. Thanks, mlla, our wonderful Italian friend and Crew member .
    Thanks Michele for listening, following and posting.

    Gianluca, your Mom was being silly. Dry those baby tears. Of course, there is a Santa Claus!!

    1. Loved this interview and your kind translation, mlla. (Loretta, my only contribution was in asking for a translation. Good to see your post!)

      Santa Claus may not wear a red suit, but the signs of loving gifts and magical sleigh rides are in Our Boys’ sparkling eyes, big smiles, gentle touches, moments of utter presence (think Gianluca O Holy Night in the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi when Piero is hitting his amazing notes), cascading harmonies, kisses, hugs, fun and laughter, not to mention giving away $100 bill to a little girl as money rains down around them in the Mall of America!

      Guys, YOU are Santa Claus to many of US!
      (; >) Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

      OK… no red suit, but red glasses and blazer!

  3. Thanks mlla for the translation. And even tho I couldn’t understand what Our Guys were saying, it was fun watching them in a relaxed mood, and apparently enjoying every minute of it. I guess I wasn’t aware they had Santa Claus in Italy. I assumed there was another name for Santa.

  4. Thanks you mlla. It is so fun watching them in interviews where they interact with the interviewer so naturally. Refreshing to not hear the same questions being asked over and over. This man really put them at ease and enjoyed them.

  5. Ivo Livi, born in Monsummano Terme Tuscany,
    alias Yves Montand, here in an old Italian movie with a then young actor, Franco Interlenghi, dancing….seeing any resemblance or is t just me?

  6. OMG…just saw Gianluca singing Little Green Apples on FB…ok, the time has come…I want to hear that young man sing the phone book to me!!! The voice of all time!!! I love it!

  7. Thanks, mlla! Fun… yes, I see.

    Maryjane, thanks for Little Green Apples. LOVE Gianluca’s teasers!

    (; >) Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

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