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Video by Kelly



I love your beautiful voice and shining personality.  You put a smile on my face every time YOU smile or sing!  May you enjoy your special day and the year ahead.
Jane ~ From Minnesota


Linda Walker


Happy Birthday! I will be attending the concert in Boston In February. Can’t wait to see you. Im one of your older fans but quite passionate about the group. My father was Italian (actually Sicilian) and I only wish he were alive to hear you. Again, Happy birthday. Love, Linda Bond


Dear one, you will never know how much pleasure you have given this 84 yr. old! I’ve waited a very long time to hear beautiful music again! The best part is how much you all enjoy it. Happy Birthday and many more! Hope to see you in March in San Antonio,Texas! <3 <3 Dorothy Henderson


10599461_759729920739504_7265109826555475962_nHAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM GINA IN TEXAS “EVERY BIRTHDAY serves as a gentle reminder that time indeed marches on. Since we can’t stop FATHER TIME–or even slow him down for that matter–only one truly intelligent course of action remain: LIVE TO THE FULLEST. If you’re treating each new day as a PRICELESS GIFT, congratulations. If you’re taking life for granted, think again. TODAY, and TOMORROW, and EVERY DAY after that should be cause for CELEBRATION. THIS DAY IS YOURS, and what a priceless gift it is. (Compiled by Criswell Freeman--“Have a Happy Birthday”) il_570xN.500911748_3ajh


May you have a special day,

May your heart be full of cheer,

May love and laughter find you,

May your smiles be ear to ear. 

May your joy be everlasting,

May only good things come your way,

May all your prayers be answered,

May you be blessed on your birthday.

Close your eyes and make a wish,

Give it wings and let it fly,

Beyond the highest mountain tops,

Up into the clear blue sky.

Aim high when you make your wish,

This is no time to retreat or hide,

Wish for the very best in life,

Now blow out your candles and try.

Buon compleanno !


Greetings IGNAZIO from this valley in western Canada aaaaa The land of horse ranches, vineyards and Italian pioneers –Like the successful Casorso, Tripani, Pandozi and Lanfranco families! So ” fly”away into a successful year, and life at its best Thank you for everything you share of your young self.

Laney Justus

Dear Ignazio,
May you be blessed with many, many more years of beautiful music,
health and happiness.
Buon compleanno!
Laia Ben-Dov

Happy 21st Birthday Ignazio!  Here’s wishing you health, wealth and happiness as you journey towards the rest of your life.
Many thanks. So looking forward to meeting you guys. Just 5 months to go!!!

Lots of Il Volo love,


Prese and the Boys

Dear Ignazio! Wow, how time flies when you are having fun right? You, Piero and Gianluca have been a part of my life for about 3 years now. I saw/met you at the CONCORD Sleeptrain concert. You are such a great person with a beautiful heart dear. Happy 21st bday and may all your dreams come true. You guys work so very hard at your craft and we, your humble fans, adore you. Thank you and enjoy your big day. In the picture, I’m on Gian’s right. See you in LAS VEGAS. You might even play some slot machine and WIN. Love you so much.

Prese Pasco



Ignazio, My Birthday wish for you is that you continue to love life and never stop dreaming. May beauty and happiness surround you, not only on your special day, but always!!! Big Birthday hugs, Barbara in AZ. (see you in March)


Ignazio and me StamfordHappy 21st Birthday Ignazio. Thank you for all the joy and memories you have given me. I love you so much, just like another Grandson.

Barbara Ferraro



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Dear Ignazio, Wishing you a very Happy 21st Birthday!! Enjoy your day with family & friends! Congratulations on all the Awards & Honors you have received this year!!! I am still not well. Anne has given me all the new CD’s & Live From Pompeii. I will be home from this Rehab in a few days & will listen to everything then! Have a wonderful Birthday! GetAttachment 2 Grande Amore, Marlene Hoatland



Hi Ignazio,
Have a wonderful birthday with your
family and friend’s . I love you all, and we will see
you and your two “brothers” in Las Vegas next year.
Say hello to “Walter” for me!
Aloha, Jill Heavy black heartTwo hearts


Another milestone in your life!!!
look at all you guys have accomplished at such a young age–bigger and better things to come!!!
Sorry to hear about the false accusations about you guys the truth always prevails.
Your friend Fabio is painting a canvas of you guys for me he should be sending it soon to me.  I will be seeing you at the Las Vegas and perchance concerts next year.
there is a big banquet planned before the concert in Las Vegas hopefully I will meet you there.
Best wishes and continued success,
John Kraus
Palm Springs, California


Dear Ignazio, you bring joy & happiness to me everyday with your beautiful persona and your wonderful talent. I wish the same for you on this special birthday. Buon compleanno.

Love from Donna, another faithful nonna.


Dearest Ignazio, “21”!! It seems like only yesterday that you were a chubby,adorable teenager with a big voice and dimpled smile !! Now you are a young man with a bigger voice, an infectious dimpled smile,and a hunky body!! I have always adored your magnificent voice,contagious smile and hilarious sense of humor !! I hope that you will always be the happy free spirit that you are today throughout your life !! You are truly a very beautiful person both inside and out !! My wish for you is a year filled with Grande Amore and all that your beautiful heart desires and more !!! HAPPY, HAPPY “21st” BIRTHDAY IGNAZIO !!!!!!!!! Love and Hugs Two heartsTwo hearts Joan Brenin

Felice 21 ° Ignazio!

Thank You for the years of wonderful musical enjoyment you have given me!

a wine & Dine 3 - photo DPTV cropped for birthday picOn this special day, I wish you all the best, all the joy, and all the love you can ever have.  May you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come!                                           Have a fantastic Birthday!  Buon Compleanno!


Happy 21st Birthday, Ignazio!
Thank you for all the happiness, smiles and the occasional tear your singing brings to my life.
Have another great year!!
Linda Dawson
Dear Ignazio,
You make my heart happy!Smiling face with smiling eyes
I love your amazing voice, I love your smile, I love your sense of fun, I just love YOU, young man! Thank you for sharing yourself with us. Happy 21st Birthday. May God continue to bless you!Sparkling heart
Andrea Luttrull.

Hi Ignazio,
Happy Birthday for a spectacularly successful 21st year. Hope all your dreams come true for 2016. You look very regal riding Walter with your stunning hat on of course you would look stunning without a hat.
Sending loads of love from Loretta Foley – Toronto


Dear Ignazio, Happy 21st Birthday!!
   You have matured into a handsome, kind and sweet young man! With all of these attributes, it makes your fabulous talent shine even more.
   I hope you have a great party with all your friends and family!! “you Are Love”.                   
      Love from Linda Snyder,
      Flight Crew


Nuestro Amor, Ignazio, hoy (ILVOLOLOVERS de Detroit, MI, USA) celebramos su feliz cumple anos (21) con una sena Italiana: su plato favorito, Marsala, vino, y su musica bonita!
Damos gracias por su pasión cantando!

Bendiciones y Grande Amore!

Magdalena Skiles
Toledo, OH




Ignazio,  hope you have a great day, and have some fun.  That shouldn’t be difficult for you, I’m sure!  You are my sunshine!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  See you in March.  Kathryn “Kitty” Mason


Ignazio, Buon 21st Compleanno. Stay young at heart, charming, smiling, patient, gentle, kind and loving as a handsome young man on the inside and out. I love watching you and your dimpled smile. You make me laugh a lot with the teasing that goes on when your are on stage and even when you are not. I Love, Love, Love the new CD, Grande Amore International. You guys worked on so hard this year and it shows and sounds Fantastic.
Best Wishes for many years to come.
Barbara Bubb


Happy 21 birthday, Ignazio hope all your dreams continue to come true for you. Love you. Have a great day!❤️
Teresa Carosi

Best wishes for a Very Happy 21st. Birthday. I hope you have a wonderful day, a day to remember. Thank you for all your charm and fun, it makes your fans feel so happy.


Loving wishes on your Big Day, Ignazio; your joy is contagious! 😍
Marie Brown


Hi Ignazio,
Have a wonderful birthday with your
family and friend’s . I love you all, and we will see
you and your two “brothers” in Las Vegas next year.
Say hello to “Walter” for me!
Aloha, Jill ❤️ 💕


Wishes for a very “Happy 21st Birthday” to a very Talented, Sexy. Sicilian, Hunk.! Enjoy your Special day!
Joan Hongo


Ignazio, I’m wishing you a fantastic birthday filled with fun, friends, family, and fulfillment of your heart’s desires!

You deserve the best!

Grande amore,
Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway




Happy Birthday-page-0




Wishing you the happiest day and the best of all things in this year!  Can’t wait to see you in Vegas in March! 




ignazio boschetto and MAR‘Bacioni e Felice Compleanno’ (big kisses and happy birthday) !

Maria Leps




Happy Birthday Ignazio.  My birthday wish for you is that you spend your day doing whatever you want to do and that you are as happy as you make me everyday.  Enjoy!  See you in February.

“I’ll be loving you eternally”
Donna Cunnane


Wishing much happiness always! Happy Birthday!!!!!    Love, Donna

Hey Sweetie! Happy Birthday ! Thank You! Thank You for your beautiful music! ~~ Lynne







Ignazio, when I think of you i think of a person who loves life, loves people and has incredible talent.  You are a joy to watch. Happy Birthday. ~ Jan Bolin


Tanti Auguri Ignazio! Thanks for the beautiful music, love and joy you give. You are funny, sweet and have the biggest and most tender heart. You always know the right thing to say, especially when it is about something important!  Just keep on being Ignazio!  See you in Easton, Pa. in February.
God bless you and your family,


Happy 21st Birthday Ignazio.   Thank you for traveling around the world and sharing your wonderful voice with us.  I celebrate your birthday!



Ignazio:   I wish you the all the best on
your Birthday and  many, many more healthy and happy days to come. Buon
Compleanno!  With love, Victoria Litizeto   P.S.  Give “Walter” a kiss
for me.  I also love horses.





Beloved Ignazio, hugs and kisses on this most important 21st Birthday!  You are a blessed young man full of kindness and a generous spirit (not to mention, an exquisite voice).   Remain grounded, but let your heart SOAR with joy and gratitude!  And please, always take time to rest and regroup…it is a necessary part of being creative.     Sandi Eyman


Much love and many blessings to you on your 21st Birthday, Igna! May you continue to sing sweetly and fly high!

Ruth Rapp
Phoenix, Arizona USA

Birthday greetings for Ignazio:

A Very Happy Birthday from Minnesota, Ignazio.  I am SO looking forward to seeing you in March.  Allene Shipman

Allene Shipman

Happy Birthday dearest Ignazio.  Hope you have a fun day.  Enjoy! Luv Ya,  Julie Bernache


windmillIgnazio sweet boy.  Here is the windmill from your home town.  It was for your 20th and now for your 21st.  It reminds me of you.  Ever turning and giving joy and laughter.  Have a happy birthday.

from Joanie in California.


Dear  Ignazio, you handsome, darling, devil!
We love you in Pittsburgh.
Irene Cohen


We have followed you with awe since the inception of your career and have had the pleasure of meeting you.  The depth of your talent and showmanship, your kindness, humor and humility make you VERY special.  Thank you for bringing real music back to the world.  Please never stop.
Noi vi amiano
Joan, Angie & Ty



Ignazio Birthday Card

Dearest Ignazio:  Happy 21st Birthday!!!!!  I hope you know how very special you are and how much you are appreciated.  Your talents are a hundredfold.  May Our Dear Lord continue to bless you abundantly.  May He send an army of angels to guard round you and keep you safe.  May He hold you in the palm of His hand.  Please stay as sweet as you are.  Buon compleano!  Phyllis K Fenton


Dear Ignazio:
Another year has come and gone and now you are 21.
A world you have seen and given your heart to, and won!
And now you have many nonnas, and I am just one more.
Sending you Birthday wishes of love and joy.
Keep singing, sweet one, we love you.
Linda Parks
Fort Worth, Texas


untitled (2)You are still special one year later! You will always be special!
Have a wonderful birthday and a very happy special 21st birthday!
Love and lots of hugs 

Penina Honig (Toronto)


Dear Ignazio,
My birthday wish for you today and everyday is happiness.  I pray that you will enjoy a healthy and happy life and hope you soon will meet your Grande Amore.  Grazie mille for the joy you bring to my life.  See you in Ft. Meyers, Florida
Buon Compleanno!!!   Kate Antico






Ciao, Ignazio,
I send my happy, heartfelt birthday wishes to you.  May you enjoy a very Happy Birthday filled with your family, friends, Buddy and Walter too.  Congratulations on all your success during 2015 in your wonderful Italy!  You are such a special young man with such a big talent, loving and kind heart.  You have touched my heart with your angel voice and sweet smile, you also bring me joy and laughter!  I will see you in February, 2016 in Chicago, IL.(first row!!!)  God bless!!  Ti amo.   Nonna Harriett