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Il Volo Professional ~~ Back to Abu Dhabi

Hey Everyone! 

On March 5, Il Volo had a little working vacation in Abu Dhabi.  They first performed at the Etihad Worldwide Company Conference.

Emerites Palace; Bing Images
Emerates Palace; Bing Images

According to the press release by Etihad Media Center provided by our affiliate, AAIV, Il Volo performed at the gala dinner of the conference that was held on Thursday, March 5th and Friday, March 6, with more than 650 members of staff attending the event at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. The conference concludee with the dinner and awards ceremony on Friday night, with 27 members of staff from across the business set to be recognized for their performance in the Etihad Excellence Awards.” (Il Volo Links and News for March 6; All About Il Volo)


Bing images
Bing images


  Etihad Worldwide Company Conference 2015



There is no full length video of this appearance that I can find (LiJoy is looking too), but she has provided a couple of snippets she posted on Instagram, and you can go back and remember the last time they were in Abu Dhabi in our previous post, Fast Fun in Abu Dhabi. 


Afterwards, the boys definitely had some fun!




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May the sun always shine on you!  Love you guys always!

~~ Kelly