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It’s Birthday Time Again….


It’s time to get ready for Gian’s birthday!


His big day is a little less than a month away, so we’re starting to plan his special post now.

We will try our best to make sure to get everyone’s greeting in.  As answering each individual e-mail is a task that I cannot undertake right now, I will try to update this post a few times per week with the names of those whose greetings we have received, so if you don’t see your name, let us know.


In addition to sending a personalized greeting, you may also participate by submitting your ideas for music to go with our video in the comment section of this post.  If your suggestion is chosen, your name will be added to the credits at the end of the video…so get those thinking caps on!  😀  I will be looking for something that speaks to Gianluca, to who he is and what he likes, and something that will inspire a concept for which I can choose pictures, and I thank you in advance!



~~ Kelly

We have received greetings from the following people:

1.) Gina Hanna     2.) Allene Shipman     3.) Rosemarie P.     4.) Ineke      5.) Janet D (San Francisco)       6.) Cynthia Thomacruz       7.) Gale Wall      8.) Pat Ward     9.) Julie (Kathryn B).      10.) Hania                11.) Margaret Ladolcetta   12.) Vincent (Brooklyn, NY)     12.) Margaret Mirailh     13.) Joanie G.              14.) Jane C.     15.) Janette Hicks     16.) Penina Honig     17.) Linda Parks     18.) Anne Quinto                  19.) Marie     20.) Sandi E.     21.) Tricianna     22.) Annette Naples     23.) Beverly Krueger                      24.) Jean Haines     25.) Connie J. Bruns     26.) Harriett Eckberg     27.) Lucy Galasso                               28.) Annette Simonini     29.) Roxanne Pappas     30.) Laura Parish     31.) Janet D.     32.) Angelica Rosas.    33.) Trish Hertzel  34.) Joan Brenin     35.) Alan Hahn    36.) Sue Hemshall     37.) Leslie Newell  38.) Manola  DeMundo     39.) Julia Nanni     40.) Daniela     41.) Irene and Ann Louise     42.) Jeanine DuBois     43.) Ruth Bilotta