Hi Everyone,

1) It’s pretty quiet in Il Volo Land. We are still awaiting the return of “The Boys” to The USA. We are hoping for their arrival, prehaps by next week, but no definite dates are available.

2) Gianluca tweeted this morning that “I have a cold, it makes me so nervous” I’m sure his mom is taking good care of him and giving a lot of chicken soup.

3) There is a sweet picture of Gianluca and his beloved Nonno.

4) Piero sent an Instagram of himself on a Vespa!
He is still frolicing on the beach with friends as vacations draw to a close.

5) No new word from Ignazio, he enjoys his privacy, it’s well deserved after being in the public eye so much.

6) Please take a trip around our Blog. Take the ” So you think you know The Boys” quiz.

7) Weigh in on our poll “What is your favorite song?”


16 thoughts on “IN CASE YOU MISSED IT…..”

  1. Someone emailed asking about a review for the recent Tonight Show. I did not do one now because I wrote one on the old website back when it was easier to use and back when the show first aired (this was a repeat – considering the tour – a nicely timed repeat ). My recent review of The Talk performance referred to that Tonight performance: too short of time; no interview; cut a verse of the song to fit in commercial, etc. Jay had the orchestra ( yea ! ) but the girls on the talk had the grace to talk to the guys more at length. That interview was one of the best for the boys – fun and funny.

    1. Myron……What did you think of The Kris Jenner Show? I thought that one was very good also. LOVED their rendition of “Surrender”.

      1. Helen, I did see that show and their singing was great and the idea that they used for staging the song (coming in from different entrances with a rose in hand) was wonderful. I wish those other guys that were on set would have moved out of the way. They were an obstruction to the flow of the performance, I felt. Small point for me – I wish the boys would always shave for a public performance. I am not a fan of stubble/scruff . I notice that Barbara Vitali agrees with that opinion as she says in the new documentary. Clean face – yes sir.

  2. Well, I will try again. The fact that Jay Leno did not talk to the guys infuriates many of their fans. At least Sharon & Sheryl from THE TALK actually took time with the guys to give them a mini-interview. Sheryl Underwood showed a lot of restraint with Ignazio. If I were her, I would not have been able to keep myself from fastening my arms around his neck. And neither would Marie or Loretta.
    If you haven’t seen the guys on the Hallmark Channel show, you will be very surprised, based on other talk shows they’ve been on. They are an integral part of the show. Their personalities shine through their entire time there, and they get to sing more than one song. You’ll love it .

    1. I agree that the Hallmark show was wonderful – in some respects the best tv for Il Volo so far. I just wish it had been on nation-wide commercial TV. Going back to March when they were in Miami filming the PBS special just before the Latin Billboard awards they appeared on Telemundo’s version of the Today Show also owned by NBC called Un Nuevo Dias – The format for those two show s was very close to being the same. Full hour for each show and cooking and funny stuff.
      Even if you don’t know Spanish I urge you to take a look at the video from that show. Gianluca does his hilarious Marlon Brando impression as the “Godfather” – funny, funny. They sing “Historia – – ” at the end.

  3. Thanks, Linda!

    For those that maybe have e-mailed Myron about reviewing the Leno show, when the board approached him about writing a feature, we wanted to be cognizant and respectful of his busy schedule and the fact that sometimes, his topic might need a bit of time to research/prepare before the writing could be done, so we asked for monthly or twice monthly. There is no set schedule per se; he will write as his time allows him. ūüôā

  4. Gianluca said in a note to a fan that he was “going to Vancouver on the 21st” . Guess he/they need a few days to get over jet lag? I can’t wait to see them next Sunday!

  5. Lynn, I would have grabbed his neck so hard it would have taken the rest of the women and a cameraman to get me loose.
    Love, Love the Hallmark Show!

    Thank you Myron for you time and also the mini review above.

    TJ, Nice to meet you!

    1. (aka Jen) Thanks Marie, nice to meet all of you too!. Have you all seen the interview on Chataing TV? This is the search string for YouTube “Il Volo en Venezuela y en Chataing Tv – Televen” It’s in Spanish, but you can get the gist of it. The host is great, Ignazio is in great form and the other two (mostly Piero) play a trick on him at about the 4:41 mark. I’ve never seen Piero laugh so hard!

      1. Thanks for the reminder. I’ve seen that clip before and enjoyed it all over again just now. Oh, if only, more interviewers could have the charm of that fellow! Our guys looked great and sounded wonderful – as usual. Love it.

      2. Hi TJ – That is one of my favorite interviews, even though I don’t understand a word of it. The host’s expressions are hilarious…and the boys, at one of their best. You can see they are having so much fun.

  6. Wow 20th page already in a matter of 2 weeks.

    Marie I am going to see if you are ticklish so I will have a way of disengaging you from Ignazio. Too bad Sheryl had the opportunity & now its gone.. Well MY turn it coming up

  7. tour comment: I know I have said this before on the old site, but I still wish they would stretch this tour out to 6 or 7 months instead of cramped into such a short time. then I would like to see more cities added like places they were last time in the midwest like Dallas, Houston, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Atlanta, etc. More concerts BUT stretched out over more time. Last year they did 35 sites just in the USA & Canada. This year 18 (maybe 22 if some thing change) here and 20 in Latin America – all in 3 months. If they did stretch it out they could do a week off every now and then to save voice and rest and still do more concerts. Selina Gomez is doing 56 concerts in 4 months, One Direction is doing 78 concerts over 7 months.

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