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Hi Everyone,

Only 5 days left until Il Volo goes home to Italy to spend the holidays with their family and friends!!  Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca hit the ground running on November 17th in LA and have not stopped yet. They did have a few days off here and there, but have been busy pretty much most of the time. They have done tree lighting ceremonies, appearances and signings. They have taped songs for TV shows and been on radio programs and done interviews. They went to The Mall of America and had money floated on them as they sang! They, of course met with our 3 ladies, Mary, Jane and Allene! This past Sunday they appeared at a wine and dine in Detroit, attended by our own Christine! They went from there to Detroit PBS for the new showing of their special, “Buon Natale”. They were in Washington on Tuesday and then headed for Boston and New York!! They are now headed for Orlando. They will finally fly home on December 10th. It will not stop there: on December 14th they are part of a Christmas Program at The Bacilica of St Francis of Assissi in Assissi, Italy. The program, according to our friend Mlla will be broadcast throughout Italy on December 25th, Christmas day! We have no way of knowing if the program will be aired here in the USA, if I get any information I will let you know!!!

Twitters, “Tweets and Keeks:

Gianluca: “flirting is a skill”, ” The White House, Washington DC! “Taking off bye, see u in Orlando,”

Gianlu,ca Instagram
Gianlu,ca Instagram

Piero: “Welcome to my new house” “I really like this city and the people #Washinton DC” About 2hrs ago, “Taking off #Orlando”

Piero, Instagram
Piero, Instagram

Ignazio: Last night “Buonanotte Washington.!!!” About 2 hrs ago “On the plane going to Orlando”

Ignazio, Instagram
Ignazio, Instagram

Check Team Il Volo for three articles “Detroit welcomes Il Volo for a VIP wine and dine“, “LA Art interviews Il Volo” and “Il Volo at The Mall of America (Mn)” These articles are accompanied by some excellent video’s.

Check out Mundial and All Things Il Volo for some really good photos!

Piero, Ignazio and GIanluca have just finished a long tour and are just about to finish another Promo here in the USA. They must be in awe of the places they’ve been and the people they’ve met in the last four years!  Through all of this they have been the model of professionalism, they have always been gentleman, and they have always treated their fans with love and respect!! . It is no wonder they have such loyal and devoted following. We  admire and love them. Enjoy the next few days, Guys! soon you’ll be home with your families!




Hi Everyone,

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and all through Il Vololand everyone is still stuffed from yesterday’s great meals. We visited families or ate with friends and ushered in another holiday season!! We are thankful for each other and especially thankful for Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca and their amazing gift that they share with us!!

Il Volo is on the move! They have landed in Minneapolis and Piero tweeted this photo, Now  that’s cold!! Quite a shock after leaving LA. I know it’s self serving, but I’d be glad to host them In Miami. 🙂temp  Il Volo is appearing today at The Mall of America for a signing and a few songs. The exciting news is that our three ladies, Mary B, Jane and Allene are meeting and going together. Marie e-mailed Barbara to see if they could have a few moments with “The Boys”. Barbara responded  and said to have the ladies see her at the signing and she would arrange it. You can imagine the excitement!! We are dying to hear how it went. Stay tuned for the news of the meeting!

Twitter, Tweets and Keeks:

Gianluca, ” About to take off for Minneapolis”, “When you listen a wonderful melody that reminds you of all the most beautiful moments.” “No one can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” “@Il_Volo Guat, Il volo is forever” forever “Time goes by slower when you miss someone you love”

Piero, “Happy #Thanksgiving”. “New #Beats” “Thank you Beatsbydre” “Minneapolis”

Ignazio, “#Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! love you all.” “Ready againy to travel like crazy” “Minneapolis, just got here” Check out Ignazio’s Keek on Mundial of him driving in LA!

Did You Know?  Did you know that Marie’s 3 candid photos taken in Detroit and posted on Mundial, have received over 700 LIKES?

Remember!  Remember, in most of the country, Streisand’s special is on tonight on PBS, Il Volo are her guests. Tune in!! Check your local listings.

Did you all enjoy Il Volo’s performance on “Home and Family Holiday Special“? Check your local listings for any re-runs.

See Kelly’s post on airing of the LA tree lighting appearance of Il Volo.

For those of you in the Greater Washington DC area, Il Volo will make an in studio appearance for the 8PM airing of  the WETA PBS “Buon Natale” broadcast on Dec 3rd.

Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio, enjoy your appearance at The Mall of America today, be on the lookout for the 3 ladies from The Flight Crew!! Most importantly be careful of all those crazy Black Friday shoppers!!!    gift